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Stellaris changelog (part 6 of 8)

Modding (continued)
* Added every/random/count_ship_in_system and fixed the tooltip for the “any version”. Note: count_system_ships is now deprecated
* Replaced every/random/any/count_ship with galaxy_fleet, because checking every ship in the game is a bad idea (and was used wrong in 100% of cases in the game scripts).
* Added Get(Species)ToothName(Plural) loc command.
* Made ‘target country’ of targeted resolutions accessible as 'from' scope in targeted resolutions.
* Added on_branch_office_established and on_branch_office_closed on actions.
* Added "on_starbase_destroyed" on action, and added "starbase_event" event type.
* Added "on_system_occupied" on action that is called when a system is fully occupied (all planets and the starbase). Scope (this = system, from = occupant, fromfrom = original owner)
* Added "system_event" type of event that ensures events are fired in a galactic object scope.
* Megastructures can now have a victory score value.
* Added "add_victory_score" effect, add_victory_score={ reason= score= }.
* You can now hide static modifiers from the country government list of modifiers by adding "hide_from_country_list = yes" to them.
* owned_pop script list (e.g. any_owned_pop) now works in sector scope
* Added every/random/any/count_species_pop which scopes from species to all pops in the galaxy of that species, but use with care because performance on that one ain't gonna be great.
* Deprecated random_pop, any_pop, count_pops and count_owned_pops.
* Made system_within_borders script list work in sector scope too.
* Added "add_victory_score" effect that adds score to a country.
* Added a new trigger has_ship_owner_type to check what type of entity a ship, fleet or ship design is owned by.
* Added "system_event" effect that fires an event in a galactic_object.
* Added "starbase_event" effect to fire events in a starbase scope.
* create_ambient_object can now use effect = { } inside it.
* Added effect fields to a bunch of further create effects that were missing them: create_army, modify_army, create_army_transport, create_pop, create_mining_station, create_research_station, create_half_species.
* The debugtooltip of the planet building queue now shows the sector AI's priorities.
* Now each ship size has their own version of the following modifier shipsize__evasionmult, shipsize_disengage_chancemult, shipsize_tracking_mult. For example: shipsize_crisis_corvette_evasion_mult, shipsize_crisis_corvette_disengage_chance_mult, shipsize_crisis_destroyer_tracking_mult.
* added a "Star Destroyed" message sent when a star gets destroyed (instead of planet destroyed).
* Added a room_name_override effect to set a specific room background to an empire.
* Add effect transfer_galactic_defense_force_fleets = .
* Renamed has_completed/failed_special_project to have _in_log at the end, to avoid confusion as to what exactly they do.
* color entries in scripted map modes now take a type = borders, country or country_and_borders (default).
* Add "zoom" value to scripted map mode colors. The color will only be applied when zoomed out more than this value (default is 0).
* Add "filter" support for scripted map mode colors. The color will then only be applied if the selected map filter is active.
* Made message_types have their own directory, so that modders can add new ones in a new file without overwriting the Vanilla file.
* Mod-made juggernauts which aren't specifically the "juggernaut" ship size will no longer suffer from a variety of deal-breaking issues.
* You can now use [] commands in district descriptions.
* AI weights are now used in the calculations for all component templates (not just the required ones for a ship).
* Added on_pre_government_changed and on_post_government_changed on_actions.
* Added a bunch of triggers to get the number of X sort of diplomatic relations a country has (e.g. num_defensive_pacts, num_rivals, num_truces)
* Added associated_federation and federation_leader scope changes.
* Added effects to add/remove_associate_member of a federation.
* join_alliance effect can now target a federation.
* Added any/every/random/count_associate scopes for getting the associates of a federation.
* Added num_members and num_associates triggers for federation scope.
* Country scope special projects are now possible.
* "allow" fields now work as expected in archaeology sites (and first contact and espionage operations) - previously it was treated as "potential".
* Add support for reading multiple_active_resolutions = yes/no in Resolution categories.
* Added a "set_ai_personality" effect, which lets script force a personality on a country. ex: set_ai_personality = became_the_crisis.
* create_fleet_from_naval_cap effect can now take an optional ship_owner_type parameter, for using Federation or Galactic Defense Force ship designs.
* provided a way for personality to override country type AI Modules.
* Added trigger can_set_policy (to be used in conjunction with set_policy)
* Fixed pop_citizen_happiness so that it works as intended, rather than as just pop_happiness.
* Added effect cancel_resolution = . Cancels/removes the last active/passed/proposed/voting for/failed resolution of .
* Fixed start_colony effect.
* Added export_modifier_to_variable effect and check_modifier_value trigger to be able to get the values of modifiers on the current scope in script
* You can now define "icon = { icon = text = }" in event options, and define a custom icon (and the tooltip for it) there.
* Portrait category is now hidden in the empire creation GUI for graphical cultures and species classes that don't contain any portraits.
* Added new has_city_graphics attribute to graphical cultures for hiding city GUI element in the empire creation menu.
* Global event targets now work on every scope type, instead of quietly failing on a bunch (e.g. Megastructures, Federations) as previously.
* You can now use [X.GetName] and so on in sector, megastructure and deposit scope.
* Variables are no longer cleared if set to 0, use the clear_variable effect instead.
* Added is_variable_set trigger to check whether a variable has been set (to avoid missing variable errors).
* Add support for display_espionage_operations to scriptable map modes.
* Fixed various irregularities with scope change tooltips e.g. "from" being shown on triggers, or the scope change being hidden on effects sometimes.
* scripted_trigger = { PARAM = whatever } will now check if the specified scripted trigger evaluates to TRUE as one would expect, not to FALSE! (Modders take note - manual hacks to avoid this bug need to be reversed)
* Added trigger can_buy_on_market = resource, to check if the current country is able to buy the specified resource on the market they have access to.
* Added add_custodian_term_days effect for increasing or decreasing the remaining term of the current Galactic Custodian.
* Added set_custodian_term_days for setting the remaining time of the current Galactic Custodian's term limit, or setting it to be permanent.
* Added on_federation_new_leader.
* Added support for nested OR/AND in the outer scope of government restrictions scripts. This allows one to e.g. require either an authority or a civic.
* Added is_defensive_army trigger.
* Added pass_resolution_no_cooldown effect to pass a resolution without triggering a cooldown for the relevant category.
* Added leader_events.
* Added trigger is_idle for leaders.
* Introduce add_spy_network_level effect.
* Split trigger_docs into its own log file and added information on scope changes and localisation commands there
* Added new galactic_community_patrol_military_minister_module AI module, that will patrol all capitals of Galactic Community members when not at war.
* Events can now have triggered sounds like pictures: show_sound = { sound = X trigger = { } }
* button_effects now take their scope from the context they are in, so long as that scope is one of the following (with player country as fallback): planet, ship, fleet, system, ambient object, megastructure, espionage operation, arc site or first contact.
* Added ground_combat_attacker/defender script lists.
* Added exclude = {} trigger in pop_percentage and fixed that trigger's scopes (specifically prev).
* Added check_galaxy_setup_value trigger counterpart to get_galaxy_setup_value effect.
* add_resource, add_modifier and resource_stockpile_compare now accept mult = variable.
* Added effect round_variable.
* Added effect export_resource_value_to_variable (exports current stockpile of X resource to a specified variable).
* Added on_save_game_load on_action.
* Added on_ground_combat_started on_action.
* Added growing/assembling/declining_species scope changes.
* leader skill level modifiers are now calculated in leader scope (so e.g. a leader trait affecting max skill level will now work).
* Fixed a bug where setting the adjective in create_country would also set the ruler's name.
* Added on_actions on_leader_fired, on_leader_assigned and on_leader_unassigned; kill_leader effect can now have a "fire = yes" parameter to use this on_action instead.
* Added is_mobile trigger for fleets.
* Renamed effect "surveyed = { set_surveyed = yes/no }" to "set_surveyed = { surveyed = yes/no }", because that just made no sense. Also made it work in system scope.
* Added defines for relative encryption levels and bonuses.
* Added effect "win = yes". I'm sure no one will misuse this.
* Added on_subject_integrated on_action.
* Added num_organic/artificial_pops_per_year triggers, which return the amount of organic/artificial pops you'd expect to get per year (i.e. ( monthly growth / required growth ) * 12 )).
* Scripted localization can now be used in Galactic Community greeting phrases.
* Added pass_targeted_resolution effect.
* Graphical modifier descriptions now support global event targets in scripted localization.
* Planet modifier descriptions now support scripted localization.
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Stellaris changelog (part 7 of 8)

Modding (continued)
* The create_message effect now supports scripted localization.
* Alert tooltips now support global event targets in scripted localization.
* Notification titles now support global event targets in scripted localization.
* It is now possible to escape opening square brackets in localization text to bypass scripted localization, by using two opening square brackets in succession.
* You can now optionally not localise tradition descriptions, and it'll generate one from the modifiers in the txt file.
* has_communications now returns false if you check it against yourself.
* Added has_been_declared_crisis scripted trigger for use in cases where a BtC Level 5 empire might manage to dodge the declared_crisis flag check.
* Added script effect log_error, because we all love logging our errors!

* The purge type tooltip for Processing a Lithoids species now correctly states that this will produce you minerals.
* Many improvements to tooltips giving reasons why a certain species right is unavailable to you.
* Purifier, Terminator and Devourer player empires will no longer be invited into the Non-Aligned League. Those guys are too dangerous to be trusted, even if the fate of the galaxy depends on it!
* Fixed many cases where buildings would show extensive and barely-readable AI-only requirements for constructing a building if you lacked the resources to do so.
* Galactic Storms may now no longer be called "Storm Stalk of", instead they will be called the rather more menacing "Storm Stalk"
* Awakened Empires are now properly destroyed when they lose their last planet.
* Self-modified Pops can no longer be resettled on other planets.
* Added event for if Horde is destroyed before Khan returns with their second fleet.
* Oracle event dialogue now correctly refers to your capital instead of your species' homeworld.
* Sensor Array Power Surge event can no longer target Habitats or Ring Worlds.
* Zone A no longer spawns on planets before you actually research its anomaly.
* Pops can now only take soldier jobs if they belong to a species that is allowed to serve in the military.
* Nerve Stapled pops can no longer have full military service, as they lack the mental capacity to be generals or admirals.
* Now you can only ask the President of a Hegemony whether you may join it, since only they are allowed to say yes.
* Planet nominations can now be boosted when the Galactic Market is relocated, not just when it is founded.
* Removed empty modifier from tooltip in Ancient Drones event.
* Empires destroyed from Doomsday origin no longer trigger the default empire destroyed notification event.
* Purchased Caravaneer Pops can no longer be pre-sapient.
* Lithoid Ecumenopolis emissive fix.
* Enabled a better event text for the start of the War in Heaven if someone else leads the Non-Aligned League and is converting their federation into it. It had previously accidentally been unused.
* Hidden Worlds event will no longer say you were clearing kelp when you cleared a sinkhole.
* Released vassals will no longer not have an origin.
* In the Wenkwort chain, the Keeper country was sometimes deleted between events, causing errors. Now it's remade if it doesn't exist.
* Added fallbacks to Dismembered Cloud federation chain if countries lacked starbases in their capital system.
* The Great Khan will no longer try and fail to form a Democratic Federation of Khandom if they lack inhabited planets.
* Fixed a Caravaneers pathfinding script that led to them going home rather than to the next capital every time.
* Fixed a few cases where the Research Cooperative federation election challenge would not correctly show the title of the winning thesis.
* Scripted federation election challenges will no longer elect subjects as president.
* If you turn your capital system into a Black Hole with Horizon Signal, the game will properly treat it as a Black Hole for the purpose of galactic map graphics and starbase buildings and the like.
* Fixed some cases where it was possible to complete the Colossus Project and not get a tech for a planet cracker weapon.
* Synthetically Ascended empires can now successfully block the Ghost Signal.
* Subjects can no longer violate the Military Readiness Act galactic resolution, as the tooltip already stated.
* Fixed a bug where certain Casus Belli e.g. Ideology would tick between available and not available every day when you were a member of a federation.
* Fixed a country/federation check in script for the Ideology CB.
* Fixed some irregularities with having the Scion start and not getting first contact projects.
* Fixed Caravaneer respawning generating the trade station.
* Habitat capitals will now retain the capital designation instead of being shifted to other colony designation types.
* Fixed an issue where it was possible for one country in a federation to establish communications with other countries (esp non-standard ones like Tiyanki) but not pass this knowledge on to its federation allies.
* Fixed a country/federation check in script for the Ideology CB.
* Fixed bug where tooltip for "Every X" would lack a ": " and jump straight into the effects; also the missing tabspace for count_x tooltips.
* Fixed hivemind chinese file to only show up if playing in chinese.
* Fixed Successor Khanates of the Great Khan spawning with no planets (again, for real this time!).
* Fixed a bunch of cases that were checking every ship in the galaxy rather than the system or the fleet. Clash of the Titans achievement just got a lot harder to fulfil!
* Shattered Ring Driven Assimilators and Rogue Servitors with a lithoid subspecies will no longer have their farming segment vaporize.
* Fixed terraformation leaving a giant planet on the galaxy map if you left system view too quickly
* Fixed an issue with the effect of blocked districts sometimes being counted twice.
* Fixed an issue with districts not always being counted as occupied when queued in the build queue
* Fixed memory leak when using -randomlog.
* Disallowed duplicate traits on species to prevent it being exploitable.
* Only allow predefined sets of starting planet classes. This prevents any kind of exploits where planet classes are manually entered that are not part of this set.
* Fixed the reinforce fleet button being greyed out without reason.
* Simplified an option tooltip for an event heralding the completion of a Ring World nearby. The tooltip will no longer try to list every single pop being given the 'Megastructure Demands Rejected' modifier.
* Earth is now consistently size 18.
* Rivaling someone now incurs a truce for breaking non aggression pacts and defensive pacts. Research agreements will now also be broken.
* One-way truces no longer allow you to traverse a nation's space that has closed its borders to you.
* Curator stations will no longer pretend not to understand you and actually pick up when you bother them on the galactic map.
* Crossbreeding events will no longer happen if Xenocompatibility is disabled
* Fixed a case where caravaneer crossbreeding events would badly fail to create a new species.
* Fixed pleased fallen empires sometimes trying to give you a technology you were not allowed to have
* Uplift button now works instead of just giving you the sad button noise.
* Fixed one of the tracked locations in the Cultists/Church of the Light chain being the centre of the galaxy
* Fixed the tooltips and fancy icon frames of the species in the colony ship construction interface being mismatched (saying that every species but your founder species was the founder species)
* Fixed a bug where the tooltip of the "Upgrade all defense platforms" button would always show that 1 platform would be upgraded
* The tooltip of the "Upgrade all defense platforms" button now correctly shows the cost of the upgrades
* The Curator option to "Tell us something we don't know" and find out the location of a Leviathan is back, and the list of Leviathans it can tell you about has been updated.
* Added missing Unbidden Starbase name text.
* Federation election challenges are no longer broken by the leader leaving.
* Fixed a bunch of typos in Colony Type assignments that led to the wrong one being assigned in certain circumstances.
* Punctuation fixes to Greater Than Ourselves event responses.
* Corrected tech costs for technologies that boosted artisan and metallurgist output.
* Fixed a bug that stopped the resource upkeep of various jobs (e.g. Hive Spawning Drones) showing in the building and district tooltips
* Disallow harming and improving relationship via envoys with the same empire simultaneously.
* Removed notification spam from joining the Galactic Community when it is first formed.
* Passed resolutions now shows "Passed" instead of support string.
* Make a new fleet savable even if you are upgrading a fleet of the same type (but other design).
* Fixed an exploit where you could get unity benefits for not changing a policy in response to Galcom resolutions and then immediately afterwards change the policy
* Gateways in enemy systems cannot be used by the occupying side.
* Use correct offset for claim icons next to sector capitals.
* Fixed a game breaking audio script typo that made the game literally unplayable!
* Empire sprawl now always increases rare edict costs.
* Assorted, minor grammar fixes to "Shroud Covenant" and "A Strongly Worded Letter".
* Fixed an issue where the wrong empire name was shown in descriptions of targeted Galactic Community resolutions
* Fix add_resource effect for adding tech.
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Stellaris changelog (part 8 of 8)

Bugfixes (continued)
* Remove subterranean contact zone planetary feature, after the invasion event.
* Fixed an issue in the Fleet Manager where Federation ship designs can be added to regular fleets and regular designs can be added to Federation fleets.
* Refund resource cost when a fleet order was aborted by the game.
* Fixed a case where the game would crash if the resettlement view was open while a pop was purged.
* Made excavation UI more consistent.
* Stop excavation progress when leaving the site.
* Fixed a bug where federation ship designs would not automatically upgrade when new technology was researched.
* The Fleet Manager no longer loses track of ships with pending design upgrades after the ships complete another upgrade.
* Federation ship designs now show up in the retrofit menu for Federation ships in the Fleet Manager.
* Gateways in enemy systems cannot be used by the occupying side.
* Show alert for food shortage.
* Stations in occupied systems will no longer build or upgrade Ships.
* Fixed cases where the auto ship upgrader was a bit overzealous in protecting the player and to a lesser degree the AI from deficits.
* Added a notification for when your federation's leader changes.
* Fixed an omission which meant that the AI did not actually even want to build a juggernaut.
* Fleets that can't be modified (event fleets) won't have the option to add designs in the fleet manager.
* The first ruler, when losing elections, becomes a governor.
* Fixed an issue where the Fleet Manager would lose track of ships that had pending upgrades after merging two or more fleets.
* Make lens flare setting toggle off if bloom is turned off.
* Now every tooltip showing a truce with an empire will tell you when that truce ends.
* Fixed broken denunciation of Fallen Empire resolution name in proposal list.
* Various types of ships (notably Space Monsters) will no longer produce ugly placeholder “?” icons in fleet breakdown tooltips.
* Fixed an issue where former federation ships could not be merged into normal fleets.
* Council election alert and notification should now show more correct information.
* Fixed an error message from killing too many Tiyanki at once.
* Non-federated AI empires will no longer force the player into offensive wars. Missing the invitation vote will now properly auto decline.
* Empires that do not use Consumer Goods can now access the Global Production Strategy technology without needing to research Nano-Circuit Assembly (which is not available to them).
* You are no longer prevented from proposing a targeted Galactic Community resolution if a similar resolution for a different target has already been proposed.
* Fixed a bug that stopped you from being able to bombard the Great Khan's planets.
* Fixed bug where the cost for starbases would be drawn twice when queuing something in front of the build order.
* Fixed certain ships being counted twice in the navy tooltip if upgrades were occuring.
* Added tooltip to disabled and ruined icon.
* The "Queening" achievement for capturing a Prethoryn Brood-Queen is now unlocked upon seizing the Brood-Queen relic in battle.
* Fixed some confusing triggers that could appear on the Supremacist Diplomatic Stance.
* Fixed the ship name for the Shard Dragon being $NAME_Grand_Dragon$.
* Primitives no longer prefer hard labor in the fields to cushy specialist jobs.
* Requesting federation association status now correctly triggers a vote if accepted.
* Fixed a bug where a country would not be able to establish comms with newly created or teleported fleets.
* Fixed issues where empire names starting with "The" would have "the The " in many event texts.
* You will no longer hear about Marauders being destroyed if you have never met said Marauders.
* Fixed an edge case where the final event in the Galactic Doorstep origin chain would fail to fire.
* Fixed a bug where you could build another megastructure if you had a Megashipyard in the system (but not vice versa).
* Federation ship designs should no longer be auto generated if the option is turned off in the federation ship designer.
* We now no longer try to resuscitate the Great Khan twice after he gets blown up once.
* Fixed some cases where high war exhaustion tooltip claimed that peace could be forced despite the war goal not allowing a forced peace.
* Fixed the Enigmatic Fortress continually repowering itself every 10 days (again, for real this time).
* Fixed the tooltip for NOR triggers being logically wrong.
* Fixed too-small icons for Zro and Living Metal in the Market interface.
* Federation fleet reinforcement ships will now always be owned by the federation leader even if the shipyard is owned by another member.
* Newly built federation ships will now always have the appearance of the federation owner, even if they were built as fleet reinforcements.
* Fixed an issue where ships remained in the build queue of shipyards after the starbase was taken back from an occupier.
* Fixed erratic camera panning that could occur when cycling systems with Tab.
* Keyboard Shortcuts ('e' and 'm') for toggling between the System/Galactic map should be more responsive if the camera happens to be panning.
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Updated to (Galaxy (Windows & Mac) & Offline Installer (Windows))

Changelog from Steam:
Update version v2.4.23.21004:

- Fixed several UI issues.
- Fixed Black Market lore tech from the Clan of The Snake. Trading while at war wasn’t possible.


Relicta: Aegir Gig & Ice Queen - Update 1.10 (15 April 2021)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
A lot has happened in these months, don't think that we haven't been working! To thank you for all your support and love, today we bring you a very special update.
We’re excited to announce that Relicta: Aegir Gig & Ice queen is live now on GOG! Enjoy this free update, available to all players that include two new adventures on the Chandra Base. More dangers! More mysteries! And, of course, more puzzles!

Update Notes

Aegir Gig

- Play as Nic, a bioengineer tasked with testing the gravitomagnetic interfaces in the environments he helped design for AEGIR Labs years before the events of the main game, with even more challenging puzzles to solve as you experience the Chandra Base in a whole new way. Including:
- 12 additional puzzles.
- A completely new story!

Ice Queen

- Follows the events in the main story, as you play as one of the survivors of Chandra Base after the end of Relicta. Alone in the depths of the moon, you will discover:
- A new Bioma.
- 12 additional puzzles.
- Two new mechanics.
- Know what happened in the derelict lunar base!

After updating, you will find this new content on your main menu whatever the status of your game was. However, we recommend having finished the original story to keep up to date with the story and get to know the mechanics as much as possible. The new puzzles have no mercy on anyone...
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Shovel Knight's Linux version finally got the Arby's update.
high rated
Dorfromantik (In Development)

Update for Galaxy + offline installers 0.1.1_(64bit)_(45949) → 0.1.2_(64bit)_(46358)

No changelog on Gog, Patchnotes taken from steam:

"Patch 0.1.2 - Bugfixes & Improvements:

Fixed tilestack to be cut off on 16:10 & 4:3 screens when starting a new game via the "start game" button in tutorial or the "try again" button
Fixed tutorial textbox overlapping the tile counter on 16:10 & 4:3 screens
Cleaned up the resolution settings (not every single resolution & refresh rate is displayed anymore)

Preview Tiles keep spawning after challenges are unlocked
When completing a challenge during a session, the next level of the challenge starts immediately
Tile Generation: less sharp train track & water curves
Balanced some challenges to make them more likely to be fulfilled
Preplaced tiles can no longer be 'exactly X tiles'-quests and only 'at least X tiles'-quests

Increased intensity of group edge highlighting while hovering over a flag or quest bubble
Increased intensity of group object highlighting while previewing a valid tile on an adjacent slot
Added effect at tilestack counter showing whenever a gameplay action grants new tiles

Changed the game over sound from grumbling to smiling

Added Turkish localization
Added Spanish localization
Updated Latin-Spanish localization
Perfect Placement Text is now localized
Fixed settings language dropdown items order (selected language should stay the same as before)

Depending on individual System specs up to 300% performance/FPS increase due to various performance improvements (tested on Intel HD 530 integrated graphics)

Hold down Shift while panning with WASD to pan with double speed

Clear progress in menu now also resets the local highscore. If a leaderboard entry exists, this local highscore is overwritten by the leaderboard highscore
Fixed preplaced tile hint that sometimes disappeared and/or changed its type after saving & loading the game
Changed preplaced tile spawn behavior: it is only possible to spawn the same preplaced tile on the map if all of them have been already discovered otherwise there is always a new one to discover
When a preplaced tile is connected, newly spawned tileslots are no longer invalid, falsely preventing fitting tiles to be placed on them
Challenge completed does not trigger automatically on start of the game anymore if the requested quest goals were already achieved due to the balancing adjustments."
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It seem that Streets of Rage 4 was updated, but there is no changelog.
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Commandos 2 - HD Remaster

Updated to 1.13.009 (Galaxy & Offline-Installer)

No changelog but the Mac version has been added. (Galaxy only for now)
Linux version should be available soon as you can read here:
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Siege of Avalon Anthology

Added download - Bonus, manual


Help will come tomorrow

Standalone installer updated: [Linux] 2.1 ⇒ 2.2.

No Changelog
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House Flipper
Minor update:
Can sell the "Make" on the house added on the April 1st update.
Grass should no longer engulf places it shouldn't be in.

Hypnospace Outlaw
Linux Fix:
Internal files given major version bump, should fix most performance issues were having.
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* No Man's Sky
Offline installers updated to 3.37_Expeditions_71492

Changelog from the devs website:
" Fixed an issue that could result in too many derelict freighters spawning in busy systems, leading to crashes and/or poor performance.
Fixed an issue that could cause players to be teleported to an incorrect derelict freighter, if several freighters were present in the same system.
Optimised several requests made to the Discovery Servers to reduce server load.
Fixed a progression blocker that could occur when recharging the transmitter to speak with Artemis.
Expedition save games that had previously been ended prematurely have now been restored and are able to continue the Expedition.
Fixed an issue that caused a small subset of Explorer-class starships to be a different colour than before the Expeditions update.

Fixed a crashed related to terrain textures.
Fixed a crash related to texture rendering.
Fixed a crash related to rendering mission tips.
Fixed a crash related to NPC animation.
Fixed a crash related to creature navigation.
Fixed a PS4/Xbox One specific crash.
Fixed a crash that could occur while warping or browsing the galaxy map.
Fixed a crash that could occur if the creature you are interacting with dies during the interaction.
Fixed a PS4 Pro and PS4 on PS5 specific crash.
Fixed a crash related to the profanity filter.

Fixed an issue that prevented players being immediately awarded the Golden First Spawn helmet, Streamlined Jetpack or Expedition Flag when claiming rewards from the expedition page.
Fixed an issue that could prevent the Horrific Flesh Helmet and another special scrap items from being successfully purchased.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from being correctly awarded the Lost Bathysphere as a reward for completing Dreams of the Deep.
Fixed an issue that prevented delivery missions from registering the delivery as complete.
Fixed a number of issues with Nexus delivery missions.
Fixed a number of issues where Nexus missions would warp players to an incorrect system.
Fixed an issue that credited all players in the system with the rewards and/or reputation damage when another player attacked a NPC or pirate ship.

Players may now recolour their base markers by recolouring the base computer itself, in a similar fashion to Save Beacons.
Save beacon markers are now hidden when placed within a base.
In protected systems, save beacon markers are not shown for players outside your group.
Fixed an issue that caused too many save beacon/player base markers to be displayed in busy systems.
Communications Stations have a smaller message display radius in protected locations.
Improved a number of protections designed to prevent players from building on top of protected areas.
Fixed a number of issues that could cause flickering markers when flying in a busy system.
Reduced the pulse engine lock-on strength for some multiplayer-related markers.
Fixed a number of issues that could prevent players from being able to place refiners and other similar objects near to protected seasonal locations.
Fixed an issue that could cause reported bases to respawn.
Decreased the cooldown on the starship scanner when used to scan planets from space.

Rendezvous Points are now labelled as such when viewed in the space station and Space Anomaly teleport lists.
Fixed an issue that caused the Cluster Horde and Moneybags milestones to track your current highest currency, rather than the total currency earned.
Fixed an issue that caused the Portable Refiner and Nutrient Processors to use the wrong in-world icon.
Fixed an issue that caused a debug string to appear in the Black Hole milestone mission tips.
Fixed an issue that caused the Catalogue to be clipped when viewed on particular platforms or at some specific resolutions.
Fixed a number of issues that allowed players to pin inappropriate recipes in the catalogue.
Fixed an issue that could cause clipped text in the Target Sweep UI.

Fixed an exploit that allowed players to attack other players with Exocraft weapons while themselves being immune to PvP damage.
Fixed an issue that caused the Summon Ship interaction point to overlap on some planetary archives.
Fixed an issue that caused the alien pods on derelict freighters to be overly bright.
Fixed an animation glitch that could occur while melee boosting.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from purchasing a second Void Egg.
Fixed an issue that obfuscated information important to modders.
Fixed an issue that incorrectly showed jetpack trails for items that had not been unlocked.
Fixed an issue that caused the Mission Control milestone to award invalid technology.
Fixed an issue where players were unable to reselect the custom jetpack trails their Traveller had begun an expedition with.

Fixed an issue that prevented players who had large fleets prior to the introduction of titles from unlocking the fleet-related titles.
Fixed an issue that could prevent all alien language being translated in some interactions.
Fixed an issue that could prevent some standing-based titles from unlocking.
Fixed an issue that could prevent the Atlas Path title from unlocking.
Fixed an issue that could prevent the Nada and Polo story title from unlocking.

We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.

Thank you,

Hello Games "
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* Space Rangers HD: A War Apart
Offline installer updated to 2.1.2424

Changelog from steam:
" Greetings Space Rangers!

We are back with another update, this time bringing in bugfixes, balance changes and some new additions to the game! So waste no time and get back into space!

You can read the full changelog below:
Bug fixes
Fixed Diplomat’s incorrect arrival location in one of the female special agents missions
Fixed potential deposit account overflow during very long playtimes
Fixed incorrect Foncer’s technical description in “Foncers” text quest
Fixed various text mistakes and mistypes

Balance changes
Max cap for Pirates and Dominators strength are now set to 500% when using advanced adjustment settings (was 200% before)
Torpedoes now return only to the exact weapon, which fired them instead of any of the same type before (even if it was placed at the cargo hold)

Added new built-in mods: classic quest player skin from original SR2, animated loading screen from original SR2
Added new SEED cheat code to input needed galaxy map generation seed (available only when using advanced adjustment settings). The code should be entered at advanced adjustment screen
Added new features for modders "
high rated

Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game

Update 0.8.67 (15 April 2021)

Added autosave to game start, and when arriving the first time to a location. More will be added at a later point.


Tweaked the amount of combat reputation from some fights (max amount should be lower now).
Added stealth reputation after 3 times you steal something.
Tweaked energy rifle stats.
Tweaked some loot in the armory (new game).
Rifles can shoot at point blank with snap shots.


Fixed missing frog in the hydro frog nest fight.
Fixed PC climbing stairs alone after hydro frog fight if the controlled character was a party member.
Fixed starting weapon not being properly equipped.
Fixed AI ignoring characters next to it when using pistols or rifles.
Fixed starfish animation-related AI loop.
Fixed incorrect floor being shown for some fights inside buildings.
Added Starfish death messages.
high rated
Saviors of Sapphire Wings / Stranger of Sword City Revisited got updated to 1.09.

(GOG changelog is still outdated, and I haven't tried this update personally yet.)
high rated
Endzone - A World Apart

Updated to 1.0.7776.29523 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
Greetings, survivors!

This hotfix addresses a little issue that resulted in wrongfully enabled raiders for all scenarios and tutorials. This shouldn't have been the case. Please keep giving us feedback and suggestions, as well as reporting bugs in the discussions or via our discord. We try to respond to every thread and are always happy to help.

Raiders: Fixed Raiders being wrongfully enabled in all scenarios and tutorials. Also added a savegame upgrade to fix the problem in newly created savegames.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment*

Changelog Version 1.0.7776.29523
high rated
Astrox Imperium

From 0.0115b to 0.0116 (Galaxy and Offline Installer)

Changelog from in-game changelog:

Build 0.0116
- Fixed issue when trying to undock from station while activating ship at the same time.
- Fixed issue with taking damage and dying wjile warping. (black screen bug).
- Adjusted skybox horizon to better blend dual color skybox volumetric fog.
- Adjusted mapload code to prevent hang if attempting to load a bad structure file from modded sectors.
- Adjusted layout, texture buffer, lighting, scaling and masking for shipyard camera.
- Adjusted missile max life span timer. Reduced to 10 seconds of flight time.
- Adjusted market pricing for selling items and special items.
- Adjusted station market demand item prices to show live economy prices with bonus.
- Adjusted all structure prices and construction requirements.
- Adjusted merc formations, formation lock, and formation flight ai.
- Adjusted new campaign scene lighting and skybox.
- Added new Devlog panel on the title screen to include more info and larger text.
- Added market popup message when selling in demand items, to match special and unwanted items messages.
- Added faces and accessories to the npcs at the station offices.
- Added new game option to enable and disable controller inputs via player_options.txt. (OPTIONS_enable_controller_inputs)
- Added new layout system for station offices panel to allow for proper scaling with alt resolutions.
- Added new panel for station services on station offices panel.
- Added new service_manager_database.txt file to contain all station services data.
- Added 8 new images into MOD/objects for all station services buildings.
- Added ability to install Mercs into station positions to open up unavailable services.
- Added confirm message box to station service manager confirmation.
- Added residual_credits var to player_data.txt file for save game storage.
- Added creation of station office when merc is assigned as service manager.
- Added script for interaction with service manager mercs.
- Added new structure (Station Platform) that will allow you to upgrade to a station.
- Added function where fabricator will add item to market inventory list for economic restock.
- Added simple notification for station office window when no offices are currently available.