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Death Trash

Updated to (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows & Linux])

No changelog.



Updated to 1.040.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Second October Update (v1.040.0) arrived

Hello Patrons!

We have some news for all of you today, all good ones! First of all – the second October update just landed on Steam, and secondly – Patron will soon receive a nice free Halloween DLC!

Image 1

A few words on today's update: content of this package has been crafted to improve and address some of the troubles you've been encountering.

Pathfinding of your citizens has been improved, as well as their AI in numerous situations. Linked to that, we've been making adjustments to people behavior routines as well, in order to make the simulation more smooth and realistic.

In addition, workers on farms also received new animations and visuals when performing their duties on farms and in orchards.

Image 2

Further tweaks have been done to some of the social classes and birthrate in the advanced stages of the game, all in line with the reports we've received in the last couple of weeks.

And of course, a mandatory batch of fixes for several game elements that you reported to us!

Here is a full list of changes:

- Added gathering animations on farms
- Added gathering animation in orchards
- Children below the age of 3 don't roam the city alone anymore
- Improvements to pathfinding of citizens
- Drafting research now works as intended
- When a house is selected, visual lines connecting that house to the associated workplace will be displayed
- AI upgrades of citizens
- Citizens behavior optimizations
- Corrected pan and rotation during King pop up event
- Rats will no longer eat stone and other non-edible goods in the Storage problem event
- The King will no longer go berserk and raise taxes on Coins in the Royal tax event (pretty pointless, don't you think?)
- Leftover resources from demolished buildings that weren't constructed won't be left on the ground indefinitely anymore
- Fixed a rare crash to desktop related to orchards
- Peasants and laborers now die younger, have more children (generally speaking)
- Gentry and merchants now live longer, but have fewer children
- Changed worker title in Sawmill from Woodcutter to Sawyer, as requested
- Fixed flickering of the marker displayed above buildings that are awaiting construction
- Fixed a number of word capitalization problems in the text
- Fixed a problem with displaying citizen age of 0
- Townhall sound emitter in levels aren't duplicated anymore when you save the map (while creating a new map / editing an existing one)
- When the Happiness stat drops to 0, it will no longer be white, but red
- Corrected error in level editor that made the terrain draw indefinitely

And, once again, for the conclusion of this news-bit, I'll make a special note of the upcoming free piece of DLC, Halloween-themed. This will become available quite soon, downloaded and installed automatically. Naturally, you'll be able to deactivate the DLC if/when you so wish (and reactivate it as well... yeah... makes sense...). More details on that will be revealed as the release draws closer.

Stay well and govern on!
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Order of Battle: World War II

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 9.0.6 ⇒ 9.0.7.
9.0.7 Update - October 23, 2021


Allies Resurgent:
• corrected labels for campaign achievement pins
• fixed scn 02 Medjez Axis air supply
• few unit stat changes
• fixed custom unit names issue

• added two new tournament maps, GI's vs Bersaglieri & Muddy Battlefields
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Updated to 1.040.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patron quickfix 1.040.1

As usual, we didn't want to wait with this until the next update.

- Fixed a potential crash to desktop related to citizen AI.
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dtgreene: Seems Janosik (which I didn't realize existed, yet it's in my library) got an update flag.

Haven't been following this game, but the Mac OS version is at 1.6, while the Windows/Linux versions are at 1.5.

(Game is the same price as Tyrian 2000, incidentally.)
It was free not too long ago. You probably snap up anything that's free, like I do. Then the forgettable games get forgotten. (I can't pass any judgement on this one as I haven't played it, but the screenshots don't appeal at all.)
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Win + Linux offline installers updated to 1.3.3162 rev939

I think this Changelog is related to it:
dtgreene: Seems Janosik (which I didn't realize existed, yet it's in my library) got an update flag.

Haven't been following this game, but the Mac OS version is at 1.6, while the Windows/Linux versions are at 1.5.

(Game is the same price as Tyrian 2000, incidentally.)
rawmilk905: It was free not too long ago. You probably snap up anything that's free, like I do. Then the forgettable games get forgotten. (I can't pass any judgement on this one as I haven't played it, but the screenshots don't appeal at all.)
It's still free and so is Tyrian 2000. ;-)
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Updated to 1.0.5.e (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog yet.
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CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience
Windows offline installer updated to 1.9

I suspect it's related to this September update:

" Balancing

⦁ Finding change in payphones might now give 1 happiness as well
⦁ Days are slightly longer
⦁ Happiness decays slightly slower in bad weather
⦁ Base walk speed slightly increased
⦁ Working an actual job now drains happiness. The end game was just too easy, and didn't reflect the difficulties of keeping a job while homeless.
⦁ "Brain drain" takes away 1 less study per day. Unless you have ADHD, in which case it now takes away 1 more.
⦁ Begging perks are earned faster

Bug fixes and improvements

⦁ Fixed some translations in other languages
⦁ Fixed various texts displaying incorrectly
⦁ Improved initial load/ splash screen
⦁ Fixed Settings being reset when starting a new game
⦁ Fixed residency being given after 1 day rest in a shelter
⦁ Shelters no longer show "This is a women's shelter" when after curfew
⦁ Addict and Abandoned descriptions fixed
⦁ Unlocked characters are brighter to make it more obvious they're unlocked
⦁ Fixed "employee" perk text display. This perk allows you to start work an hour late without penalty, but when you had the perk all job start times were pushed forward an hour so the effect wasn't obvious. This is now fixed.
⦁ Fixed cafe job showing start time in the afternoon
⦁ Fixed bank account still being accessible after losing residency
⦁ Clicking on pedestrians is no longer blocked by scrap on the streets when you can't carry any more "
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Catching up on some ΔV and Transport Fever 2 updates which happened while I was unable to post them:

dV: Rings of Saturn:

Updated from 0.396.4 to 0.397.5 and later to 0.403.11 for Windows, Mac and Linux.
As always, the demo also received the same updates.

Changelogs, available through the account screen as well as posted by the developer in the forum:
0.397.5 - Enemy Mines

- You will no longer get separate messages from Vilcy patrols made from several ships.
- I moved Elon Interstellar Model E’s weapon mounts a few centimetres forward so projectiles won’t hit the beak in an unlucky manoeuvre.
- Fixed a bug that caused pulse lasers to deal no thermal damage unless operating on maximum frequency.
- Fixed missing dialogue options when you encounter dead bodies in rings.
- Attacking one of the ships being in combat will make the other one appreciate you for it.
- Updated translations.
- Kzinti Lesson Mk2 thermal output now scales more gently, making it more suitable for mining.
- You can now come on board Ganymedean Anarchy station even if your faction standing is not maxed out.
- Hovering over past dialogue options with the mouse will not highlight them anymore.
- EIAA 1337 autopilot will now hold relative velocity to any selected target as long as you keep the X button pressed.
- I improved the stability of the AR1500 Manipulator code.
- You cannot extend your claim when you don’t have enough money anymore.
- Fixed rounding error in railgun code that caused the last bullet not to be usable.
- The dialogue reply button will not disappear if you close the OMS screen while the animation is still playing.
0.403.11 - Forbidden Tales

As always, demo was updated with all these changes above.

New wergild rates
With the alarming rise of crime rates, Enceladus Corp sanctioned the next increase of wergild rates, ranging from 10,000E$ for property damage up to 50,000E$ for aggravated assault. Unlike bounty, wergilds are only to be collected by a licenced bounty hunter. Individuals seeking a hunter licence should contact your local Vilcy operative.

Anarchy Sightings
The terrorist organization known as Ganymedean Anarchy claimed responsibility for multiple attacks and extortions in the rings. With suspicions of the group being supported by citizens of the Enceladus Prime stations, station authorities launched a full-scale investigation into the matter. As to this day location of the base of operations of the nefarious group remains undiscovered.

Ganymedian Prejudice
With increased pirate attacks, many Ganymedean citizens who sought refugee on Enceladus after the Titan crisis are facing waves of prejudice and hostility. While stations authorities issued a statement condemning the acts of violence, the local Vilcy spokesman offered no comments under the pretence of an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Maintenance Records
- You can now join Vilcy on combat patrols.
You can get a bounty hunting licence now and collect wergilds.
- Your crew now knows other miners in rings, offering custom dialogue options.
- New shader for overheating computer.
- You can now permanently destroy the Big Bad Wolf.
- You can now dock to Big Bad Wolf as a part of a quest.
- The dealer provided ships with installed railguns but without any ammunition. Such ships confused both the Upgrades menu and NPC AI.
- A bug was causing Vilcy not to approach you with dialogue when they liked you.
- A bug could cause a railgun to hit part of your ship in the right conditions.
- Centrifugal forces can now shatter a mass-driver projectile, which prevents strange ricochets.
- You can now astrogate even if you opt to remove your ship HUD.
- Participating in space battles will now improve your standing with the group you are helping.
- Added friendly conversations with Ganymedean Anarchy pirates if you manage to win their favour.
- Changed the way the comms system highlights dialogue options when you have both keyboard and mouse cursor over them.
- The AR1500 Salvage Manipulator will not attempt to grab space stations and ice mountains anymore.
- Fixed several memory leaks in AR1500 code that could cause crashes.
- Fixed a bug that caused your crew not to speak to you, even if they wanted if there were a friendly ship, drone or beacon nearby.
- Unit conversions bug in auxiliary power generators caused them to consume much more thermal power than they should.
- Thrusters that do have not enough thermal power to fire will now visually fizzle.
- I rebalanced power delivery of auxiliary power storage systems. Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage systems will now deliver twice the power when discharging.
- A bug in the comms system caused your dialogue to be interrupted if you docked in the middle of it.
- An auto-exposure bug caused the screen to flash white when you started a new mission briefly.
- NPC AI bug could cause the game to crash when you astrogated with friendly ships in visual range.
- New achievements.
- Translations update.

Transport Fever 2:

Updated from 34108 to 34209 and later to 34983 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Changelogs, as posted by the developer in the forum:
Version 34209 (October 14, 2021)
- Hotfix for Nvidia GPU driver 496.13


The hotfix (r34209) was just deployed to the stable branch too as we did not detect further issues caused by the hotfix.

We got some reports about crashes with the new Nvidia driver in combination with Vulkan. If you encounter reproducable crashes that did not happen before the driver update, we'd kindly appreciate if you head over to and send us a description in which situation the crashes occur as well as the stdout.txt, dump and settings.lua file.

Despite the circumstances we wish you a pleasant weekend
Your team from Urban Games
Version 34983 (October 19, 2021)
- Hotfix for Vulkan issues with Nvidia GPU driver 496.13


The hotfix (r34983) related to Vulkan issues was just deployed to the stable branch too as we did not detect further issues caused by the hotfix.

Your team from Urban Games
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Catching up on some Space Haven updates which happened while I was unable to post them:

Space Haven:

Updated from 0.12.5 to 0.13.0, 0.13.1 and 0.13.2 for Windows and Linux (Mac is currently still on 0.13.1, but I'd expect 0.13.2 to drop there very soon, too)

Changelog for 0.13.0 as posted by the developer in the forum when it went to experimental:
Space Haven Alpha 13 now in Experimental Branch!

Patch Notes

A new Research System

* A new Research System with a new structure for the research tree.
* Multi-Staged Research modules - Exploration, examinations, experiments and spending time at the classic research lab can all be tied together.
* Improved Research User Interface - Added the same style of tooltips as seen in the build menu, with detailed information about the facility or item you are about to unlock.
* A Research Station - You will be able to order basic research as a service to aid your efforts to unlock new technology.

A more Elaborate Accidents System

* A more elaborate Accidents System - More possibilities, and also a range of conditions they may lead to in crew members.

New Aliens related Stuff

* Alien data sheets - You can now gain more information about the various alien entities through research.
* You can find a new crew member trapped in an alien wall cocoon aboard a derelict ship.
* Alien infections - Crew members trapped in alien bases may be at risk of carrying alien infections. If your own crew members become wall plastered in an alien base they are also at risk of being infected.
* Alien hives have a chance of having a wall-cocooned crew member from another faction. This crew member can be saved by the player and added to the crew.

A New Start Scenario and Modifications

* A new Start Scenario: The new start scenario allows the player to jump in and start playing with a small hyperspace capable spaceship. This scenario is intended for player wanting a quick start into the exploration phase of the game.
* The Abandoned Mining Station start now has some resource rules set from the beginning on the industry facilities in the industry area.

New Services offered by NPC Factions

* New Service: Research service available at the research station.
* New Service: Medical service available, the civilians often offer aid regarding health issues.
* New Service: Food service, let your crew dine on the farming station for a fee.

New Facilities and Objects

* New Facility: The Body Storage - The body storage is a facility used for the storage of human and alien corpses awaiting to be further processed.
* New Facility: The Robot Storage - The robot storage is a facility used for the storage of robot and android corpses awaiting to be further processed.
* New Facility: The Robot Workbench - The robot workbench is a facility used to pick apart robot and android remains, and scrap them for any usable resources that can be found.
* New Facility: The Research Workbench - The Research workbench is used for reverse engineering purposes, supporting research efforts to discover new technologies.
* Added cover objects, which can be used to create fortifications and defense positions against boarding partys.

New Character Conditions

* New Character Condition: Messing up - A general bummer type of feeling from screwing up some process. Impacts mood for a time period.
* New Character Condition: A general Injury - Impacts health, safety, mood as well as workspeed and accuracy.
* New Character Condition: Broken arm - Prevents the crew member from working for a time period, but still allows them to fire a weapon if it is absolutely needed, although with a great penalty to accuracy.
* New Character Condition: Burned hands - Ouwie! Accidents may cause a crew member to burn their hands, causing issues like not being able to work for a time period.
* New Character Condition: Vision loss - Partial vision loss. Impacts mood, workspeed and accuracy for a time period.
* New Character Condition: Inhaling toxic fumes - Impacts mood, health and prevents the crew member from sleeping for a time period.
* New Character Condition: Exposure to loud noise - Impacts mood and health for a time period.
* New Character Condition: Chronic Wounds - These types of wounds will accumulate with time as crew members get battle wounds. Needs a medical bed to recover.
* New Character Condition: Knocked Unconscious - An accident may knock your crew member unconscious for a while.

New Character Backstories

* New Character Backstory: Game Developer - Generally pretty good in research and operations.
* New Character Backstory: Astronaut - Generally quite good in piloting, research and chemistry. Immune to traits: Clumsiness, wimp and lazy.
* New Character Backstory: Psychologist - Generally good intelligence and perception. Immune to traits: Antisocial, nyctophilia, neurotic and neediness.
* New Character Backstory: Comedian - Their wits mean they are often quite intelligent and have good perception. Immune to the antisocial trait.
* New Character Backstory: Brewmaster - Fair intelligence and good minimum skills in farming.
* New Character Backstory: Electrician - Good intelligence and perception. Good minimum skills in research and industry.
* New Character Backstory: Prizefighter - Brave and high in zest (energy). Fair minimum skills in weapons. Immune to traits: Wimp, suicidal and peaceloving.
* New Character Backstory: Athlete - High in zest (energy) and good minimum skill in logistics. Immune to the trait lazy.

A New Difficulty Level And Customizable Challenge Settings

* Added a new difficulty level, a brutal difficulty aimed to give a challenge for experienced players. (Currently in the A Small Hope start scenario, coming later to others)
* Implemented adverse side effects for crew members from making interstellar travels (Between star system clusters) without a hypersleep chamber.
* Added a way to customize the severity of the interstellar travel sickness condition in the game customization menu.
* Added a new setting to the game customization menu related to dismantling facilities. When enabled: Dismantling a facility on your own ship will return all building blocks used. Accidents may still break a part in the process. If disabled: * * Dismantling will return scrap instead, although moving a facility is still possible. Dismantling facilities will return all building blocks on peaceful to normal difficulties, while Harsh and Brutal will return scrap. This can be customized by the player in the game customization menu.


* Balancing: Implemented a random variance balancer, which eliminates edge cases related to how resources and other elements spawn in the game.
* Balancing: Hypersleep chambers consume less energy rods than before.
* Balancing: Rebalanced all character backstory minimum attributes.
* Balancing: Infra scrap yield from derelict ships has been way too high. The yield of infra scrap from derelict ships has been more than halved. Combined with a modification to make salvaging 25% faster than the normal dismantle, this will speeden up stripping a derelict as the process will be faster and the number of crates to burden logistics will be much smaller.

NPC Additions

* Added new mini ships for each NPC faction, these ships are generally without ship-to-ship combat weaponry and will resort to boarding when attacking.
* Edited all NPC ships to have some fortification and defense positions for boarding situations.
AI: Crew members on NPC spaceships seek out fortifications to try to guard against boarding partys.

Miscellaneous Additions and Fixes

* Implemented a way to breach/dismantle doors in combat situations.
* Implemented a quick inventory for characters, which will allow the player to quickly change between the primary and secondary weapons.
* Added a brightness setting to the game options.
* Added the statistics button to the Data logs menu.
* Added a search bar in the build menu. You can now simply type the name of the facility you want to build!
* Improved the scenario guide messages. You can now simply click on the mentioned menu path to automatically open the right category to find the facility/tool.
* Fixed a rounding error bug with weapon and monster bite damages. These damages have been altered shightly.
Added new translations.
* Fixed bugs.
Changelog for 0.13.1 copied from Steam:
Patch Notes

* Modified some texts and added translation texts.
* Fixed bugs.
Changelog for 0.13.2 copied from Steam:
Patch Notes

* Modified various graphical elements related to UI scaling.
* Fixed brightness setting for macOS.
* Fixed bugs.
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Mac offline installers now also updated to 1.3.3162 rev939
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Hustlefan: Death Trash
Death Trash Demo

Updated to 0.7.24 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows & Linux])
Mac offline installer now updated as well.
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Vagrus - The Riven Realms | v1.012 codename: Settled

Hey everyone,

A new week, a new patch! We keep tweaking things and adding smaller stuff for now while fixing bugs. Some are tougher than others, of course, so bear with us. Most of the fixes and tweaks were made possible due to a passionate and active player base - we can't thank you enough!

Important Note: Considering the extent of these improvements there is little to no chance that we broke nothing in the process. Assume that we did not want to make anyone's life harder. If you see something amiss, please flag it to us using the usual channels, like the inbuild reporting tool (F1 button), forums, and our Discord server.

Now let's jump into the details:

Patch 1.012. - Codename: Settled

Improvements and Tweaks
- Gor’Goro receives a tiny Loyalty boost if you visit Drius every 40 days or so
- You can now buy booze for the crew in Larnak’s Bumbling Boatman
- 3 new equipment added (Perimeter Alarms and Traveling Saddles can be bought in some markets, while Mount Blankets can be acquired via other means)
- Removed the Evade malus from Gor’Goro’s Armor so that certain builds are not unfairly gimped retroactively (Dragonsteel IS very light and flexible!)
- Several characters received the ability to invest Proficiency points into the Religion Perk (to variable degrees)
- Skornar’s Guard Stance was tweaked so that he retaliates once in a round (maximum) on Level 1, twice on Level 2, and three times on Level 3
- Lowered Skornar’s insanely high Cold Resistances across the board (he is still very good at resisting cold)
- Specters received a new combat Skill called ‘Chill of the Grave’, which can lower the target’s Cold Resistance for 3 rounds
- Mining stealthily at the Hills of Plenty was tweaked so that your actual mining skills and workforce decides your yield, not your skill in sneaking (yields from this can never reach the potential of legitimate mining, but you can still mostly avoid being caught with the right amount of stealthy Perks)
- Skornar can now enter the Tomb of Kathovras with more of his buddies
- Added a long, long codex entry to all characters called 'the Imperial Calendar' (you asked for it!)
- Tectum Carvos’s Tarkian population is now willing to sell you some specialized equipment (some only after helping the town with the siege)
- Reworked the faction quest rewards and for Houses Venari, Darius, and Oquo to make them more in line with each other (including Oquo’s presence rising in case of your success in Larnak)

User Interface Improvements
- We unlocked the Companion and Deputy buttons on Leader UI again
- Inactive effects on Statuses now indicate why they are inactive similarly to Equipment inactive effects

Bug Fixes
- Players whose Outpost questline was locked from progressing (because they progressed far before 1.01) can now fix their questline via an Event step at the Officium Factum in any of the major cities
- Consumption and Workforce calculated erroneously while fully mounted are now fixed
- The 'Cull Their Ranks' action in Crew Combat now always allows for the maximum number of Companions to be deployed
- Prowess nodes on the level-up UI now indicate the gated levels correctly
- Frenzy Perk granted by the Smoldering Heart is now working properly
- Some Outpost-related background calculations were fixed
- Now you can actually profits from your outpost's piggy bank
- Garrik and Skornar personal questline Achievements are fixed (should be retroactively restored with the right journal entries completed)
- Corrected the faulty turn-in step of the Golden Theory once you finish Kandake’s requests
- Fixed an instance where the Event choice took you to the wrong step in Avernum’s Carpenters’ Guild
- Skornar’s Prowess unlocks occurring at the wrong points in his questlines are now fixed
- Skornar's Axe Swing not triggering from Guard Stance fixed (again, hopefully permanently this time)
- Fixed another instance of softlocking paths in the Wayward Souls quest’s Artakin Tomb
- The test dummy bandit was again removed, this time from the final battle of the Wyrm War questline (replaced with the correct battle)
- Living Shadows as Mercenary Task opponents are now properly indicated as Impervious
- Corrected Kral Hestaera’s NPC portraits across her appearances in Tectum Carvos
- You can no longer deploy other characters alongside Gor’Goro in his one-on-one duel in his questline (and the fight now has the Arena Maximus background)
- The Dread Reavers guide quest marker repositioned again (hopefully to its final place - note that it is not retroactive, so if you were on the quest step before the update, you see the old marker)
- You can ask the Stinger Lord and the Quiet Man about Wyrm-related things when on the right quest step (but don’t expect much from them)
- The Perk ‘Flyer’ was removed and the single instance it was in a Test was replaced with Finndurarth (she is the only character with limited flight abilities)
- Fixed some quest items not being removed (not retroactive)

Known Issues
-A rare soft-lock when various UI actions follow each other mixing Event, camping, crew, and companion combats in a particular fashion we've not been able to reproduce
- AI taking too long in Companion Combat is still being looked at by the team

Coming Up Next
Bug fixing continues. Meanwhile, the team needs to regroup and assess things post-release, so this time we'll just say that our plans will be revealed soon.

Stay tuned and conquer the wasteland!
The Lost Pilgrims Team
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Space Haven

Updated from 0.13.2 to 0.13.3 on Windows and Linux (Mac is still on 0.13.1, though I'd still expect it to be updated soon as well).

Very useful changelog copied from Steam:
Patch Notes

* Fixed various bugs.
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They Always Run

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:

We've got They Always Run update for your fantastic weekend

List of changes:

- Aiden has a tighter grip on Cat's crate;
- Characters no longer pass through walls;
- The Rat's groundstrokes now deal damage;
- The game now remembers language selection;
- Aiden no longer falls under the ship's gangway;
- Fixed minor bugs, refueled the ship's generator, and cleaned up the captain's cabin.

You can check the current version of the game in the right bottom corner of the main menu.
If you have any questions or issues with the game - you are welcome on our server in Discord.

Knock, knock!
We've already prepared a new update to They Always Run for you

List of changes:

- Improved the controls responsiveness (and still working on it);
- Added control button icons for DualShock controllers (PS4);
- You can now open the settings in the pause menu;
- Emphasized knocking down the block of the guys with shields;
- Fixed the timings of some dialogs;
- You can't jump over the ship on Charade anymore;
- Fixed Chinese characters where they were displayed incorrectly;
- Drew missing underlays under the enlarged stimpacks;
- Anvil door opens again;
- Fixed a rare bug with the third hand in level 2;
- Other minor fixes.

You can check the current version of the game in the right bottom corner of the main menu.

If you have any questions or issues with the game - you are welcome on our server in Discord.