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Updated to 1.050.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Update 1.050.0

This update is almost entirely about “quality of life” improvements, and most of its contents is based on your input and suggestions.

Most noticeable addition is the option to manually place your starting Town Hall anywhere on the map. This should increase replayability and enable you to achieve more variety when building up your town.

Another change was made to system for placing beautification hedges. No more clickfest here, but rather placing it and stretching like you do with the roads for example.

To achieve better “ease of play”, we’ve also added an additional complement of hints, notifications and made some tweaks to house maintenance and resources management.

Third part of this update is a batch of visual improvements to increase the immersion and overall gameplay feeling (visuals for wildfire aftermath, additional terrain vegetation & terrain improvements).
Ofcourse, new mandatory bunch of fixes is also part of the version 1.050.0

Hope you’ll enjoy this update. Do let us know what you think, and what we could further improve with future updates!

Here is a full list of changes:

- Manual placement of starting Town Hall anywhere on any map
- Beautification hedges are now placed by stretching them, not individually clicking each segment
- Added visuals for smoldering ruins in the aftermath of fire disasters
- Houses now deteriorate with time (about 40 ingame years), and need refurbishing
- Added notification when some resource isn’t delivered as a result of worker shortage
- Added more useful hints to icons above citizens and buildings
- People resting in houses will emerge faster once job appears in the vicinity
- Bug with luxury resource stacking in some houses is now fixed
- Added new vegetation on several maps
- Terrain improvements on several maps
- Further optimizations regarding pathfinding
- Additional worker AI improvements

Govern on!
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Medieval Dynasty

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update to v1.0.1.1. - LIVE VERSION

Hello everyone!

We have a new build for the live version (v1.0.1.1.) adding a great and useful QoL feature: Drag and Drop!


- Scarecrow as a new piece of decorative furniture
- New dialogue sounds (together 4 new voice colors): including Farewell, First time greeting, Greeting, Vendor
- Clicking in inventory on armor slot changes item selection to that item
- Clicking in inventory on quick slot changes item selection to that item
- Added "priority" parameter in consumption for "people needs UI"
- Drag and drop in inventory from item to quick slot
- Drag and drop to change item quick slot index from one to another
- Drag and drop items on character portrait makes character equip it
- Drag and drop items on mount portrait makes mount equip it
- Drag and drop item on armor slot to equip it
- Drag and drop items out of inventory to remove them from the inventory
- Drag and drop items works with trading and transferring
- Consuming items by drag and dropping it on the character's portrait
- Sorting in management "buildings" tab
- Sorting in management "people" tab
- Sorting for inhabitants and buildings in assignment UIs


- Achievement with interaction on a field larger than 6x6
- Several flying plants
- Sometimes some NPCs don't go to work after loading the game
- Sometimes some NPCs hang in the air after loading the game
- Sometimes NPC may start working at the same workbench the player is working at
- Clicking on "Free Up Workstation" and moving the NPC will block the workbench
- Workers harvested incorrect amounts of grain when a sector of the field was partially scythed
- Pressing space while crouching did not stop player from crouching
- Horizontal sensitivity value no longer affects the turning speed of mount
- Character stands perpendicular to the ground after dismounting on sloped terrain
- Sometimes character appears far from mount and then move quickly near mount when dismounting
- Possibility to open inventory while moving for interaction or performing interaction with animal
- Camera FoV not resetting when getting on a mount while aiming
- Camera moving too far back when looking up with head bobbing disabled
- Interacting with cauldron in kitchen did not lighting up the grate
- Simple sack interact animation
- Crafting a waterskin with water at well adds another empty waterskin
- Crafting wine from juice makes an extra empty wine bottle
- No notification about removed items during crafting
- Selection changing too fast if other input was held
- Double colon in "New field" quest
- When inventory is sorted by condition, removing an item of a set condition causes the next item with the same name to be selected, not the next item in the list
- Pressing button for starting game 2 times in a row results in bugged background
- Looking at the cauldron in the kitchen sometimes showed grate interaction instead
- Mothers holding invisible infants
- Changing tool while aiming with the bow would keep right hand in aiming state for short time
- Washing in washtub consumed stamina
- Horses weight isn't displaying in coloured numbers when using the open saddlebags and being overloaded, but is when checking by pressing H in players inventory
- NPCs that leave the player's village don't disappear when a season or day is skipped
- Bandits don't react when the player shoots them with a bow or crossbow from a distance
- NPC jerking when walking
- Reduced stuttering when turning the mount
- Other village husbandry animal that bled out far away from player didn't decrease his dynasty reputation on death
- Position of planer in woodshed for male NPCs


- Rendering optimizations
- Added Broadleaf Plantain to starting inventory
- Before interacting with the furniture, the NPCs check that someone is not standing and blocking the furniture
- Sowing animation now doesn't cancel after interacting with field chunk
- Filling waterskin, bucket or lighting a campfire no longer consumes stamina
- Reduced jittering of knees/legs for horse and donkey when standing still
- Updated the way game counts selling stolen items towards achievement
- Replaced waterskin with wine bottle in barrel crafting animations
- Polish updated
- German updated
- Dutch updated
- Swedish updated
- Upgrading a building with the ""Master of Destruction"" skill returns 50% of resources
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Solasta Crown of the Magister

- Fixed a minor issue that could happen when swapping weapons in the menu
- Fixed an error that would occur when saving/loading after a Druid would revert from Wildshape due to losing all their HP.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to load a cutscene or leave a location while concentrating on Sunbeam (spell)
- Removed the ability to drop Produce Flame & Flame Blade on the floor to avoid weird quantum shenanigans from happening
- Fixed an annoying bug that would make a Fighting Style disappear if you cancelled the level up process after choosing one.
- Fixed a potential skip in Lava Forest that would break the quest flow if you teleported through a hidden path.
- Improved stability by fixing some minor glitches happening in the background (invisible to players, but we do receive small error messages on our end :D)

If you're running into bugs or other issues, please make sure to read our Help Thread to help us find them and squish 'em for good! You can also drop by our Discord server to ask other players for help :D

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Dread Templar just recieved another update in GOG Galaxy (Offline installer files are ready a bit later).

Dread Templar update 0.931b
• A New Game+ option
• New crosshair settings
• Damage Indicator settings
• Blood Screen settings
• Screen Shake While Shooting settings
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Flotsam (In Development)

Updated to 0.4.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
0.4.2: Building Placement now released!

Hey drifters,

On our road to the World Update II, we improved the placement of buildings and the walkways that lead you there.

We've added snapping functionality and a building grid to aid with the placement of buildings. For those who prefer the old type of building, both the grid and snapping can be disabled. This update comes with a couple of extra quality of life changes allowing you to smoothly build a nice little floating town.

Early Access 0.4.2

Building Grid

- Buildings where you can build at (such as the townheart and walkways) now generate a grid on each of their attachable edges where buildings snap to.
- Buildings will now show their grids when building around them.
- Grid visibility and Snapping functionality can both be disabled with 2 toggles found in the building menu.
- Walkways now display their boundaries.
- A visual is added for the propeller blocking buildings on the Townheart.

Building Improvements

- Added a collision tolerance. This will reduce edge cases where it looked like you could build somewhere, but couldn't due to a small overlap.
- While placing a construction, it will now align next to another construction.
- Walkways are now built one segment at a time. You can hold shift or set a shortcut to continuously place walkways.
- Walkways now show building buoys when they are placed and ready for construction.
- Walkway lines will now look for the closest intersecting building it can hook to. This makes for more natural snapping.
- Walkway integrity has been added, this means that walkways are no longer able to be deconstructed when it would cause a part of the town to become disconnected from the Townheart.
- Individual walking segments can now be deconstructed.
- Reduced the snapping distance when building.
- Buildings marked for deconstruction will now display building lines around them.
- Producers will no longer wait for their recipes to finish before being deconstructed. This means that drifters will immediately stop working and the construction will be marked for deconstruction.


- Producer recipes can now be cancelled, even if they are currently being produced.
- Overhauled the visual of the building radius.


- Fixed an issue where a walkway could snap further than it's allowed angle if it snapped to another walkway.
- Fixed building buttons not starting a new construction when pressed.
- Fixed additional electricity grids being made when salvaging a building and cancelling it. This could cause certain buildings to never receive power, such as the research station, and thus not getting worked by drifters.
- Fixed floating worker position in the Unbottler.
- Fixed drifter name tags not updating correctly after reloading.
- Fixed bullet points not displaying in the update notes.

Behind the scenes

- We decentralized the building so we can more easily test it in a separate environment.
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Gamedec Demo

Patch 1.3 (24 November 2021)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
General Fixes

- The controller support has arrived
- Improved controls in menu, UI and in game
- Fixed the issue that the code wasn't scrolling down in case of many unread posts
- Optimized foliage
- Further localization improvements and fixes
- Fixed the Excursion achievement graphic
- Fixed the issue where the game crashed after starting a new game

Harvest Time

- Fixed the blocker on the cemetery
- Fixed the issue with the blocked farm after level 8
- Fixed the issue where Acke wouldn't arrive at the scene in the field
- Fixed various animation and interaction issues
- Fixed various audio issues
- Fixed the issue where the player would gain $3 for picking golden pumpkin instead of $30
- Fixed the bug where during the event Super Harvest the timer could be reset by saving and loading the save
- Fixed the issue where workers wouldn't attend to the farm, even if the player paid for their work at Poppy's
- Fixed Ken's spawn point at the Saloon in Act 2; he will show up closer to gamedec now
- Fixed the issue where Handy Joe would say that the max level is 10, but the actual max level is 8
- After collecting 100000 coins, the UI will show the correct amount now

Like Father Like Son

- Fixed interaction issues
- Improved music
- Fixed graphic bugs
- Fixed further localization issues
- Fixed the issue where Bob would provide all the info to gamedec before helping him with his wife case
- Fixed the issue where gamedec could kill Ken too early while he is still speaking
- Fixed the minigame with Admin in Twisted & Perverted where the player's movement could cause glitches
- Fixed the issue where Miya and Maya wouldn't leave the subway
- Fixed the issue where after loading the save, Fredo wouldn't follow the player to the exit

Knight's Code

- Fixed interaction and animation issues
- Fixed graphic bugs
- Fixed the issue where the player couldn't pick up the wire
- Fixed the interaction with Jester and Lord after a conversation with the Lord
- Fixed the dialogue lines in conversation with Lord Moth in Umbra's Quest
- Fixed the bug where the player was able to pick up ginseng before taking a quest for it
- Fixed audio issues
- Fixed the issue where the player couldn't complete the meditation quest

Axis Mundi

- Fixed various glitches
- Fixed the issue in a labyrinth where the player could draw the picture with just one interaction


- Voice Mail with backer's input has been added to the apartment
- Hall of Fame as interaction at the bar in Low City
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No Man's Sky
Offline installer updated to 3.73_ExpeditionsRevisited_80408


" Fixed an issue that could cause protected terrain edits inside a player’s base to occasionally be overwritten when downloading a large number of terrain edits from other player’s bases.
The base computer can now be picked up and moved within the bounds of the base.
Improved the clarity of messaging when placing a base computer in an invalid location.
Fixed an issue that could cause audio problems on PlayStation 4.
Wiring mode now has access to rotation and free place options.
Fixed an issue that caused the HUD message that accompanies entering a base to trigger too frequently.
Fixed an issue that caused the personal refiner audio to continue to play forever if the refiner ran out of fuel.

Fixed a collision issue with timber roof corner base parts.
Fixed a number of snapping issues with basic shape adornment parts (cubes, pyramids, cylinders, and so on).
Fixed a number of collision and terrain carving issues with small paving parts.
Fixed a collision issue with one visual variant of the timber wall with windows.
Fixed an issue that could cause base part preview holograms to be offset.
The Pipe and Curved Pipe building parts have been combined into a single new Pipe part that adjusts shape contextually.
Fixed a snapping issue with ByteBeat Cables.

Introduced a significant memory optimisation for PlayStation 4.
Introduced a number of significant base-building physics optimisations.
Introduced a significant base-building networking optimisation.

Fixed a number of rare issues that could cause planetary objects to have no collision.
Fixed a rare issue where grass could grow around the edges of settlement building interiors.
Fixed a rare issue that could cause NPCs in settlements to hover above their chairs.
Fixed a number of base-building LOD issues.
Fixed a number of snapping issues with inner pieces.
Fixed a number of issues that could cause settlements to be incorrectly classified on the CBAS scale.
Fixed an issue that could cause players to fall out of their freighter while constructing new rooms on board.

Fixed a number of issues that could occur when collecting rewards after a fleet expedition had finished.
Fixed an issue that could cause the Armourer mission to become blocked if players destroyed the targeted depot from the air, or before the mission had begun.
Fixed an issue that could cause creature-related missions from the Nexus to pick inappropriate planets.
Fixed an issue that allowed base part duplication mode to duplicate non-buildable parts.
Fixed a rare issue that could prevent players from completing the construction of a settlement marketplace.
Fixed an issue with base reporting.
Fixed an issue that caused the “Spawn Beneath Your Skin” milestone of the Emergence expedition to fail to find any valid target when using the Target Sweep.

Fixed an Xbox-specific crash that could occur when loading corrupted save data.
Fixed a rare issue that could cause very large player bases to crash when loading.
Fixed a Xbox-specific crash that could occur when running out of audio memory. "
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Hedon Bloodrite
Update 2.1.3
No changelog.
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KetobaK: Hedon Bloodrite
Update 2.1.3
No changelog.
Here it is.

2.1.3 Changelog
• Switched weapon slot position of the Hatchet and Shield with the Axe on Bearzerk, in order to keep the Axe on 1 across all difficulties;

• Increased the mind damage protection of the Psi Crown from 80% to 90%;
• Fixed player being able to drop multiple Diving Suits and Charged Psi Crowns from their inventory;

• Marked level ends and transitions on the automap;
• Numerous minor changes including texture alignments, typo fixes and actor placement;
• Fixed a broken extra secret count in Map01 caused by some changes in the last patch;
• Added a new visual navigation helpers in Map07 and a couple extra monster ambushes when releasing the Ward's safeties;
• Fixed a map node issue preventing movement on an icy ledge side in Map08;
• Made Lancer Dendra's briefing in Map10 skippable and gave some of the nearby NPCs complaints when breaking their bottles/bowls/glasses;
• Gave the Goblin Maid a special line when retrieving her goggles from the Shady Fixer in Map13;
• The Shady Fixer will give the player a call-out in case they miss her basement shop after the first debriefing with Breaza;
• Marked the map lines of the transport portals in Map13 and Map18 with their respective red/yellow/blue colors;
• Gave Hectus in Map13 and the Dwarf Smith in Map15 special lines if the player attempts to have them fix the Diving Suit with an empty air tank;
• Fixed the issue where the hell powder storage elevator would vanish in a particular script trigger scenario in Map14;
• Made one of Jaromir's dwarves who carries over from Map15 give the player an air tank to refill the Diving Suit in Map18;
• Fixed some bad level geometry at the start of the bridge in Map16;
• Fixed some nodebuilder-glitched pillars bordering Abhaoth's prison vault in Map22;

• Lowered Golem health from 120 to 110;
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Terraria v1.4.3.2

Bug Fixes

Fixed (again) Abigail's Flower growth not appearing on servers, requiring players to log in again to see it
Fixed Journey Mode's Enemy Spawn Rate settings being reset on leaving a server
Fixed an issue where Don't Starve seed darkness would cause unnatural black squares in the sky, and make certain biomes too bright at night
Fixed Resource Packs from Steam Workshop not always showing their workshop tag properly
Corrupt players will now list their origin instead of corrupt text, if they can
Corrupt worlds will no longer crash world selection
Changed corrupt entries to have a gray title, from a red title
Fixed rare crash related to favorited cloud entries
Fixed Bat Bat not healing on killing blows
Fixed slowdown when leaving the housing window up for a REALLY long time
Fixed an issue where changing Hunger status on DST worlds would delete certain buffs
The Nurse will no longer try to "heal" a number of positive buffs
Fixed certain cases that allowed users to able to upload resource packs they've downloaded from the workshop
Fixed an item duplication exploit
Fixed certain projectiles resetting npc's immunity for other projectiles wrongfully
Fixed serverconfig.txt generated worlds not setting special seed data properly

Balance Changes

Abigail's Flower

Increase base speed by 33% (3->4)
Decrease speed growth per minion from 1.5 to 1.4 (ends at exactly the same value at 11-minion)
Improve base acceleration by 10%
Decrease acceleration growth from 2 to 1.75 (maxes out at the same minion count)

Lucy the Axe

Decrease Use Time from 20 to 17
Increase size from 1 to 1.2 (makes her 20% bigger)
Increase Axe power from 125 to 150

Weather Pain

Increase duration of projectile by 50%
Increase pierce count from 10->12
Increase speed from "7" to "8"

Pew-matic Horn

Increase damage by 1
Decrease Use Time from 24 to 15
Increase shot speed from 11 to 14

Houndius Shootius

Increase projectile speed from 8.5 to 12.5

Bat Bat

Increase Use Time from 30 to 45
Increase damage from 18 to 31
Increase size from 1 to 1.15 (15% bigger)
Now steals 1 Life per swing, on hit

Tentacle Spike

Hitting an enemy embeds a damaging spike
Each spike deals 3 DPS for 9 seconds
You can stack up to 5 spikes on each enemy

Ham Bat

New feature: killing enemies will grant a short burst of Life Regen
Increase damage from 50 to 58
Increase size from 1 to 1.2 (20% bigger)

Sauteed Frog Legs

Adjusted from 10 Minutes of Plenty Satisfied to 10 Minutes of Well Fed

Froggle Bunwich

Adjusted from 8 Minutes of Exquisitely Stuffed to 8 Minutes of Plenty Satisfied
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Amid Evil
BUILD 2241 - 24 November 2021
This update contains the following:

DLSS updated to 2.3.1 which includes better visuals + new sharpening option.

Added AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).
You can now enable FSR + Sharpening for extra peformance during Ray Tracing or on lower spec PC's.
Unreal engine upgrade to 4.27.1
This includes:
More general optimizations
Ray Tracing optimisations
More general stability
Unfortunately it means a large patch, however this also prepares us for the black labyrinth DLC.

Other fixes
-You can now run the game in exclusive Fullscreen in DX12.
-Final boss level visual fix when save/loading.
-Fixed up inconsistent ray traced enemy shadows.
-Fixed lifts being offset occasionally .
-Volumetric fog more optimized, should give a decent frame boost.
-Celestial claw lighting fixed, planets+suns now give off lights/shadows.
-Fixed issue with portal location UI in gateway when loading a game.
-Fixed many minor level issues.
-Other minor misc fixes.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous
(No blue dot of update)
(Currente version is 1.1.3e.01, probably a hotfix)
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Update 1.1.3e

A new patch 1.1.3e has just arrived! We’ve fixed the issue with Arueshalae’s romance, fixed the problem some players had with entering the Lost Chapel; we tweaked some cool mythic units in the crusade to make them feel more mythic, and also fixed Restless Slumber a lot of people complained about. We also fixed the issue with your spellbook looking like it was empty, and the FPS no longer should significantly drop on the global map. And last, but definitely not least - we’ve found that elusive fireplace! You can find the full list of changes below.

But beware of possible plot spoilers!


After completing Rapture of Rupture, it was possible to initiate a conversation with Vellexia again - fixed;
During A Matter of Reputation you can no longer kill Yozz if you are playing as a Demon;
During A Noble Intent quest Anevia wouldn't notice a player in stealth and refused to talk to them - fixed;
During The Price of Loyalty Yozz will no longer participate in the ambush if you already killed him during A Matter of Reputation;
Fixed an error which prevented the continuation of 'Once in Alushinyrra...' quest;
Fixed the issue with The Light Within quest getting stuck in the 5th chapter for the Angel mythic path;
If Commander's love interest was dead during the final stage of the Death's Embrace quest, they could participate in the dialogue dead - fixed;
Latverk could appear in the streets next to his house again after his death. We... took measures to ensure he stays dead;
Sometimes even getting ritually killed by an undead mage wouldn't make Daeran leave the party (rumours didn't lie - his vitality is truly legendary) - fixed;
Sometimes Ramien didn't want to go to Defender's Heart even if Hurlun was killed - fixed;
The final romantic dialogue with Arueshalae wouldn't start if she wasn't in the current party - fixed;
Wenduag could leave the party during the rest in Colyphyr Mines or later - fixed. However, if she's already left, she won't come back, and you may need an earlier save.


Fixed the unnecessary transparency of some staircases in Drezen Citadel;
Fixed an error which could cause Queen Galfrey and Irabeth to disappear during the siege of Drezen;
Fixed an error which could make Galfrey stay in Drezen's citadel in chapter 5;
Fixed an issue which allowed to endlessly shift the alignment in the dialogue in Sacred Lands;
Fixed the camera movement in turn-based mode on the staircase in Drezen Citadel;
Fixed the lighting on some locations where the tactical battles took place;
Fixed the movement freezing on the global map before entering the Lost Chapel;
The fireplace in the Defender's Heart tavern has been returned. We asked the thieflings to leave it alone;
The textures of chips on the global map don't go missing anymore.


All Dragons' melee damage has been moderately increased;
Azata Lilliend's damage and attack has has been significantly increased;
Azata Yamah has incorrect description and size - fixed;
Azata Yamah's damage and attack has has been significantly increased;
Convicts' AC and HP has been moderately increased;
Cuirassiers' damage and attack has been significantly increased;
Inspecting units in tactical battles didn't show a tooltip sometimes - fixed;
Lich's spell power has been significantly decreased;
Paladins' damage and attack have been moderately increased;
Preaching Sacrifice used to increase the effects from the negative morale, not positive - fixed;
Scaled Fists' damage and attack has been significantly increased;
Students of Stone's damage and attack has been moderately increased;
The Plagued Dragons Creation decree now creates an army with the correct number of units.

Classes & Mechanics

Choosing Animal Domain as an Impossible Domain mythic ability now will allow to level up your animal companion to the correct level;
Description has been added for Ascending Succubus race;
Evil Arueshalae had an Ascending Succubus race - fixed;
Fixed the maximal caster level for the scroll crafting for the characters with the appropriate class (such as Nenio);
Fixed the mechanics of the Pillar of Life spell to match the description. Playful Darkness is watching you!
Hellfire ray's fire component didn't add Sorcerer's dragon fire (brass/red/gold) bloodline +1 damage per die rolled - fixed;
Purple Worm will no longer swallow if you have Freedom of Movement or similar effect;
Restless Slumber has been fixed (now your enemies will rest in peace);
Skald couldn't be merged with Loremaster - fixed;
Some of the Paladin's abilities didn't work after changing the alignment on your mythic path - fixed;
Swarm Feast didn't automatically devour killed enemies in the area - fixed;
Trickster's Demoralize ability with "Persuasion 1 rank" now works only on enemies.


Deathly Arousal mechanics has been reworked;
Odds Evener mechanics has been reworked:
The mechanics of Ardent Guard have been reworked.


During level-up, when getting to the spell selection, the spellbook could appear empty - fixed.


Elemental Barrage could cause the game to crash - fixed;
Fixed the Immaculate Petal visuals;
Fixed the issue with the quality of Queen Galfrey's portraits in the epilogue;
Fixed the portrait of Areelu in the past;
Fixed the unloading of sound files from the memory - now the sounds will be working more steadily;
FPS could drop significantly on the global map - fixed.
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Severed Steel recieved a new patch today (Offline and GOG Galaxy).

November Patch 1.7
New Features

• New Cannon - Impact Driver
• Experience the brand new Impact Driver cannon mode! This cannon is all about close combat. Bust through walls, destroy environments, and make soldiers fly!

Firefight Playlists

• With Firefight playlists, you can create a non-stop session of your favorite firefight maps. Move seamlessly from one map to the next.

Fixes and Improvements

New explosion effects*
Improved localization
Fixed issue where excessive ragdoll force would make npc bodies dissappear
Cannon recharges faster
can kill pyros w/ kicks now
Added more decimal places to mouse sensitivity config

*New explosion effect is disabled during RTX. A fix will be coming in a future update.
AMID EVIL also recieved a new update (Offline and GOG Galaxy).

Build 2241b
We've upgraded AMID EVIL to Unreal Engine 4.27 which brings more general optimizations, Ray Tracing optimizations, more general stability as well as the ability for us to add AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) and the latest version of Nvidia DLSS. Both of which make playing AMID EVIL with ray tracing at high framerates possible for champions of all PC build sizes!

Speaking of DLSS and FSR... we've also added sharpening!

Other fixes

• You can now run the game in exclusive Fullscreen in DX12.
• Final boss level visual fix when save/loading.
• Fixed up inconsistent ray traced enemy shadows.
• Fixed lifts being offset occasionally .
• Volumetric fog more optimized, should give a decent frame boost.
• Celestial claw lighting fixed, planets+suns now give off lights/shadows.
• Removed scary clock.
• Fixed issue with portal location UI in gateway when loading a game.
• Fixed many minor level issues.
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Subverse (In Development)

Updated to 0.3.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Version 0.3.2 (11/24/2021)

New Features

- Replayable Missions (Found in the Captain’s Quarters on the tablet next to the replayable dialogue sequence archive tablet.)


- Added additional log prints to game on start to help determine cause of game crashing on startup for some users.
- Spaced out distances between planets in Syf-iliz. Was possible for the player to end up inside both interaction areas and leaving one prevents interaction with the second in Navigation.
- Made the anomaly scanned icon on the anomaly call out label more apparent in Navigation.
- Additional optimizations were made during this patch to assist with the blurry textures during dialogue sequences and in general throughout the game.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue where ability upgrade tiers were not accurately assigned to main characters in Grid Combat.
- Fixed issue where clicking the help prompt during dialogue sequences triggers the game to save.
- Fixed issue where if the player attempted to abort or restart a mission just before failing a mission in Grid or Space combat, this action could result in an infinite loading screen.
- Fixed issue if gamepad lost connection or the joystick inadvertently pushed could cause cursor to disappear during PANDORA mode or during the dialogue sequences.
- Fixed issue where on rare occasions two waves could spawn in at once in Grid Combat (Verris Dhalan & Ryoiki).
- Fixed issue where on rare occasions if an enemy spawned in on top of an ally the enemy would die resulting in a Fatal Error crash in Grid Combat (Verris Dhalan & Ryoiki).
- Fixed issue where the long laser beam’s movement could travel at a much higher than intended speed towards the player during the Kloi Armada Run mission in Space Combat.
- Partially fixed issue where objects would not render in Kloi Armada run due to drop in frame rate at specific areas in Space Combat.
- Fixed issue where explosions on small ships would have low res textures in Space Combat.
- Fixed issue where in some areas of the game such as Gallery, the user could not see resource values exceeding 4 digits on board Mary Celeste where resources are displayed.
- Fixed issue where Treni in App-Veger shows wrong faction on card in Navigation.
- Fixed issue where Staging Post XYR-78 in App-Veger shows wrong faction on card in Navigation.
- Fixed spelling error in CODEX entry Lanncunians in Navigation.
- Fixed lore text error in Galactic Shopper in Navigation.
- Fixed event text error in Xana in Navigation.
- Fixed lore text errors in Marmani in Navigation.
- Fixed punctuation error in T-51420 in Navigation.
- Fixed event text error in Gault-57 in Navigation.
- Fixed lore text error in Nebulast in Navigation.
- Fixed lore text error in Halcyonaera in Navigation.
- Fixed event text error in Halcyonaera in Navigation.
- Fixed lore text errors in Veris Dhalan in Navigation.
- Fixed lore text errors in Oshry’s Diner in Navigation.
- Fixed event text error in Aeleria in Navigation.
- Fixed event text error in Kuriualo in Navigation.
- Fixed text error in Archives for Killi’s Vengeance (this also fixes the text error if this section was loaded from the save slot) on board Mary Celeste.
- Fixed text error for Killi’s pose in Gallery.
- Fixed speech bubble text, now reads, vagometer.

Known Issues (Does not include all issues)

- A specific sequence of skipping during the end screen can cause the continue button to not show up. Possibly when the rank medal is spinning.
- Some users have reported that If you delete an image that was posted in Captains Quarters, it defaults to the UV placeholder image instead of updating the pictures on the wall.
- Framerate drop can cause Marcy Celeste to shoot out of jump-gate in Navigation.
- Bridge projector fails to update color scheme throughout Mary Celeste consistently with the addition of Hydra Nebula.
- Physics on dangling pieces such as tentacles or hair (i.e. Huntress or Killi) may clip through the character's body.
- Yellow/White screen flashing artifact during space combat when using FXAA aliasing method. Most likely due to the lens flare.
- On rare occasions, unintentional song plays during some areas of the game.
- On rare occasions, clicking the Help button in the dialogue section of the game can remove the help text but can't be re-enabled until restarting or starting a new scene.
- Potential stuttering when playing back cinematics for some systems. Note there is an option to disable 4k videos from the graphics tab under settings. This has improved performance for some users.
- Hovering tool-tip text is covered by Subverse cursor.
- Hovering tool-tip text for “Use Background Images” has the incorrect description.
- Elaisha has some weightpaint-related issues in some of her Dialogue Scene idles.
- Lily’s toes in the Full Throttle scene need tweaking.
- Animation blending in You’re Mine now scene needs finalizing.
- Cinematics Subtitles disabled for this release.


- Replayable Missions: Due to this being a new system, existing saves will not be able to retrieve ranks but going forward ranks will track starting with version 0.3.2. By default, existing saves prior to this patch will be issued a bronze rank next to the replayable mission selection field. Although visually the previous acquired ranks won’t be seen, all resources (bio, tek, credits) acquired on the existing save will remain intact. With that said, if you improve your rank, you will receive the difference in resource amount-capping at the max of a gold rank. So once gold is received, no additional resources will be issued if replayed. Note, save files prior to this update may provide you the opportunity to gain a bit more resources by replaying missions if you had already received the rewards from a silver or gold rank. XP, devotion & items will not be affected by this since these are consistent regardless of rank during the initial playthrough of a mission. Therefore, no additional XP, devotion or items will drop when replaying a mission.
- Optimizations: The goal is to make some more impactful improvements on the next content release which could not be achieved on this patch.
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Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View Patch is now live!

Hey all,

We just updated Conway with Patch!

Over the past few weeks it's been incredible to see all the positive reviews coming through on Steam and they help our small team so very much when getting the word out to players so thank you all for your continued support in our work!

We've put together a set of patch notes found below but as ever, please do message us if you spot anything you'd like us to take a look at:

Large fixes

- Fixed an issue with being unable to progress if player leaves after starting the conversation in Shirley's office and then reloads
- Annabelle now responds correctly to all lines in her conversation

Quality of life fixes

- Completed a pass on all levels to tweak the 'No hold and drag' movement speed option
- Implemented 'No hold and drag' in McKee pantry
- We now display the version number on the options screen

Minor fixes

- If player succeeds in throwing the tension wrench they are now removed from the screenlock
- When reloading after leaving the Lady Doerr conversation, the player is unable to retrigger the family scroll
- Fixed an issue where you could turn on the 'No High Accuracy Input' accessibility option whilst in a lock pick meaning you couldn't use the lockpick mechanic
- Fixed an issue where a section of Lady Doerr's conversation would be partly faded to black
-Fixed issue in Levy's Garage where if player was to return to the flat, the exterior is not loaded correctly

Thank you all for playing our latest work and please do consider reviewing the game on Steam as this is the number 1 way to help get our work out to more players. The word of mouth is everything!

- The White Paper Team


Updated to 1.2a (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog from Steam:
Region merge

Multiplayer fix

- Continued improvements to region merging - player no longer needs to manually choose a region in order to find or join rooms
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The Tenants (In Development)

Patch 0.72 (24 November 2021)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
The Tenants - Elite Update


- Implemented Elite Contract Intros.


- Added new skills in the Skill Tree for increasing research speed.
- Added a new skill in the Skill Tree that unlocks a second research slot.


- Added a few new tutorials to explain new mechanics introduced in previous updates.
- Added new steps to the remodeling tutorial that cover placing and removing windows.
- Tenants will now send their text message responses to apartment events only after Uncle Steve leaves the property.
- Tweaked the way item smart snapping works.
- Revised proximity bonuses for a great deal of items.
- Fixed an issue with moving back to a district with an active tenant request for a tenant that had their contract run out.
- Fixed an issue with Open House guests being uninteractable.
- Fixed a host of issues with overlapping sound effects and music.
- Fixed an issue with time scaling in Creative mode.
- Fixed an issue with players having too many available skill points for the number of available skills in the game.


- Added a new step to perform in the Elite Contracts where the player first has to click on the building to hide its roof and start the job.


- Merged multiple instances of the same item into single entries on the renovation checklist.
- Fixed an issue with skills on the Skill Tree looking like they can be unlocked when they weren't.
- Changed the default tab in the Skill Tree to "Tenants".
- Tenant tag preferences are now displayed in their context menu.
- Added a close button to the tag filter panel.
- Tweaked the renovation checklist elements to be clickable (and searchable) while in the Remodelling or Finalize tab.
- Fixed an issue with the room context panel not always refreshing on room layout changes.
- Fixed the position of negotiation indicators.
- Localized the "Join our Discord server" button in the main menu.


- Increased the speed boosts for Uncle Steve's movement speed skills.
- Decreased the pace at which tenants generate garbage in their apartments.
- Lowered the required tag scores for tag category ratings.

Thank you,
The Tenants Team