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* Rimworld
Mac & Linux offline installers are now also updated to 1.3.3075 rev736
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Distant Kingdoms (In Development)

Updated to 12153 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update 1.5


Operating Radiuses

The behaviour of radiuses for Production Buildings is being overhauled to be clearer. Up until now, the radius of a Warehouse dictated which buildings could use its Couriers, but the radius of a Production Building was what defined where said Courier could take goods to or bring goods from. From Update 1.5, the Warehouse will assume all of that responsibility. Any Production Buildings that are within a Warehouse's radius will be able to send goods to, or recieve goods from, any other appropriate building within that same radius. You'll find that Larger Warehouses will become more valuable, as you'll be able to spread your Settlements across larger distances!


The User Experience for Trade is recieving a facelift for Update 1.5. While the core functionality will remain unchanged, how you assemble and edit a Trade Route is being broken up into clearer stages, with interface refinements to better explain what actions you can do and when: 1. Naming the route 2. Adding the stops 3. Configuring loading and unloading of goods Additionally, the ability to create single-run routes is being added - giving you a convenient way to send off starting construction materials to new Settlements!


Fixed an issue where the Current Quest may become un-dismissable when upgrading a House while saving the game.
All alternate key bindings in the Settings Menu are now correctly localised.

The Plane Effect Prologue

Updated to 1.01.1839 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Tunguska: The Visitation just received an update. Offline game installers show v. 1.3-3, no changelog attached by GOG unfortunately.

Thankfully, there is a developer post pointing out new changes:
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List of games that their update flags are missing in Jul 2021:
(Only games I owned are recorded. [1])

kentucky_route_zero (New Interlude)
[1] Jul 2021:
[2] Jun 2021:

syberia_2 was a false alarm, nothing changes except the renaming: "Syberia 2" => "Syberia II"
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* DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale
Windows offline installer updated to

- Changelog:
" Below is the list of changes included in version 1.2.8 of DROD RPG.

A big thank-you to hyperme for developing many of these fixes and additions!

+ Addition
* Bug fix
! Change in behavior

+ Expose multi-use pressure plates in editor menu (rotate to select). PR
+ Expose Hard Wall as a script command Build/Wait for item option. Topic PR
+ Expose NPC defeated as a script event check. PR
+ Playtesting: Support modifying custom variables in F4 dialog. Topic PR
* Room editor: Cut-and-pasting armed entities doesn't track sword positions correctly. Topic PR
* Update editor placement restrictions PR

! Imperative Die now processes immediately following a Wait For Defeat script command triggering. Topic PR
! Wait For Defeat is now satisfied when an NPC on tarstuff is defeated. Topic PR
! Apply Goblin and Wyrm weakness for Accessories Topic PR
+ Add command coloring, alphabetized ordering, and hotkeys to scripting. PR
* Script var changes to player position now work. Topic PR
* _ItemHPMult (etc) could have floating point imprecision when applied, potentially resulting in values one less than intended. Topic PR
* Fixed scripts becoming global (a) not being migrated to global list immediately on room entrance, and (b) running twice at once when converted on a later turn. Topic PR
* Make predefined vars _X, _Y, and _O accessible outside of an NPC script. PR

Game play:
! Fix any monster on tarstuff will now maintain a tarstuff tile underneath it while alive, and the tarstuff is removed when it is killed, just like how a tarstuff mother operates. Topic PR
* Fix monster stats resetting on room re-entry after loading game Topic PR
* Fix monster HP might not be set properly when exploring a room that was being previewed on the minimap. Topic PR
* Fix previewed rooms disappearing from the minimap in multiple cases (e.g., after picking up a map item, then undoing/restoring game). Topic PR1 PR2
* Prevent script setting player HP to 0 on room entry Topic1 Topic2 PR
* Prevent scripted explosion on turn 0. Topic PR
* Scripted token activation, questions, and event checks not occurring on turn 0 when (re)initializing the room. Topic PR
* Minimap room preview should use player's current stats for combat resolution. Topic1 Topic2 PR
* Fix player tweening effect when restarting room after entering with Player Role None. Topic PR

UX changes:
+ Add mirror movement animation. PR
+ Add new INI options for alternative full screen app management under SDL2. PR
+ Level editor screen: Now F3/F4 summary stats display shows red and black gate counts, as well as tallies for open doors. Topic PR
* Fixed light rendering glitches and artifacts.
* Multiple weapons on same tile had fluctuating display. Topic PR
* Fix armed monster flickering with weather effects. PR
* Fix some minor light rendering glitches and subtly changed certain properties of how the light and shadow rendering are animated. PR
* Falling entity's weapon now displayed. Topic PR
* Fix assertion when player falls to his death with sword pointing out of the room. Topic PR
* CaravelNet: Fix potential hangs and missed updates when uploading demo scores and server is not responding properly. Topic PR
* Bump effect fixes. Topic1 Topic2 Topic3 PR
* Play Video display glitch following video playback. Topic PR
! Vision token tarstuff opacity decreased from 80% to 65%. Topic PR
! Now stagger timing of when vermin disappear. Topic PR
! Anti-alias the white font on the game and room editor screens. PR
! Orb activation flash now fades out smoothly. PR
! Restore Screen focus now begins on save game list box. Topic PR

Third-party libraries
* Now using SDL2 instead of SDL for the GUI. "
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Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest
Update notes for 1.2.10
- Bug fix: game may crash when using Forest Remembers to rewind time in Battle of the Sanctuary mission.
- Bug fix: Smoldering Crossbow's Oil Shot ability has a double word "Deals 2 fire fire damage".
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The Forgotten City is now at 1.1 (was 1.0).


14 New Visual Styles + Chinese language fix + Optionally disable hints + Cloud Saves + various other fixes


1. Added 14 Visual Styles to change the look of the game. Press [ and ] to switch.
2. Chinese Localization is now working correctly.
3. By popular demand, allowed bold players to disable all whispered hints, so they're forced to solve all puzzles on their own (Settings > Interface > Hints Enabled = No).
4. Enabled Cloud Saves


1. Fixed bug where player couldn't show note to Quinctius after taking it from Claudia's body.
2. Fixed Equitia sinking into her balcony floor occasionally.
3. Stopped Fabia following players into Shrine of Diana or Villa.
4. Player can no longer ask Domitius where Ulpius or Iulia are once they no longer live in the villa.
5. Prevented rare issue where 2 different scenes requiring Domitius would try to play at once, and get blocked.
6. Ensured that if Malleolus has withdrawn from the election, Horatius doesn't talk as if he's still in the running.
7. Fix for Palace Busting door not remaining open after loading a saved game where it had been opened.
8. Fixed bug where you could skip certain Philosopher dialogue by refusing to answer his questions about the purpose of your visit.
9. In response to rare bugs about dialogue being randomly muted, identified the only places that .dialogue audio volume is touched during gameplay, and made sure it's always 100% during interactive dialogue.
10. Ensured that if the player talks to Sentilla while the election is on, it doesn't break the game.
11. Fixed rowboat description issue where player never learnt the name of the stranger by the river.
12. Fixed a German typo in graffiti.
13. Made sure that player gets the achievements for saving Ulpius and Fabia consistently.
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kbnrylaec: syberia_2
What was changed in syberia 2?
kbnrylaec: syberia_2
MarkoH01: What was changed in syberia 2?
Could be a false alarm.
I thought it was a Mac-only update when I posted the record.
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VirtuaVerse Demo

Windows installer updated to 1.31

No changelog that I could find.

File name and sha1sum: setup_virtuaverse_1.31_(48974).exe 12db6f01279cc0a0b09d3461fccd7138d319a5c0
kbnrylaec: Mmmmm...
Could be a false alarm.
I thought it was a Mac-only update when I posted the record.
As I'm aware, the only change here was renaming "Syberia 2" => "Syberia II" for some reason.
DawEdhel: As I'm aware, the only change here was renaming "Syberia 2" => "Syberia II" for some reason.
Probably just to make the title match what's listed on Steam.
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* Rimworld
All offline installers updated to 1.3.3076

- Changelog:
" - Added temperature tough issue and precept. This makes some believers mind extreme temperatures less.
- Added Alert for likely slave rebellion.
- Mining yield now caps at 125%.
- Clarified in description that the medical specialist won't do violence.
- Clarified spacedrone self-destruct delay info in quest description.
- Gauranlen tree pruning is dictated by a new stat, affected slightly by plants skill. Tree connection pawns have a 25% boost to pruning speed.
- Increase berrymaker dryad production from 32 to 40 berries per batch. Increase medicinemaker dryad production from 3 to 4 herbal meds per batch.
- Archonexus quest now warns players beforehand that research will reset
- Tuned down apostate memory thoughts and adjusted labels.
- Rebalance tree connector thoughts.


- Inspect pane now automatically resizes when tabs are added or removed.
- Changed JobGiver_DeliverPawnToBed to check for reservation before issuing job.
- Changed GenColor.InstinguishableFrom difference threshold to 0.005 and removed optional parameter.Removed the custom value from call sites.
- Error mitigation for districts not having their map index decremented correctly until problem is found.
- Added difference threshold parameter to method signator on GenColor.IndistinguishableFrom and replaced uses of GenColor.ApproximatelyEqual with calls to IndistinguishableFrom with custom threshold.


- Fix: Dryads are affected by disease incidents.
- Fix: Gauranlen pod seed yield is affected by difficulty.
- Fix: ArgumentOutOfRange exception on Precept_Role.
- Fix: Ancient junk remains can wipe important quest structures.
- Fix: Apostasy from any ideo triggers knowsmemorythoughts in ideos with apostasy.
- Fix: A case where bad mods can easily make a savefile unloadable (Building_TurretGun).
- Fix: Check order in ThoughtWorker_Precept_TreeDensity.
- Fix: In desert areas, Gaumaker dryads never form a gaumaker pod.
- Fix: Gauranlen seeds can be assigned to plant under a roof.
- Fix: Fungus darktorch description says it is refueled with wood. It is actually refueled with raw fungus.
- Fix: TreeDensityReduced thought stages are incorrectly calculated.
- Fix: IdeoRelic issue no longer has an iconPath assigned in XML.
- Fix: Prisoners lost during farskip.
- Fix: Ideoligion UI overlap.
- Fix: Drum circle is ignored by pawns if only Ideology is installed.
- Fix: Doctors administring drugs to a pawn that has just died of an OD throws exception.
- Fix: 'Scarification' is not translated.
- Fix: Weird ancient barrel shadow.
- Fix: Some ancient junk is rotatable but should not be.
- Fix: Portrait cache not dirtied on changing style item in styling station dialog.
- Fix: Default parameter added to GenColor.IndistinguishableFrom() instead of overload, causing mod errors.
- Fix: Tree connection meme doesn't require Gauranlen connection: Strong.
- Fix: Animals being lead by ropes can be stopped to have their wool/chemfuel/milk gathered.
- Fix: Gauranlen moss can spawn over anima grass and Gauranlen pods.
- Fix: High life meme ideos generate with a warning about conflicting apparel.
- Fix: Cancelling a biosculpter cycle before a pawn has started it will still consume nutrition.
- Fix: Ideo is left in broken state if player escapes without having selected any memes. "
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Transport Fever 2

Updated from version 33872 to 34108 on Windows (nothing for Mac and Linux yet at the time of writing, though I'd expect them within a day or two based on the track record of this developer)

Changelog from the linked wiki page:
Version 34108 (August 03, 2021)

* Improved construction: reactivate <Shift> parallel to the configurable key for adjusting height and snapping when building tracks and streets
* Fixed out of video memory issue on certain AMD GPUs when using VULKAN
* Fixed ghost cranes appearing at map center
* Fixed animation jumps of cranes
* Fixed missing sounds in bridge/tunnel/railroad crossing popup
* Fixed crash when updating maps in Steam Workshop
* Fixed disappearing pinned windows when leaving cockpit camera
* Fixed sort order for multiple units in vehicle store
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Wizard of Legend

Another update from 1.23 to 1.23abc

No new details in the Changelog

EDIT: the new update info is present under the -Post Update Changes- section.
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