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Updated to version 1.0.9

no changelog

Linux version was updated from 1.4.1 to 1.4.1-2

Children of Morta
Updated to version 1.2.55 (Windows and Mac only at the moment)

no changelog
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Tesla vs. Lovecraft got updated from ver 1.0.7 to 1.0.9 for Mac.
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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd was updated with no changelog.
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M3troid: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd was updated with no changelog.
According to a forum post they only fixed a broken achievement
M3troid: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd was updated with no changelog.
alexandros050: According to a forum post they only fixed a broken achievement
Wait a minute, almost every game of The Legend of Heroes had some problem, do you know how is the situation for the other titles? Because it would be the perfect time to report the other problems if they haven't been fixed yet.
I have some of the bugs reported in my list but I don't know how up to date it is.
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Alexim: Wait a minute, almost every game of The Legend of Heroes had some problem, do you know how is the situation for the other titles? Because it would be the perfect time to report the other problems if they haven't been fixed yet.
I have some of the bugs reported in my list but I don't know how up to date it is.
I only know that they fixed the bookworm achievement (because nobody could unlock it) ....Don't know if they will fix the others but maybe you can report them and see what happens.
Maybe you can send a message to Sara. ( she seems to be the one that fixed this and is a dev for xseed. (Maybe they could also fix the cold steel 2 achievements because they don't seem to unlock on the latest version unless you revert to a previous patch)
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* No Man's Sky
Offline installer updated to 3.35_Expeditions_71192

- Changelog from the devs site:

"April 7, 2021.
Hello everyone,

Thank you to everyone playing the Expeditions Update, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter via Zendesk or console crash reporting.

We are listening closely to your feedback, and have identified and resolved a number of issues. These fixes are included in patch 3.35, which will be live on all platforms soon.

Patch Notes

Fixed an issue that caused Explorer-class starships to change appearance. All ships should now use the same wings and fuselage parts as before the Expeditions update. A limited number of ships may still select new colours. A fix for this will follow shortly.
Fixed an issue that caused Power Inverter switches to malfunction.
Fixed an issue that caused a specific Multi-Tool broken slot to require an inordinate number of Ion Batteries to repair.

Fixed an issue that required players to gain an S-Class Multi-Tool to unlock the ‘Light Show’ milestone, instead of an A-Class Multi-Tool.
Fixed an issue that caused the glow on the star representing the final phase of the Expedition to be overly orange.
Fixed a number of UI issues that could occur when every milestone in an Expedition was complete.
Fixed an issue that could cause the music to be clipped at the start of an expedition.
Fixed an issue that could prevent the reward for Phase 5 of the expedition being claimed when completing the expedition a second time on a new save.

Fixed a visual glitch in the starship cockpit map.
Fixed an issue that prevented the glowing grass found on some lush planets from glowing.
Fixed a graphical glitch on the save deletion screen when running in HDR on PS5.
Fixed a PlayStation 5 specific HDR issue.

Fixed a rare PS5 specific crash that could occur during load.
Fixed a terrain generation crash on next-generation consoles.
Fixed a rare crash that could occur when loading the game.
Fixed a softlock that could occur when interacting with an NPC on the space station.
Fixed a crash related to creature navigation.
Fixed a number of memory-related crashes on Xbox One X.
Fixed a crash that could occur while interacting with an NPC that had been network desynced.
Fixed a multiplayer-related crash in the animation system.
Fixed a PC-specific issue that could cause hitching while loading shaders.
Fixed a crash related to network synchronisation of starships."

************************************************************************************************************** *************************

* Prison Architect
All offline installers updated to the_glasshouse_5590

GOG changelog:

Glasshouse 1.03 Patch (8 April 2021)
Programs from DLC Going Green are no longer visible in Scheduler if DLC is not enabled.
Fixed incorrect Continuous Fertilizer Pricing and Quantity: a new pack of fertilizer being ordered for every crop is no longer requesting continuous fertilizer.
Fixed: Placing helipad in outdoor storage room causes helicopter export & import issues.
Issues with trucks delivered ingredients by small batches fixed.
[GOING GREEN] The bug that allowed to bypass the "Only outdoor" requirement for the Going Green DLC plants and grow and harvest crops indoors is fixed. Quick Build's UI is no longer overlapping with room name text.
[GOING GREEN] The bug that allowed the player to sell seed from farmer's hands during "Plant Crop" Action is now fixed.
The campaign mission "Death Row" can be progressed normally if the Power Station is dismantled and replaced: the objective "Turn the Power Station back on" is no longer blocking the level from being completed.
Fixed the issue with Polaroid remaining when it's meant to fade once “Death Row” mission is triggered.
[GOING GREEN] Staff alert about being able to house 0 more prisoners despite having many available spots no longer pops up on the Green Power Plant premade map.
[GOING GREEN] The bug that covers various objects & NPCs by Light (Solar) when they move through it is fixed.
The bug that prohibited books and goodies to use the Library and Shop top shelf but not the middle and bottom shelves is fixed.
[GOING GREEN] The bug that showed the incorrect prices for Seeds of Flowers, Crops and Fertilizers bought via the Cloning tool is now fixed.
[GOING GREEN] The bug that allowed to put plants on all types of outdoor floors is now fixed.
Paper Lanterns give off light now.
Dismantling Transformer no longer results in leaving one Electrical Cable.
[GOING GREEN] "Crop cost" and "Crops per day" in the Ingredients menu are now counted properly.
[GOING GREEN] Fixed "Check the Ingredients menu" text being displayed in the Policy menu without Going Green DLC enabled.
Fixed the tile of a Concrete Wall being visible in Staff Alerts.
[GOING GREEN] Saving and loading game no longer causes the reset of crops status - "Crop need to be watered to continue growth".
[GOING GREEN] Fixed the issue with the "Over Production" grant that is available from the start of a new game, even if the player has not yet completed the "Basic Farming" grant.
[GOING GREEN] Fixed the bug that allowed Criminally Insane prisoners to plant plants.
Fixed: Objects that can be built on water can be built on the opposite of Ferry Dock.
[GOING GREEN] Fixed the issue with Auto scythe activating out of schedule whenever the savefile is loaded.
Players are no longer able to use the Prison Labour tab if it is locked.
[GOING GREEN] Fixed the issue with Practice Solar Panels overlapping with each other.
Fixed the issue with the murdered Guard not being counted as one kill in Legendary Prisoner's Grading tab.
[GOING GREEN] Auto scythes are no longer able to harvest fruits when trees are within harvesting range.
[WARDEN MODE] Hiring an Accountant in Warden Mode and pressing the inventory button (bottom right) no longer causes expanding land crash.
[WARDEN MODE] Fixed the bug that made the Warden disappear at the end of the map when expanding the land while standing on the road.
[WARDEN MODE] Fixed the issue with Warden not returning to his office after dying.
[ESCAPE MODE] Fixed the fruit trees being replanted in incorrect spots.
[ESCAPE MODE] The bug that resumed the game without prisoners after changing the game language at the Game Over scene in Escape Mode is not fixed.
Fixed the issue with the Wall Light (Solar) staying indoor despite being an outdoor object.
Fixed: Library Staff Alert mentioning about the lack of the Library does not disappear.
Fixed the issue with the Lunar New Year Dragon related objects (Head, Body and Tail) can be built on the same spot as objects that can be built on walls.
Fixed the issue with storage Shelves having a tray dispenser when rotated vertically.
Fixed: Campaign cutscene playing twice in a row.
[GOING GREEN] Fixed: Dismantling a second Green Power Source from a row of Green Power Sources, does not disconnect the rest of the row from the Transformer.
Fixed: Empty Ingredients page can be visible after opening the Reports menu for the first time.
Fixed: Boxes aren't shown in the middle of the shelf when the shelf is set in the vertical position.
Disabling game events after receiving an event task no longer causes the task to not be completed and to remain on the To Do list.
[GOING GREEN] Fixed: Compost Fertilizer purchased automatically via Continuous Fertilizer doesn't count for "Self Sustaining" objective.
[GOING GREEN] Fixed: the Reception room in the premade map Green Power Plant is not connected to the roads under Deliveries in the Logistics tab.
Number of prisoners awaiting release from solitary punishment is now displayed correctly.
The Worker will no longer put Materials and Crates into and around the Guard Tower that is placed in the outdoor Storage room.
Staff Alerts now disappear from the To Do list after turning them off.
[GOING GREEN] Contraband confiscated within the last 24 hours is now updating properly in Premade Prison 'The Work Fields: Going Green'.
[GOING GREEN] The Compost Fertilizers task now completes 100% when producing 10.
[GOING GREEN] Organic waste is now showing after harvesting Crops.
[GOING GREEN] Herb plant no longer appear in the game.
Fixed the issue with workmen not removing the objects under buildings which were built by Quick Build menu if Build Menu is open.
Fixed the issue with the game crashing when adding Water (Large) at the corner of a Quick Island and increasing speed.
Fixed the issue with The Sniper not entering the Guard Tower again after the Guard Tower is occupied by materials or crates before moving to other places.
[GOING GREEN] Plants that reach 15% of damage are no longer dumped by Workmen.
Game no longer crashes after clicking outside the map during the process of selecting prioritize area (Gardener) and prioritize (Janitor).
DLC Grants can no longer be exploited by turning DLC on and off.
Fixed: minor localization issues.
Quick clone will no longer delete the original wall with attached items
Issue with the description tab of a Transformer flickering at night time fixed.
When clicking on the arrows to change increments in the report tabs they now change accurately (0.5 instead of 1)
The data about the prisoners’ participation in programs is now shown the same for host & client
The Notebook Page now disappears after being read once.
Issues with the cloning tool (available for Hosts) is fixed
[GOING GREEN] The Working range of the Auto Harvester is now visible for the Client
Client can now reconnect the Power Export Meter after disconnecting it
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Call of the Sea

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest Changelogs from Steam:
Call of the Sea 1.1.105 [PATCH NOTES]

We are just about to leave for some ease and rest for the holidays and we hope you will do the same! Maybe together with Norah! :)

Before we go however we have pushed one last update for the year bringing some much requested features! See the full patch notes below and see you in the new year!

PATCH 1.1.105

General Gameplay:

- Scaled 3D inspectable objects to fit better on the screen in the console version
- Fixed collision on column at Naacal Organ (Chapter 3)
- Fixed Harry's message on the ship to avoid repeating after load
- Fixed vo line about the ship to avoid repeating after load
- Fixed movement on the final choice (Chapter 5)
- Fixed avoid falls in stairs to throne (Chapter 5)
- Adjusted inspectable on constellation door (Chapter 5)
- Fixed avoid to go back to the room on the dark pictures area (Chapter 5)
- Improved hint on the puzzle at the high temple (Chapter 4)
- Fixed collision close to the generator (Chapter 4)

Menu & UI:

- Added new game setting which remove the character lag rotation
- Added new game setting which remove Head bobbing
- Added new game setting to reduce possible video game-induced seizures
- Disabled Motion blur by default
- Adjusted brightness settings
- Added Mouse sensitivity slider
- Fixed misprints on the credits
- Fixed French misprint on guide letter on Whitebeach (Chapter 1)
- Added text to Tahiti ticket on intro
- Fixed journal entry after solve waterfall puzzle (Chapter 4)
- Added Epileptic Condition Warning Screen
- Added Autosave Warning Screen
- Added Patch Notes to Main Menu
- Made “Apply Settings” button stand out more in Graphics Menu

Art & Visual FX:

- Fixed texture on crumpled note at Harry's tent
- Fixed audio log stops before finishing
- Fixed release dialogue concurrency on crumpled and folded notes

Voice & Narrative:

- Fixed date on the ship's journal texture
- Fixed concurrency voice on lever (Chapter 1)

Music & SFX:

- Updated COTS_Main_Theme_def audio file


- Achievements related to journal are checked when game starts

Performance & Streaming:

- Fixed streaming issues on Chapter 1
- Fixed framerate drop when Norah decreases the water level in Chapter 5


- Fixed: game was displayed in Oculus VR if connected
Call of the Sea Patch

Hey Everyone,

We have been listening to your feedback and have implemented some changes in our latest patch. Please keep reporting any bugs you encounter. We have listed all the new changes in the patch notes below.


General Gameplay

- Fixed collision entering the in the rising platforms puzzle in Chapter 06
- Fixed wrong frequency in Journal, when pressing the 267 key
- Fixed bug when loading a save file created just after entering the tunnel to the drum puzzle in chapter 04
- Fixed User gets stuck when loading a manual save while choosing an ending in chapter 06
- Fixed missing element chapter 06 temple entrance
- Fixed visible landscape edge in chapter 06 temple hall
- Fixed seaweed inside rock / sand in chapter 06 temple pools

Menu & UI

- Fixed Epileptic warning label localization
- Split game menu settings on two, text language and accessibility.
- Added accessibility setting to display journal handwritten font.
- Added start screen after splash screens on PC platforms.
- Added load game, select chapter and exit game options in pause menu.
- Fixed D-pad response on user pop up confirmations.
- Improved journal saves last page player has seen.
- Fixed some audios FX on user interface.
- Fixed missed journal log entry on chapter 01 Bridge Puzzle.
- Fixed empty page journal navigation.
- Fixed PlayStation UI icons when user inspects objects.
- Added gamepad button and a keyboard key to swap profile in main menu.
- Fixed audio menu music turns off when user returns to the game.

Art & Visual FX

- Removed Norah's gloves after the throne scene
- Added Dagon image to the Underwater City End
- Added plants to hide the Norah’s Inscription in the End’s White Beach version

Voice & Narrative

- Fixed Journal error in Spanish: the date of arrival in the Island corrected from 3 to 6

Winter Ember Demo

Updated to Winter Ember Demo 1.5.6 rev [cd03c392] Build Update (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
Good to see Call of the Sea is updated. I had recently contacted Raw Fury about it.
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Death Road to Canada

LIVER Update (25 March 2021)
Major Changes

6 new recruitable playable Special Characters! Technically 10 Special Characters, if you count each JoJo reference as two characters (I do). See more info below in the Special Characters section

Added a News Box to the title screen, as the old news method seemed too jarring. We will use this mostly to announce either major update changes or announce future games we launch. You can turn this off in the News Options if you want, it remains off until another update happens

New Perk: Pyromaniac. You get a Blowtorch that regenerates between missions, and immunity to fire. You can pair this with Phoenix to retain fireproofing after your first death, or combine it with Specialist to sacrifice all weapon slots to upgrade your Blowtorch to a Napalm Launcher! Have fun

New Trait: Fast Learner. Start with low skills, but gain double points to Shooting, Medical, and Mechanical skill every time you get a respective skillup for one of these. This effect stops at 4 in each skill, and if you get a skillup at 3, you'll still shoot straight to skill 5

MORE UNLOCKABLE HATS added, with conditions for unlocking them

Added more hair and head options, and new skin color options. The weirdest ones are not used by the random character generator, but you can use them in the Custom Character maker and as Familiar Characters

New Rare Location: MILITARY DEPOT. Lots of zombies, lots of explosives

New Rare Trader

New Arcade Machine added to the Arcade Rare Trader Camp

New Weapon: Golden Axe

New Weapon: Heavy Golden Axe

New Rare Trading Camp: PREPPER PARADISE

New Weapon: LIL' DAWG

New Weapon: Golden Pistol

New Weapon: Survival Knife

Trader that sells higher ammo versions of the Bazooka, Grenade Launcher, and Napalm Thrower

BIG DAWG is now sold in PREPPER PARADISE, for a cheaper price

Healing Spray XL with 10 charges instead of 3

New Event: Turret Thief

Special Characters

4 anime reference characters that temporarily summon 4 other anime reference characters. [sfx: The JoJo theme of your choice]

Summoned Stamps have infinite energy, they simply don't get tired. They also do not bleed, so an injured or dead Stamp will not attract zombies

Having a Stamp User in your team can lead to finding more Stamp Users in Road Events. The more you have on your team, the faster you find the next Stamp User, though you can still find all of them (eventually) with just one Stamp User in the team

Made a special character that is far bigger than previously thought possible, dwarfing the Mecha Mountie in size

BROOMY, who gets a very special attribute that may be hard to figure out at first

DELTA, the supersoldier/dog, who is a dog/supersoldier trained by the US GOVERNMENT to have enhanced combat potential and super-accuracy with firearms

DELTA is capable of getting +3 over the normal maximum for the Shooting skill

DELTA has two carrying slots, DOUBLE that of a normal dog. No one knows how or why

Tweaks and Fixes

Giant buff for Sacrificial Altars. In exchange for losing 2 health, a surviving character now gets Strength, Fitness, AND Shooting instead of just a chance for one of those. If someone dies to the altar, in addition to the previous loot table, it will also give the entire rest of the team a point in strength, fitness, or shooting at random

CIVILIZED NERF: Only gives 1 point in medical and 1 point of mechanical now. Still gives the extremely overpowered combo of good personality stats, though

GNOMEY REVAMP (blaring siren)

Gnomey no longer gets maxed medical, a MASSIVE NERF

Gnomey now summons temporary allies at a high chance whenever he hits a zombie, a MASSIVE BUFF

Gnomey has a small chance to summon many things at once

Gnomey has a chance to summon the Punch Quest guy, who stays for the entire mission

Punch Quest gauntlets shoot punch energy

Secret method for getting 2 Punch Quest gauntlets that can be equipped by anyone

Fireman (Rare Trader Camp Recruit) buffs

Fireman now takes 15 food to recruit instead of 10

Fireman gets a recharging Napalm Launcher like a Pyromaniac + Specialist does, at around level 2 recharge. Their napalm launcher has 20 max capacity instead of 25

Fireman gets a max slot capacity of 2, down from 3, but a lot better than the 1 you'd get with Pyromaniac + Specialist

Superdogs can now bark without dropping their weapon

Shotgun Seller now sells Double Barreled Shotgun instead of BIG DAWG

Rambeux Knife buffed from 1 to 0.7 cooldown

The Road Pause Menu now lists the speed of your car

Temporary characters now drop their weapons when they disappear

Blowtorch and Napalm Thrower are now both unbreakable

Hekatarius event can now give fireproofing to solo survivors

Pukeyballs are buffed, due to OVERWHELMING demand. They stack higher now

All temporary summons are now set at MAXIMUM AGGRESSION SETTINGS. This includes Pukeyballs, chickens, robots, and Stamps
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Saviors of Sapphire Wings / Stranger of Sword City Revisited got updated to 1.0.7
high rated

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update version v2.4.22.20886:

- Fixed several crashing issues
Hustlefan: Northgard

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

Update version v2.4.22.20886:

- Fixed several crashing issues
This latest version does not start on an offline PC (windows 7)
DJM.553: This latest version does not start on an offline PC (windows 7)
Works fine for me with and without Galaxy on Windows 10. Though it takes around 20 seconds until the game starts.
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Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game

Update 0.8.52 (7 April 2021)

Added an option to use party members' Electronics skill in the conversation with Zeke
You no longer need to get the entire party past the frogs when sneaking, a single character can do it now
Critical Thinker now requires PER 6 (instead of CS 3)
Artful Dodger now requires DEX 6 (instead of Evasion 3)
Added text elevator to level 3 in the Armory


Tweaked icons
Tweaked checks and LP gain.
Fixed missing skills for enemies, first combat balance pass
Tweaked enemies' stats and items
Tweaked loot in the Armory
Minor dialogue tweaks
Item and trade lists tweaks


Fixed the speech success in Samuel's quest
Fixed the wrong description of Captain feat
Fixed loop in Jed's quest if you failed the speech path and got into combat
Fixed loop in Samuel's quest that allowed to start sneaking again
Fixed computers training loop (Maryam)
The gunners you get from Manny leave after combat.
Fixed dead Jed "surviving" the fight against Black Will
Fixed perception check loop in the Armory
Fixed issue with ropes and climbing in Hydroponics
Fixed passability in the foliage in Hydroponics
Fixed some quests not giving XP
Fixed not gaining Computer LP in the Armory
Fixed some lighting in the Armory
Fixed some collisions in Hydroponics
Fixed being unable to show some tokens
Removed Braxton on Jonas Gate end
Fixed zero rolls (incorrect subranges in int random decks)
Fixed frogs not saving their mesh on game load
Fixed AI not using grenades
Implemented and fixed character and inventory screens tooltips
Fixed exploits when using drag'n'drop when trading
Fixed door sounds not being affected by options