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Trooper1270: Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition has just received an update, Patch (2.9 Hotfix to 2.9 MP Hotfix).
No, the patch you are referring to is from 2020. Gog has just deleted 3 old files this time:

Well, the new DLC got released today ...
Trooper1270: Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition has just received an update, Patch (2.9 Hotfix to 2.9 MP Hotfix).
surfer1260: No, the patch you are referring to is from 2020. Gog has just deleted 3 old files this time:

Well, the new DLC got released today ...
Ah!, okie dokie, thanks for the head's up. :)
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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 2.9 MP Hotfix ⇒ 2.10b.
Eternal Embers DLC –
• [i]New adventures and new realms to explore, reserved only for the greatest of
--- A whole new epic quest line spanning 4 acts, accompanied by 15 additional side
quests, playable exclusively in Legendary difficulty
--- Explore dozens of new beautiful areas and dungeons: from the blooming gardens
of Chinese emperors to heavenly landscapes to the treacherous, and forgotten
tombs of ancient deities

New 11th mastery
-- Become a master of Neidan, a mystical alchemist who uses deadly concoctions
and abilities to annihilate his enemies

30+ new enemies and bosses
-- From the exotic beasts of the Far Eastern legends to the proud and vain deities
looking to test your worthiness in battle

New weapons and gear
-- Find new and powerful gear, from masterfully crafted Oriental armors to
weapons that could strike down the gods themselves
-- New relics and charms to make your gear even more powerful

New potions
-- A bunch of new potions to give you an edge in combat, all of them sharing a
cooldown, independent from health/mana potions and scrolls.

Titan Quest tools improvements
Editor improvements
• Added the ability to rotate objects not only in Z-axis, ability to turn objects in the world or local coordinates
• Fixed rotation in grid mode
• Fixed the palette feature; fixed a crash that happened while removing objects from the
object palette
• Added the ability to change the scale of objects and collision directly in the Editor
• Added the ability to place objects with random scale and rotation in Z-axis
• Improved object selection, added an ability to hide and unhide selected objects with a
• Improved visual feedback of the 3d gizmo: the lines in gizmo now turn white when being
• Added the preview feature for sounds and music
• Fixed import/export the lists of the layer system (fog, sounds, day/night cycle)
• Improved the replacement tool. Added the 3d preview for object selector.
• Added the ability to control shadow rendering for selected objects
• Added the ability to control collision boxes for selected objects
• Added new type of sound objects with a dynamic range of sound distance
• Fixed the sound and music systems; improved transitions between sound layers
• Added the ability to see the name of the currently painted layer in the layer tool
• Fixed a crash in Editor in some levels that had DLCActorSpawner in them

Art Manager improvements
• Added actor class column in ArtManager when viewing databases
• Art Manager window title now displays the currently selected mod, along with an active
mod, making it easier to identify them at a glance
• Fixed a random crash when using UNDO/REDO in the database record properties
• Fixed Save shortcut (Ctrl+S) for saving .dbr changes in the Edit properties window
• Changed delete shortcut labels from ‘Del’ to ‘Ctrl+D’, to match what’s bound
• Copy shortcut (Ctrl+C) now also copies paths of the selected items to Windows clipboard
• Tweaked column size when editing multiple .dbr in the Art Manager, so it's easier to see
cells content without having to adjust column size manually

Quest Editor improvements
• Fixed a crash when closing the open tokens dialog
• Fixed crash when using Cut shortcut (Ctrl+X) and then selecting a row with no properties
• Fixed a memory leak that was causing a crash on some operations
• Added a filtering option to the New Condition and New Action windows
• Added a search box for the Script Data
• Added an ability to create a tab from a selected directory within the Asset Chooser, with
tabs being persistent across sessions
• Quest Editor now shows more info per action/condition next to their name
• Added shortcuts for deleting and for focusing in the search text box

Viewer improvements
• Added a 'vincible' animation callback so it can be used to control AI invincibility (e.g.,
during the spawn animation)

TQ Improvements
• Reset button (K) will now teleport the player to the last activated rebirth fountain instead
of the closest enemy proxy (except for Tartarus, where the Reset button works as before)
• Fixed Marksmanship skill not reducing mana
• Improved region loading near caves to prevent performance and visual issues
• Improved performance when rendering items text
• Improved text rendering performance in general
• Fixed ragdolls animation speed up with higher FPS
• Fixed issues with Main Menu scene selection based on installed DLCs
• Fixed regular text boxes randomly accepting '@' as a valid character.
• Fixed an issue with the mana bar stretching out on death
• Fixed issues with some skills’ tooltips
• Fixed text being converted to icons on credits
• Some tweaks to the visibility of the minimap and portal buttons on the HUD when
switching the minimap size
• Fixed an exploit in COOP where buying orbs at Gambler’s didn’t cost any money and
gambler screen buttons not being disabled if the player doesn’t have enough money
• Fixed mastery scroll window for the gamepad version
• Tweaked gamepad version of the Quest log window
• Fixed an issue where ‘Esc’ on the keyboard and ‘B’ on gamepad would not return to Main
Menu, from Cinematics Menu
• Fixed an issue where zoomed character models were not being rendered in the server
• Fixed an issue where a prompt to apply changes wouldn’t appear when using the ‘Esc’
button to exit the Options menu from the Quick menu in-game
• Fixed an issue where the quest notification background would not render correctly when
HUD size was set to Medium
• Fixed an issue where an item name would show multiple times when holding the ‘Alt’
button and hovering over it on the ground
• Fixed % bonus to Intelligence being highlighted in Rune Weapon skill tooltip for no
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Baldur's Gate 3
Patch 6 Hotfix 4 - (2 December 2021)
Patch notes:

Fixed missing sky when returning to the main menu from certain levels.
Fixed crash when loading some specific Mac saves on other platforms..
Fixed crash when launching the game in fullscreen with non-native resolutions
Fixed the usage of certain items becoming blocked if player cancels their "Insert" action.

Stardew Valley
No changelog. It's a minor hotfix for some problems with ultrawidescreens resolutions.
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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Update to V2.10c.

No changelog. But my guess would be they fixed the disabled DLCs and corrected the links for buying them to GOG.
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Death Trash (In Development)
Death Trash Demo

Updated to 0.7.30 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

In-game changelog:
Patch Notes 0.7.30

- added new infection value which increases through actions like using implant abilites and eating meat, has negative impact on high values, and gets cleansed by puking
- updated a few items related to this new system
- minor update to tutorial area for this
- removed old energy system for abilities and related terminals
- added another location to south east
- allow buying equipment items more than once, but add marker for owned weapons and equipment
- hide stamina bar in combat made when full
- fixed being able to drop items into walls with mouse controls
- on loading level make sure all lootable items are reachable
- fixed some door issues
- updated spikes collider
- small level design and asset improvements
- fixed a crash due to pooled objects being reused when not fully initialized
- Co-op: share experience points from consumables and skill usage
- Co-op shared camera: fixed awkward moment on unlocking tutorial bypass
- Co-op shared camera: disallow using point and click commands on map overview
- fixed buttons being too large on high display resolutions
- fixed a few issues with language mod handling
- updated both controller plugins, adding support for more variants
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements
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OpenTTD changelog:
12.1 (2021-11-08)
Feature: Button to toggle showing advanced signal types (#9617)
Change: Don't show screenshot GUI in screenshots (#9674)
Change: Suppress panning in intro game, while user is interacting with the GUI (#9645)
Change: Draw rotor in cursor when dragging helicopters in depots (#9612)
Fix: Invalid memory access when loading a currency NewGRF (#9675)
Fix #9579: Object and HQ construction is Construction cost, not Property Maintenance (#9673)
Fix #9669: Ships exiting a blocked depot/lock could exit in the wrong direction (#9672)
Fix: Every 16th client never reconnects after server restart (#9666)
Fix #9643: Screenshots were always written as BMP files (#9644)
Fix #9630: Intro game could zoom in/out more than allowed by settings (#9633)
Fix #9626: Incorrect loading of script saved data (#9629)
Fix: Emergency crash save had the wrong NewGRF list saved in it (#9627)
Fix #9595: Always use plural forms of cargo for subsidy strings (#9619)
Fix #9614: Refresh rate dropdown was still active when vsync was enabled (#9618)
Fix: Don't use 'server address' string in server list when displaying an invite code (#9615)
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Death Trash (In Development)
Death Trash Demo

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

In-game changelog:
Patch Notes

- fixed a crash happening when Fleshworms ate the puke

Stardew Valley

Updated to (Galaxy [Window & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows & Linux])

No changelog.
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has been updated to 1.1.4d and the changelog is from Steam. Offline installer not updated yet but i will update later.

Update 1.1.4d


A new patch 1.1.4d is here! We fixed an issue with Arueshalae’s romance ending, and hopefully a lot of Commanders will be much happier now; we’ve made some fixes to the way touch attack works in the turn-based mode, and also made it so that the negative effects will be displayed first on your characters’ portraits.

But beware of possible plot spoilers!


A dialogue with the vescavor queen in chapter 5 could be initiated multiple times - fixed;
Azata's mentor won't be present after switching to the path of Legend anymore;
In Camellia's final quest, if either she of the player had an animal companion, the animal didn't appear in the garden - fixed;
In the fifth chapter, if the entire group was invisible, Hal refused to start a conversation - fixed;
Seeking Forgiveness quest didn't fail upon finishing the 3rd chapter - fixed;
Some players, who didn't complete the Dusk of Dragons quest, were unable to open the door in Dragon Burial Ground - fixed, but if you've encountered this issue already, you will need to load an earlier save, where you haven't approached the door yet;
Storyteller could say that Hulrun died in Iz even if he died long before that;
Suture could remain at the Fleshmarkets even after getting shipped to Colyphyr mines - fixed;
One of the romance outcomes with Arueshalae was unavailable - fixed (you may need to invite her to your bedroom once more).


Fixed a bug in Dragon Burial Ground, which didn't allow to roll a skill check to squeeze through the crack in the rock;
Fixed the bug with the name of the area and the terrain type not being displayed on the mini map for the Blooming Meadow location;
Fixed the disappearance of the map exit in the Lost Chapel area upon loading a save during Sosiel's quest;
In Areelu's Laboratory companions, separated from the main group, would not react to the characters under the invisibility spell - fixed.


Bear's Endurance, Song of the Second Breath, Ash Leprosy, Tumor now work according to their new description;
Bestow Wrath damage has been greatly increased;
Church Guards now have Aura of Onslaught with four uses;
Cultists now take half damage from Channel Negative Energy — Damage Living cast by them;
Cultists' spell power has been moderately decreased;
Fixed the Tactical Superiority feat;
Flaming Rain didn't work correctly - fixed;
Mariliths now have Unholy Aura;
Mighty Tempest damage has been greatly increased;
New feature has been added to Necromancers that allows them to cast Channel Negative - Damage Living without damaging themselves;
Overwhelming Shout now has two uses limit;
Retaliation of the Chain damage has been significantly increased and now depends on general's Power;
Retaliation of the Chain now shows correctly as a global buff and a feature;
Royal Council's Help gave 100 Conscripts instead of 1000 - fixed (peasants are not happy though);
Sometimes Necromancers healed themselves with Channel Negative Energy — Heal Undead - fixed;
Song of Seasons didn't resurrect units after healing - fixed;
Storm of Justice damage has been greatly increased;
Summoned large units could overlap with other units - fixed;
Test of Strength didn't work correctly - fixed.
The animation of Painajai's Chain Spear didn't play - fixed;
The Harpoon ability now correctly pulls units with large creatures;
The logics of Formation abilities has been changed - now it is a permanent buff which can be changed during combat like a Fighter's stance;
To Each Their Place didn't calculate crit chance correctly - fixed;
Units' feature display has been improved;
Visual effect of Flaming Rain is shown correctly now;
Visual effect of Inspired Advance is shown correctly now;
Visual effects of Place of Power, Acid Trap, Spring Trap and Weakening Trap have been changed.

Classes & Mechanics

Under Deny Death buff character remains permanently paralyzed after combat ends - fixed;
A saving throw To get out of Icy Prison was rolled against Caster Level, while it should have been 15+Caster Level - fixed;
Characters could be affected by Acid Fog while under the effects of Life Bubble - fixed;
Devastator now won't rise from the dead after it's killed;
Fixed Improved Critical (Mythic) for rays;
Heightened metamagic didn't work correctly - fixed;
Keen kitsune's Intelligence bonus will now correctly affect the Skill Points;
Life-Bonding Friendship used Charisma instead of Charisma modifier - fixed;
Mystic Theurge couldn't choose spellbook of Skald - fixed;
Mystic Theurge couldn't merge spellbook with Warpriest - fixed;
Pranked Oracle could miss Glitterdust and Mirror Image spells - fixed (ready to party now!);
Sometimes if the player refused to sign a contract to become a devil, Devil's mythic level-up option was available anyway - fixed;
Zippy Magic was using extra slots from the rods - fixed.

Turn-based mode

If the player lost control of their mount while it was carrying its rider to execute a command (e.g. from Confusion), turn-based mode could get stuck - fixed;
Sometimes turn-based mode UI would not reappear after a cutscene interruption - fixed;
The battle could get stuck, when a character was killed by a status effect, and passed the turn to its caster (mostly happened with poisons) - fixed;
The mount could attack automatically, when you only hover the mouse over the potential target - fixed;
Touch spell could get stuck if you moved cursor quickly over another character's portrait after casting it - fixed.


Clemency of Shadows didn't always summon spiders - fixed;
Elemental Imbuement didn't work as intended - fixed;
Items that give a DC bonus now also work with hexes (such as Glass Amulet of Clarity and Slumber);
Skinned Leather Cloak no longer affects dead enemies.

For Swarm-that-Walks, the swarm counter was conflicting with the kinetic burn counter - fixed;
Kestoglyr was missing a description after joining the player and before being taken into the active party - fixed;
Now the negative status effects will be displayed on the portraits first;
The loot window, which appears before exiting a location, only applied filters to the first group of loot - fixed.


A mount and a rider's charge attack commands didn't "know" about each other, and interacted weirdly - fixed;
Fixed the position of the Clawfall in combat;
Fixed visual issues during the cut-scene with Baphomet and the Hand of the Inheritor;
Some parts of a character could turn white when switching headgear or equipped items several times rapidly - fixed;
Mod window didn't open in the Main Menu - fixed;
Sosiel will draw in inappropriate places less often now.
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Seems Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark got updated.

Mac is on 1.6.0a, Windows/Linux on 1.6.0 (Don't remember the previous version)

Stardew Valley also got an update flag
ChrisG_: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has been updated to 1.1.4d and the changelog is from Steam. Offline installer not updated yet but i will update later.

Update 1.1.4d
The offline installer has been updated.

Unfortunately, there are reports of a bug with the XP bar that could prevent leveling up, so it might be wise to wait a bit before updating.

Edit: According to a later post, this bug has now been fixed via a hotfix.
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Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition

Dec 06, 2021
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 4.0.5d4 ⇒ 4.0.5d5.
No Changelog

Dec 02, 2021
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 4.0.5d ⇒ 4.0.5d4.
No Changelog

Nov 03, 2021
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 4.0.5b ⇒ 4.0.5d.
No Changelog
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Stellar Tactics

Offline installer updated to 0.593b

Changelog posted by the dev(s) in the game's forum.
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Berzerk2k2: Bright Memory: Infinite was updated in GOG Galaxy (Offline installer files probably tomorrow).

Version 1.05 >> Version 1.06

All changelogs can be found here:
Bright Memory: Infinite
Offline installer has now finally been updated to 1.06
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dtgreene: The offline installer has been updated.

Unfortunately, there are reports of a bug with the XP bar that could prevent leveling up, so it might be wise to wait a bit before updating.
WotR got updated again just now. An 11 MB hotfix.
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Standalone installer added: [Linux] Version 1.0.