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PC Building Simulator

Offline installer updated to version 1.11.2

Changelog from Steam.
Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue that caused the camera to move up when trying to look under the GPU models in the EVGA Workshop DLC.
- Adjusted the ARTIC Freezer 50 CPU cooler to prevent some clipping issues and allow for greater memory compatibility.
- Fixed an issue which caused the CORSAIR XD3 RGB Combo to clip through the side of the CORSAIR Crystal Series 280X RGB case - Thanks to Rebluus
- Corrected the balance data for the Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 2060 Ultra - Thanks to Jacob 'Snakeman' Klein
- Fixed an issue which caused the Acer Predator XB273U NV Monitor screen to display incorrectly in some cases due to an incorrect Z plane value - Thanks to Dikiy (Андрей)
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art of rally

Updated to 1.1.2d (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

No changelog.
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Dungeons 3: A Multitude of Maps (Removal, not really update.)

Mmmm, after re-checking the page of, I think GOG just removed the "Feb 19 2020" version.
That is why gog.db showed "Size 11.5 MB ⇒ 6.3 MB".

(Below was my original post:) detected a change for a single DLC for Dungeons 3, but the base game and other DLCs are not affected.

I always backup my offline installers, so I found that I already had two different files for the said DLC:
6809728 Feb 18 2020
md5sum: 49e8b91ad0f8d12619739cc61f6ad24e

5476880 Feb 19 2020
md5sum: 7c51e04bb564b90a4253acccc412f49e

I re-downloaded the DLC from GOG today, and it is the file I already had:
md5sum: 49e8b91ad0f8d12619739cc61f6ad24e

I guess GOG just rolled it back to the "Feb 18 2020" version.
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Port Royale

Update 07 May 2021

fixed sea battles crash
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EVERSPACE 2 (In Development)

Update 0.5.18385 (4 May 2021)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
We've just released a hotfix patch that includes fixes for a few issues that were introduced with last week's patch.

Here's the complete list of changes:


- Fixed some keys occasionally not working in menus
- Fixed a blocker in "Smoke & Mirrors" mission in which the cave could not be entered
- Fixed "Return to surface" waypoint in "Smoke & Mirrors" mission not properly succeeding if any waypoint was missed along the way
- Fixed a blocker in "In Heart Scrap" mission which ended the mission after prematurely destroying the functional drill unit
- Fixed not being able to return Cephas Cabernet Sauvignon
- Fixed Elek's HP and DPS not scaling correctly
- Fixed special cases in which joystick keybindings were lost on restart
- Fixed ARC-9000 explosion not damaging the player ship unless the "Reduced damage from ARC-9000 explosion" perk was active
- Fixed ARC-9000 explosion sometimes ignoring enemies
- Fixed a problem in a Lost Cargo job in which a destructible wall didn't spawn mission containers correctly
- Fixed being "nowhere" when leaving a generic job location after having loaded a manual save that was created there after having finished the job
- Fixed being able to manually save during active tasks in job/signal locations
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Crosscode got an update, to version 1.4.1-2 or 1.4.1-3 depending on OS. (1.4.1-3 is only on Windows.)

The GOG Changelog is only from March 30, and is for 1.4.1
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There was an update flag for Railway Empire, but I'm not sure what was updated. The GOG changelog isn't up-to-date.
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dtgreene: Crosscode got an update, to version 1.4.1-2 or 1.4.1-3 depending on OS. (1.4.1-3 is only on Windows.)

The GOG Changelog is only from March 30, and is for 1.4.1
Changelog taken from the Steam forum:

Hotfix version 1.4.1-3

We released another hotfix, mostly fixing bugs and spelling issues. There's also a few small content additions, including:

game screenshot of the new content
A new Supporters' Cup to be found among the custom cups, adding a few more quest related boss battles to the arena.

another screenshot of the new contents
A new room above the Rhombus Square Item Shop assembling a whole bunch of traders for all kind of items.

more new content screenshots
A couple of guest characters from Quantum Protocol just vibing in a certain inn. Have fun finding them! Unfortunately, with no new dialogs this time.

And that's it!
The post also had some more stuff, but it was unrelated to the update.
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Hi guys, I'm going to stop to update Astrox Imperium changelogs (here and in the official forum), if someone of you wants can continue.

(anyway thank you for your great work)
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IronArcturus: There was an update flag for Railway Empire, but I'm not sure what was updated. The GOG changelog isn't up-to-date.
Changelog from Steam:
Railway Empire - Update 1.14.0


Railway Empire Update 1.14.0 is now available for PC, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One. In update 1.14.0 you can expect some quality of life improvements and optimizations. Tracks without an owner no longer belong to the player when loading a savegame.

A detailed list of all changes can be found below:

ALL Platforms:


- Added tree colours which reflect the change of seasons (blossoms).
- Added preview pylon added that snaps when Shift is held and the track is hovering. Added preview pylon which snaps to the end of parallel tracks.
- Removed minimum threshold for placing pylons on tracks.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes tracks were not connected properly when creating a junction.
- Tracks without an owner no longer belong to the player when loading a savegame.

Railway Empire – Down Under – DLC

- Added ‘Adelaide’ to Free games with inactive settlements.

Steam / Epic


- Players on Steam and Epic now have the option to save their game locally. Settings are still stored in the cloud.
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Steel Division 2

Update 51345 (Offline installer) and 51512 (Galaxy only at the moment)

Changelog from the developers (GOG changelog is hopelessly outdated)

Patch v.51342 (Burning Baltic's Hotfix) (GOG version is 51345, but I've found no official changelog for that build)
Official Dev Post


fixing the missing Lit. RM-38's image

fixing some Estonian names' localization

fixing the Estonian SU-85's nationality (it was actually considered Soviet)

fixing 1.FJ's missing Fs-Jäger if you don't own "Tribute to D-Day"

fixing Estonian units being silent

fixing the Flaktruppen's missing NATO icon

fixing the Tannenberg's minimap

fixing mods export

fixing MG suppress

fixing vehicles MG34 range to 750m

replacing the Soviet SU-76 tank destroyer with a German one in AG's SS-Panzerjäger-Abt. 11.

replacing the German battalion commander for a proper Soviet one in AG's 272nd OSNAZ Battalion.


Tannenberg map will be made available for any games (4v4 by default). Yet they will only be accessible with the following criteria: Meeting Engagement + Capture the Flag
Leaderboard will be reset again, in order for games won or lost with the recent MG suppress issue not to be taken into account.

Patch v.51512 (Galaxy only right now)
Official Dev Post


fixing some aircraft armament's display.

fixing DT LMG's rates of fire & damage.

fixing Mustad Mantlid (Est. penal troops)'s number of SMG models displayed

fixing Mustad Mantlid's lack of acknows

fixing some typos in AG Burning Baltics' battalions' names

fixing the Skijäger Pionier's HUGE (17 --> 3) amount of explosives

fixing "Gabby"'s wingmen, now coming with P-47D-25 variant too.

correcting general Ziegler (11. SS commander)'s wrong portrait

replacing the Finnish planes in AG Burning Baltics' 11-y RAP with proper Soviet ones


decreased HMG vehicle (MG 34/42, 12.7mm & +) range to 750m

decreased HMG vehicle's suppression to match their LMG counterparts

decreased HE suppress on armored target.

increasing double snipers' damages from 1 to 2

Fanatical units now capture enemy broken units

decreased HMG AA damage & suppress


LMG 34 & 42's suppress nerf

decreased Sturm-Skijäger's price from 35 to 25

adding the missing Tank Buster trait to the SS-Pz.Grenadier (MG-26)

increased Panzer IV H (vanilla & leader, all nations)'s price from 70 to 75

decreased Flak 88mm's RoF from 12 to 10 (ground fire only, AA one unchanged)

(Blindata) decreasing A elite German Panzer IV H from 3 to 2, on par with other cards Panzr IV H


standardizing all Cromwell, Churchill & Challenger's Besa MG ammo at 6250 rounds

Polish Sherman V's veterancy ratio changed on par with other Shermans

renaming the Estonian PIONEERID (PPSh) into PIONEERID (PPS) (some people really have too much free time ;))

increased D-5T (T-34/85 obr. 43, IS-1 & KV-85) & D-5S (SU-85)'s RoF from 5 to 6

increased ZiS-S-53 (T-34/85 obr. 44) gun's range from 1750m to 2000m

increased T-34/85 obr. 44's price from 105 to 110.

increased T-34/85 KOMBAT's price from 145 to 150.

decreased all M10 Wolverine (but US one with HVAP)'s price from 70 to 65.
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Hustlefan: art of rally

Updated to 1.1.2d (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

No changelog.
From the GOG forum, by the dev:

v1.1.2d hotfix is live, with a new video format for the car trailers that displays correctly on Linux now.
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Shadow Man Remastered recieved an update in GOG Galaxy (1.13 GB). Offline installers are probably available on Monday. Here's the changelog:

V1.11 • 2021-05-08
• Fixed strafing on gamepad with classic controls
V1.1 • 2021-05-07
General Changes

• New input menu options have been added to invert snipe and swim look on the Y-Axis for mouse and gamepad.
• Adjusted the joystick angle needed to perform strafe jumps for gamepads
• Fixed issues with classic controls and swap stick gamepad options.
• Moving the joysticks diagonally will no longer slow down Shadow Mans animations
• When swimming in the water pressing Jump will now also move you forward.
• During the Avery cutscene Shadow Man will fire his weapon forward
• During the Batrachian cutscene sound effects now play correctly and Shadow Man will fire at Batrachian.
• Enabling or disabling the Giant Stetson secret no longer turns off the Play as other characters secrets.
• Enabling a Play as character secret will no longer reset Shadow Mans animation
• Music now stops when starting cutscenes, and will return to the previous music if no music is playing when the cutscene ends.
• When Shadow Man dies in Louisiana and respawns in Deadside Shadow Mans health is restored
• The lava volumes in Temple of Fire and Temple of Blood have been fixed
• Fixed issues with rotating the camera in snipe mode while hanging or doing a special event animation
• Objects effected by frame rate have been fixed: rotation of Violators, Teddy Tunnel effect, inventory selection cursor, coffin gate bolts, and enseign shield effect.
• Fixed issues with Baton plinth keeping Shadow Man suspended.
• Added more path nodes around Legions arena so he can move around better.
• Fixed Trueform Legion from not doing attacks after loading a game
• Fixed fishys from going through surfaces
• Auto closing doors that are set to ignore baddys will no longer remain open when a baddy is near them.
• Changed the No-fly Zone achievement to unlock when both copters are destroyed in day OR night.
• Save slot progression text now shows the total Cadeaux you have collected instead of the current Cadeaux you have.
• Fixed play time counter
• Fixed issue with picking up 2 dark souls near each other at once
• Fixed the soul transfer effect in the good ending cutscene
• The Credits music now begins to play after Shadow Mans speech is over during the Credits.
• Shadow Man will no longer target baddys or objects that are behind his weapon. Fixes issues with projectiles being fired at ground when close to objects such as the barrel.
• Shadow Man will no longer prioritize Animals, Friends, or Govi targets over Baddys.
• Fixed issue with the Secret Activated Flash Frame being triggered when picking up a Dark Soul.
• Speech triggers will now always play.
• User KPF files can now be loaded.
• Fixed issues with saving and loading a game while the Calabash is in use.
• Shadow Man will now break destructible objects he touches if his additional velocity is high. Prevents clipping through walls with destructible objects near walls.
• Changing the HD texture menu option will now reload all textures for the level right away
• When Shadow Man is performing a strafe jump it now checks if he should be sliding or falling before entering his landing on ground animation.
• When sliding or rolling it now checks if Shadow Man is underwater and should be swimming.
• Area-51 and Disco music returns to the correct music when turning those secrets off.
• Loading tips now display correctly for other languages and fixed english spelling mistakes.
• Made sure the items in your hands are usable when opening the weapon wheel.
• The Dark Soul that spawns from the Govi in the Temple of Prophecy that sits on the pillar that lowers when you press the button will now fall to the ground.
• Playing as the dog will no longer constantly play the falling animation when running down slopes.
• Adjusted snipe camera position and rotation based on if Shadow Man is swimming and rolling
• Shadow Mans swim lava death animation will no longer play after another death animation has already played out.
• Whenever Shadow Man dies he will always say something instead of sometimes just making a generic hurt sound.
• Items in your hands will now be visible in the inventory screen.
• After Jack is killed the entrance door will no longer be locked
• After Avery is killed his battle music will stop playing.
• Moved Averys spawn point for his final encounter closer to his "furniture"
• Added more node paths to marcos node list so he would move around more.
• Any achievements that failed to unlock will now be checked at the start of each level
• Netties cutscene about Luke will no longer trigger forever
• Netties start position will change based on the cutscene she will trigger. She'll be either in the room or in the doorway.
• Fixed issue with Trueforms always running forward if you load your game from the continue game menu option
• Female Zombies were not getting their stats set correctly based on their variant. (First zombies in dead marrow gates will not attack Shadow Man at shadow level 0)
• Fixed mesh normals on engineer locks and Flambeau doors.

Level Changes

• Asylum: Experimentation Rooms has had some changes to make it a bit less maze like.
• New gear meshes of different sizes have been added into Experimentation Rooms and Asylum Gateway
• Summer Camp, Florida Day and Night now have a path in Miltons arena that leads directly to the Soul Gate instead of having to go all the way back.
• Salvage Yard: The car crusher machines can now be activated by pressing the switch next to them.
• Wasteland Temple of Life: Redid Yorts arena to be smaller so he can tail wipe you wherever you are.
• Asylum Gateway: Added lights to the torch lights in the courtyard
• Asylum Gateway: Set bounding box of Asylum intro cutscene back to it's original size
• Asylum Playrooms: Moved the Brutal enemy away from the teddy spawn point.
• Asylum Dark Engine: Luke will now appear and run out of sight many times just before fighting legion.
• Asylum Dark Engine: Fixed the appearance of the glass and liquid in the piston key consoles
• Asylum Dark Engine: Better uv values on Legions chair

Weapon Changes

• The Baton bolts can now bounce off walls for longer periods of time.
• Increased Flambeau Fireball Voodoo ammo usage from 5 to 8
• Increased the rate at which the Flambeau consumes Voodoo so the Shadow Meter will always stay on screen. Overall Voodoo consumption has been lowered by 0.005 percent each time the light consumes Voodoo.
• Marteau Bolts now deal 30 damage instead of 25.
• Firing the Marteau underwater will fire it straight down
• Lowered Enseignes Voodoo consumption rate by half from 6.25 to 3.125
• The Flashlight can now be used in Deadside with the I Like Deadside Guns secret.

Baddy Changes

• Baddys can now be finished by the Shadow gun during their "into stun" animation.
• Added in Legions ranged attack from the psx version.
• Increased Trueform Legion Health from 350 to 400
• Increased Trueform Legion Anti Wraith homing projectile damage from 1 to 3
• Increased Trueform Legion Bomb homing projectile speed from 8 to 20.
• Avery Nail gun damage increased from 1 to 2
• Milton machine gun damage increased from 1 to 2
• Marco moves faster when he's in his trueform and music is playing.
• Marcos revolver damage increased from 3 to 4 and speed increased from 55 to 65
• Lowered Yorts Health from 400 to 300
• Yort will now turn and attack so he can now perform all his attacks.
• Yort will now fire 2 snot balls that home in on Shadow Man a little bit.
• Yorts tail slam now has a bigger radius and deals more damage.
• Yort Floaters will now charge at Shadow Man and explode when close by.
• Better uv values and texture work on Yort
• Increased Yort Floaters collision bounds
• Shadow Man will no longer auto target the Canary's flying around in Averys level
• Increased Trueform stomp radius from 500 to 650
• Friendly dogs will now always bark when getting up from sitting
• Dog, Duppy dog, Man dog, Duppy, Surgeon, and Zombies now play their Voodoo death animations
• Lowered Duppy Collide Range from 130 to 100
• Lowered Grinder Collide Range from 130 to 100
• Lowered Sister Adept and Sister Matriach Collide Range from 150 to 120
• Lowered Surgeon Collide Range from 150 to 100
• Lowered Brutal Health from 100 to 60
• Lowered Hookman Collide Range from 150 to 100
• Lowered Hookman Health from 100 to 60
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Crying Suns Demo's Mac installer updated to Now it matches the update of the Windows installer from 2 days ago.
Hustlefan: Changelog from Steam:
So this doesn't make sense. I download railroad empire back on 5/1/2021 and setup_railway_empire_1.14.0.27219_(64bit)_(46627) and that is still the version showing. Did we get the update early? And if so, what actually updated? Confused.

EDIT: In Galaxy it is showing this version was updated 13 days ago.. so yea we had it already.
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