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Dungeon Rats
Offline installer updated to

Changelog from steam:

- Small resolution UI fixes;
- Updated localizations.
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Disco Elysium - The Final Cut

Updated to v.e6fdd6fa (11 October 2021)
Galaxy and Windows Offline Installer (Mac Offline Installer still not updated)

EDIT: Mac version offline installer is also updated now.

Changelog from GOG (Thank you!!):

- Bigger and cleaner UI elements
- Lots of visual fixes for smoother, more coherent visual experience
- Fixes in credits. One more reason for completionistas.
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update version v2.6.3.23530

- Several UI improvements
- Ambient SFX for gemstones removed.
- Fixed warchief animation of the Clan of the Squirrel
- Correction of the wrong colors displayed on the warchiefs' outfits. They did not match the clan’s color.
- “no work” state reworked for Dwarven Operatives
- Fixed crash when loading the Chapter 8 of story mode.
- Fixed crash when a ceremonial bonfire event is triggered.
- Fixed crash when a controlled jötunn champion died.
- Fixed several other crashing issues.
- Conquest bonus “Tools costs no ressources and forge time is divided by 2” can no longer be generated for Dwarven Operatives and emissaries.
- Fixed positive fame value displayed when Dwarves were defeated.
- All the new Kröwns and Daggers features are now scriptable for mods.
Edit: Mac offline installer now updated as well.
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Dread Templar recieved a small hotfix patch (15 MB) today in GOG Galaxy. The changelog is very small this time.

Dread Templar hotfix
• Small bug fixes
Version 0.918e > Version 0.918k

Unfortunately the offline installer is still on Version 0.916a.
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A Juggler's Tale

Updated to 1.16.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patchnotes 1.16

- fixed Abby slowly climbing up the ladder, causing the chase sequences to be too hard


Updated to 1.030.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:

As we announced late last week, we're ready to push a bit more sizeable Update today.
There is something for everyone this time in terms of both new content, improvements of previous features and a bunch of fixes.

A quick breakdown of goodies from today's release…

First and foremost – the new stuff!

+ New full map added: Caldera.
+ New wild animal added to some maps: deer
+ The Clothes shop now has the ability to give citizens in its radius nice looking and fashionable hats and a small
Happiness bonus to boot
+ Added Scarecrow to crop field, if wheat or oats is planted
+ Added loading screens hints
+ Added new foliage on certain maps
+ Added Quartz mining in Stone quarry (used in Glass production)
+ Added University building for the educating of the young (12-20 yrs). Allows faster class advancement and elevated
Education SI
+ Added Book binder building – produces Books
+ Added Paper Mill building – produces Paper
+ Added Glassworks building – produces Glass

Then a bunch of tweaks and improvements…

+ Changed the position of the Jewelry store I research to prevent researching Jewelry store II before the first one
+ When switching trade deals from Docks to Harbor, game doesn't transfer maximum Dock trade amount anymore, but
sets a new one as intended
+ In buildings panel filter, the last building in the group isn't missing anymore
+ If an adult lives in a Shelter, no marriage will occur
+ When moving into a house, housing SI increases by +40, and when moving into a Shelter it increases by +20
+ Continue button in the main menu now properly detects the last used save
+ Combo bonuses are now set properly if you simultaneously build two buildings that affect each other
+ Farmers in Fields and Orchards now literally pick up harvest from plant to plant, during harvest season
+ Tweaked Pest event: radius between affected fields is increased, and probability of infection for adjacent field is
+ Tweaked Research: the balance between several research prices and research durations has been adjusted
+ Tweaked Cookies prices and rebalanced the Bakery
+ The size of Tornado disaster is increased
+ Tweaked difficulty: on higher difficulty settings, adult population consumes more food in later years
+ Tweaked difficulty: on higher difficulty settings, adult population consumes more luxuries in later years
+ Tweaked climate variables: dry and tropical climate now require more firewood in temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius
and below

And finally, a batch of additional fixes…
+ Corrected the Townhose typo
+ Leaves on trees now have a proper coloring change when switching from Winter to Spring
+ Corrected situation when wrong SI hint was shown on one of the answers on the King's ransom event
+ Corrected a bug that could cause workers to not pick up crops from the fields
+ Corrected a possible bug when game reloading sometimes kept field crops resources/lumber in a forest to linger from
the previous save
+ Large Park research now unlocks Orchard seed III research, as intended
+ Buildings panel icons are now properly aligned and do not overlap with other visuals
+ When building a road, all plants in its path are now properly removed

We hope you'll like this update. Many elements will be obvious from the start, others will pop out as you play the game further, and for some nice details you'll have to really pay attention. But overall, we're confident this update pushes the game another step towards an even more enjoyable experience for all of you!

And as usual – this isn't the end, more updates are on the way…
Enjoy and govern on!
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Hedon Bloodrite

2.1.2 update, patch notes from Steam:

IMPORTANT: Updating will render your old saves incompatible. If you're 100% sure you want to proceed, reinstall Hedon for the update to apply properly.

2.1.2 Changelog:
- Switched the Fire Hammer's unique damage type to "Crushbow" type, allowing the player to benefit from extra class protection and reduce the chance to kill themselves when throwing it up close;

- Made several visual improvements to Map02;
- Fixed the position of a doorway tavern sign in the servant mess hall in Map12;
- Fixed a bug where the Demon Town breach assault could be started right away by using an invisible trigger line in Map13;
- Fixed the journal text displayed when completing the diving suit quest persisting on the screen;
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Craft The World has flagged as showing an update.

Mac is showing as 1.9.003, so apparently up-to-date and on parity with Steam. But Windows is still showing the previous version 1.9.002, so appears not to have been updated, yet.

EDIT: Windows has now received the update to 1.9.003 too. :)

Update 1.9.003

Attention! To view all changes and improvements you may need to restart the game world.

Added a new set of armor which is obtained from wooden armor when it is upgraded. It allows with a little effort to raise the defense.
Added armor for mages which does not provide significant protection but does not decrease movement either. It significantly enhances the magician's skill and provides periodic generation of mana.
Added metal staff - intermediate between wooden and silver staffs.
Added wooden boots for the initial set of armor.
Added runes of ice and fire which can drop from rune doors along with recipes. They can be used to reforge a steel sword and give it new properties.
Added the most durable mithril shield.
Added a multi-barreled mithril rifle into the worlds which have sulfur deposits.
Added an armored box which increases the number of items carried by 1 and gives additional protection.
Improved AI of dwarves - when demolishing a block under themself at a high altitude the dwarg tries to cling to the back wall of the cave to not fall down.
Changed the settings for the speed of digging various ores and smelting ingots for more balanced progress in the technology tree.
A section with hotkeys has been added to the diary.
More than 50 big size images have been added to item recipes.
Fixed some cases of overlap and intersection of secret rooms with goblin colonies and elf grottoes.
For the Horn spell it is allowed to dig marked blocks in the same radius as the attack of the monsters. This is necessary in order to collect dwarves near a crowd of monsters without destroying the last block between dwarves and monsters. And then without canceling the gathering spell dig a path to them.
The healing effect of the bandage is increased to 15%.
Other minor fixes and improvements.

DLC Lonely Mountain
Changed drops from boxes in accordance with the items drawn on them.
Sometimes the trolls had too many health hearts.
Fixed: earth blocks up to lava could not be generated from the edge of the map, so the dragons could fly out to the surface.
Fixed: dwarfs did not consume the milkshake considering it an elixir.

DLC Heart of Evil
Fixed the scrolls of the ancient portal falling out of the boss.
Elf altars in a dark fortress strengthens the defenses of nearby elves. Showing this an effect is displayed near it - shields over their heads.
Added drop rings of power from elves which enhance different skills. Added a Great Ring to the tech tree which can be forged from several regular ones.
Added missing recipe descriptions for some items.
Fixed: sometimes secret recipes were given that could not be crafted.
Fixed some animations for zombie factories.

Other DLCs
After a while pets imps could get stuck in one place and stop collecting resources.
Werewolves killed the sheep in the paddock when they were marked for shearing.
Dwarves riding wyverns did not explore darkened areas.

Editor, mods
Updated templates for helmets, boots, armor, shields, backpacks and firearms (backpack_template, boot_template, cuirass_template, helmet_template, shield_template, gun_template, big_gun_template).
Attention modders - check your armor and update pictures for the correct image in the game!
Dwarf blanks have also been added for those who want to paint the armor themselves. Path: <Game folder> \ Doc \ Templates \ Skins \ dwarf_template.psd
Added Mana generation parameter to the editor for items. It sets a value - the number of generated units of mana per second. For example, a value of 0.01 indicates that 1 unit of mana will be generated once every 100 seconds. If the dwarf is equipped with several things the effect is cumulative. When a full unit of mana is generated it flies away from a dwarf (like from a mana generator) and is added to the total amount of mana. In the recipe of the item the output of the inverse value in seconds has been added - for the example above "100 s" will be displayed.
In the editor the ability to customize the order of displaying items in the inventory has been added - the "order" field.
Added a parameter for dealing increased damage to undead in the editor - undead damage.
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Another small update (24 MB) for Blade of Darkness has appeared in GOG Galaxy (Offline installer a little later).

v66 (Oct 12, 2021)
• fixed various localization mistakes (EN, ES)
• fixed random crashes when picking up objects in hand
• reinstated correct intro videos
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Surviving Mars

Updated to Piazzi 1008298 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows & Linux])

Changelog from Paradox Forum:
Gameplay Improvements​

- Elevator colonist cap has been increased to 250
- New warning notifications when trying to launch a lander with colonists while not having a ‘habitat’ on the asteroid or when the habitat does not have enough resident slots

Bug Fixes​

- Fixed ‘no disasters’ rule not working
- Fixed ‘no terraforming’ rule not working
- Fixed disabling ‘no Below and Beyond content’ rule awarding ‘Space Explorers’ achievement
- Fixed a crash on starting a new game on macOS
- Fixed a crash when sending a planetary expedition that requires an RC vehicle
- Fixed a crash when a lander rocket returns to mars with cargo containing a transporter that carries resources
- Fixed a crash when requesting colonists from an asteroid
- Fixed a crash after the event ‘rough touchdown’ when drones unload the payload
- Fixed a rounding error on resources prevent the lander rocket from launching
- Fixed a Waste Rock value being incorrect during landscaping
- Fixed event anomalies spawning under resource deposits
- Fixed the amount of surface polymers being very high
- Fixed ‘The last War’ event preventing the loading of cargo onto asteroid landers
- Fixed not being able to send multiple drones through the elevator by right clicking
- Fixed the lander rocket request payload tooltip showing the ready status for prefabs that the player does not have
- Fixed the issue where the number of requested colonists gets reset to 0 in the lander rocket cargo menu
- Fixed where one drone gets transported through the elevator when assigning multiple drones to the elevator as drone controller
- Fixed maintenance getting stuck on certain buildings (fusion reactor and electronics factory)
- Fixed where drones were active in drone hub extender range while the extender wasn’t powered
- Fixed the effect ranges remaining visible after refabbing a building
- Fixed rovers leaving the lander rocket twice
- Fixed the issue where multiple capital cities could be built after terraforming (Old saves will continue to contain multiple capital cities, but the option to build more is now restricted)
- Fixed the RC explorer continuing to scan queued surface anomalies while the RC explorer has been transported to the underground
- Fixed incorrect landing angle of the supply pod on a landing pad
- Fixed the asteroid banner not working without the Space Race DLC
- Fixed the issue where landscape cursor does not show
- Fixed the colony being automatically renamed to ‘missing text’ in the planetary view
- Fixed the concrete extractor not being able to build underground at specific coordinates
- Fixed domes not being built underground because drones stop delivering resources
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Warp Frontier

Updated to 1.1.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
A couple of minor fixes

* Fixed MAC not accepting magnets near vent if closest airlock door was closed (Thanks to @jp_olvr for finding this!)
* Fixed issue with Titus' shadow showing up while he is in the pod
* Updated to version 1.1.3


Updated to 1.030.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Quickfix 1.030.1

A quick fix for the reported issues with being able to choose weird stuff on fields and orchards, like... erm... quartz and paper.
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Blade of Darkness one more time.

v67 (Oct 12, 2021)
• fixes an issue related to using objects and weapons introduced in v66
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Updated to 20211011_1.1.29.r46602 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Hello, gamedecs!
It's been three weeks since you can solve crimes in Virtual worlds, and well... it was intense! Thanks to your support, we've been working hard on fixing bugs that you reported for the last couple of weeks. Your feedback is vital to us, so we thank you and encourage you to continue to send us all the comments and ideas you have for the Gamedec.

The most important thing we are fixing with this patch is solving all known language issues. Besides, we have improved performance, SFX's, polished up the sounds and many many more - see the full patch notes attached.

We would also like to remind you that we are still working on the development of Gamedec. We are sticking to the recently presented roadmap, so expect more patches soon.

- All known language issues should be completely fixed.
- Improved the quality of in-game music.
- Fixed the overall SFX issues.
- Improved the overall quality of SFX.
- Improved the overall performance issues and optimized the CPU/GPU usage.
- Fixed a bug when V-Sync could not be disabled using in-game options and still capped the FPS.
- Added the quick save button in the controls settings menu.
- Fixed numerous bugs affecting the playthrough and logic errors preventing players from proceeding.
- Fixed various 3D graphics bugs.
- Screens with key binding - fixed in all languages.
- Adding smooth animation for dialog entry and exit.
- Fixed some music issues on loading screens.
- Fixed missing Codex entries.
- Only high priority Codex entries get an exclamation mark at the beginning of the game
- Fixed missing dialogue options throughout the game. A number was present, but there was no line after.
- Fixed text scaling issues in NPC's speech balloons.
- Fixed the NPC occlusion on Paradise Beach.
- Fixed most of the issues with gender tags.
- Deduction scales well to different aspect ratios.
- Fixed crash which sometimes occurred on loading screen between levels

- Exiting farm on Harvest Time won't crash the game anymore.
- Fixed an issue when, after talking to suspicious NPCs, meeting them at the Umbra House on Knight's Code is impossible.
- It's no longer possible to get inside Umbra's house without a key in Knight's Code.
- The tutorial appears correctly when it is turned on in the menu and no longer appears when the player turns it off.
- The "Rheistic Systems" counter is now counting tips correctly [Fallen Hero]
- Bug fixes on levels where lighting didn't work correctly.
- Fixed a crash during autosave while entering the theater.
- Fixed animation of Jester entering the portal.
- Fixed a blocker in interaction with Kid when Nanette appears.
- Gamedec won't run around with a gun after shooting Herman in Twisted & Perverted.
- The pistol disappears properly after your gamedec dies in Twisted & Perverted.
- Fixed an error when talking to Blazin' Dakota on Harvest Time that caused Akce Thomson to fall under the map.
- Fixed an issue with the couch that did not have the option to teleport to Harvest Time.
- Fixed the leveling bug on Twisted & Perverted.
- Fixed the bug where loading the game from a save causes items from disappearing from the HUD in Knight's Code.
- Poteto Gomuin in Knight's Code counts as an item and is not added to the total number of Gomuin.
- Collecting resources before the proper option appears no longer leads to a block in the quest in Knight's Code.
- Fixed the occasional significant loss of floor cardboard quality in Haggis Office.
- Fixed the saves thumbnails - they are no longer semi-transparent so that you won't see the question mark in the background.
- Fixed a bug when transforming from cat to human too close to the bridge railing caused the gamedec to fall under the map.
- Improved the shadow capsules quality for some of the characters.
- In the deduction, the Tip information box opacity was too high. Fixed.
- Fixed an issue when tutorial for minigame with glitches showed up when minigame hasn't started yet.
- Fixed dialogue with Starlett where she tells Gamedec where she took the boys. She did that twice on different occasions, which wasn't necessary.
- Fixed an issue with The Outlaw's favor bar. It was tilted as if we've got her trust, but we haven't.
- Fixed an issue when after the duel with the Sheriff and returning to the farm, Gamedec was still holding a gun in his hand.
- Fixed an issue in Twisted & Perverted, where the street sounds do not fade back in after the respawn.
- We politely asked the Unicorn from Twisted & Perverted not to spawn on the player, blocking the player's movement. You're a Unicorn, not a troll FFS.
- Fixed collision boundaries on Axis Mundi, a player won't cross the bridge into the nothingness and roam freely between bridges.
- You won't be able to talk with Wild Poppy after she disappears anymore [Harvest Time].
- Fixed missing dialogue lines with the Sheriff on Harvest Time
- The logs to the right of the bridge in Knights Code are now active.
- In Knight's Code - suspects should no longer return to the starting point if we have started a quest to eavesdrop on them and then skipped a cycle.
- Fixed an issue when a quest on Harvest time doesn't update correctly if you get the clues before going to the farm.
- Fixed the Apartment issue - If you saved the game after rejecting a call from Haggis, that causes him never to call Gamedec again.
- Fixed the UI in Knight's Code.
- Fixed clipping issues on Harvest Time.
- You can no longer click on a pumpkin on Harvest Time and then walk during a dialogue.
- You can no longer save/load the game to buy free strawberries.

Last but not least - we were informed that soon some spooky things might happen in Warsaw City, so remember to visit Harvest Time and collect some pumpkins. They can be helpful.

At this point, that's all. We hope that the time spent in Gamedec's shoes will be even more enjoyable now.

Take care and stay safe!
Team Gamedec
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Endzone - A World Apart

Updated to 1.1.7955.27193 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
We've just released another Hotfix for Endzone - A World Apart. It contains small improvements and fixes, based on your valuable feedback. It should improve your overall experience with the game. Please keep reporting possible bugs or issues you encounter!

Buildings: Fixed education center, as there were errors with the 3d model, its textures and the reaction to wind.
Expeditions: Expedition window now correctly hides/shows different sub elements if all expeditions have been solved.
Expeditions: Expedition loot screen can't exceed 100% anymore.
Research: Fixed corrupted/broken tech tree, when starting a new session while another session is already open.
Research: Tech point research progress is now correctly reset when starting a new session while another session is running.
Savegames: Removed savegame upload as this could cause the game to stutter & become unresponsive.
System: Fixing crash when starting the game for the very first time, when any DLCs are installed.
Feedback/STOMT: Fixed black screen error when system calendar is based on arabic languages.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 1.1.7955.27193
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Jupiter Hell

1.1.0 - Exordium!
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A big update for Colt Canyon has just appeared today (Offline and GOG Galaxy). Here's what's new/changed/added:

Melee Combat Overhaul

• All weapons now have additional melee stats that influence melee damage, cooldown and much more, even stuff like how many targets can be hit with a single attack
• Enemies (especially late-game enemies) will still try to block melee attacks but some weapons will be harder to block
• Throwable weapons will have a much stronger focus on melee combat and should only be thrown if no longer needed or when fighting enemies you don't want to get close to
• NPC melee still works as before to not increase combat complexity too much, but they will sometimes drop melee weapons now
• Throwable weapons now have actual durability that is displayed in the HUD

• Added active reloading to make reloading more exciting
• Added over 50 new weapons, including various melee weapons and special late game guns
-> Added Blood Weapons, legendary blood-colored weapons only found in very late game, that use your life force to boost their power

• Increased the maximum ammo you can carry and adjusted Max Ammo Upgrades
• Added 7 new upgrades, most of them related to ammo and increasing either the inventory ammo capacity or the amount of ammo you will find
• Shield Overhaul!
-> Shields will protect from melee damage, but also only when attacked from the front
-> You can now carry more than one shield but it only has 2 hp
-> If a shield breaks and you got backup shields a new shield will be equipped
-> More ways to get and find shields
• You can now choose between 5 instead of 4 upgrades

Other changes

• Added indicator to help players decide whether a weapon on the ground might be stronger than the one equipped
- Weapons that are stronger will be highlighted with a blood-coloured outline/glow around the weapon name when interacting
- The indicator only takes the weapon you are currently holding into account, not the one on your back
• Added a couple of gamepad-compatible cheats
• Added seperate interface settings menu, moved some game settings there
• Added auto reload option to game settings
• Added received damage mulitplicator run setting (also influences companions)
• Changed the color of the fletching on arrows to improve visibility
• Added Aspect Ratio Setting (PC Only)
• Improved Crosshair (improved visibility) and added more crosshair settings
• Showing equipment of enemy that killed you on game over screen
• Swapped main melee key and secondary melee key
• Adjusted some weapon cooldowns (throwables in particular)
• Adjusted some weapon stats (throwables in particular)
• Adjusted floor texture to give everything a bit more contrast against it
• Enemies will start attacking faster if you are getting close to them
• Enemies in first stage no longer receive extra melee damage
• First boss changes: Reduced health by 5hp
• Second boss changes: Increased health, slightly reduced health scaling with player amount/loop, slightly adjusted movement, Loop changes: reduced dash damage but buffed movement and cooldown and placed toxic plants in the level
• Final boss changes: Increased the amount of containers in the level and increased the time between final boss attacks, slightly increased his health and decreased penetration power of his gatling gun, Loop changes: More shield health and more resistant to explosives
• Tweaked melee combat target detection algorithm to make aiming in melee combat more important
• Added slowdown after melee attacks
• Reduced movement speed with throwable weapons equipped a little bit
• Resupply can now show up and be selected up to three times per run
• Resupply no longer full restocks dynamite if a dynamite weapon is equpped, instead it only grants 2 dynamite
• Tweaked arrow ammo sprites
• Enemies will try harder to hold some distance from you, especially high-level enemies
• Tweaked Scythe, its also now called Combat Scythe
• Added new enemy type to first area in loops
• Added a new locked crate type that contains shields
• Merchants will now also sometimes sell shields
• Adjusted big knife upgrade
• Improved upgrade generation
• Updated some playable character stats (especially in regards to melee combat)
• Reduced fast reload upgrade reload speed boost but added active reload upgrade as part of it
• Made throwables more rare in big crates but allowed weapon crates to sometimes drop em
• Hostile dogs can now lose interest in you if there are no human enemies also chasing you and they are too far away from their spawn
• Decreased enemy ammo drops if player has a lot of ammo
• Player now always marked if using color blindness mode
• Increased amount of loot in first level
• Reduced destructible dodge damage
• Free tnt upgrade and companionr rest can be chosen up to 3 times
• Tweaked companion armor upgrade
• Increased capacity that max ammo 2 and max ammo 3 adds for light rounds
• Added an extra ammo drop to locked crates
• Reduced amount of cacti in area 3 cactus fields
• Companions will now also get some short invincibility after being hit by a gatling gun round, just like players
• Human companions will now learn to dodge over time
• Fixed some item drops being unreachable because they drop outside of level
• New upgrade icon color backgrounds
• Increased trap blink frequency and contrast
• Companions can no longer use throwables (didnt make sense before, with the melee overhaul it would make it even more complicated)
• Added new icons for loadouts with special boni that will make it less cryptic whats special about the loadout, no more "!?"
• Adjusted some loadouts to use some of the new weapons
• Replaced improved auto rifle with high-cap auto rifle
• Replaced Improved Slug Gun with Multi-Cylinder Revolver (we already had slug repeater)
• Fixed "Mom" not having reloadskill of 10 despite being more skilled than "Fox"
• Changes to some weapon sprites
• Weapon drops will now lay on their side if the weapon is higher than it is wide
• Tweaked some weapon animations
• Tweaked some partner stats (made them more agile)
• Increased alertness indicator contrast
• Slightly increased the chance of enemies dropping their weapon and the amount of ammo in those guns
• Added interaction to prisoners in coffins to help with the rescue
• Adjusted a whole bunch of weapon and character stats
• Slightly increased the amount of ammo dropped in later levels
• Melee enemies will sometimes drop a melee weapon
• New Blur Shader
• Increased amount of weapon crates
• Minor HUD adjustments
• Made bears and bisons resistant to toxic plants
• Increased health of carried explosive barrels
• Reduced strength of boss health scaling with additional players and looping
• Reduced strength of enemy health scaling in advaned loops
• Scorpions and snakes are no longer scaling their health in advanced loops
• Scorpions and snakes have a longer cooldown between attacks
• Increased enemy skill in loops
• Reduced amount of health dropped by elites in loops
• Added some more high-level bandits to looped bandit stage
• The dog is slightly more approachable
• Slight adjustments to auto reloading
• Removed language setting on console version (use system language instead)
• Added command prompt command to toggle menu paper sway animation
• Various changes and additions to command prompt, including basic scripting/modding support


• Fixed player sometimes getting stuck in walls
• Fixed companions aiming in weird directions while walking
• Fixed some cover not spawning in final boss level
• Fixed characters sometimes not being kicked in the air by knockback
• Fixed some wrong weapon stats like float damage values
• Fixed coop shared ammo not working correctly
• Fixed merchants not reacting to trades
• Fixed enemies sometimes attacking while player is still frozen
• Fixed issues with the enemy skill run setting
• Fixed various issues where the player might get stuck
• Fixed an issue where npcs will stop moving
• Fixed bullets dealing critical damage to shields of unaware enemies
• Fixed dynamite sometimes not destroying objects if not in view
• Fixed a bug where reload hints were not showing up
• Fixed an issue where it was possible to move through solid objects
• Fixed a bunch of memory-related issues
• Fixed various minor bugs and possible crashes
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