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Phoenix Point

Ambrose- v1.12


The cost of late-game faction research is lowered by approximately 35%.
The build time of story haven zones is lowered by 50%.
The rate of Pandoran evolution is slowed down with approximately 20% on Rookie, Veteran, and Hero difficulty.
The rate at which the Pandoran bases conduct their attacks is reduced.
Increased the rewards for scavenging and haven defence missions by approximately 20%.
Increased the number of total food, training, elite training, and factory zones in Havens
The Neutral weapons and armors are now available for manufacturing to the player from the start of the game.


Increased the maximum strength for the player's soldier to 35.
Increased the starting strength of the soldier for Rookie, Veteran, and Hero difficulty with 2.
Increased the strength of all human characters by 2.
Reduced the amount of damage “Bash” does.
Increased the number of enemies in the beginning of the game for Hero and Legend difficulty.
Increased the chance of enemies dropping items on death.

Mutations, Bionics and weapons adjustments

Venom Torso - damage increased to 55, Shoot Spike cost reduced to 1AP, 10 stealth and 2 speed added, maximum range of projectile removed, effective range reduced to 22 , ammo reduced to 16.
Tentacle Torso - Paralysis value increased to 24, stealth penalty removed, perception bonus increased to 6, 1 speed bonus added.
Screaming Head - Psychic Scream cost reduced to 1AP and 4 WP, but is restricted to one use per turn, 4 WP bonus added.
Judgement Head - WP bonus increased to 8.
Shadow Legs - shock damage of Electric Kick increased to 200.
Propeller Legs - Rocket Leap distance increased to 9 tiles.
Juggernaut Torso - Demolition State cost reduced to 2WP.
Scion of Sharur - viral damage increased to 15.
Destiny III - damage reduced to 70, ammo capacity reduced to 12, manufacturing and ammo cost reduced.
Nergal's Wrath - effective range increased to 14.
VVA-2 Arms - ammo capacity reduced to 5.
Ragnarok - ammo cost is reduced to 16 tech and 49 materials.
Autocannon - weight reduced to 4.
Praetorian 2 Body Armor - armor reduced to 18.
Guardian XA Helmet - armor reduced to 26.
Guardian XA Leg Armor - armor reduced to 29.

Mutogs adjustments

Venomous Head damage increased to 60.
Ramming Head damage increased to 150.
Slasher Tail damage increased to 70.
Basher Tail damage increased to 60 and shock damage increased to 200.
Paw Strike damage increased to 80.

Pandoran changes

Damage of the Evolved Organic Machine Gun reduced to 45 per shot.
Siren Injector Arms viral damage increased to 6 (per hand).
Arthron Shieldbearer gets 2 additional speed.
Scylla Thureus, Scylla Imperator, Scylla Hegemon, Scylla Regina, Scylla Smaragdos, Chiron Smaragdus, Siren Armis have now evolved 50% virus resistance.

Legacy of the Ancient changes

Excavation time of Ancient Sites reduced to 8 hours
Manufacture time for archaeology probes was reduced by approximately 40%.
Lowering the requirement for Triton Umbra and Scylla Smaragdus to be researched by the aliens.

Bug fixes

Few minor bugs were fixed.
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Iron Harvest

Updated to rev. 53739 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from the developer's website:
Changelog 23

General Changes:

- Fixed an issue on Usonia’s 2nd mission “Hostile Takeover” where players sometimes could not progress past the final cutscene.
- Fixed an issue that caused a fatal simulation error on “Beachfront Stronghold” 2v2 map if slots 1 or 3 were empty upon the games start.
- Infantry is now immune to tumbling while they are retreating.
- Suppression icon will now appear again on the unity card of infantry.
- Partial fix for an issue on Rusviet Revolution’s 4th missions “No Signal” that prevented players to progress past the cutscene after entering the radio tower.
- Beachfront Stronghold cover location updates to alleviate squads splitting between levels. Additional cover locations now correctly spawning on upper bastion levels.

Balance Changes:

Common faction units


- Increased Anti-air damage vs. light from 2.5 to 4.5.
- Increased Anti-air damage vs. medium from 1.5 to 3.5.
- Increased Anti-air damage vs. heavy from 2.5 to 3.

Gunship: The combination of aircraft movement and high damage output made the Gunship just too good of a pick in a lot of situations. We are tuning down the damage a bit to give the other dedicated anti-mech mechs more situations to shine.

- Reduced damage vs light/medium/heavy from 150 to 120.


- Reduced reserve coin cost from 2 to 1.


Anna and Wojtek: Their strength and versatility gives them the edge over other early-game heroes and most groups of infantry available when they enter with Reserve 1. Tuning Wojtek down a bit reduces the overall power while maintaining Anna’s strength as a sniper.

- Reduced Wojtek's HP from 400 to 350.
- Reduced Wojtek's damage against infantry from 40 to 30.

Zolw (troop-transport mech):

- Increased Reserve deployment cost from 350 to 400 iron and 120 to 135 oil.


Ognivo (flamethrower mech): Where Ognivo shines the most is when the veteran ability is unlocked. Reaching veterancy is a bit too difficult, therefore we decreased the amount of XP necessary to reach it.

- Reduced veterancy threshold from 2000 to 1400.

Barracks and workshop: The longer build and upgrade times for Rusviet sets them a bit too far apart from the other factions in matches where it comes down to every second and every single bar of iron.

- Reduced Workshop and Barracks build times from 55 to 45 seconds, and 55 to 50 seconds, respectively.
- Reduced Advanced Workshop and Advanced Barracks upgrade time from 65 to 45 seconds.
- Reduced Advanced Barracks upgrade cost from 120 oil to 110 oil.
- Reduced Workshop build cost from 140 oil to 120 oil.
- Reduced Advanced Workshop upgrade cost from 575 iron to 520 iron.


Salem (MG mech): Due to its high accessibility and high damage output in the early game, Salem is able to reach Veterancy too quickly, creating even more of an advantage. We delay the time Salem hits the battlefield and the veterancy upgrade to give enemy infantry a bit more breathing room.

- Increased build cost from 300 iron 80 oil to 330 iron 95 oil.
- Increased veterancy threshold from 1500 to 2000.

Captain William Mason:

- Increased Turret Relocate cooldown from 30 to 50 seconds.
- Increased Turret Requisition cooldown from 80 to 100 seconds.

Admiral George Mason: The combination of George’s distinct attributes make him a difficult to counter. We are reducing his stats across the board to give players more room to come up with answers to him while keeping an eye on the fact this unit cannot be revived once killed.

- Reduced HP from 1300 to 1200.
- Increased reserve coin cost from 2 to 3.
- Splash damage vs. Unarmored decreased from 50 to 40.
- Reduced shell damage vs. unarmored reduced from 50 to 40.
- Reduced shell damage vs. light reduced from 50 to 45.
- Reduced shell damage vs. medium reduced from 40 to 30.
- Reduced shell damage vs. heavy reduced from 40 to 30.
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Patron Demo

Updated to 0.800.8 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.


Haven Park

Linux version (1.0.5, Offline Installer) & Mac version (1.0.5, Galaxy) added
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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart

Space Rangers - update 2.1.2424_hotfix (6 August 2021)
Bug fixes

Fixed a crash during Cutthroat promotion mission in case of getting second gifted micromodule after closing the dialog with the government Fixed a bug that didn’t allow Displacement micromodule to be inserted into human-made engines

Acrynic effects are now showing on equipment cards Added new features for modders
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Master of Magic Classic / Caster of Magic has been updated once again to v1.01.02.01 (49065).
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Updated to 1.0.3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

Patch 1.0.3 is now available!

Hey! Yarden GRIME director here,
Welcome to our first post-launch patch notes.
A quick but ROCKGIANT-SIZED-THANK-YOU to all the support from everyone!

This patch includes a potential fix for what we've seen as the most common and significant issue - periodic stuttering, causing the game to appear as though it runs on less than 60fps.
We are aware that this is currently the most common issue experienced by players, and fixing it as fast as possible is our top priority!
Please let us know if there have been any improvements with this issue, so we know that we are on the right track.

In addition, this patch includes a bunch of QoL improvements such as; allowing players to now rebind the map hotkey, disabling the backs-step for you Hollow Knight fans, and no longer will useless, ugly, Unformed Fingers automatically add themselves into your quick-bar.

Major bugs:

- Potentially fixed an issue causing periodic stuttering.
- Harmless Rockgiant's head is now vulnerable, taking increased damage as intended.
- Fixed an issue causing certain controllers to not function as intended.
- Fixed an error where some controllers blocked the cursor from appearing when it should.

Quality of life improvements:

- Consumables will no longer be auto-equipped.
* Player feedback helps!

- Added the ability to change the Inventory, Prey, Map menu panels shortcut keybinds, and change the Toggle HUD keybind as well (If any of you want to take screenshots!)

- Stat requirements for early weapons have been reduced.
* We've heard you! You'll now be able to try out more weapons before committing to certain stats.

- Added the option to disable back-step when no input direction is pressed for dash.
* Essentially, you can now remove back-step and only dash forward.

Minor Bugs:

- Potentially fixed a bug causing the mouse cursor to be visible when it shouldn't.
- Fixed a visual bug with the Whispering Mothers Health bar.
- Fixed the Health Segments of the Captured Rockgiant.
- Fixed a collider bug that allowed players to inconsistently reach Yr Den without the necessary ability.
* We're all for sequence breaking and we won't patch them out unless it leaves the player stuck, unable to exit the area without dying.

- Fixes to areas in the map which were not being revealed consistently.
- Added a collider to the throne chair in the Shapely Fidus boss arena. Thanks, Elajjaz!
- Inventory character preview appears in better detail on low-quality graphics settings.
- Fixed a bug that left an invisible damage zone inside of the Vulture arena.
- Fixed a bug blocking the ability to exit the credits screen after finishing the game with a controller.

Plans for the next patch:

We will continue to monitor the stuttering issue until it is resolved.
A bug with Ardor has caused an unintended discrepancy of mass gains for players, next patch will tweak the leveling costs to better reflect our original intentions.
Any new significant bug that has popped up will take priority, but new patches will also include a myriad of minor bug-fixing, as this one has.

Potential future, future patch - Exploring options to tackle one of the most common gameplay criticisms, regarding the current scarcity of Fast-travel locations.

And that's all for Patch 1.0.3!
Please, continue to let us know if you discover any new issues, or have any feedback on gameplay you'd like to give, we are listening!

Yarden Weissbrot, GRIME Director

P.S - Added strands to this mysterious location. Because how else are these platforms held in place like this then?
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Brigador: Up-Armored Edition

Updated to v1.62c (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows & Mac)

Changelog from Steam:
Bugfix Notes for August 4, 2021

- "Rebuke" horns (horns with a vocal component) should once again be audible.

Meatless Loadout Menu:
- Hitting the "Randomize" option should no longer assign you easter egg content when easter egg content has been disabled. SNC Obligate Munitions tenders its apologies.
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Update to V1.037.

It seems we had this update before but it might have been problematic because it was pulled. In the library there is even a patch from 1.037 back to 1.05. But since we get this update again I assume the problems have been fixed. But that's the reason why the changelog is already one year old.


Update 1.037 (1 June 2020)

Warriors! Today is a good day to die. Perma-die. Your continuous support keeps us working on improving ELDERBORN and today marks the addition of a much player-requested feature. As if the game wasn't hard enough (yeah, we know it's not for some of you - hats off!), you wanted to have the option to play with permadeath. As in no respawn. You die, you're dead-dead, and the game removes your save file. Yea, some of you feel THAT cocky. So here it is... Ironman Mode!

This option can only be applied to a new game, so if you want a really hardcore challenge of conduid-filled NG+ and permadeath combined, you need to prove yourself first by completing the base campaign without dying once. The new play mode also comes with an appropriate new achievement to hunt for. Good hunting!

But there's more! Today's update introduces 2 new language packs to ELDERBORN. Players in Russia and Hungaria are now able to enjoy the game in their respective native tongues. This brings us to a total of 8 language versions, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Hungarian. We'd like to thank the amazing of the Babble Knights translator team for supporting the Hungarian LOC. The Russian version was prepared by Roboto Global.

That's it for today. We'll see you around, as there's much more Hyperstrange news to be excited about in the near future. We'll keep you posted, so stick around!
Update 1.032 (26 March 2020)

Load your final save game after beating the campaign to start NG+
Start with all the character progress and arsenal intact
Face more powerful standard enemies that leave behind more essence
Encounter rare overpowered Essence Conduit enemies that just GLOW with power
Essence Conduits are larger, and much meaner than their standard counterparts
Essence Conduits drop MASSIVE amounts of essence if you manage to defeat them
There's a higher chance of Essence Conduits spawning in each subsequent NG+ run
Each subsequent New Game+ run becomes harder, but yields higher rewards


Parrying and blocking no longer in input queue
Failed parry penalty decreased by 20% You can now break the counterattacks of shielded enemies with a kick and stagger them
Blocking has been revamped
Block no longer has a cooldown
Block-breaking attacks no longer does damage, unless you don't defend at all
Parry-breaking attacks will cause damage
Parry- and block-breaking attacks from the enemies are less frequent
The Old Blade has been boosted to make the early game combat less punishing
The Coffer Hammer no longer blocks unblockable attacks - it delivers an unblockable heavy attack instead
More consistent enemy staggering and throwing off ledges


Difficulty tiers have been re-balanced and work more in-depth - received damage, enemy attack speed, phial healing amount, and phial number after respawn is affected
Brightness setting slider has been introduced in the menu
Some of the Catacombs enemies have been re-deployed in new positions
Scorpions will take longer to turn around
Small scorpions are easily staggered
A bug causing the Jurmum Arena bosses not to spawn on rare occasion has been tracked down and squashed with extreme prejudice


Complete achievement system overhaul to make sure all unlock properly
Corrected descriptions to The Gravekeeper, Jurmum's Garbage Collector, Gotta Catch - Them All, and Winston Wolf achievements
Some problematic enemies excluded from the achievement requirements
New achievement: Groundhog Day - complete NG+ for the first time
New achievement: A Challenger Appears - complete all challenges
New achievement: Winner's Don't Do Drugs - kill 10 Essence Conduits

Update 1 (20 February 2020)

An option to respawn at the last savepoint has been added to the menu, to help the player in the rare occasion of being stuck in the world map (this still works as a regular death, so no one gets the idea to abuse this mechanics for free fast-travel)
Achievements should now update properly and instantly
"OK Boomer" and "Big F****g Sword" should now work properly
General achievements fixes
A bug causing the player to respawn incorrectly at the place where they died if they quit the game too quiclky ave been fixed
In the second bossfight Anane should not teleport inside the arena wall anymore
Prompt pop-up and pop-away bugs have been fixed
Animation fixes in Ceramic Kopesh and Old Blade weapons
You can no longer trigger the Kopesh special ability by hitting corpses
Knockback should no longer make enemies clip through walls... ... nor should it make the player clip through walls
"Gravekeeper" and "Jurmum's garbage collector" no longer require bosses
You can now check the index for your progress in enemy kill count and essence gained count
The color of the particles that Anane emits has been fixed
Minor in-game text fixes
...other minor fixes and polish
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Baldur's Gate 3
Hey Everyone,

We’ve just rolled out a new hotfix for you!

This hotfix addresses the issue with NPC’s running away from you after using the Wild Shape ability, certain NPC’s will no longer rise from the dead after specific dialogs and your game will no longer crash simply because you committed too many crimes.

Thank you for your support tickets, Reddit, Steam, Forum, Discord and social posts about these issues! Your feedback and bug reports are incredibly helpful to us and we value the time you take to play the game and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks for your support!


Fixed a threading crash related to physics when loading a level.
Fixed a crash on loading a game where you've committed an egregious amount of crimes.
Fixed a crash related to textures when loading a level.
Fixed a crash when approaching the Owlbear Cave.
Fixed broken NPC behavior when saving while NPCs are reacting to your Wild Shape.
Fixed pickpocketing not showing the correct items available for "borrowing".
Fixed multiple clicks on the same target opening multiple pickpocket windows.
Fixed certain NPCs rising from the dead after specific dialogs.
Fixed fur on bear models.

Amid Evil
Update 2172e.
No changelog.
Probably bug fixes, minor update.
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I see the situation with missing changelogs hasn't gotten any better, it actually seems to have gotten worse given the frequency with which Steam is mentioned as the source of most changelogs; smh.

Which makes, imo, even more important to highlight the cases where devs/pubs post changelogs in the game forums.

An example:

gogtrial34987: Transport Fever 2

Updated from version 33872 to 34108 on Windows (nothing for Mac and Linux yet at the time of writing, though I'd expect them within a day or two based on the track record of this developer)

Changelog from the linked wiki page:

I know that GOG links to the wiki, and that you were(?) maintaining the changelog thread in the game forum, but matthias.guertler from Urban Games has been posting the changelogs in this thread since mid June.
I also know that it's not immediately evident that he's part of the devs, as he's one of a good number of devs that hasn't gotten the Dev status (due to GOG lacking an automated procedure of assigning it), but he's got the official status on Steam. So, kudos to matthias.guertler for taking care of GOG as well.

Big thanks to everyone who go looking for all the missing changelogs to post them here, and additional thanks to those who check the game forums, and mention and link to the changelog-posts of devs/pubs.
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gogtrial34987: Transport Fever 2

Changelog from the linked wiki page:

HypersomniacLive: I know that GOG links to the wiki, and that you were(?) maintaining the changelog thread in the game forum, but matthias.guertler from Urban Games has been posting the changelogs in this thread since mid June.
I noticed that a while ago, yeah, and stopped updating the Changelog thread because of it now being redundant. Probably should make that explicit by posting a link in there to matthias' thread.

I however use the developer's wiki as the source for my posts in this thread since matthias updates in the forum are for the beta version, and it's always possible that the final version will have small changes from that.
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gogtrial34987: I noticed that a while ago, yeah, and stopped updating the Changelog thread because of it now being redundant. Probably should make that explicit by posting a link in there to matthias' thread.

I however use the developer's wiki as the source for my posts in this thread since matthias updates in the forum are for the beta version, and it's always possible that the final version will have small changes from that.
Yes, I've noticed that his posts are ahead of the time the final version comes out, so that's a good point.
I just thought that when the final version's out, it'd be nice if you could perhaps check his thread, and if there aren't any differences (not sure if there actually are any) put a mention & link here as not that many devs/pubs take the time to post in the game forums, especially in regards to updates; I think they deserve this small acknowledgement, for whatever it's worth, that's all.
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* Factorio
Windows offline installer updated to 1.1.37

Couldn't find a Changelog anywhere.
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We Are Football

Change Notes Update 6

- Annual calendar shows all games, training sessions and important dates in the season (available during the planning stage next to the weekly planner), further extensions will follow
- Contracts of players of the 1st and 2nd team can be terminated against severance payments
- Youth players can be poached from other clubs and signed for the own 1st team
- Special streaks of the clubs are displayed on the media screen
- Extended rule-based line-up with “Keep formation” option and Condition, Energy, and Fitness as additional filter parameters
- Assists are displayed on the line-up screen (just scroll to the right under the player list)
- New statistics: Player of the year (for countries, continent, world)
Bug fixes
- Problem with manager health in week 3-6, in case there were many appointments in the first week
- AI suggestion for poaching an employee can no longer lead to a manager dismissal
- Transfer rumours stay listed until the weekend even if a club is not interested anymore
- Achievements: "Savior" and "Catch up" corrected
- Error at season goal 2nd place corrected
- Club shares now have a minimum price, even if the club value is negative (debt compensation)
- Learning a "double minus" skill now leads to a "single minus" skill
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Updated to 1..32 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

No changelog.