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Updated to 20211202_1.3.50.r47501 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Hotfix 1.3.50 is live! Live Stream today!

Hi Detectives!

First, we want to thank you again for the feedback you are giving and the continuous support! Thanks to you, we're still finding out more and more bugs or issues you have encountered that need to be fixed.

Today's hotfix contains another portion of localization fixes and controller support improvement:

- Various Backer's Content has been added: Editors in Codex, new NPCs names, companies and items names,
- Fixed some general formatting bugs in Codex and dialogues,
- Fixed some minor gamepad issues while using link mode in Codex,
- UI will no longer be visible during cutscenes while playing on the gamepad,
- Added a new gamepad graphic in Options,
- Fixed NPC's name inconsistency in Polish,
- Like Father Like Son: fixed an issue with bugged Ramon's animation after loading a save.

Your assistance through Steam discussions and our Discord server are much appreciated. Suppose you've not joined our Discord yet. In that case, we encourage you to do so, to join many exciting discussions, ask questions (can directly ask Marcin Przybyłek, the author of Gamedecverse, about something).

Last but not least, today at 2 PM CET Warsaw Time, we're going to be live on Twitch!

Join the chat, grab a snack, coffee and hang out with us - ansharstudios
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Intravenous has recieved many updates over the last weeks 'til today (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

latest version: Version 1.2.14

All changelogs have been posted by the dev in the following thread:

Bright Memory: Infinite was updated in GOG Galaxy (Offline installer files probably tomorrow).

Version 1.05 >> Version 1.06

All changelogs can be found here:

Dread Templar also recieved another small hotfix (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

Version 0.931b >> Version 0.931f

Dread Templar hotfix 0.931f
• Fixed a bug preventing players from changing various settings.
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Book of Demons

Offline installers (Win/Mac) updated to 1.05.211130

No changelog.


Slime Rancher

Offline installers (Win/Mac/Lin) updated to 1.4.4

No changelog.
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Hotfix for an issue that has been reported in the game forum:
After updating to, I get an error that says:

Extension module 'module-galaxy.dll' uses incompatible NEXUS interface (15.57.0 instead of 15.56.6), and must be rebuilt
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dV: Rings of Saturn

0.431.8 - Freefall

Custom craft approved for mining equipment
This week several custom-build kitcrafts were approved by the Enceladian Safety Committee to install standard-issue mining hardware, most notably the popular in “Bald Eagle” racing modification of Eagle Prospector. While limited cargo bay of modified craft makes using it for mining questionable, the racing crews are excited by an option to cushion lithobraking manoeuvres.

Unrest in the industrial ring
The recent discovery of unusually high residual radiation in the Industrial Ring of the Enceladus Prime station led to protests blocking out the transfer pillars. The residents of the Industrial Ring blame Enceladus Corp for obscuring the buildup of radiation. At the same time, the Enceladus representatives quote that the industrial section of the station was never approved for habitation. As of 2273, over 21,000 residents currently occupy the low-gravity environment of the Industrial Ring, making up over 12% of the station population.

Nakamura Dynamics Recall
Popular nuclear thermal propulsion manufacturer issued a free recall on its Pulsed Nuclear Thermal Rocket. Service includes refurbishing vectored thrust chamber and new propellant pumps, lowering the power requirements of the torch. Nakamura’s PNTR won "Torch of the Year 2251" and remained a common propulsion choice thanks to its cheap maintenance costs and impressive durability.

Maintenance Logs
Bald Eagle now can mount mining hardware on its low-stress hardpoints. Cradled equipment is not available.
The geologist tab in the OMS now features a cargo hold display, including processed cargo storage and cargo estimations.
I extended the demo. You can now load saves as long as less than 30 days have passed in the game.
ND-PNTR torch rebalance. It's now capable of vectored thrust, making it much more helpful for ships that lack serious RCS rotational thrust.
Default Cothon-212 configuration adjusted to feature Nakamura autopilot required to make good use of the vectored thrust of its stock PNTR torch.
ER42 racing autopilot now has Fly-By-Wire capability.
Added a short-range propellant tank, taking 15,000kg of propellant, dedicated to shuttles and large drones.
When your comms screen was already full with dialogue, when a new ship approached you, the window sometimes did not scroll to reveal all reply options, showing only the first one. While you could still scroll down with a mouse, keyboard or gamepad to display the remaining replies, some players missed that.
It's now easier to pay off your entire bounty if you accumulate one.
Vilcy sometimes called you with combat dialogue when there was a bounty on you, requesting your support instead of asking to pay up.
Rescuing a stranded friendly ship or a friendly lifepod now counts as a friendly action and will improve your faction standing.
Abducting a pirate ship or turning a pirate lifepod for bounty will make pirates dislike you.
Stealing drones not owned by you and selling them at Enceladus is considered a hostile act now.
Removed lag when selling a lot of ores at once.
Fixed a bug in the individual disposition system that caused individual ships never to be genuinely hostile towards you.
Fixed missing Elon Interstellar Model E cabin lights.
Grinders of Eagle Prospector and Mining Companions are now visible inside caves.
The Space Bar will not offer you drinks before you dock.
Hostile actions against a faction have diminishing returns now, so you won't turn everyone in a given faction against you when you get into combat with one of their members.
It will take a bit longer to build up faction confidence when assisting them in combat.
The shortcut key display in the Equipment menu is visible again.
When you agree to meet someone in a week, the event won't trigger if you go there immediately.
Improved visuals of PNTR torch. It's now easier to spot the warmup stage and direction of the thrust.
When your crew talks to you about derelicts and you don't respond, they will get impatient and ask again.
Miners will now return the money they owe you faster and stop bugging you after they do.
Tampered drones are not considered prisoners anymore.
Radiators of fission ships about to breach containment will radiate brightly as they desperately attempt to eject heat.
Improved performance for Elon Interstellar Model E HUD.
Ships equipped with EI1337 autopilots could override commands given in dialogue. That resulted in some recovered derelicts mining the rings instead of returning to Enceladus immediately.
THI Cargo Containers that the player does not own will not initiate docking comms.
The new texture compression format included game binaries aimed at GPUs and drivers that cannot properly process our previous format, decreasing video RAM requirements on some cards.
Autonomic systems and weapons now have hard-coded targeting directives and will always engage pirate ships while never fighting legitimately-owned vessels.
Fixed a bug that caused drone and claim beacon dialogue to glitch out if you stayed 100m or closer to the beacon, causing a claim drone to automatically cancel your claim even if you choose an option and pay.
Derelict ships are now marked as independent, and shooting at them will not cause other derelicts to be mad at you.
Updated translations.
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Steel Division 2

Updated to v62450 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Adds the free Reinforcement Pack #13 DLC


fixing a bug occuring when selecting "Aut-deploy" while not having enough point left to deploy any more unit.

showing invalid saved game/replays to be able to delete them.

fixing a bug displaying not save while there were some, leading to the cloud being filled to max capacity without being aware of it.

fixing a bug in the armory where stats displayed wouldn't change according to the veterancy

fixing the Katyusha unable to bombard in AG Tutorial #6

fixing Sk 18's caliber from 100mm to 105mm

fixing the Priest's ammo

fixed some wrong RTS icons.

removing some redundant AT icons from unit cards


introducing the proper Soviet 72-K 25mm AA gun with 358Strelk. It will be added to more division (replacing some 37mm cards) in more divisions in a future patch.


(Orsha) replaced 1 Yak-9B with one carrying bombs in the Soviet 274th Fighter Rgt.


increased GAZ-AAA MAXIM 4M's price from 15 to 25

decreased D-CA Partiz... 's avail to 3/6/9

increased Commonwealth (UK, CAN, NZ & GRE) Rifles & Rifles (PIAT)'s availability both at 9/18/27. Number of cards changed accordingly.

decreased Ldr. FFI's avail to 3/6/9

(Pancerna) changed Cromwell V's availability from 5/10/15 to 8/16/24, number of cards changed accordingly

(Pancerna) increased Cromwell V DOW.'s availability from 2/4/- to 2/4/6


increased MG 151/20 Drilling's (Ground to Ground) damage & suppress damage.

rebalance Ju 88 A-4's speed between all variants.

adding ART.-SCHLEPPER VA 601(b) 5mm armor

decreasing ART.-SCHLEPPER VA 601(b) speed from 40km/h to 20km/h

adding PzGrenadier (MG-26) Panzerknackers as AT weapon + their price increased from 20 to 25.

(Hart) add more Botond trucks as transport option to match the recent increase of Hungarian troops per card
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Baldur's Gate 3
Hotfix #19 Now Live!
Hello everyone,

We have a small hotfix for you today - fixing a couple of pesky issues that needed addressing.

This week, we answer the question of ‘who stole the sky?’ The answer may surprise you, in that the Shattered Sanctum apparently did it. This isn’t quite a Clue-level mystery, but those precious clouds have at last been returned in this specific case. Let’s hope nobody else attempts to captain-planet-villain away our beautiful clouds for the foreseeable future.

Thank you to everyone who reported these issues to us, on all channels. Your support helps prevent future cloud-theft, and is always welcome. Thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3.

Improved Steam SDK for Mac M1 users.
Sealed up unnerving black void in Main Menu and replaced it with sky.
Fixed crash when loading specific Mac saves on PC.
Characters at the Duergar Camp are no longer trapped in an infinite dialogue loop about explosive powder.
Fixed crash when launching the game in fullscreen with non-native resolution.
Items being opened no longer become non-interactive when switching to a character who can't reach the item.
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Mini Metro

Updated to version 2021112311.. (13/18/25 respectively) (release-49) for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Changelog from Steam:
Mini Metro now stopping in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!
It’s hard to believe that Mini Metro has been around for so long that we’re adding maps for metro systems that opened after our game debuted! For our December update, we invite players to explore Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. The Addis Ababa Light Rail opened in 2015, servicing ten sub-city boroughs. Take control of the first light rail and rapid transit network in sub-Saharan Africa!

Addis Ababa is nestled in the shade of Mount Entoto, with tricky terrain for players as they must design a metro that serves the city’s five million residents while weaving around and over the Akaki and Bulbula rivers, as well as their tributaries!

This update features:

* A brand new map! Connect the five million commuters of Addis Ababa who call Ethiopia’s capital home.
* New achievements and challenges!
* Fixes to outstanding issues, including:
-- Fixed a looping audio bug that was affecting some players.
-- Added a warning every time you replay the Daily Challenge that only the first score is counted.
-- Fixed some bugs where buttons and UI elements occasionally behaved unusually.

Thanks so much for continuing to enjoy Mini Metro after so many years. It's pretty wild that we're now releasing maps for cities whose rail networks were released after Mini Metro was! :D We're grateful to all of you for your support and we can't wait to see you again in 2022!
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Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition

Update to V4.0.5d4.

No changelog.
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* No Man's Sky
Offline installer updated to 3.75_ExpeditionsRevisited_80652


" Fixed an issue where players could get stuck when exiting a ship in an abandoned space station.
Fixed an issue that prevented VR Teleport Move mode from working correctly in some situations.
Fixed a number of crashes related to base and settlement rendering.
Fixed a crash related to base building and settlement layouts.
Fixed a crash related to creature navigation. "

* Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War
Win + Linux offline installer updated to

Could not find a changelog
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Lacuna - A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure
Lacuna: Prologue

Updated to 1.2.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
V. 1.2.2

- Default VO language is now based on default text language
- Save symbol is no longer displayed when settings are saved
- Quality settings now improve performance even more
- Fixed some render order problems introduced by prior optimization
- Fixed some localization-specific issues that got players stuck when spamming through dialogs
- Many other small changes, improvements & bug fixes
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Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Mac offline installer updated to 1.5.2c
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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos

Updated to 1.4 51 41549 (Windows, Galaxy & Offline Installer) & 1.4 811 41642 (Mac, Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Splat Jaypak's Arenas DLC available now.

Changelog from Steam:
Patch 1.4: "Splat Jaypak's Arenas" preparation patch & bugfixes

This patch prepares the arrival of the second DLC of the game: "Splat Jaypak's Arenas".
It also brings its fair share of bug fixes, the bigger ones are listed below.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a blocker when the Thief's nervous burst kills the target just before doing a critical parry
- Fixed a blocker when the party leader is changed while the Thief goes to defuse a trad
- Fixed a blocker when a character dies while executing its skill (self AOE damage or returned damage)
- Fixed a blocker when using the Elf's "Unlikely strike" on an unconscious poisoned/burned ally
- Fixed a blocker when critically failing the Ranger's "Poisoned shot" in certain circumstances
- Fixed a blocker when trigerring traps in combat under certain circumstances
- Fixed a blocker when playing the third fight of the tutoral under certain circumstances
- Fixed a blocker when throwing the Dwarf onto more than one overwatch
- Fixed a blocker when attacking with the Ranger's standard melee attack in the skating rink fight
- Fixed a whole bunch of minor bugs
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Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness

Update 15 (03/12/2021)

Improved loading times for Market Street and Castle District
Attack Time is now displayed for all weapons
Added missing music to the Amanuel's Hoard area
Owners of locked containers now react to looting attempts
Line of Sight for spellcasting has been fixed
Leveling up in older saves now enable choosing Phase 2 spells
Fixed visual artifacts on the ground in Deron-Guld Mines
The Herbary can now be entered properly in Amanuel's Hoard
Knockdown effect now works properly for weapon attacks and skills
Game difficulty is now properly stored and loaded from saves
Fixed the formula of generating Status Effects with weapon attacks
Enemies now stop attacking a character that goes into Sneaking
Added option for auto-pause on combat start in Random Encounter areas
Player Gold value is now displayed in the Temple UI
Enerant attacks now cause the proper amount of damage
Crimson Crossing is no longer greyed out again when talking to Alumu's deputy
Hamlin's ring is now properly moved to the player
Poacher's Due side quest now makes Talgorn's Glen visible
Jade's dialogue now handles a full party when asked to join
The Dark Belt of Malice is now properly handled as a Magical item
The Sling of Vexing is now properly handled as a Magical item
Added proper model and position to the Staff of the Tree Warden
Fixed attack times of Wrought Iron Mace and Maple Shortbow
The Predator's Fang spell now works properly
Summoned skeletons now properly emerge and attack their targets
Visual fixes for the Healing Mist spell
Fixed the spirit's appearance in The Haunted Tavern
Fixed petrified state of creatures in The Haunted Tavern
Fixed double mention of the dodge stat in Evasion's tooltip
Fixed the Maidservant's dialogue substitution in Kjarvalr's Mansion
Added melee weapon to Wardenhaft Academy's herbalist
Tooltips for now display base Dodge, Parry and Block values where applicable
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Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition has just received an update, Patch (2.9 Hotfix to 2.9 MP Hotfix).

[No changelog included]