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Thanks for all the updates guys :D
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Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

Updated to 1.45.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Van Crane Bundle DLC available now.

No changelog.



Updated to v1.1.260-rc official fixed (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Hey everyone,

A quick update today with just one bug fix, but an important one! A lot of you were wondering if the game had been censored, the answer is no haha! If Yu and Kay were wearing their underwear in some scenes, it was only because of a... bug! Thank you for playing, and we wish you a spooky Halloween!

Update version: v1.1.260

Bug fixes:
- Fixing a bug that prevented Yu and Kay to be naked in the shower, on the roof of the Nest and for the midnight dip.
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Wasteland 3
Patch Now Live!

Cult of the Holy Detonation

Fixed an issue where the radio call to begin the expansion did not trigger if you had previously dismissed the Morning Star radio call. Morning Star will not be ignored.
Fixed an issue where the computer in the Holy Detonation chamber could turn hostile to the player, making it so you couldn't use it. Although I bet it wasn’t as hostile as my mother-in-law! Heyooo. You’re a great crowd, thank you so much.
Fixed an issue in which having a Ranger removed from your squad via a science experiment allowed you to get your squad into an invalid state (5 CNPCs and 1 Ranger), blocking progression. Invalid state? You know who I’d like to put into an invalid state? My mother-in-law! Heyooo! Thank you so much folks.
Fixed an issue where auto-saving, while the crane was lowering onto the pressure plate in the Loading Docks, caused a progression blocker. Progression blocker? You know who has been blocking my progression? My mother-in-law! You’re terrific, you’re terrific.
The VR Headset’s audio effects were persisting when selecting other characters, so we fixed that. It has also been moved to the Special section of the Crafting UI so it’s easier to find. VR? You know who lives in a Virtual Reality? My mother-in*coughchoke … thumpdragging soundswoodchipper whirringgrinding noises* Sorry about that. Back to the notes.
The follower obtainable from the Security Level now runs faster during exploration, so they shouldn’t fall far behind you.
Fixed an issue that could cause the Bubble Shield status effect and VFX to persist after combat was over, even though the bubble itself was gone.
Fixed an issue that made it look like Purging Grenades could hit interactive objects (such as explosive barrels and doors) when aiming them.
[Controller] Made it easier to interact with tumor doors.

The Battle of Steeltown

Players should now get pulled into a conversation after saving Steeltown from the gang raid, giving them a reward.
Fixed several issues in the Steeltown Exterior where certain NPCs were being drawn into combat, causing combat to softlock.
A few other small fixes that took a lot of effort but that no one will probably notice.

Cult of the Holy Detonation

The Infused Diminuator weapon has had its stats improved: it now has higher Hit Chance, Mag Size, and AoE radius. It also applies stronger versions of its Shrinking and Embiggened effects, making it more effective for buffing and debuffing. We also fixed a number of minor bugs that could allow for these status effects from different sources (such as the Shrink Ray) to stack up on top of one another unintentionally. RIP in peace Sean Prime.
The Detached Security Turret and its Infused variant have been improved in response to player feedback. Damage and Hit Chance have been increased slightly, while AP cost has been reduced. This makes it more efficient than most other HMGs in terms of AP cost vs. damage dealt, and much more effective as a turn-ending weapon.
The Ragnashock’s “Thunderstruck” ability now has a 1 turn cooldown.
It was too easy to get “clipped” by the Evangelist's Bless effect while running past it in combat, so we reduced the size of its area slightly.
The Optical Camo Shroud now boosts Sneaky Shit instead of Explosives as originally intended, in addition to its existing bonus to Detection Time. Important note: being invisible does not make you immune to frag mines.
Gorilla Pheromones now provide +1 Kiss Ass. Unleash your inner primate, you damned, dirty ape!
The Bomb Hopper Launcher no longer consumes all your AP when you use it.

Base Game

The Foam Finger's “Inspire” ability has been changed. This is partly because it was too similar to Rally in behavior, as well as due to an exploit that let players bypass its cooldown. Instead of an area-of-effect around the user, it now lets you target individual characters to buff, but at a reduced AP cost and with no cooldown. The Hit Chance increase has also gone up from +5% to +10%.
The Cardio Regulator, Vital Enhancer, and CRISPR Box have been adjusted. Due to the order in which character CON is calculated, the percentage-based CON bonuses weren’t providing as much benefit as the tooltips suggested. They now give flat max CON bonuses that are roughly equivalent to the amount of CON we intended them to provide. We also reduced the penalties on them to make them more appealing to use in general vs. other armor mods.


Kills by your own deployable turrets and robots now grant XP!
Made several improvements to mouse tooltips in combat. The game will now correctly display information about AP cost, whether the target is blocked or out of range, and other related feedback, when targeting abilities, or when using the Attack action directly from the quickbar.
The Toasty perk should no longer set animals on fire when attempting to use Tame Predator on them during combat. It kind of made sense, but also did it?
You can now double-click on the minimap to quickly move the camera to that spot.
We fixed a bug with the Opportunist perk that wasn’t causing it to provide the correct amount of bonus Strike Meter when making handgun attacks. Due to a calculation error it was providing much less than intended.
Enemies who are Engulfed will now properly combo with Bleeding Strike.
In response to fan feedback, characters who are using Ambush and gain AP will no longer have their Ambush canceled. This is now consistent with the other final actions (Defend and Prep).
Fixed an issue that caused the Chain Ambush perk to cause combat to lock up under certain circumstances.
Fixed an issue where the EMP Grenade would sometimes not detonate. In fixing this we revealed a previously unnoticed issue where it would only Glitch robots if your Nerd Stuff skill was high enough to hack them normally. This has been fixed to function as described in the item’s tooltip, with a 50/50 chance of Glitching robots caught in the blast.
Fixed brawling animations so that they look better while wearing large brawling gloves, such as the Power Gauntlet.
Fixed an issue where players using mouse & keyboard could not aim their Torrent Strike if it was activated via the Stormer perk.
Deployables and squad followers are no longer hit by Friendly Fire when disabled in the options menu. Bear in mind that allied or otherwise non-hostile NPCs can still be hit. Please use caution when skinning that smoke wagon.
The Discobot's Light Show status effect now works on robots, mutants, and synths correctly. Everybody happy!
Fixed an issue that would cause the Prisoner to re-appear in the prison in Ranger HQ endgame even if he was released.
Fixed a few random encounter maps where enemies were not starting combat when shot, like fish in a barrel.
Fixed an issue in Old Survivalist Bunker where squads with low Perception could not pass through a specific alarmed door.
Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t hit the Manifest Destiny tank with circular area of effect attacks.
Fixed a money-making exploit. Which one? We’re not telling.
Fixed an issue where a few players got their Big Trouble in Little Vegas quest into an un-progressable state, having arrested Brygo but not choosing which prison he should be sent to. Any games in this state should now be progressable.
We fixed a crash that was caused by some aggressive driving on the part of the Scar Collectors crushing their allies through the map, their bodies hurtling endlessly and painfully through the infinite void which shall one day consume us all, the echoes of their screams swallowed by the inky blackness of the nothing. This has been resolved.
Fixed an issue in which areas in Little Hell, near the pool room, were non-navigable.
Sending Dierdre to La Perla now provides the intended reward. Which should be the immediate death of your squad and the game auto-uninstalling, but it’s probably ammo or something. You’re sick. You’re sick and you need help.
Numerous fixes to minor and/or rare-occurrence issues.

User Interface

In a recent patch, we changed how our font was bolded, which inadvertently made text more difficult to read at some resolutions. It’s been changed to more closely match the original text.
When hovering on a target to use either Hack Robot or Tame Predator, it’ll now show as “Impossible” if the requirement is over level 10.
Targeting a Strike ability with the mouse will now show a different mouse cursor, making it easier to tell you’re aiming the ability.
Ability tooltips for deployables will now list “Empty Space” as the target rather than “Allies and Enemies”.
Fixed an issue where character models and item requirements were not updating properly when cycling through your Rangers in the inventory.
Cleaned up various UI and gameplay issues around repairing the Kodiak when it was wrecked.
[Mac] Fixed some textures that could cause a crash while set to High or Ultra graphics settings.


Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes softlock when two players looted the same item at the exact same time.
Improved the reliability of the host’s Multi-Kill Leadership bonus triggering in combat.
Fixed an issue in which some guest players could not move through an important door in the Old Survivalist Bunker map. Why did things in this map suddenly break? Because making video games is very very fun.
Fixed some host/guest sync issues for the final combat in Cheyenne Mountain.
Numerous co-op fixes to minor and/or rare-occurrence issues. You know what I wish was a rare occurrence? My mother-in-law! Heyooooooo!
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The game received a patch and some Halloween cosmetic DLC.

The update is live in Galaxy, but as of writing not yet as a standalone installer, but they usually soon follow.



• Buildings: Added 14 Halloween themed decorative buildings.


• Main Menu: The main menu will now be themed in Halloween style, during a specific time span.

---Prosperity Expansion---


• Beacon: Landmark now correctly increases the attractiveness of all player buildings on the map.
• Scenarios: Monument wall decoration is now correctly unlocked during the "More than Survival" scenario.
• Scenarios: "The Forefather's Pride" mission now correctly triggers after the player finishes the "More than Survival" scenario.
• Scenarios: The seed amounts the player needs to gather are once again consistent with Arthur's comments.
• Side Missions: The “No Ale Before Four” mission which is triggered by an expedition now unlocks the technology for ale, so the player can always produce it. The mission now also counts upgraded pubs.
• Tutorial: Even if the player has multiple factory falls during the tutorial, only one of them needs to be supplied with electricity in order to solve the quest.


• Buildings: Landmark now shows builder paths when upgrading.
• UI: Added banner to main menu that informs about scenarios that don't allow prosperity content until the scenario was completed.

---Main Game---


• Buildings: Pasture now informs players when the max cap is reached for both resources (food & secondary resource).
• Buildings: Pasture won't display negative values in its tooltip anymore.
• Environment: Removed several unusable and faulty lakes from the map generator.
• Expeditions: Fixed players getting stuck in the expeditions loot screen due to being unable to press any buttons.
• Goals: Tree count of tree amount goal is now correctly serialized.
• System: Fixed mouse cursor restriction. Restricting the mouse cursor in the options menu will now work as expected.
• Trading: Fixed incoming trader time wrongfully resetting when loading a save game.
• UI: Some modules are now correctly disabled when switching through tabs in the inspector of a building.
• UI: The world tooltip is now better positioned when hovering over stocks of resources.


• Buildings: Electric Water Pump is now affected by the water max cap.
• Expeditions: Demolish prompt now only shows highlighted hint towards when the ruin was not completely looted.
• Scenarios: "The Bet" scenario now uses the correct check for the seed amount to be consistent with localizations and voice overs.
• UI: The button for toggling the mode overlay of buildings can now be pressed in all cases in order to (de-)activate the overlay.
• UI: Removed "Review & Preview" button from Main Menu as the content is no longer up-to-date.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.1.7971.22710
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Brigador: Up-Armored Edition recieved a new update today (Offline and GOG Galaxy).

Grave To The Rave Update (28. October 2021)

• Updated to version 1.63 Grave To The Rave for Windows, Mac & Linux
• Six map long non-linear ultra-class focused operation “Grave to the Rave” added to Freelance mode, featuring: Fallow Junction, Bereavement Zone, Soberano Base, Edy & Lazar Private Mausoleum, Mass Grave and The Last Stop Spaceport
• Resign & resume (“save”) function added to Freelance mode
• Resign & resume only works for one operation at a time
• Dying mid-run or successfully completing a run will delete the save file
• The operation save file is stored as a file titled sv and is found in the same folder as the game’s .exe e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Brigador
• Yes, you can back up this sv file and overwrite it if you’ve been having a good run but then Bad Things Happen; No, you will not be penalized by us for doing so
• Do not lose or delete your profile.json between resigning and resuming a run – this will likely affect your ability to select the operation marked with an asterisk

Stability & Performance

• Forward pref ratio added to all playable vehicles allowing for consistent vehicle behavior when reversing while using Absolute control schemes


• New welcome screen text added
• New splash screen added
• All new interface texts localized into all 11 additional locales


• INTERFACE COLORS tab added to SETTINGS containing the RGBA values of most of the game’s UI text elements


• Modkit & Map Editor DLC should now be functional with Brigador version 1.63
• Community compilation updated
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Kathy Rain: Director's Cut

Updated to #4955 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
v. Hotfix live

v. Hotfix changelog:

- Fixed some voice overs (most notably Eileen's) not playing on systems with certain language settings.

The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.7c (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
The Tenants Patch 0.7c


- Fixed another spooky issue with a disappearing building (Hotelship).
- Fixed a number of issues with jobs requiring items players did not have unlocked.
- Fixed an issue with some items attempting to be unlocked each time players loaded the game.


Updated to 41220_437 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Halloween Pack DLC available now.

Changelog from Steam:
Happy Halloween

This patch contains new Halloween themed content
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Recived a new update.
No changelog.

Project Warlock
Extracted from Project Warlock Forum:

Here's the changelog for the latest Project Warlock Halloween patch. We have finally managed to squish the resolution changing bug!

- New Halloween Dagger skin - Michael Myers Kitchen Knife!
- New Halloween Axe skin - Here's Johnny!(The Shining)
- New Halloween Shotgun skin - Blade 1998's Harpoon Shotgun!
- New Halloween Super Shotgun skin - THIS is my Boomstick!
- New Halloween SMG skin - Alien Pulse Rifle!
- New Halloween-themed Main Theme and main menu!
- New Halloween entering artwork!

- Fixed changing screen resolution bug
- Fixed incorrectly displayed perk point numbers in the stats screen

- Balanced the crossbow - now you have to wait 1 second before picking up the bolt you shot.
- Changed the way that the Staff charges - the mana is reduced after shot, instead of while charging.

Happy Halloween everyone!
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Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
Patch 2: a number of bugfixes and the Horrors of the Dome

This October turned out very stressful – as we finished work on the latest patch and sat back to relax, a new one was on its way. This time we fixed many bugs and added a special event in honor of All Saints’ Day: the Barrens are now overrun with pumpkin-headed skeletons, and a special merchant was sighted in the City. But, first things first.
Special Event

Sylvia Halen, a promising scientist from the mysterious White Swan station, is on the hunt for the Cursed Seeds – the little-studied relics that can be obtained from the bodies of dead employees. Sylvia does not skimp on rewards: in addition to various chemicals, she will offer the player a unique artifact. The following awaits you in the Halloween event:

— Temporary redesign of old enemies (Skeletons),

— A new relic,

— Festive decor at various locations,

— A new piece of equipment – Pumpkin Helmet, which can be upgraded.

Make haste, as this event will end on November 8th. The special enemies will disappear, but Sylvia will remain in the City and become a regular merchant until exactly next Halloween. You can exchange seeds for rewards at any time.

If you don't want the Halloween DLC to launch and change the game, simply uninstall it. You can find the file in the folder where the game is installed. Here is the exact path to DLC: Encased\Encased_Data\StreamingAssets\DLC\Halloween.DLC

For everyone willing to see how the game has changed after the release of the new patch, we will host a stream with the developers. It will start on October 28 at 17:00 UTC (19:00 CEST, 12:00 CDT).

Text and Dialogues

Fixed dialogue with Theodor MacReady on Magellan
Fixed Brother Hugo Kelvin's dialogue
Fixed dialogue bugs while in Victoria's trailer
Fixed title of the note in the Campbell bunker
Fixed description of the Hunger sating effect for the Rat Roast item
Added new journal entries for My Story quest
Fixed typos in story dialogues: Aaron Melville, Sabal Singh, Henrietta Russo, Abbot


Added a Picnic reputation gain in The Thing Most Precious quest
Added reputation gains for completing Carmine Heights, Phalanx and Fops quests
Added the ability to sell the money envelope that can be found in the safe during Time to Choose quest
Fixed inability to complete the Knights in The Junkyard quest by simply stunning enemies


Reworked displaying of enemies in the Fog of War
Added indication of the attack range when hovering over ability icons on the panel
Fixed displaying of Damage dealt to enemies in the Statistics section
Fixed displaying of fractional weight values
Improved over 140 icons
Added effects for unlocking abilities
Added indication of the number of points received for Hunger, Fatigue and Thirst
Added tooltips for equipment slots


Added check for the Piloting skill to the car event in Concord
Fixed image in the Carmine Heights drone event


Changed characteristics progression for NPCs, starting at level 30
Changed Influence and Intimidation checks in the bandits event at Roadside Picnic location

Bugs and Errors

Fixed the possibility of multiple experience gains in the Mirror event
Fixed animation of lying on army bunks in the Magellan Station – Military Post location
Fixed disappearance of the survivor NPC in the Buried Man event
Fixed being able to use exploded doors through the tooltip


Reworked the building in the Anomalous Swamp
Fixed lighting and added camera bounds at the Capsule Crash Site location
Reworked the supply room in the Sheriff's Office in Junktown
Fixed camera rotation and graphic artifacts on the Deserted Road location
Fixed movement of linked companions along the stairs to the lower section of the Sonora Storage Bunker location
Added traps, secrets and loot to the Deserted road location
Added camera bounds at The Shootout Site location


Added highlighting to the valve in The City – Sewers location
Added the ability to speed up time during an enemy’s turn in combat


Fixed displaying of Johan Raysner's head
Added unique graphics for the Roach Queen
Added unique heads to Henrietta Russo, Abbot, Aaron Melville, Sabal Singh
Changed tier 2 Fop Armor

Items and Abilities

Fixed working of the Practical Psychology ability
Changed working of the Servoshell: Emergency Leap ability
Fixed rate of Fatigue reduction for the Seashell relic


Changed the Intimidation and Conviction checks in the dialogue with the priest at the Radioactive Graveyard location
Factional reputation is now awarded for repelling attacks on settlements
Fixed Atom Peyton’s radius of view
Added time skipping while studying documents at the Kaleidoscope location
Added Roach Queen enemy, adjusted abilities, characteristics and auras
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Medieval Dynasty

Update to v1.0.0.8.

Changelog from Steam:

- Items sorting in inventory and during trading/transferring.
- "Holding ""F"" or ""X"" changes people's needs in whole category"
- Custom name for animals
- Key binding now recognizes mouse buttons.
- Checking the size of all saves in saves folder.
- Over 40 new random places generated on the map
- Game mode setting for stopping dropped food from spoiling
- Slight camera shakes when using tools or hitting objects
- Added option to disable camera shakes in gameplay settings
- Added option to disable character's breathing in gameplay settings
- New dialogue sounds (69 new voice colors): Farewell, first time greeting, Greeting, Vendor

- Changed the way the achievements are written, this should hopefully lower the possibility of achievement writing fail, which prevented any other achievement to be obtained until the game restarts.
- Waterskin with Water is a lot cheaper than regular waterskin.
- Player can talk to NPC after removing NPC from the village
- Some cases where NPCs sleep on the floor
- Some cases where the workstations work on their own
- Some cases where the NPC gets up from the bench and the player catches him to talk, the NPC runs away
- Racimir can move in with other women without being married to them
- The starting health and damage options don't affect bandits
- Mount no longer spawns from the ground when summoned of assigned to building
- Player is adjusting his rotation properly now when riding on donkey
- Weight of Wooden Vial is too high
- Wooden gate had wrong texture.
- Incorrect warning when placing a Fishing Hut on uneven ground.
- Wrong setting name for "Korean"
- In some languages text is chopped when giving gift to Females
- Sometimes dismount action key bind is missing
- Wrong expiration time in journal
- Dropped milk when turns to sour milk loses all capacity
- Displayed numbers of potion effects (stamina, food, water) are not correct
- No lighting in door module for residential buildings.
- Clay deposit looks wrong in winter.
- The fruit on the fruit trees did not react to the wind.
- Cases where the AI is unable to enter a building have been reduced.
- NPCs animations sometimes pause when they are standing looking at a bench, chair or workbench, until they finally start interacting
- Stubborn horses not walking out from the stable, wanting to cuddle with other horses and do important horse stuff like discussing world domination.
- Horses walking really slow in some cases
- Foal movement animations do not match their movement speed
- Gates have wrong notification when trying to place them in unavailable spot
- Dismount action is not assigned to any key after resetting key binds to default.
- Items are not assigned to the heir when player transfers to heir on death
- Player switch to tool holding pose even though empty quick slot was selected
- Transition animations being interrupted causing weird stuttering
- Crossbow changing position in player hands when stopping during crouching and aiming
- Throwing Rock damage not being affected by the "pull strength"
- Rocks attaching to fish when fish is killed.
- Player tool animation not being interrupted on season skip
- Gates affecting NPCs path preference - they could choose a longer path instead of going through the gate
- Bandits floating dead in some cases (What sinister magic was at work here?)
- Challenges ending too soon
- Once a field has been destroyed by an event, it cannot be re-ploughed.
- Ploughing the field when an NPC is collecting resources from them would revert the field to a state as if the resources were just collected
- NPC collecting crops from fields (adding to storage) that the player has already collected

- Head bobbing algorithm improvements
- Snow improvements on bridges, stairs and planks.
- Numerous improvements in post-processing
- The duration of the day has been lengthened and the night shortened.
- The length of the day depends on the season.
- Gates now open wider.
- Gates can now be placed on player's roads.
- Further animal IK improvements
- Quests now can be untracked (Chapters cannot be untracked)
- If text in options will be too long, then there will be sliding animation
- Equipped or assigned items will not be taken from player in deliver quests
- Sorting now sorts all items together without division to categories
- Updated system for key binding, now it's possible to change bound key for every action.
- Quickslots for some keyboard layouts now must be remapped manually in key bind menu
- Removed odd white lines in scroll bars
- Rendering optimizations
- Horse animation transitions are now smoother while accelerating
- Time left for objective is now not visible if objective is done
- Seasons left for quest to complete is now not visible if quest is completed or failed
- Default framerate set to 60
- Improved snapping NPCs to interaction points
- Turn in place animation speed and angles
- Throwable rock damage changed to 5 instead of 10
- German updated
- Polish updated
- Dutch updated
- Swedish updated
- Russian updated
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Baldur's Gate 3
Hello everyone,

Today, we have a fresh hotfix for you too.

In our previous patch, it turns out Lae’zel wasn’t romanceable regardless of her approval rating. There’s probably a life lesson in that. But this isn’t ‘Larian’s Dating Advice Column’ - although we feel like given the nature of some of your fan art, a dating simulator with our most popular characters wouldn’t go amiss. Or at least a tapestry. Anyone know any good tapestry makers?

As ever, a sincere thank-you to those of you that took the time to report these issues to us via our support team and by your posts on all our social channels. Everything you send us is super helpful - and always welcome.

Thank you for playing Baldur’s Gate 3 - and to the Reddit user that created this masterpiece - we see you, and love you.

Fixed issue preventing romance with Lae’zel regardless of your approval rating.
Characters no longer walk around causing Bludgeoning damage to everyone around them.
AI now use their full arsenal of spells and items during combat.
Fixed crash that would occur during a saving throw if an item was equipped that improved your proficiency in an ability.
Character portraits now display correctly in the Twitch Extension during multiplayer.
Triggering Wild Magic: Turn Magic no longer skips your turn in FTB or combat.
Fixed shields from disappearing at the start of sheath animation.
AI no longer take Attacks of Opportunity when they shouldn’t.
Nere’s Shield of Screams now automatically activates as soon as he enters combat, and lasts for the duration of the fight.
Performance drop during cinematic dialogue at the Tiefling Den is no more.
Fixed rare crash that occurred when previewing a jump.
A black square no longer appears in the middle of the screen when crossing the bridge to the Blighted Village with NPOT resolution and lensflare enabled.
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Project Warlock was updated (Offline and GOG Galaxy).

Project Warlock (29. October 2021)
Project Warlock Halloween Exclusive Features Set

- New Halloween Dagger skin - Project Mike Kitchen Knife!
- New Halloween Axe skin - Project Johnny Fire Axe!
- New Halloween Shotgun skin - Project Blade Stake Shotgun!
- New Halloween Super Shotgun skin - Project Ash Boomstick!
- New Halloween SMG skin - Project Ripley Pulse Rifle!
- New Halloween-themed Main Theme and main menu!
- New Halloween entering artwork!


- Fixed changing screen resolution bug
- Fixed incorrectly displayed perk point numbers in the stats screen


- Balanced the crossbow - now you have to wait 1 second before picking up the bolt you shot
- Changed the way that the Staff charges - the mana is reduced after shot, instead of while charging

Also - if this wasn't clear - the fixes and balance issues are here to stay. But all the Halloween Exclusive Features are limited time only and will not be available after the Halloween Event. So... Get to it!

Well then - Happy Halloween everybody!
Berzerk2k2: Project Warlock was updated (Offline and GOG Galaxy).
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Updated from to

Changelog from Steam (mostly the same as posted by the developer in the GOG forums for the beta update, but with some more changes added afterward:
C Community Feedback: We highlight items that we have implemented based on community feedback or suggestions. We look forward to your feedback in our Steam Community Hub or on our Discord server.

New Content
* Added the "Enchanted" biome, a halloween themed mysterious biome. For now the biome will be unlocked together with the Lavender biome
* C Added 6 new challenges - Explorer, Overachiever, Heavy Weight, Quest Master, Analyst & Planner
* C Added 6 new animals - Bear, Boar, Fox, Swan, Goose & Beaver
* Added Ruin special tile
* Added new quest tiles
* Added 34 new achievements
* Added one additional level to Puzzler and Landscaper challenges
* C Added partial lake tiles - lakes with 3, 4 or 5 sides that connect to rivers but can also be placed next to any other element type

* C Added game stats to the menu - this will display certain stats (playtime, tiles placed, perfect placements, quests fulfilled, flag quests fulfilled) for your current game session. This also works for all savegames from older versions.
* C Added camera movement speed slider to controls settings: this allows you to set the default camera speed when moving around with your keyboard from 0.2 to 5 times normal speed
* Added camera rotation speed slider (from 0.05 to 3 times normal speed)
* Added camera zoom speed slider (from 0.025 to 3 times normal speed)
* Added rebindable keybindings for eyedropper & lock tile stack tools
* Added tooltips to new creative mode tools
* C Increased zoom in distance by 100%
* C Increased zoom out distance by 50%
* C Darkening the screen while the menu is open or a challenge reward effect spawns to improve text readability

Visual Improvements
* Added decoration to village quest tiles: bushes, crates, vases and pumpkins
* Birds can now appear in colors other than white
* Tile slots now change colors with the same smoothness as the background color when moving to a different biome
* Fixed scaling issues in some decoration elements, causing them to move or change scale when being placed
* C Added more variants for lake shores to give lakes a more natural look instead of always being completely circular

* C Volume is now completely turned off when volume slider is set to 0
* Fixed Stats button in Tutorial
* C Adjacent groups no longer stay highlighted when skipping a tile in creative mode
* Fixed an issue causing highlighting to stop working when "Selfsufficiency" challenge reaches its final level
* C Fixed reward screen showing empty challenge cards when the translation in the current selected language is missing (now showing english translation instead)

* Changed savefile structure, making it easier to add more challenges and Quest Tiles in the future
* Changed the versioning system: beta builds will now have the same name as the live patch, with a "b" added at the end
* Updated translation files for most languages
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Night of the living Draugar


New temporary game mode

Welcome to our spooky special event where you will be able to make battle in the terrifying new Draugrheim biome.

In this temporary game mode, you will have to conquer your fears in the land of the living dead and face terrible new (eight-legged) creatures roaming the land of Northgard.

Vikings, it is time to take back what is yours in the Night of the Living Draugar.

However, if you feel like some of those new creatures have more legs than you can tolerate, you can activate an arachnophobia mode in the options menu.

New town hall skin

Finish a game of Northgard in the new Draugrheim game mode (if you dare) and earn a new Town Hall skin. You can claim it in Expeditions.


Clan of the Raven

Clans Starting Bonuses:

New: Trade routes with the homeland are available and earn more Krowns. G̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶+̶1̶0̶%̶ ̶K̶r̶o̶w̶n̶s̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶m̶e̶r̶c̶h̶e̶n̶t̶s̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶s̶a̶i̶l̶o̶r̶s̶ -> +15% Krowns production.
New: Earn Fame by scouting Neutral Factions and enemy Town Halls.
New: Great Trades Routes -10% discount.
New: You can spend Krowns to accelerate the arrival of new villagers in your Town Hall.

Mercenaries from Homeland - Fame 200

You can send Mercenary raids from your Harbors to raid beaches but not on tiles with a Town Hall. Mercenary raids can be upgraded in the Forge.
T̶r̶a̶d̶e̶ ̶r̶o̶u̶t̶e̶s̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶h̶o̶m̶e̶l̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶a̶v̶a̶i̶l̶a̶b̶l̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶e̶a̶r̶n̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶K̶r̶o̶w̶n̶s̶.̶
New: You can assign 3 more Sailors on a Harbour with a Lighthouse

Sea Supremacy - Fame 500

You can send Mercenary raids on zones with a Town Hall.
Y̶o̶u̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶ ̶a̶s̶s̶i̶g̶n̶ ̶3̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶S̶a̶i̶l̶o̶r̶s̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶a̶ ̶H̶a̶r̶b̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶a̶ ̶L̶i̶g̶h̶t̶h̶o̶u̶s̶e̶.̶
New: Mercenary Raids will use Fire Javelins, damaging buildings upon raiding.


Replaces S̶h̶i̶p̶ ̶B̶u̶i̶l̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ -> Mining Efficiency.
Gain +2 Krowns production and +30% forging speed.

Exotic Goods

Harbor, Trading Post and Marketplace produce 1 Happiness (2 if upgraded).

Others changes:

Raid upgrades take 3̶ -> 6 months to forge (with 1 smith).
New: You no longer need to activate the faster recruitment of Mercenaries Raids and it no longer changes the raids' cost.

Clan of the Kraken

Howl of the Sea Master - Fame 500

Chance to transform an enemy military unit into a spectral warrior has been reduced.

Endless Tide

Reduces the cost of military units by 2̶0̶%̶ => 15%

Knowledge From Beyond

Reveals the position of all neutral factions.

Trade routes with neutral factions give +2 Lore per merchant and +20% Krowns and relationship.

Clan of the Stag

Supplies - Fame 200

Supplies now arrive as soon as Fame 200 is reached instead of at the new year. Resources are then received every 12 months from the first reception.
Each year a boat brings you +50 Food, Wood and Krowns, +25 Lore and +5 Stone f̶o̶r̶ ̶e̶a̶c̶h̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶p̶l̶e̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶y̶e̶a̶r̶,̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶a̶g̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶a̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶r̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶r̶y̶ ̶s̶u̶b̶s̶e̶q̶u̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶y̶e̶a̶r̶.̶
Known issue: The description of Supplies appears in English. Translations for all languages will arrive as soon as possible.

Clan of the Wolf

Spoils of War

Gain some Krowns for each enemy unit killed.
Eradicate a faction, neutral or clan, earns 50 Military XP.

Clan of the Boar

Mask of Gullinbursti

Produces +̶1̶0̶ => +6 Food.
You can pay 150 Lore to summon one GiantBoar. It is controllable as long as it is not in combat.

Clan of the Snake

Guerilla Tactics

Permanently increases your military units' attack power by +1% for any unit slain or lost in enemy territory (30% max).
Enemies clans relations are also affected when you are fighting a neutral faction.


All sailors produce +100% Fame.

The tech Knowledge from Beyond borrowed from the Clan of the Kraken with stolen lore and Mimirsbrunn no longer produced +100% Kröwns with trade routes.


- Fixed difficulty noted as “extreme” in saves and as “hard” in the information window.
- Fixed fame notifications not displayed for client.
- The AI will now avoid moving its spectral warriors into ally territory.
- Fixed merchants constantly stopping work when assigned after thralls to a trading post.
- Fixed the display of ore production by slaves.
- The free lore stone obtained with the knowledge "erudition" will still be free even after cancelling it's construction.
- Texts have been revised to be gender neutral.
- Torfin's throne produces +2 Lore which was not displayed. It is now.
- Option “map special” from Ragnarok has been removed. This was irrelevant as the special map could be replaced by a volcano.
- When Kobolds spread to a tile with an object (i.e. ruins), the name display of that building/object will no longer turn into "Kobold Hamlet".
- Fixed wrong icon of the relic “Edda of Vor” displayed in the player list.
- Fixed description text of Mask of Gullinbursti relic. It cost 150 Lore to summon the Giant Boar (not 200).
- Fixed villagers carrying hammers in longships in story mode.
- Fixed "High tide" which sometimes did not generate fish on lakes.
- Fixed broken food graphic displayed in end-game.
- THE WISE ONE from the clan of the Lynx, and Torfin’s Throne no longer produce Lore in the conquest mission “Imported Knowledge”.
- Fixed buildings that were burning after a raven raid. They stop burning after being repaired.
- Fixed warchief portrait hiding text in fame notification.
- Fixed Torfin’s shadow not attacking Wyverns and defense towers.
- Fixed several issues with neutral factions. When dwarves or myrkalfar attack an enemy clan, they continue to advance from tile to tile until they eliminate the clan or are killed. Previously, they could stagnate on a tile and cause colonisation issues, this is no longer the case.
- You can no longer see enemy unit status (starving, freezing…) after using Warcry.
- The relic Gefjun’s jar now summons new villagers on the town Hall as intended.
- In the conquest mission greed’s price, the knowledge “Wool trade” no longer produces Krowns.
- Clicking on the notification of a built relic no longer leads to the player who built it if you have not scouted him.
- In the gem cutter conquest mission, trading gems now affect relations.
- Building an offering well near an eradicated neutral faction is no longer possible.
- The unit type icons in the healer hut are updated when healed units change jobs.
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Updated to v 1.0.7 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

Update 1.0.7

Hello! Today's patch adds some features that have been requested of the community, adds a way to proceed with the story at your own pace, reducing instant-fail conditions for easier difficulties and fixing some bugs.

We've had feature requests to use R3/RS on the controller to add a 5th item hotkey, and it made sense so we did it. In addition, people who have multiple monitors but wanting it to be shown on a different default one now have the option to do so. Those are easy to explain, but the importance of the new dialogue option that allows you to hit enter at the end of a subtitle matters more than many may think. We've had concerns that the speed of the voice acting is at a pace that is too fast to read the story in some languages, so I've adding an option to have the subtitles wait for an input. This should allow you to enjoy the full subtitles at your own pace. Thank you for your understanding.

We also found that a certain part of Chapter 2 had people confused and searching for direction a bit, so we've added a mission to describe the next step to help them avoid a frustrating experience with no good reason. And there are still a few "instant fail" conditions that we're working to resolve for easier difficulties. The last major one should be resolved in the later difficulties as of this patch.

Next patch will involve bug fixes and feature adjustments. But I may add something to be a bit more fun. I know a lot of you like getting a PERFECT result, but I like to ask myself what it would be like to get UNPERFECT results.


- Holding a direction in a menu can now move more than 1 option slot
- You may now press the right stick of a controller (RS/R3) for a 5th item shortcut
- For people with multiple monitors, you may now select your fullscreen monitor 1, 2 or 3
- Save slots BRAVO and CHARLIE now properly create chapter saves as intended
- Added an option in SOUND to require a keypress to proceed with dialogue at your own pace.
- A new checkpoint has been added to the beginning of every chapter, after the introduction is finished
- Guards should no longer just get stuck when hearing a noise that makes them stare off into space forever
- Spoilers are misbehaiving for some reason

Creator Pack (Free DLC for PC only)

- Baxayaun (Spanish) has been added to the creator pack


- The Die Hard skill now applies to your total hit points including stamina upgrades, as originally intended.

Chapter 1

- Jesse no longer has a mission to encrypt a radio after he encrypts a radio

Chapter 2

- New mission added: To help confusion, we've added a mission to fix the flamethrower.
- Pipes no longer block the vision of a the overheat meter of a flamethrower

Chapter 4

- The Medal for the chapter challenge is moved and is now harder to miss

Chapter 7

- On EASY difficulty, Nuclear Submarines HP is reduced from 150 to 120

Chapter 8

- On EASY difficulty, added the ability to see the vision cones of cameras automatically
- On NORMAL difficulty, added an opportunity to see the vision cones of cameras
- On HARD difficulty, added nothing. Cameras are still very inconsiderate and give no vision cones

Chapter 9

- Strings now can remain in your use slot with 0 items remaining (Like med kits & coins)
- On EASY difficulty, fixed an issue that prevented you from achieving a PERFECT result on this chapter
- On EASY difficulty, added the ability to see the vision cones of cameras automatically
- On NORMAL difficulty, added an opportunity to see the vision cones of cameras
- On HARD difficulty, added nothing. Cameras are still very inconsiderate and give no vision cones
- Fixed an issue where cutting wires near the beginning would not apply a checkpoint correctly
- Fixed an issue where cutting wires near the end could crash the universe
- Fixed an issue where a uranium ball could prevent another box from sliding

Chapter 10

- Adjusted a passage near an elevator to pontentially prevent walking into an unfair engagement without warning
- Fixed an issue where an amazing artbook disappeared when it shouldn't have
- Nothing else changed, just wanted to leave a note to say hi and thank you for reading my patch notes!

Grenade Guy

- Has decided that spoilers needed to be more random
- Secretly maintains a small garden with a lot of pride.