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Geralt_of_Rivia: Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Update to V2.10c.

No changelog. But my guess would be they fixed the disabled DLCs and corrected the links for buying them to GOG.
Well, if it helps any. Version 10b would not run without Epic/Steam/Gog dlls in THQNordicOnline. Version 10c however does run with these folders removed (other than GOG), so thats one update.
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Surviving Mars
Offline installers updated to 1.3 Merbold 1010558


" Bug Fixes
Fixed the lander rocket having the status “not enough full” even when the tank is full
Fixed fuel filling the lander rocket resetting to 0 when editing the payload
Fixed Micro-G mining buildings not taking resource grade into account
Fixed MDS lasers not working if the player is on another map
Fixed "Rocket can't land during dust storms" warning showing on Asteroids for Landers in orbit
Fixed cargo rockets duplicating if they are sent on an expedition and the launch is cancelled
Fixed cave-ins spawning on walls
Fixed cave-ins spawning at the same angle so that the player sees the pattern
Fixed cave-ins disappearing when cancelling the clear operation using the RC Dozer
Fixed colonists having the wrong group label (martian/earth born) when transported to another map
Fixed drones getting stuck on the Bottomless Pit after the Bottomless Pit Lab is salvaged
Fixed freezing when the Underground Marsquake is occurring in the mid and late-game stage
Fixed Colonist and Tourism top bar tooltip defining colonists as "stored"
Fixed the bottom textures of a Dome remaining after prefabbing
Fixed the Exotic Minerals icon not showing in the Production tab for the asteroid's extractors
Fixed Underground Domes not changing color when changing building colors
Fixed cave-ins falling on Buried Wonders and becoming unremovable
Fixed the "Signs of Organic Matter" event becoming blocked if another Asteroid goes out of range
Fixed colonists suffocating when a rocket returns from the Covert Ops (Space Race) and lands
Fixed earthsick colonists losing their earthsick status from getting sent to another Asteroid
Fixed uneven terrain blocking rovers in the underground
Fixed Bottomless Pit: "The Pit: Experiment requirements" event checking only the nearest Dumping Site
Fixed the RC Explorer and Elevator building appearing in different places in the Underground through the same Underground Entrance
Fixed colonists/tourists occasionally teleporting away from the elevator when using auto mode causing colonists to suffocate.
Fixed screen freeze when pressing the “tab” button while switching to another map
Fixed the RC Explorer not being able to reach a specific Anomaly in a Underground map
Fixed the bonus from the Stirling Generator Fault event not applying to the underground
Fixed the Buried Wonder Log not being able to close for the second time if optional tasks were completed after the main ones
Fixed the bottom rock asset emerging when a player makes a ramp over the Asteroid's pit in the donut shaped map
Fixed elevator's Auto Mode duplicating the request of objects
Fixed notifications from the recon center appearing in the underground map
Fixed hunger game rule disabling food transport for the elevator and lander rockets
Fixed the second anomaly in the Bottomless Pit event chain not reappearing if the requirements haven't been met
Fixed the Astrogeologist commander profile extractor production bonus not applying to the Asteroid's extractors
Fixed the elevator malfunction event being able to be bypassed by turning the elevator on or off or through a regular malfunction
Fixed save screenshot missing in load game on Mac and Linux
Fixed salvaging the bottomless Pit Research Center breaking the drones’ route
Fixed asteroid extractors still extracting a large number of resources if the breakthrough Nona Refinement is researched
Fixed a drone making one extra unnecessary move when repairing the elevator
Fixed rovers and buildings researched with the Global Support Breakthrough not being added to the Cargo lists
Fixed drones assigned to the malfunctioned elevator not being able to deliver resources while trying to repair the elevator.
Fixed Lander rocket being able to take off during Dust storms when using the Depart Now
Fixed requested Drones not departing with the Lander rocket if they were assigned to the a requested RC Commander
Fixed drones assigned to the RC Commander being reassigned to the command centers from the surface map after being transported to the underground
Fixed temporary anomalies appearing in unreachable places in the Underground with Mystery Metatron active
Fixed the Lander rocket occasionally getting a 'waiting for maintenance' status after a request and but being able to return to Mars if the asteroid goes out of range "
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dV: Rings of Saturn

0.431.13 - Unseen Imagery

> Mining companions cannot be mounted now on the right low-stress point of the Bald Eagle.
> Fixed corrupted textures that caused some of the images not to display on some systems.
> Additional texture formats improve performance on systems that can use them.
> Fixed some dialogue trees.
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Updated to 41955_440 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog yet.

Developer's message from Discord: (Login required)
Ghostrunners we are kicking off the holidays today with a free festive sword and glove bundle! Paint the town red with the new Holiday Pack featuring Rudolph’s Run, Solstice, Boon, and Nini Wonderland sword sets.

We are also thrilled to announce full Ghostrunner integration with AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). Become the ultimate cyber ninja using cutting-edge upscaling technologies to help boost your framerates and deliver high-quality high-resolution gaming experiences.
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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice:
I came from the future to bring you the changelog of an update it hasn't arrived yet.
1- Fix for ultrawidescreen support.
2- Fix for audio levels not being applied.
3- Fix for menu sliders not working.
4- Fix for RT Shadows switching on Valravn's map.
5- Fix for DX12 Stuttering issue.
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Stardew Valley updated from v1.5.5.1850790842 (51965) to v1.5.5.1860476220 (52032).

No changelog.
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Kobi-K: Stardew Valley updated from v1.5.5.1850790842 (51965) to v1.5.5.1860476220 (52032).

No changelog.
Yeah, seems it was updated about a week ago with a changelog, and now updated twice since then without a changelog. I'm curious what was changed though because the game is crashing for me for the first time ever. :) Hopefully whatever it is they fixed it, but having a changelog would be nice too.
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Kobi-K: Stardew Valley updated from v1.5.5.1850790842 (51965) to v1.5.5.1860476220 (52032).

No changelog.
It's a hotfix that broke the game and now it's working on another hotfix that will probably release tomorrow or in a few hours. Accordingly to Twitter.
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Ruvika: It's a hotfix that broke the game and now it's working on another hotfix that will probably release tomorrow or in a few hours. Accordingly to Twitter.
Yep, just like you said. And another hotfix to the previous hotfix of the previous hotfix just got released:

Stardew Valley updated to v1.5.5.1860937376 (52036).

Some info on this in ConcernedApe's twitter:
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Updated to v3.0.6g (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
v3.0.6 patch

Mostly bug fixes this time around. Thank you for all your feedback. :)

A special welcome to all the new players. I hope you're enjoying your time with the game. If you're enjoying the game and feel like helping out, please feel free to leave a review for Megaquarium and/or its 2 expansions. This can be done directly on each of the store pages.


- UX: Decorations can now be placed even where there are no viewable locations.
- Fixed bug: Mods with non-capitalised folder names were not being read correctly on Linux OS.
- Fixed bug: Could not place underground tunnel in a position where walls would be against the middle edges, at some angles.
- UX: Slightly tweaked code for positioning decorations in tanks with raised or lowered substrates.
- Modding: Container 'adjust bounds' variables no longer apply to land-based animals when they are on land.
- Modding: Added hosting.childLayerConverter to allow tanks to adjust the occupation layers of incoming decorations. This is required for tanks which occupy layer -1 or 1 but not 0.
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Mac version added. (
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Horizon Zero Dawn - Complete Edition

Patch 1.11 | 7400739 (8 December 2021)
(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
We’re happy to announce we’ve just released Patch 1.11 for our PC players. We appreciate all of your wonderful support and feedback and are proud to bring you this update. Here’s what this patch contains:

Graphical Improvements

- Added Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology.
- Added AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution, replacing FidelityFX CAS.

UI Changes

- Adjusted settings screen to facilitate the addition of DLSS and FSR.
- Render Scale option has been removed but same result can now be accomplished by adjusting setting Upscale Method to Simple and adjusting Upscale Quality.

Performance Improvements

- Improvement to the shader management system. This will result in a few noticeable differences:
- There is no longer a shader pre-compilation step on startup. The game will always compile shaders during loading and in the background.
- Stutters during gameplay that used to occur due to background shader compilation have now been significantly reduced.
- Because shader compilation is still happening in the background you may notice the game having a higher CPU utilization while that is happening.
- Loading screens will wait for the required shaders to be fully compiled. This may cause loading screens to take somewhat longer on certain systems.
- On higher spec machines with faster CPUs the loading screens will typically be shorter, due to more efficient shader compilation that better leverages high-end CPUs.

Please ensure your game is up-to-date before heading back out into the wilds, and reach out to us if you’re still experiencing any issues. We wish you a fun-filled festive period!

- Guerrilla
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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition & DLCs (Windows 7, 8 10, 11) updated to 2.10d
-No GOG changelog notes yet.
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gog2002x: Titan Quest Anniversary Edition & DLCs (Windows 7, 8 10, 11) updated to 2.10d
-No GOG changelog notes yet.
Hasn't been a changelog in years.
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Hmmm, 'Stirring Abyss' is flagged as updated but i don't find any changelog. Neither here nor on steam.