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Observer: System Redux

Updated to 2021.09.16_10.04.08_R24065 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Updated to 1..33a (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows & Linux])

No changelog.
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Updated to 20211025_1.2.2.r46934 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:

Are you not scared? Visit Warsaw City to join the spooky season festive. We've prepared pumpkins, treats, or tricks, depending on what you choose when some little ghosts with child voices knock you at the door.

As a game detective, who has seen and lived through a lot, it may not be easy to scare you, but we've done our best to send shivers down your spine. Spooky apartment decor The Gamedec's apartment has undergone a significant makeover. It's full of pumpkins, candles, garlands, cobwebs, and there is an unexpected guest with no signs of life.

Put on your Halloween costume and walk the streets of Low City. Visit virtualias in your spooky skin; after all, as a Gamedec, you have to be able to blend in with the crowd.

New main menu design
The thrill starts from the beginning, so grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte, start the game, and celebrate Halloween by the end of the 22nd century in Gamedecverse.

Patch 1.2 content

In addition to Halloween-related content, patch 1.2 brings a lot of bug fixes, updates, and improvements. Check the complete list in the changelog below:


Fixed general performance issues
Fixed general graphics bugs on the lowest required specs
Various SFX fixes
Various Animation fixes
Various VFX fixes
Improving Character Textures
Fixed an issue with saving to a save that already exists, the thumbnail gets smaller and the texts with save descriptions overlap
General Translation fixes
Fixed lines of code visible in some of the codex entries
Character selection screen - At maximum font magnification, some text was invisible to the player when highlighting the Torkil Aymore skin
A cloak won’t attach to the gamedec’s elbows when animating interactions with computers, etc.
Fixed the Drone that is not returning in subsequent apartments scenes

Halloween Event - Add-ons

Added Gamedec’s avatars & models for the Halloween event
Main Menu – remodeled the tree for Halloween event
Added an option to switch the decals for Halloween [on/off]
Added Halloween decorations to Gamedec’s apartment

Knight’s Code

Fixed an issue when a Cult leader was mixed with Clan leader in dialogs

Harvest Time
An NPC will now faint correctly if you make, and load a save before it
Fixed a flickering locomotive
Fixed crash at the end of the case

Haggis Office

Fixed an issue with door clipping

Like Father Like Son

Fixed an issue with colored lights that were set too low
Text inside the balloon on the roofs was a placeholder

Paradise Island

Fixed some flickering characters on Paradise Island

Happy Halloween!
Team Gamedec
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Devil Daggers
v3.2 adds local replays along with some gameplay consistency improvements.

local replays
replays for 10 most recent runs are kept automatically and can be manually saved to keep longer.

access by navigating to LEADERBOARDS -> STATS -> LOCAL REPLAYS
local replays for custom spawnsets will work automatically and will show the name of the spawnset if it was downloaded from

gameplay changes
lvl4 homing can now ricochet off empty centipede/gigapede segments.
destroyed gigapede segments have a darker texture on the legs, making remaining gems easier to spot.
spider2 corpse erode animation starts sooner.
centipede emerge particle effect more accurately shows where it will emerge.
ghostpede will always emerge with weak points facing the centre of the arena.
spider hitbox scales to match spawn animation.
delay on lvl4 homing detonate is reduced from 2 frames to 1.
skulls, spider eggs, and thorns no longer absorb more lvl4 homing daggers than are needed to kill them.
skull2 and skull3 chatter is higher priority when close.

Native Linux build is also updated along with some bug fixes.
Mac build coming soon.
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Hustlefan: Observer: System Redux

Updated to 2021.09.16_10.04.08_R24065 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
All I know is DLSS 2.0 was added, other then that nothing else I can figure out.
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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.7 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)
Renovation Update (26/10/2021)

Hello there, Landlords!

We're back with the highly anticipated Renovation Update, the second major update on our development roadmap. This time we wanted to address some of the most common complaints about the renovation mode and jobs related to it, including for example the ability to change furniture color variants. Of course as always, all of this is work in progress and we'd love to hear your feedback on the new additions and changes.

First of all, we'd like to start off by saying that this release won't require you to start over and you should be able to keep on playing on your current save files.

The other good news is that due to the release timing for this update, we've decided to include the Halloween themed content we've created as a part of the Renovation Update.

Now, without further ado, let's go over the most significant changes in more detail.

Item Color Variants

This has to be one of the most requested features by the community thus far: the ability to change the furniture's color scheme. It took us some time to implement this, as we already have quite a few items in the game, and we needed to go back and redo each one to support several different color variants. On top of that, as we looked through the pool of available items in-game we decided to add some (over 300!) brand new items to spice things up. We've specifically targeted the tags (more on that in the next section) that had the fewest items.

We've also had to take care of the items you've already placed in your properties, as some of them were already a variant of other items implemented as separate furniture. So these items will need to be replaced if you plan on changing their color variants.

We hope that with this addition you'll be able to unleash your creativity and design your apartments perfectly to your likings. And we can't wait to see some cool screenshots of your creations!

Item Tags

One piece of feedback that we've been hearing a lot since that game's launch, was that job clients wouldn't pay attention to furniture styles and how all items, walling and flooring choices fit together into creating one coherent design.

We've decided to tackle this issue by creating a set of 16 unique tags that describe the items: from the common ones like Modern or Vintage to the more niche ones, such as Zen or Rustic. Each item has at least one tag to label it and some of them will even fit into two or three different tags.

To tie it all up, we've added tag preferences for both the job clients and tenants that are taken by them into consideration when judging the apartment. Starting now, in order to get those juicy 5 star reviews you'll have to start paying attention to the overall style of your interior designs - so they fit your clients' whims.

Similarly, some tenants might have a preference for Cottage furnishing, while at the same time despising everything that has to do with the Military tag. This might be worth keeping in mind during your next Open House!

Item Placement Proximity

Another area that lacked depth in the game was the way the game looked at item placement. Previously, it didn't matter where exactly you put the plunger and whether it was even remotely close to the toilet; all that mattered was that it was placed in the correct room. With the new item placement proximity system, the game will now check where the newly bought items are placed in relation to other furniture and appliances.

For instance, placing a towel rack too far away from either the shower or the bathtub will result in a decor penalty. Likewise, to get the best score you'll need to make sure your microwave is placed on the kitchen counter and not just about anywhere on the floor.

We'd love to hear your feedback on these changes and your ideas for new (either positive or negative) proximity bonuses between certain item types that could be added into the game.

New Elite Contracts

As is tradition with a big update like this, we're back with a set of new and fresh Elite Contracts. This time we've implemented 6 new unique jobs, each introducing a new, unique residential building to make these jobs even more memorable.

Each of these Elite Contracts comes with custom item sets to add more variety to your interior designs. The new contracts will take you to a number of unique places: starting with the Beach House, through the Beauty Salon, ending with a lofty Private Investigator's Office.

New Tenant Archetype - Musician

Welcome the Musician, a new tenant archetype that is now available across all districts in Wondersville. This is probably the archetype that took us the longest to implement, and we've spent quite a lot of time working on the animations and all the sound effects related to it.

Musicians, unsurprisingly, like.. all things music related! They'll be happy to play the piano, drums, the guitar, and any other instrument you can hook them up with. Some might be so addicted to music notes they'll even go out of their way to play music video games on their computer. One thing is certain: get them what they need, and they will pay you back with beautiful harmonies!

Halloween Event (until November 18th)

Who doesn't like some pumpkin latte to spice up their autumn evenings? Well, apparently this one guy would go as far as to say that he loves it! Meet the one and only Count Dracoola, a mysterious individual who came from afar and settled down in an old, totally not suspicious, rundown mansion. Man that guy's cool! Um, anyway... word on the street is that he'll need help renovating the place to make it appropriately scary for anyone daring to snoop around the premises.


Tired of that perfect spot for a shower being constantly blocked by an annoying window? Worry no more! From now on you'll be able to remove and build new windows in your properties as you please. This new feature is available through the Remodelling tab, the same one where you can build new walls and install door sockets.

Additionally all the windows related items (such as window curtains) will snap to the closest window now.

Sampler Tool

We've also found some time to add a cool quality of life feature, a tool for sampling objects and materials already placed in a given apartment. Now you won't have to waste precious minutes searching for that pesky red wallpaper that the client has used in their bedroom to match it. Simply press one button and voilà!

New Items

As we've mentioned above, we've gone through all the items we already have in the game, looked for the tags and item classes that could really use some more variety, along with browsing through all the awesome suggestions made by our community. In today's update you'll find over 300 brand new items, including furniture, wall patterns and floor options to play around with!

On top of that we've upgraded some of the old floor textures to make them more coherent with the newer patterns.

Full Changelog


- Implemented Furniture Color Variants.
- Implemented Item Proximity system.
- Implemented Item Tags system.
- Implemented Sampler Tool.
- Implemented Window building and bulldozing.
- Implemented snapping to windows for window curtains.
- Added an option to Exit & Renovate after Cleaning with Uncle Steve.
- Added an option to rename tenants.


- Added a new tenant archetype: Musician.
- Added new Elite Contracts: Beach House, Military Barracks, Beauty Salon, Geek House, Train, Detective House and Dracoola's Castle.
- Added new residential buildings to host the new Elite Contracts.
- Added time-limited Halloween themed Elite Contracts.
- Redecorated the main menu for the duration of the Halloween event.
- Added 250 new furniture items (part of which are available only within the new Elite Contracts).
- Added 25 new floor patterns.
- Added 20 new wall patterns.
- Added a batch of new occupations for different tenant archetypes.
- Added a new poster commemorating the winning meme by @Kichi in our first official Community Contest.
- Upgraded old floor textures.

User Interface

- Changed the Preferred Furniture in jobs to be clickable, triggering a search request.
- Added budget entry popups next to the money HUD element.


- Tweaked the apartment highlight.
- Shrinked some of the single beds so they can be placed in smaller rooms more easily.
- Reworked some of the tenant crimes to avoid sensitive terms.
- Added skybox animation related to the day/night system.
- Fixed moving tables and similar furniture so the slotted items (such as chairs) will move as a group.
- Fixed the issue where some items could be placed on posters, which would cause further bugs.
- Removed the interior window sills from apartments so they don't collide with furniture anymore.
- Increased the player level cap from 70 to 75.


- Upgraded job furnishing requirements so they now include new item types.
- Overhauled some of the old jobs' apartment starting states to make them more interesting.


- Added job pay scaling based on the player's level.
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Updated to 1.041.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patron update v1.041.0

Hi everyone!

Got a nice little update for you all and here's the change-log

- Tweaked citizen walking "patterns". This is a combo of performance optimization and some improvements
- If a worker carrying stuff dies on the way, what they was carrying ends up in the stock directly. This is to prevent extremely fast die-off and a snowball effect because the worker could have been carrying food for example (which leads to more deaths)
- Added the Research name in the "Research done" pop-up
- Fixed a bug where the "Clear building" selection grid was left hanging when exiting to the menu and back

They Always Run

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

List of changes:

- Fixed an issue when Aiden couldn't fly away from Gigapolis after handing over the Mueller

This bug can no longer be encountered in the version and later. If you have encountered it before, please send your logs and save files to

- Go to the “C:\Users\<User>\Documents\Alawar” directory
- Zip up the “They Always Run” folder
- Attach it to your email

Prison Architect

Linux installer updated to the_pen_7565

No changelog.
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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.7b (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
The Tenants Update 0.7b


- Fixed a spooky issue with a missing building (Wilson Avenue 608).
- Fixed an issue with placing surface top items on various shelves, tables and similar furniture.
- Fixed an issue with item color variants reverting to the default ones when exiting Renovation mode in some cases.
- Fixed an exploit where players were able to add more items to their player stash than the limit allowed them to.
- Updated the development roadmap image.


- Fixed an issue with one of the broken armchairs in the Dracoola's house.
- Fixed a few issues with broken job apartment variants.
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A new update for Dread Templar just appeared in GOG Galaxy.

Dread Templar Halloween Update 0.920b
Greetings templars!

Halloween is right around the corner and we have prepared a very special update for all players!

Until November 11, a door close to the elevator at the end of the level in E1M1 is open, and a portal leading to the Halloween side area has been activated. You will face resurrected monsters and their master, Headless Necromancer - can you become their worst nightmare, again?

In the Halloween side area, you can:
1. Obtain a Halloween-specific emblem Pumpkin Curse for your trap launcher, which greatly increases the damage of lightning stun and reduces the max HP of enemies. This effect will be more powerful during Halloween.
2. Obtain several weapons in advance in E1M1, but they do not come for free - you need to explore the level, find special tokens or win them in a shooting gallery minigame, and exchange them for these weapons.
3. Face the revenge of the Headless Necromancer - tell it who's the boss here!

Additionally, we have prepared a contest for all owners of Dread Templar - Take a screenshot of your achieved high score in the Halloween shooting gallery minigame, share it on Twitter and include the name you would like to be known in the game as, and the hashtags #DreadTemplar #Halloween #Contest and tag the account
. After the Halloween event ends, we will pick 10 highest submitted scores and they will be featured on a leaderboard in-game, introduced as an Easter Egg in an upcoming update!

Happy Halloween!

Changes and fixes
• Enjoy a new Halloween-themed side area and mini quest, complete with a unique bossfight. But better hurry, the area is only accessible until 11/11/2021
• Earn the “Pumpkin Trap” emblem to show off your appreciation of the scariest time of the year
• Get into the Halloween spirit thanks to the halls of Hell adorned with seasonally appropriate decorations
Starkrun: DLSS 2.0 was added
Are you sure or is this a typo? Why not version 2.3 or 2.2?
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Book of Demons updated to v1.05.211026 (51013)

Changelog (from GOG): Update 1.05.211026
• Changed the save manager system to keep two-tiered backups of characters in case of a power failure
• Fixed Razer keyboards not using RGB backlights correctly when enabled in the - "Extras" section in options - the return of RGB glory!
• Revamped the whole credits backend system - supporters can now be updated more often, regardless of the game updates
• Fixed slowed, frozen, and stunned states not being recognized properly by the game mechanic
• Updated supporters list in credits
• Updated translations with small fixes
high rated

Updated to 1.042.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Halloween Update and free stuff released!

Welcome Patrons to the Halloween Masquerade!

We said we'll have a li'l something for you for Halloween and here it is. Dress up your prosperous town into a Halloween gown and join in on the spooky parade.

The free DLC changes the buildings and other assets to look spooky and switches the weather so there are no sunny days. Sunny happy days have no place on Halloween ;).

The add-on is completely free and is installed automatically via update. And when you're done with the festivities, just deactivate the Halloween Masquerade DLC through the game launcher and everything will be back to normal. You can always turn it back on if you wish.

Happy Halloween and, as always, govern on!

Danger Scavenger

Updated to 2.0.8 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

Changelog from Steam:
Trick or treat? - Update Notes 2.0.8

Dear Scavengers!
It’s hard to believe that we celebrate another Halloween together. Time flies so fast!

This year we're not only celebrating our favourite spooky holiday, but we're also picking up the fight against AI on new fronts! On October 29, Danger Scavenger will also become available on Xbox One and PlayStation4!

Now, let’s dive into the details!

Trick or Treat!

First of all, take a look at patch notes for this update:

Added Halloween decorations and particles (they will be there till November 7th!)


- optimized enemies: their spawning, attacks, AI decision making
- optimized explosions and area effects
- further optimized destruction of the environmental objects

Bug fixes:

- quickly restarting the game a couple of times would cause a massive frame drop
- when too many projectiles were on the screen, it would sometimes cause the controller to de-sync and auto walk in some random direction.

A new battleground awaits!

We are excited to announce that the 29th of October is the day the Scavengers will be able to defend humanity on another platform! Get ready owners of Xbox One and PlayStation4! No one is safe when AI crawls around…

Any streamers or YouTubers among Scavengers? Contact us!

Thanks for defending the world Scavengers! Thanks for playing Danger Scavenger!

Grab a bunch of links for you to visit and follow:

- Twitter
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Discord
- YouTube
- TikTok

be a rebel!
Star Drifters team

Hustlefan: VirtuaVerse

Updated to 1..33a (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows & Linux])
Mac offline installer now updated as well.
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dV: Rings of Saturn

Updated from 0.403.11 to 0.407.7 on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Changelog, present in library and posted in the forum by the developer:
0.407.7 - Applied Geology

As always, demo was updated with all these changes above.

- Added a new mineral vein map for the geologist panel.
- You can now tune your microwaves.
- Camera zoom is now much more responsive.
- Made several adjustments to the physics engine to prevent baffle-related physics glitches.
- Damage from constant-beam weapons, like microwaves generators and beam lasers, fluctuated if your framerate changed during operation.
- A bug caused sparks from your mass-driver rounds to appear at the edge of your screen even if the bullet shattered further away and long ago.
- NPC ships are now aware that they were in combat just a few seconds ago and respond accordingly.
- Vilcy patrols are now aware of when Big Bad Wolf was destroyed and react accordingly.
- You could click and select dialogue options that were still not fully visible.
- In busy areas, reactor explosion shockwaves could be delated and could happen even a dozen seconds after a ship exploded.
- On the geologist panel, the mineral you are working with is now clearly highlighted.
- You can’t zoom the camera during cutscenes anymore.
- When tuning weapon systems, the simulation window will now present boresights.
- Improved integration with Steam services and overlay.
- Several stability improvements.

Also the Mac build of Space Haven received its update to 0.13.3.
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CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience
Mac & Linux offline installers now also updated to 1.9

For some weird reason the game page STILL only states the Win + Mac versions as available (I once opened a ticket asking why they didn't announce Linux as available for the game and never got a reply)
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ATOM RPG: Trudograd

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] 1.031 ⇒ 1.032.
Patch 1.032

Hello, friends!

We are happy to announce that this update added two new translations to the game: Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

In addition, we corrected a number of typos and item names. Thank you very much for helping us find these issues in the game!

Naturally, we have also fixed several important bugs:
• Fixed the unique TT pistol class in Ivan Doe’s chest;
• When moving incomplete stacks of loot, the current weight does not change for the character and companions;
• Fixed incorrect AP numbers which previously displayed in descriptions in the modification window;
• Lockpicking the door no longer breaks the logic of Kondrashkin's quest;
• Fixed a bug in the attic that did not generate opponents when choosing the combat option via the vignette;
• Fixed the logic in the Dandelion quest when completing the quest with the help of Ruta;
• Fixed the disappearance of Arashi on the cargo ship;
• Fixed a bug in a random encounter with mercenaries;
• Fixed a bug with the box with the GP-25 at the underground training facility;
• Fixed a bug in the Big Cave caused by saving after destroying the wall;
• Fixed the behavior of Laptev the Musician.

Prison Architect

Standalone installer updated:
[Windows] the_pen_6834 ⇒ the_pen_7718
[Linux] the_pen_7565 ⇒ the_pen_7718

No Changelog
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