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Distant Kingdoms (In Development)

Updated to 11487 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patch: 11487 - 14/05/21

Thank you for all your help reporting bugs and providing feedback this past week. We've been hard at work on these fixes and more to come next week.
We are aware of some strange behaviour with the Keybinding for pausing not being reliable, we will most likely issue a hotfix on Monday or Tuesday to deal with this. If you encounter this issue you can use the speed controls at the bottom of the screen to control time.

We have been combing through your feedback and have some exciting news on the horizon regarding changes to features.


- Fixed Tutorial progression to allow players to successfully complete the tutorial sections past Exploration
- Cider can no longer be produced before Tech Node is unlocked.
- Made Farm Field Rotation respect keybindings
- Fixed Localisation error that occurred in Emergency notification popup
- Fixed Escape Key functionality based upon Interface States
- F9 Feedback now shows Feedback and Bug as options
- Adjusted Audio Curves so that volume fades out smoothly across 0-100
- Fixed Marketplace assignment on Houses when their original is deleted
- Savegame deletion prompt now only gives one confirm option
- Quarter's Inspector is no longer partially hidden behind Advisor Dialogue in the Tutorial obscuring the button to close the Inspector.
- The Origin and Target buttons on a trade route's courier now function
- The totem's titles in the building inspector are now centred
- Tunnels highlight correctly on both maps.
- Tutorial can no longer be broken if the player deleted the Small Warehouse when the Demolition tab is introduced.
- Construction sites now respect their actual ranges (Click on a Construction Site to see it's range)
- Warehouses can now be deleted correctly
- Lumberyards can no longer claim trees in OOB areas.
- Actors no longer get stuck in place OOB behind Lumberyards when their range exceeds the currently unlocked hexagons.


- Transitioned Quarter Names from hard-coded strings to localised keys
- Autosaving can now be disabled when interval set to 0
- Increased Autosave Values to go up to 30 minutes
- Moved Autosaves out into main SaveGame folder
- Made Localisation Language a setting within UserSettings (Only JSON editable for now)
- Adjusted Video Playback system to allow it to play more smoothly
- Transitioned CLEAR_HEX to a more reliable instruction
- Removed erroneous "+" in positive AFFECT_MANA and AFFECT_TREASURY usages
- Added a highlight to the race selection in the Main Menu.
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Terraria is reported as updated again.
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* No Man's Sky
Offline installers updated to 3.40_Season2a_72673

Detailed changelog here:


* Terraria
Windows offline installer updated to

Changelog from steam:
Added Celebratory Seed
Corrected the damage on Frost Armor's set bonus debuff from 20 to 25 DPS.
Fixed Vulkan and Metal rendering issues that lead to crash, on FNA builds.
Fixed a certain exploit.
Fixed missing tooltip in Queen Slime's treasure bag.
Fixed every vine type except Normal/Flower vines from passing on paint as they grow longer.
Fixed King Slime's spiked minions being able to pick up money and despawn with it, similar to Queen Slime's minions previously.
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Lost Ruins

Updated to 1.05 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:
Day One Bug Fixes for Lost Ruins

Hi everyone!

Thanks for hanging in there while we address certain bugs that have been reported over the course of the day. Altari Games is working hard on fixing other issues that have been pointed out and we're still keeping up with everything that's out there, so please do keep it coming! Y'all have been awesome =)

1. Fixed a bug where some save files were not loading.

2. Fixed a bug where platforms disappeared, and a bug where status numbers appeared strangely.

3. Fixed a bug where you could roll through some doors.

4. Fixed a bug where in dialogue the character speaking was displayed incorrectly during conversation.

Our first priority is to correct bugs and issues interrupting some players' experience with the game, but we're also listening to the subjective feedback you are providing. Thank you for all your support =)

1.0.5 Patch Notes

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your continued efforts reporting issues you've come across. We're still working hard to smooth out rough edges in your Lost Ruins experience. The following items are now live in the 1.0.5 version of the game.

1.0.5 Patch Notes:

- Best Friend has been changed not to be affected by blind attacks.
- Fixed a bug where Throwing Ham was not picked up right away.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes guided projectiles couldn't be blocked.
- Fixed a bug where it was impossible to proceed if an event occurred while the player was using the shield.
- Fixed bug where Spell Master / Weapon Master achievements were not working.

If you're still awaiting a fix for an open issue, please keep an eye on the post where you reported it as we are referencing the original messages for answers from you to clarify the circumstances surrounding these bugs. If you have other issues, please do reach out either in replies here, in the forums or in our Discord.

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Corridor 7: Alien Invasion and Operation Body Count recently had an update. CD-music is still broken so I'm not sure what was updated. No changelog.
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BROK The InvestiGator - prologue updated to the version 1.0.14.

Store page:

By the date, I think the changelog in the game's forum is the right one (even though it's missing a 0 in the version number):

PROLOGUE 1.14 (May 18th 2021)
- Added better walk animations for Brok.
- Fixed : Music sometimes didn't loop correctly during the interrogation.
- Fixed : Cursor movement with gamepad was much slower than intended (it varied according to resolution but it shouldn't have.)
- Fixed : Three music tracks were missing in the prologue.
- Fixed : Changing the options saves the configuration when closing the menu. A bug made it save the configuration each time afterwards, even without changing anything.
- Fixed : Added failsafe to check if the target list was not existing when enemies fight.
- Added unique ID code at the end of the prologue.
- Added 23 fanarts.
"BROK The InvestiGator - prologue" dupe.

At the moment game's page is reporting v. 1.0.13.
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Jenny LeClue - Detectivu

Updated to 2.2.1 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

No changelog.
Flaose: Corridor 7: Alien Invasion and Operation Body Count recently had an update. CD-music is still broken so I'm not sure what was updated. No changelog.
This is because Ziggurat forgot to enable CD music in C7's setup program I have included instructions on how to enable it here:
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Magmarock: Dust received an update 1.7.24 but than the offline update was reverted back to v1.7.23.
Crimson-X: You mean DUSK?
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_Auster_: BROK The InvestiGator - prologue updated to the version 1.0.14.

Store page:

By the date, I think the changelog in the game's forum is the right one (even though it's missing a 0 in the version number):
I just talked to the dev because of this issue and he told me that 1.14 = 1.0.14.
Apparently on GOG (and other stores) it is not possible to use just 2 numbers when entering your version number.

So don't worry if the Steam version number is a little bit different in this case (Steam allows free numbering of versions) - we have the same version.
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Offline installer files for DUSK are now back at 1.7.24 again.
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BUILD 2172 - 19 May 2021
BUILD 2172 - 19 May 2021

Major changes:

Ray Tracing is now merged into the main branch.
You can access ray tracing by running the game in DirectX 12 from the launch options.
DLSS 2.0 Available with compatible NVIDIA cards for a significant performance increase.
NVIDIA Ansel support added.
Engine upgraded to Unreal 4.25.
HDR montior support.

Minor changes:

Some menus laid out / spaced a lot nicer (WIP)
Colour changing cheats a lot nicer (AE1981 AE1982 etc)
Save game preview images brighter
Close shave achievement fixed
Enemy counts on most level fixed
Aeturnum VFX fixed
Celestial claw weapon switch bug fixed

Lots of lighting fixes
Lots of optimizations
Lots of minor gameplay changes/polish.
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Space Haven

Updated from 0.12.0 to 0.12.1 on Windows, Mac and Linux

Changelog from Steam:
* Added a direct food consumption toggle for the storage facility information window. Use this to allow eating directly from a storage.
* Modified some scenario hints and other texts.
* Fixed bugs.
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Updated to V1.3.0

No changelog.