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Depth of Extinction

Localization Update is LIVE! 22 April 2021

This update features 4 additional languages and a TON of quality of life and balancing changes!

Hi all, welcome to the Localization Update of Depth of Extinction! Highlights are full translations into Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese as well as quite a few new “quality of life” features and lots of small balancing changes and bug fixes.

This was a huge update as I had to touch every system in the game to fully localize it and the final translation size was almost 25,000 words! If you have played DOE, then you know it is a very text heavy game so this won’t surprise you. I had to make a few edits to get the word count to a more reasonable size but it is very close in content to the English version.
New Features

Added a key binding menu in the Controls tab. This should let you rebind most keyboard shortcuts in the game. Sorry, but haven't got support for gamepad/joystick remapping yet. This could be in a future update.
When a dead character is revived they will immediately get a turn with a single action point. I expect there may be some edge cases that don't work quite right but using an item on the character to revive worked quite well in my testing.
On Equipment lists, I removed the Tier drop down selector in favor of a toggle that will hide items that are already equipped to someone else, can't be equipped at all, or (in the case of weapons) outside of the class requirements for the character. Should help you pare down long lists of equipment in the late game.
A Secondary enemy faction is now assigned to each area and can appear in Stronghold and Mini Boss missions
Stat displays in various places that only showed an icon and the number value have been changed to display the text label for the stat and the value. I think this change is really overdue and should make it easier to understand the game.
Character Stats panel is greatly improved and now allows selection in controller mode

Other Changes

Level cap raised to 11
Level up experience requirements after level 4 are greatly increased as characters were capping out way too early due to some miscalculations in the last update
Increase starting health by 4 in either mode (13 is normal, 9 in hardcore) and decrease health allocated from skill point upgrades (con 4 to 3, grit 2 to 1, butcher 2 to 1)
Encounter types were rebalanced, especially for later areas to greatly reduce or remove less interesting encounters (like hostage rescue) and increase the likelihood of boss fights and enemy strongholds (where you might see the secondary enemy faction)
Raider Heavy Armor changed to tier 3 equipment
The main enemy on the last area (avoiding spoilers but this is a late game enemy) was slightly nerfed by reducing their total ammo
All AOE weapons (mostly the Wrecker weapons) were slightly nerfed by using their “minimum hits” value only (instead of random between min/max) on a “non turn” attack (i.e. overwatch, return fire, etc)
The objective loadout screen’s replace character function is now more clear by showing you the character that would be replaced by a character you add
Items currently equipped to a character could be sold at a merchant. Now an alert will pop up letting you know that the item is equipped and you won’t be able to sell it.
Itchy Trigger and Sentry were granted with an “out of class” weapon. Now a Deadeye equipped with an SMG (for instance) will no longer get Sentry on their turn start.
Enemies will now prioritize targeting your team over the turrets in the area
Turrets no longer appear on platform missions
Continue box gets a confirmation popup when you could retry to make sure its clear you will lose characters
The menu buttons in the top right will always display on the HUD. We had some soft locks happen on enemy turn and the buttons were hidden so the menu and bug report UI’s could not be opened better formatting on the money displayed on the objective loadout as it didn’t have commas and would line break if you got too rich

Bug Fixes

Bug causing characters to face the wrong direction while moving after a stop is fixed
Cases causing soft locks on enemy turn fixed (it was actually a “time out” case but the time was set to 30s so it appeared to be a soft lock to many players)
A bug causing some inconsistent behavior for the “area aiming” interaction for the Wrecker weapon is now fixed
Removed extra items that are not unlockable from equipment counts and database
Fixed an issue where the percentage complete displayed on the save file was incorrect and it was not possible to get it to 100%
Frag grenade was only showing a single action use on the HUD if used on the first action when it would consume both
If the character had return fire and a revive skill/item, the revive was not being triggered when they die
There were reports that saving into a new slot would reset the play time. I haven’t been able to reproduce the exact sequence that caused this issue but i made a change that I think should keep it from happening.
When a stunning weapon managed to get a Stun on an enemy on an overwatch shot, they were immediately losing the stunned state. bug allowing characters inflicted with a status (like bleeding) to then pass it on in their attacks is fixed
A long time bug was found and fixed! the opening encounters for the enemy class objectives were not being fired.
Another long time bug as a failed or aborted mission was able to be retried from the map by clicking on the node

More about translations

The DOE Translators really did amazing work on helping me get this update across the finish line, so I want to make sure each one is recognized!

Spanish was done by Emanuel Osnay
Chinese was done by xiaojinzhu
German was done by Ingo "Barba-Q" Nölleke
Japanese was done by Kui

We also had some smaller contributions to Japanese by Divi and to French (not yet available) by Tchey.

You can help! I’m really hoping to get the game translated into French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Russian in the future. If you want to help, please join the HOF Studios Discord and let me know. I can give you the translator role and let you have access to the language you want to work on. Everyone that contributes even a single translation will be given a community translator credit. Making major contributions and/or helping with testing a particular language will get you a full translator credit.

If you have another language that you would like to help translate, let me know and we can investigate if it can be done!
I see, they are not bothering with changelogs at all now then, not a single updated game (23) has any information on changes.
nightcraw1er.488: I see, they are not bothering with changelogs at all now then, not a single updated game (23) has any information on changes.
Yeah, I don't know why but pretty much every developer has stopped adding changelogs on GOG. It can't be a coincidence that all of them have stopped suddenly in the recent past.
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Updated to (Galaxy (Windows & Mac) & Offline Installer (Windows))

Changelog from Steam:
Update version v2.4.24.21079:

- Fixed several network issues.
- Fixed scrolling bar overlapping text in clan description
- Fixed colossal boar sometimes not spawning in Conquest.
- Fixed crashing issues with the relic of the Clan of the Boar.
- The mythical lure no longer appears as a food resource on the info map
- Fixed crashing issues when launching northgard whilst disconnected from the internet. (rare issue)
Alexim: Yeah, I don't know why but pretty much every developer has stopped adding changelogs on GOG. It can't be a coincidence that all of them have stopped suddenly in the recent past.
I don't think it's every developer has stopped sending changelogs, I think GOG has to manually add them like savages instead of just automating the process via a MD or manifest file.

Addendum: Arriving just over a week late, is Factorio 1.1.32 whose minor changelog can be perused here.
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art of rally

Updated to 1.1.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Discord:
Full Changelog:


-add group videos that have been unlocked by the player to extras menu.
-damage is added to the car after every stage according to the damage setting and stage distance.
-cars on wet stages are shinier and wetter looking. dirt will also look muddier and a bit more diffuse on dry stages.


-crowd system should now respond correctly to change in settings.
-reorganized extras menu
-increased car livery texture size from 1024x1024 to 2048x2048 which makes them much clearer
-made the new group 4 heritage cars smaller.
-on car chooser menu, keep car rotation between car selections
-added new class unlock sequence in career mode for more hype!
-ai gets more damage after every stage according to the player's damage setting


-added missing side mirrors and wind wipers to the original
-fix bug where replay ui could remain on screen after exiting replay
-fix bug where button mashing 'submit' after restarting race from pause menu would result in continuously restarting
-fix bug where the hidden photomode hud would display after taking a screenshot when it should remain hidden
-fix grass visible through prop car on villacidro
-fix sign always knocked on vestpollen
-fix explosive pole on nasu highland
-fix incorrect fence colliders on nikko
-fix bug where simulator achievement could be awarded without the player finishing in first place
-fix ghosts not functioning correctly on haapajarvi
-fix issues with removing files from screenshot folder
-Fixed Finland 3 road having weird bumps
-Mac case-sensitive save fixes
-Ghost corruption fix
-Volumetric lighting fix for mac
-Photo mode effects fix
-Fixed a floating jump arch on normarkku
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Chernobylite (In Development)

Updated to 42152_megapatch_ship (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 1 / 2
Mega Patch #8 - “Final Stage”, Release Date Announcement Trailer [PC, PS4, XOne]

Several months of hard work by the entire team, thousands of hours spent in front of the computers, a lot of tests carried out (also with the participation of our community). The last Mega Patch is finally ready for download for everyone who owns Chernobylite Early Access!

Prepare space on your disks! There is a ton of new stuff waiting for you, as well as significant changes to the story, dialogue, location and soundtrack. In addition, from now on, you all have the opportunity to get to know an impressive fragment of the final, get it right, THE FINAL level - Heist.

Make sure you play the patch before the game officially launches - in this Mega Weekly Report you’ll find the one true... PREMIERE DATE!

Long story short: we’ve got a huge news for you!

We can finally reveal that the gates to the Exclusion Zone in Chernobylite will open on the most popular gaming platforms in July this year! PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions are planned for later release this year.

Don’t forget this, as then you’ll get the chance to sink into a true survival horror RPG experience. One that will require planning, finding allies, team building, and searching for clues to solve the mystery that has brought you to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. However, you don’t have to wait another three months to enjoy the Chernobylite’s offerings, as the final pre-launch Mega Patch has just been added to the Early Access version, including significant changes to the story, dialogues, language localizations, optimization, and soundtrack. Last but not least, this major update will also give you a taste of the Chernobylite’s final level!

It’s also the last chance to grab a PC version of Chernobylite before the final release and get the all upcoming DLCs for free. Only Early Access buyers have guaranteed all future DLC content free of charge after the game’s premiere.


Chernobylite lore

We've never hidden the fact that the Chernobylite storyline is the apple of our eye. All the main and side plots are crucial for the reception of the game as a whole. From your reactions we can see that the story has drawn a lot of attention, and you are looking forward to the continuation. However, there is nothing that cannot be refined even more. This also applies to the plot, which has been thoroughly re-edited and corrected by us.

We tried to highlight the different layers and aspects of the Chernobylite story we wrote as much as possible. This one is focused on the figure of Igor - a man who tries to solve a mystery from the past and understand his role in the events that took place many years ago. The attempt to find his beloved Tatyana is not only literal, but also metaphorical - it is a desire to face the past full of riddles and understatements. These and many other aspects of the plot have been remodeled and, despite many twists, it is a coherent whole.

In order to fully exploit the potential of the Chernobylite scenario, we not only reworked the storyline, but also the dialogues that were rewritten line by line. In addition, all dialogue lines in the game have been re-recorded in English and Russian. As a result, the characters sound even more natural, gaining personality and depth. It is worth mentioning that we have prepared a localization for all the main languages ​​in the game: English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Polish, including the new ones we’ve promised some time ago: Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

The world of Chernobylite also consists of characters. During your journey, in addition to the well-known and liked faces, you will meet four new characters also important for the plot - Vagabond, Volodya, Hermit, Deserter. So far, their appearances have been only placeholders - today it can be said that they’ve officially entered the Chernobylite canon.

We've also added something to this Mega Patch that you've all been asking for a long time. We added the first part of Heist, 1/3 of the entire level to be exact. We give it to you so that you can taste it. So experience something you await since the day of the Early Access release.

As you explore the world of Chernobylite, you will enjoy new melodies played in the background. They are from a completely new, original soundtrack, composed by the award-winning Mikołaj Stroiński, a talented man who worked with multiple well-known titles like The Witcher 3, League of Legends or Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Gameplay improvements, and not only

Mega Patch also introduces a number of novelties and solutions to improve gameplay. For example, the possibility of arming companions with armor and weapons that can be found or crafted in the base. Thanks to this novelty, our companions will have an easier time completing the tasks we send them to. This is something you have asked us and what we can finally give to you.

It is also worth mentioning that we have improved the save system. From now on, players have three additional autosave slots, one separate for quicksave (operated by F5 and F8 keys). In addition, each save has the appropriate markings in the form of a screenshot from the last moment in the game, a time stamp and the length of the game.

However, it will not always be that easy. We added to the game a new enemy - Heavy Armored Soldier. He is the strongest and most formidable soldier. Armed from head to toe this one has almost indestructible armor. It takes more than just a regular gun to defeat him.

And death can also be painful for our pockets - after each death, the player will lose some valuable random items from the inventory. On the other hand, it is sometimes worth dying in Chernobylite, as we show in the tutorial where we explain why.

We also have good news for those who prefer a pad over a mouse and a keyboard - we've introduced full support for controllers, including PlayStation and Xbox controllers. This is a tribute to those players who appreciate smooth movements throughout the game.

Optimizing everything

We spent many months to polish Chernobylite - to correct bugs, graphics and increase stability. Everything that you have signaled to us many times. The effect of our actions can be seen in the new Mega Patch. The game has been thoroughly optimized in terms of memory consumption and displayed geometry. Thanks to these changes, the game works much better, is more stable, loads much faster and displays more details in a higher quality.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that we've completely reworked the graphic settings. Now, individual options should have a greater impact on the performance and a better scaling. Owners of weaker PCs should be particularly pleased with these changes.
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Chernobylite (In Development)

Updated to 42152_megapatch_ship (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 2 / 2
But it isn’t everything

Of course, the mentioned changes are only a percentage of what you will be able to find in this Mega Patch. In total, we are introducing several thousand fixes and improvements. Below you will find another portion of the most important of them:


- The game has been thoroughly optimized in terms of memory consumption and displayed geometry. The game run much better and more stable, while loading faster
- We have thoroughly reworked the graphics settings. Now individual options should have a more pronounced impact on performance and scale better
- We optimized this when the game uses data synchronously and when it uses data asynchronously. The vast majority of random FPS drops should therefore be removed
- We've added save support in Steam Cloud
- We added DLSS support and improved support for Fidelity FX
- We've added support for Steam Achievements

Story and graphic:

- The entire storyline of the game has been thoroughly rewritten and improved
- All 4 fractal worlds summing up Igor's investigation have been rebuilt, elongated and finished. A minilevel showing how Igor got Arianna's possession as well.
- New level: Heist. We've added the first part of Heist (about ⅓ of the total) so you can get a taste of what it's all about before the game's premiere.
- All dialogue lines in the game are voiced with new VOs - both in English and Russian
- New story character: Vagabond (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
- New story character: Volodya (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
- New story character: Hermit (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
- New story character: Deserter (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
- 5 new village characters (all earlier character meshes where just a placeholders)

AI and combat:

- New enemy: Heavy Armored Soldier. The strongest and most formidable NAR soldier
- We have added new properties to armor. Now wearing them affects how well our enemies can see and hear us
- Opponents now react better to their surroundings. They hear worse in the rain, see worse in fog, and spot the player's flashlight
- We've added the ability to create a thermal sight for a rifle and shotgun
- We've added the ability to convert the shotgun to a semi-automatic fire mode
- We've improved how soldiers react to a melee attack. Igor's fist should no longer be the ultimate tool of destruction
- We added AI state indication. The player is informed whether the opponents are in combat, whether they are looking for him, whether he is being chased by a black stalker and how long it will all take
- We improved the performance of covers. Opponents should no longer use covers that do not offer them any real protection
- For the hardcore players, we've added a new difficulty mode: Insane. If Chernobylite is still too easy for you, be sure to try it out

Gameplay mechanic:

- We've added the ability to arm your companions with armor and weapons. You've asked for it so often, so… Surprise?
- We've added 3 new armor types, one for each tier
- We have introduced severe punishment for death. Each time a player dies he will lose some valuable random items
- We improved the save system. Now the player has 3 additional autosave slots, a separate quicksave slot (supported by F5 and F8), and each save is tagged with a screen, timestamp and playtime length
- We updated the descriptions of items and clearly indicated how the items are used
- We have added to the description of all crafting tables which specific items can be built with them

Redesign and balance:

- We spelled out and updated all of the in-game tutorials. We are aware that Chernobylite is quite a unique game and a lot of its mechanics needed to be explained more literally
- We have thoroughly balanced the amount of resources and items on the levels. Recipes needed to craft items and build structures in the base have also been balanced
- We rebalanced all base stats
- We have balanced the game difficulty levels. Now very easy should be really simple and accessible for players who just want to quietly learn the history of the game
- The sounds and musical direction of the Quests have been greatly improved
- There are now many more soldiers in the NAR secret prison, and getting out of it now requires more attention and cleverness
- We have redesigned the armor status bar. Now it should more clearly inform about the current and maximum strength of the armor

Quality of life and feedback:

- In the fractal timeline, memories that have only been slightly modified do not require interaction anymore
- We have added the ability to disable the laser aim indicator. Use it if you want the fight with soldiers to be more like a classic action game
- For people who don't want to die, we have introduced an additional tutorial that will explain why it is worth dying in Chernobylite sometimes
- We have greatly improved the performance of the game on low and high FOV
- We have added ADS support in the game options
- We have added the ability to split stacks into any parts
- We have added the ability to call the quickuse menu with mmb for those who keep forgetting where they assigned what ... and the ability to handle it with a scroll for those who do not want or cannot use it in the classic way
- We've added an icon in inventory that shows what item is currently being used by Igor.
- We have added the ability to disable head bobbing

And that's all! Now there is nothing else to do but download the Mega Patch and get ready for your summer trip to Pripyat. You have a long journey ahead of you, but its end is worthwhile.
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Astrox Imperium

From 0.0116 to 0.0117 (Galaxy and Offline Installer)

Changelog from in-game DevLog:

Build 0.0117
- Fixed popup for valuable demand in station market.
- Fixed market buy qty display when wapping from out of stock items.
- Fixed issue with randon scan mission generating player owned stations.
- Fixed bad loot id causing zombie raider when npc raiders dies.
- Fixed tactical in station when docking while autodocking when looking at map.
- Fixed spelling error on galaxy mouseover data panel.
- Fixed spelling errors in main events generator database.
- Fixed spelling and duplication errors in professions database.
- Fixed merc jump to formation when switching tactics after formation lock.
- Fixed defense drone bug targeting ammo from your own ship.
- Adjusted escort mission mercs to leave fleet when mission is aborted.
- Adjusted merc formation physics for tighter flight.
- Adjusted merc formation lock system with dynamic velocity formation break.
- Adjusted fleet panel UI and payroll data.
- Adjusted merc Income and Payroll data to the pilot feet panel.
- Adjusted mercs to fire on ship target in when in neutral tactical stance.
- Adjusted merc formation AI and distance parameters.
- Adjusted merc combat AI routnines.
- Adjusted merc formation rotation calculations when attacking in unlocked foramtion.
- Adjusted torpedo thrust base speed and rotation calculations.
- Adjusted torpedo lifetime self destruction timer.
- Added new gui icons for fleet select all, merc select all, and formation lock.
- Added residual payment info to the pilot fleet panel.
- Added video panel for use future with tutorials and storyline quests.
- Added video streaming of mp4 videos from url.
- Added video player access button to options extras.
- Added SHIP_base_level and SHIP_skill_level variables to the ship editor panel.
- Added new function button on fleet panel to select all mercs.
- Added structure building requirements to Structure panel list and details box.
- Added orbit tutorial to trade station in void starcross campaign map.
- Added ship orbit tutorial document that is gifted after tutorial completion.
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: 0.91.40 (Offline installers updated)

v0.91.40 Patch Notes
Added 6 elf subraces:
Gray Elf
Wild Elf
Wood Elf
Aquatic Elf
Sun Elf
Moon Elf

Added 3 playable monster races:

Added 47 battle avatars
Added 220 character portraits (matching battle avatars)

Changed racial ability adjustments of the 7 core races (from OGL PF/3.75 data to OGL 3.5):
Human : +2 One Ability Score -> None
Elf : +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Con -> +2 Dex, –2 Con
Half-elf : +2 One Ability Score -> None
Dwarf : +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Cha -> +2 Con, –2 Cha
Gnome : +2 Int, +2 Cha, -2 Str -> +2 Con, –2 Str
Halfling : +2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Str -> +2 Dex, –2 Str
Half-orc : +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int, -2 Cha -> +2 Str, –2 Int, –2 Cha

Other race-related adjustments:
Goblin : +4 Dex, -2 Str, -2 Cha -> +2 Dex, -2 Str, -2 Cha
Drow : +2 Dex, +2 Cha -> +2 Dex, +2 Int, +2 Cha, -2 Con
Orc/Kobold: Added Light Sensitivity
Troll: Darkvision 60 ft. -> 90 ft.
Human: Added Bonus Skills
Elf/Half-elf: Fey Blood -> Elven Immunities
Gnome: Favored class Wizard -> sorcerer (will be changed to Bard later)
Added Languages for all races
Optimized text of all races

Optimized adventurers spawn in towns:
Adjusted races/classes rates
Set matching portrait/avatar by race/class

2 modifications of House Rules for new game
Adjusted underground ambient illumination of adventure mode: 5% Bright / 45% Shadowy / 50% Dark -> 0% Bright / 40% Shadowy / 60% Dark
Right-click on race/class/build to jump to Help page
Polished English story text (thanks Manny / Eisenwulf)
Fixed: Cannot use Bastard Sword/Dwarven Waraxe two-handed as martial weapon
Fixed: Favored class error of races in French version
Fixed: Some typos in Japanese version

Note: When you encountered a bug, please zip and send your saves (the game folder/saves) to It's extremely useful for debugging.
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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos

Updated to 1.2 77 38835 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog from Steam:
- Corrections on spanish and russian languages
- Changed russian font

Bugfix :

- When consuming a potion, the character doesn't have animation
- Softlock in the tutorial when the Ogre must destroy a crate
- Unable to hover unusable skills
- Portraits not updating when changing gear in the inventory
- Softlock occuring with the Dwarf's "For Profit Defensive Maneuver"
- Softlock when a hero dies from a skill which applies the state "Fear"
- Prevent unequiping the Paladine’s shield. (could softlock the game with some skills)
- Softlock with the Golbargh's Fireball critical fail

Radical Relocation

Updated to 1.5.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Renowned Explorers: International Society

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 522 ⇒ 525.

Patch notes for build 525 on April 23rd, 2021

• Fixed ice-cream van in Egypt.
• Fixed some missing images.
• Fixed a number of spelling errors.
• Removed outdated Godhood announcement in main menu.
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Tangledeep's Linux version is now at 1.4i_2. (finally)

Windows is at 1.4i_3 (don't know if this is a change).

Mack is still at 1.36b, unfortunately for mac users.
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Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition's FLAC OST is currently no longer accessible (returns a 404 error).
mrkgnao: Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition's FLAC OST is currently no longer accessible (returns a 404 error).
is that all that flag was? no update?