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Disco Elysium - The Final Cut

Updated to d2970b9f (Windows) & fb7938b1 (Mac) (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog yet but Polish language has been added.

Announcement from Steam:
Hello again, friends. We’re happy to announce that Disco Elysium - The Final Cut will be available to play in Polish language on December 9th, 2021!

We’ve been working hard on this localisation with the dedicated and talented team at QLOC. Translating over a million words is no easy feat and they’ve done a fantastic job. We'd like to say a huge thank you to them and hope that you will join us in celebrating and supporting their efforts.

We’re thrilled that we can soon welcome all Polish speakers to enjoy our game in a language that is near and dear to our hearts.

Stay tuned!

Alekhine's Gun

Offline Installer updated to 1.02

No changelog.
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viperfdl: Hmmm, 'Stirring Abyss' is flagged as updated but i don't find any changelog. Neither here nor on steam.
Changelog from Steam:
Stirring Abyss Changelog v1.06.01


-The individual difficulty of an Endless mission is now indicated in its tooltip on the Map. Previously this was only indicated by the graphic of the mission node on the Map. (Note: The individual mission difficulty is independent from the overall difficulty of the game you select from the Menu before starting the game.)
-Improved the scaling of some sprites on high resolutions.


-Missions on the first Map of a new Endless game can no longer spawn as the hardest individual difficulty. (Note: This change will not apply to Endless games started before this patch.)
-Enemy health has been adjusted to be lower on the first few Maps of a new Endless game. (Note: If you have an active Endless game from a previous patch, this change will take effect from your next mission onwards.)
-Salvage missions on the Endless mode have slightly longer timers on normal and hard difficulty missions. (Note: If you have an active Endless game from a previous patch, this change will take effect from your next mission onwards.)


-Fixed a bug where the Black Blood scourge would apply its full effect on enemy Ascendants, instead of a reduced effect like intended.
-Fixed a bug where the Black Blood scourge would not reset properly.
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Blasphemous: Wounds of Eventide – Free Update Out Now! (Dec 09th 2021)

The third and final instalment of free updates for Blasphemous is available now!

Wounds of Eventide unveils the final chapter in The Penitent One’s first story and offers new levels, bosses and items, and unearths secrets that will unlock another fate for Cvstodia – leading into the events of the Blasphemous sequel (launching in 2023)

We can’t share too much else in this post as we don’t want to spoil the content in Wounds of Eventide, so be sure to download this free update and experience it for yourself now!

Should you want some hints on how to begin the events of Wounds of Eventide mouse over the spoilers here: . Do note that late game saves may not be able to see all the Wounds of Eventide content, but you will get clues on what to do when you replay the game.

Wounds of Eventide concludes a series of three post-launch updates released for Blasphemous since it launched in 2019, beginning with ‘Stir of Dawn’ which launched in 2020 and introduced the ‘New Torment’ mode, a New Game+ addition that challenged players with a new level of difficulty, plus new playstyles, new bosses, and much more.

The second update, ‘Strife and Ruin’ launched last February and introduced Miriam from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night into the world of Cvstodia as she sought help from The Penitent One. Strife and Ruin also added a new game mode and a ‘Demake Area’ that plays homage to classic 8-bit platformers.
Full Patch notes

Fixed an issue where the player can lose movement entirely after being knocked off ledge by Librarian's ranged attack
Library to Patio ladder transition reverts the Player back to original area if the left controller stick is held down during the transition screen
Ghastly Baroness can be broken after respawning
A gate in one of Miriam's Challenge Rooms can cause the player to get stuck before it closes
Vicious Dasher Enemy can be pushed and stuck inside the textures if attacked or parried by the player
Fixed an issue where the player can be blocked in air after missing the platform using his attack
Fixed an issue where the player can become stuck in the environment after hanging from ledge
Fixed an issue where Miriam’s death system is moved to the main game after leaving platforming room by - Exit to Main Menu option
The player can no longer get stuck in a wall after being hit by an enemy in Jondo.
Updated Russian translation for Heart of Virtuous Pain
Fixed an issue when entering the 3-Mask Elevator Shaft while jumping can cause the player to teleport
Fixed grammar errors in the lore descriptions and items' names
Removed the grey screen after completing the Demake Area
Fixed an issue where some achievements remain locked in the in-game achievements menu after meeting unlock conditions
Sister of the Charred Visage can now be executed
Fixed the font for Russian as it was producing double spaces between words in dialogues
Fixed an issue where the player sometimes becomes unable to move left or right after wall-climbing in Maze location
Fixed an issue where the player could teleport back to a ledge if they are falling close to the side of a platform
The blood fountain icon does now appears on the map in the Mother of Mothers area
Fixed a visual issue in the Quirce boss fight arena
Fixed an issue where if the Player picks up a guilt fragment as they die, they will not drop another

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition
Patch 8193.34: Pathfinding, Renderer & Other QoL Improvements

Patch notes


Apple M1: Fixed audio crackle when decoding mp3 files, including voiceovers.
Pathfinding: Fixed a case where pathing was bailed on too early, resulting in incorrect behaviour that was regressed in the previous patch.
Facelift tilesets tts02 tcm02: Addressed various texture and model issues.
ResMan: Fixed two memleaks where it wouldn’t release loaded data instances.
Renderer: Minor fixes to animation start consistency.
Renderer: Fixed animated skinmesh parts going out of sync/being one frame behind.
Renderer: Fixed rough surfaces having a milky sheen at some viewing aspects, especially when using height maps.

QoL Improvements

Game: Disable ctrl-drag selection box on clients when server.player-party-control is off (the default). Note that clients will have to reconnect if you toggle this setting while a game is up.
NWSync: Repositories are now collapsible in the main UI view; this state is remembered in settings.tml.
NWSync: Module versions can now hold a `localalias` field that is used to backreference for StartNewModule(“originalfilename”).
NWSync: Better support for repository-side statistics.
NWSync: Hide modules, campaigns and adverts with empty name labels.
NWSync: Don’t reject repository.json if advert buttons have empty labels and URLs.
Launch Game UI/Repo Manager: Fixed “Show Advert” checkbox label being cut off.
Launch Game UI: Fixed “Advert” panel type displaying a STRREF instead of text when no label is defined in repository.json.

Scriptable UI

Nui: Fixed crash when calling SetGroupLayout() with invalid data.
Nui: Fixed scrollbar size for textedit.
Nui: Text can now override border and scrollbars properties.
Nui: Fixed draw_list scissoring breaking succeeding widget rendering.
Nui: Fixed draw_list scissoring leaving a stale scissor on the GL stack for nested widgets.
Nui: Fixed entries in a list view not scissoring draw_list correctly when scrolling out of view.
Nui: list(): Fixed textedit() widget not working in lists.
Nui: list(): Scrollbars now configurable.
Nui: list(): Fix spacers not advancing row layout correctly.
Nui: Never allow binds to update during construction. This fixes list() array binds degrading to scalar values, among other.
Nui: textedit(): Fixed placeholder sometimes rendering on the succeeding widget instead.
Nui: textedit(): Fixed range event triggering too often or with wrong values.
Nui: Added demo code for spreadsheet UI.
Nui: Fixed “list” widget not showing a vertical scrollbar in AUTO mode.

Premium Modules

Tyrants of the Moonsea: Fixed ship's cabin navigation map occasionally disabling erroneously.
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Disco Elysium
Accordingly to Steam post, they added Polish translation to tge game.
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Stellar Tactics Has updated (offline as well).

0593b to 0595

Patch notes here
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Ruvika: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice:
I came from the future to bring you the changelog of an update it hasn't arrived yet.
1- Fix for ultrawidescreen support.
2- Fix for audio levels not being applied.
3- Fix for menu sliders not working.
4- Fix for RT Shadows switching on Valravn's map.
5- Fix for DX12 Stuttering issue.
Looks like that update has arrived.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Update to V1.03.1.202112071122.

Changelog: See above.
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Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition received an update flag.

(Windows 7, 8, 10, 11) Current version is 1.46.1
- No new GOG changelog notes (last update notes 1.45.0)
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Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition & Hellraid

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.45.1 ⇒ 1.46.1.
Hellraid - Face the Darkness in the new story update

Evil forces never rest—not until their demon lord, Ba’al, has been summoned into the world. Guided by his calling, they tap into darkness itself to bring him back. It’s time to act. Lucius can sense the malign powers crescent inside the dungeon, now stronger than before, and he knows what it betokens—something is coming. Something out of this world. You must betake yourself to the parts of Hellraid you’ve never explored before and worst Ba’al’s worshippers in time, for only you can stop the inevitable and conquer the magic flowing there.

Embark on a quest in the scriptorium, the new area available in Hellraid. But remember—Anat has plans of her own, and she has taken measures to be sure you won’t get to foil her plans easily. To stop her, you’ll have to face an army of evil forces led by a powerful, deadly demon—Sir Asmorod. Defeat him, and you’ll earn a new Dark Wand allowing you to control freezing magic itself and put an end to Anat’s intrigue!

Patch notes:

PATCH 1.46
New Updates for Hellraid DLC including:
• New map sections
• New story update: two new quests
• Additional item: new wand
• Additional enemy

Support for Live Events/DLC
• Improved process of participation in live events
• Players can now opt into live events when continuing their progress
• Support for additional weapons, blueprints, and outfit
• Additional enemy type
• Thematic graffiti update
• Support for additional dockets
• Minor bug fixes

(ONLY PC) PATCH 1.46.1
QoL Updates for Dying Light
• Adding additional markers for navigation during Prologue
• Disabled bounties / events during Prologue, up to unlocking of Co-Op
• Disabled additional blueprints and outfits during Prologue, up to unlocking of Co-Op
• Improved navigation for Rahim’s parkour test during Prologue
• Added additional Tutorial screen after Co-Op to show unlocking of additional content
• Removed Hail Mary Bounty from list of Daily Bounties
• Improved text on Co-Op Online / Offline selection screen
• Increased duration of Firecrackers by 3 seconds.
• Decreased first Goon encounter health by 30% and increased hit reactions by 1s
• Increased durability for starting weapons
• [Hellraid DLC] It’s now possible to reset progress for Hellraid story mode via save options
• [Bozak DLC] [Prison DLC] Added Back To Slums menu option
• Changed location of menu pop-up for Events
• Support for additional dockets
• Minor bug fixes

Oct 28, 2021
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.45.0 ⇒ 1.45.1.
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Tangledeep has been updated to version 1.50z7b for all platforms.

(GOG has a changelog, but it's outdated.)
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Iron Harvest

Updated to rev. 55741 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from the developer's website:
News: New 2 vs. 2 Map “Launch Facility”!

Hidden in the tundra of Northern-Alaska lies a convert testing and launch site for a new weapon with devastating capabilities. With the site hastily evacuated due to incursions by Usonian forces, its terrible technology now awaits those brave enough to persevere against their enemies and the freezing cold.

Info: Changelog 25

General changes:

- Controller/Gamepad support is now available on PC game versions!
- Extreme starting resources can now be selected when setting up Skirmish, Multiplayer and Custom games so you can dive right into the mechanized mayhem.
- Added cosmetic title for those who have previously won an Iron Harvest Community Art Competition.
- Achievements “Giant Slayer” and “Mechanized Warfare” are now working correctly again.
- XP is now awarded correctly while units are attacking and healing.
- Fixed a problem whereby units could enter invalid cover-spots that should be blocked by other vaultable obstacles.
- Adjusted Usonia Reserve picking presets so that the A.I. now no longer uses more coins than allowed during Reserve selection.
- Drop Zone locations on the 1 vs. 1 map “Night Raid” have been adjusted to avoid confusion and inaccessibility.
- The cutscenes during the Rusviet Revolution campaign mission “Out of Hiding” are no longer halted by placing an aid station in the path of characters.
- Updated minimap to fix missing assets on Usonian’s 5th mission, “Supply Raid”.
- Fixed collision issues on Saxonian’s 7th campaign mission “The End of All Wars”.
- Resolved issues that saw Lech Kos get stuck on map geometry near the east enemy HQ in Polania’s 4th campaign mission “Railroad Robbery”. This fix will invalidate saved game files on this mission made prior to this update.
- A missing fence has been replaced near the prisoners on the 2nd Rusviet Campaign Mission “Modern Times”.
- Prevented some Usonian abilities from being activated twice in rapid succession without cooldown.
- Fixed various U.I. and text display inconsistencies throughout the game.
- Industrial buildings and houses no longer disappear at certain camera angles.
- Achievement “Have a unit pick up two types of equipment in one match or mission” has been replaced and the Season Tree updated.
- Enemy Cuvar mechs no longer deploy on the Rusviet’s 1st campaign mission “Broken Truce”, this fixes issues preventing the games progression.
- The A.I. now continues to produce units if engineers are killed while building template is placed down.
- Greatly improved behavior of melee-only human infantry, when attacking larger structures. They can now properly use their melee-attacks.
- The ' X ' Button to close the tactical map now functions when clicked.

Balance changes:

Mech cost rebalance: Mech and exoskeleton build costs have been adjusted to lower the barrier of building tier 2 mechs. On top of the cost changes, we increased the overall strength and toughness of tier 2 mechs. In doing so, tier 2 mechs will now be more accessible than before and clearly stronger than the tier 1 mechs.

All Exoskeletons: These man/machine units can now be reinforced at medic tents.

Mortar systems:

- Reduced oil cost from 35 to 20.

Anti-air turret: The current anti-air turret is rather expensive and very powerful. To bring it more in line with our vision we are reducing both the cost, damage, and HP. This should make building the structure more accessible while maintaining counterplay possibilities.

- Reduced build cost from 400 to 275 iron and 60 to 25 oil.
- Reduced HP from 500 to 400.
- Reduced damage vs unarmored/light/medium/heavy armor from 15 to 10.


- Reduced build cost from 5 to 1 iron.

Reserve costs: All units that have had their build cost changed have also had their reserve costs appropriately adjusted.


Ward (exosuit):

- Decreased oil cost from 50 to 30.

Salem (MG mech): Salem’s Overcharge ability should be powerful, but a less frequent threat on the battlefield. Additionally, the Overcharge damage against structures has been greatly reduced.

- Adjusted build cost from 300 to 350 iron and 80 to 60 oil.
- Overcharge cooldown increased from 60 to 90 seconds.
- Overcharge health reduction increased from 150 to 220.
- Overcharge damage vs. structures decreased from 1.5 to 0.5.

Revere (Missile airship):

- Adjusted build cost from 390 to 400 iron and 120 oil to 80 oil.

Attucks (Stealth artillery):

- Decreased build cost from 450 to 330 iron and 140 to 120 oil.

Knox (Mech destroyer):

- Decreased build cost from 550 to 500 iron and 140 to 130 oil.

Stark (Melee mech):

- Decreased oil cost from 155 to 110.
- Increased damage vs. light armor from 30 to 35.
- Reduced damage vs. medium armor from 30 to 40.
- Reduced damage vs. heavy armor from 30 to 45.

Samson (Drone carrier):

- Decreased oil cost from 230 to 190.


Michal Sikorski (cavalry commander):

- Fixed a bug that quadrupled the XP gain for Michal
- Reduced melee damage vs. structures from 10 to 2.
- Reduced reinforce cost.

Rycerz (exosuit):

- Reduced oil cost from 60 to 30.

Straznik (MG mech):

- Reduced build cost from 330 to 280 iron and 280 to 50 oil.

Smialy (Scout mech):

- Reduced build cost from 400 to 350 iron and 120 to 90 oil.

Mocny (Siege tank):

- Reduced build cost from 475 iron 125 oil to 400 iron 110 oil.

Zolw (Troop transport):

- Reduced oil cost from 150 to 120.

Lowca (Mech Hunter):

- Adjusted build cost from 525 to 550 iron and 150 to 80 oil.

Tur (Mega Mech):

- Reduced build cost from 750 to 720 iron and 220 to 180 oil.


Eisenhans (Exosuit):

- Reduced oil cost from 50 to 20.

Grimbart (Gatling Mech):

- Reduced build cost from 350 to 300 iron and 80 to 50 oil.

Isegrim (Tank Mech):

- Reduced build cost from 450 to 400 iron and 110 to 80 oil.

Erlkonig (Artillery Mech):

- Reduced build cost from 450 to 300 iron and 120 to 110 oil.

Stiefmutter (Gyro wheels Mech):

- Reduced build cost from 475 to 450 iron and 135 to 80 oil.
- Increased HP from 900 to 1100.

Wotan (Mech Hunter):

- Reduced build cost from 525 to 500 iron and 160 to 130 oil.
- Increased HP from 700 to 950.

Kaiser (Mega Mech):

- Adjusted build cost from 725 to 750 iron and 215 to 190 oil.


Groza (Exosuits):

- Reduced oil cost from 80 to 40.

Ognivo (Flamer Mech):

- Reduced build cost from 350 to 300 iron and 60 to 40 oil.

Kolokol (Bomber Mech):

- Reduced build cost from 360 to 330 iron and 80 to 70 oil.

Nakovalnya (Rocket Artillery):

- Reduced oil cost from 140 to 100.
- Increased HP from 1100 to 1250.

Serp (Scythe Mech): The Serp is an intimidating mech that packs a punch in melee. The changes to MG damage we made to turn the Serp into a real threat while approaching a target.

- Reduced build cost from 600 to 500 iron and 140 to 80 oil.
- Increase MG range from 20 to 25.
- Increased MG damage vs. unarmored from 3 to 3.5.
- Increased MG damage vs. light armor from 0.2 to 3.
- Increased MG damage vs. medium armor from 0.05 to 1.

Gulay-Gorod (Mega Mech):

- Decreased oil cost from 210 to 170.
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Surviving Mars

Updated to 1.3 Merbold 1010574 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Below & Beyond: Hotfix - Patch Notes

Hello Survivors!

We just released a small emergency hotfix which addresses a few issues found in the Content Update #2 for Below & Beyond DLC.

Patch notes

- Fixed expeditions rockets not loading colonists.
- Fixed the issue with waste rock not appearing the command center time line stats in existing save games.
- Fixed the disaster settings being reset (to defaults such as very low) when starting a new game with mods.

Let us know if you encounter any more issues by reporting them on the PDX forums. Thank you!
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Cat Quest II

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
The Infinity Update Is Now Live!

After The Mew World update, we are delighted to bring to you the most recent Cat Quest II update - the Infinity Update!

Explore the new Infinity Dungeon located on a tiny island to the west of the southern coast … but beware, there’s some really tough enemies waiting for you.
Fight them and defeat the boss at the end of the dungeon to get your hands on the pawesome new Dark Old Master Gear Set!

Are you brave enough to enter the dungeon?

Get the Cat Quest II Infinity Update now!
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Death Trash Demo

Update to V0.7.31.

No changelog.
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PC Building Simulator Update v1.14

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* Close Combat - Cross of Iron
Offline installer updated to v3.06.03

Couldn't find a Changelog


* Factorio
All offline installers updated to 1.1.49


" Fixed transport belts picking up items on ground when rotated. (100693)
Fixed that game.map_settings.path_finder.fwd2bwd_ratio could be set to nonsensical values. (100785)
Fixed main menu track playing only once. (100787)
Fixed that units could get stuck close to their goal. (100348)
Fixed that the small research bar in a technology slot wouldn't show for the technology currently in research. (100789)
Fixed a crash which was caused by early garbage collection of LuaObject because LuaObject method closures didn't hold a back reference to the object. (57490)
Fixed barelling recipe icons having incorrect tint with index-based fluid color definitions. (100815)
Fixed barelling recipe icons having incorrect alpha with fluid color definitions in 0-255 range. "