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Professional Farmer: Cattle and Crops

Galaxy, and offline installer updated 2020-10-30: to

From dev website:
Update v1.0.2.6 30 Oct. 2020

This update brings – besides many smaller fixes and improvements – a further reworking of the sales prices and revenues.

First, after your feedback, a fourth sales difficulty level was added: realistic. In this level all sales prices and proceeds have, well, completely realistic values.

In addition, the bale prices have been significantly reduced and have been given their own difficulty multipliers (easy: 3 / medium: 2.25 / difficult: 1.5 / real: 1). Field grass and field grass silage bales (hay not included) are now worth almost nothing.

The biogas plant has received an extended revision and now uses much more realistic data as a basis for the revenue calculation. On the one hand, the ensiled fruit types now produce more real (i.e. lower) biogas quantities, on the other hand, the prices for methane gas have been adjusted. The generated energy has been split into electrical and thermal energy, with different prices. One kWhel results in a base price of €0.143, one kWhth results in a base price of €0.03 (the prices are slightly higher during winter and slightly lower during summer). The BGP control display has been adjusted accordingly. In addition, the BGA has received its own price multiplier: (easy: 5 / medium: 3.5 / hard: 2 / realistic: 1). Note: there is now a fermentation period of 20 days, which means the money generated from the silage loaded into the bunker — resp. the generated methane gas — is only paid out after this period.

Together with the BGP and grain price changes, it’s no longer lucrative to buy grain and unload it directly at the BGP.

A few calculation examples:

• The BGA silos have a capacity of approx. 5,800 m³. This corresponds to approx. 33.7 ha of maize chaff. If you fill the silos completely over a season, you get approx. (minus personnel and machine costs):
- Real: 55.200 €
- Hard: 110.400 €
- Medium: 193.200 €
- Easy: 276.000 €
• The same area planted with barley results in (threshed, i.e. with significantly less work and time required) approx.:
- Real: 18.000 €
- Hard: 54.100 €
- Medium: 99.300 €
- Easy: 144.400 €

As always, all changes can be found in the changelog.


• Additional sales price mode "Realistic", which offers completely realistic values
• Vehicles can now be cleaned at the contractor
• Claas Jaguar and Tucano have received unload chute/rear view cameras that can be activated in the cockpit displays.

• Analog devices in missions now show icons for both axis directions if only one axis direction is bound
• When grass grows back after a complete drying cycle and is then cut again, it is no longer immediately dry
• In the scenarios the memory consumption has been reduced when fast forwarding, this should also fix crashes and freezes of the game in those situations
• Display on Hammer MixKing repaired (digit size and position increased)
• Finance menu: better support for long dealer, tank and FillType names
• FillTypes that can’t be sold at the harbor are no longer displayed in the finance menu
• Animals no longer spawn outside the boxes
• Tutorial "Field Guidance System II": Spelling fixes
• Vehicle recovery window: spelling fixes
• Claas Jaguar: when all-wheel drive is deactivated, the front axle is now correctly powered instead of the rear axle
• Biogas plant silos can be uncovered correctly again
• Missing textures of the Deutz tow pin hitch added
• Hammer TransferKing: reflection of the tires adjusted
• All tractors and harvesters (except Deutz 7250) received new animations for indicator/gear/direction levers. The protective rubbers no longer rotate to the wrong direction.
• Crash during fast forwarding with rented equipment or loaned employees fixed

• Bale sales prices reduced, custom difficulty multipliers added
• Biogas plant revenues strongly revised:
• Methane gas: revenue divided into electrical and thermal energy, with an amount of €0,143 resp. €0,03 per kWh
• Biogas yield of all fruit types reduced to real values
• Trader icons are now displayed in the finance menu
• Trader icons have received a uniform design
• Traders in the finance menu are now sorted alphabetically
• The weight-based sales price multiplier of the animals is now smoothly interpolated between the weight groups, so that there are no more steps
• Claas front loader FL 100 rotates the arms to transport position when autopilot / tasks are used. An attached shovel or bale fork is also rotated to the top
• The fee for selling animals via the menu is now based on the distance from the animal to trader
• Cleaning vehicles takes longer, progress indicator added
• Price fluctuations added for swath and chopped fruits
• Start money amount of scenario 3 increased
• Fruit reference texts now show correct units when the game uses imperial units
• Tutorial "Thresh grain": Start position of the Vario trailer optimized

• Tucano-/Jaguar-Camera-Displays can get a wrong on-off-status when the engine is turned off/on too quickly
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Nightmare Reaper recieved a new update through GOG Galaxy today. This update ads the second chapter to the game. Offline installers will probably follow on Monday.

VersionBetaFinal3Hotfix3 --> VersionChapter2_1.0

Chapter 2 release
This only includes fixes and changes that aren't about chapter 2.

• Fixed : Enemy animations aren't slowed down during slow motion.
• Fixed : Reduced amount of stuck enemies.
• Fixed : Sewer room with spawnable area that was too short.
• Fixed : Reloading heavy sniper rifle only reloaded 5 bullets.
• Fixed : Bad distance calculation and headshot detection for explosions.
• Fixed : Door decals aren't removed sometimes and hide secrets.
• Fixed : Rare crash on level end.
• Fixed : Rare crash when breaking a secret wall.
• Fixed : World 4 boss jump is almost impossible.
• Fixed : Secret door in third boss room breaks exit.
• Fixed : Enemy that leaves kill-all room breaks it.
• Fixed : Crash during suicide.
• Fixed : Crash when changing view distance.
• Fixed : Potential issues with kill-all rooms when enemies might exit the map.
• Fixed : Invalid minigun mods.
• Fixed : Getting level 2 or 3 weapon wouldn't unlock achievement.
• Fixed : Picked up objects can go through static objects.
• Fixed : Incompatible mods from some weapons.
• Fixed : Chain enemies can get you stuck on level geometry.
• Fixed : Kill-all doors sometimes don't open.
• Fixed : Potential issue where treasure count would become negative.
• Fixed : Removed doors to nowhere in the descent.
• Fixed : Trying to remap back or start controller buttons would "corrupt" the savegame.
• Fixed : Prevented putting a wall switch on a wall with another object next to it.
• Fixed : Made mom dragons head hitbox more appropriate.
• Fixed : Poison staff idle sound's volume isn't tied to the sound slider.
• Fixed : Typo in bunnyhop achievement.
• Fixed : Generating a level would take too long and eventually crash.
• Fixed : Weapon switches forever if moved to another slot immediately after pickup.
• Fixed : Crash when stunning an enemy that spawned on the same frame.
• Changed : Made enemy firebolts not leave fire.
• Changed : Added screen flash for bone pickup.
• Changed : Improved elemental effects.
• Changed : Made elemental books slightly less powerful because of the new elemental effects.
• Changed : Allowed beam weapons to have pierce stat.
• Changed : Improved grenade harpooner harpoon damage and explosion speed.
• Changed : Added elemental effect stats to explosive weapons and modified explosions accordingly.
• Changed : Added large bullet effects and bullet holes to heavy bullet weapons.
• Changed : Rebalanced all explosions.
• Changed : Changed horse water look and player face.
• Changed : Added walk speed to horse water.
• Changed : Changed player movement to further improve platforming.
• Changed : Allowed changing weapon while zoomed in.
• Changed : Minigun no longer needs reloading.
• Changed : Improved Claymore range.
• Changed : Changed Katana alternate attack.
• Changed : Added shocked and frozen elemental effects to player.
• Changed : Turned fire resistance into elemental resistance.
• Changed : Added optional weapon wheel.
• Changed : Some objects float on water.
• Changed : Raised enter distance for level end.
• Changed : Improved and added new player voices.
• Changed : Made life souls fall to the ground after a time.
• Changed : Lowered spark book alt fire rate.
• Changed : Lowered suppressed SMG recoil.
• Changed : Can switch weapon to cancel reloading.
• Changed : Can switch weapon to cancel charging.
• Changed : Made weapon icon resolution fit with rest of art.
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Nightmare Reaper offline installers are up already.
thraxman: Nightmare Reaper offline installers are up already.
Unusual to see offline installers being updated on a Saturday but I'm not complaining. I wouldn't mind seeing this happen more often when games recieve a update on Friday evening etc.
thraxman: Nightmare Reaper offline installers are up already.
Berzerk2002: Unusual to see offline installers being updated on a Saturday but I'm not complaining. I wouldn't mind seeing this happen more often when games recieve a update on Friday evening etc.
Yes it is unusual. However, the Stellar Tactics dev did this three weeks ago, on a Saturday evening, and barely three hours previously he didn't even know there was a problem. Within 3 hours of notifying him, the hotfix was out and as a patch not full download.

Kudos to him for the quick response, and him or GOG whoever was responible for it being a patch.

Stellar Tactics is game to watch for the future, or even get now. The only reason it is still in beta is because the dev is trying to add so much to it. It already has more content than many fully released games.
bonzer: Kudos to him for the quick response, and him or GOG whoever was responible for it being a patch.
Yes, its nice to not just the not just the new NR installer but a patch as well, wonder why it took Strife nearly 5 days to get that update from Galaxy to offline?
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Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town Demo

Update to demo_3.1.

No changelog. But most likely the demo was updated to include changes to the main game.
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Mega Patch #7 - “The Woman in the Red Dress”

Please note that below you will only find a list of "important stuff" changes. Additionally, in the patch you will find over 500 tweaks, fixes and quality of life improvements that are impossible to list.

We are entering the final phase of the project, expanding the testing team and digging up old topics (also resulting from your feedback) that we have not been able to deal with before. The game gets better every day.

Some of the most important new stuff will be the missions! We have added two new ones, Hard Truth and Black Stalker, thanks to which you will be able to learn more about the story of two key characters and discover some deeply buried secrets.

If you thought that the weapons arsenal in Chernobylite could not be expanded anymore, we have a message for you: it is possible and we even did. The Chernobylite Blaster and Anti-Chernobylite Burner will expand your possibilities in the Zone. How? You will have to see for yourselves!

The new additions are also levels, which will have a great impact on how you will understand the whole plot and what you will choose in the future. These are “Stealing Ariadna’s technology” and “The Woman in the Red Dress”.

Besides mentioned above, we've also made some requested improvements to make your life easier while playing Chernobylite. One of them is the ability to load the game save from the last checkpoint during a pause from the menu. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to avoid any unpleasantness during the game...

In line with your suggestions, we've added the ability to disable both the entire interface and its individual elements. Of course, we will continue to improve this feature.

So, here's the list
Content Additions:

New quest: Hard Truth (part of Olivier's chain)
New quest: Black Stalker (part of Olga's chain)
New weapon: Chernobylite Blaster (surprise!)
New throwing weapon: Anti-Chernobylite Burner (another surprise!)
New level: Fractal World “The Woman in the Red Dress”. It is the conclusion of a new investigation on the board.
New level: Stealing Adrianna's technology (not a big deal, but many of you have asked how exactly Igor got the VR helmet, so we decided to expand this thread)
New story character: Konstanty (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
New story character: Locksmith (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
New story character: Semyon (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
All levels have been filled with lots of new events. There are over 40 of them in total.
All levels have been extended with additional locations that you can access using Anti-Chernobylite Burner
We have added the ability to upgrade magazines for all weapons. Each change has a huge impact on the operation of the weapon and the animations. We've also added few other minor upgrades.

Technology improvements:

You can now load the last checkpoint from the pause menu. Thanks to this, some bugs should stop being so terrible anymore…
We greatly optimized the sound in the game. People with weak CPUs should experience a significant increase in FPS


We've greatly improved how soldiers behave when patrolling and searching for a player.
Black Stalker's AI has been finalized and balanced. Now, fighting him is a real challenge.
We improved the dialogue system and added character portraits to it. You can adjust it to your preferences through the game options.
Now enemies are marked on the compass when we hit them or are hit by them.
We improved the indicators that appear during the fight - some of them were given a more immersive form, and some were visually adapted to the rest of the UI.
We improved the weapon upgrade system. Now it should be more interesting and dynamic. The whole thing has also been carefully balanced and should have an even wider and more visible impact on the game.
We improved the tab UI with Igor's skills.
All tab UIs should be comfortable and intuitive to use with the mouse.
We've revised all the in-game tutorials to be clearer and take into account all the mechanics we've introduced over the past months.

Redesign, balance and feedback:

In accordance with your numerous requests, we have added the ability to disable both the entire UI and its specific elements. We will continue to refine these functions to give you even more freedom.
You said that in the later stages of the game, the size of the base makes it practically impossible to expand it. So we enlarged it with an area that was previously flooded with water.
We have completely rebuilt the looting system. Now, what your opponents drop should be interesting and better suited to the challenge.
We have balanced the view ranges of the opponents and how they react to the sounds made by the player. Now stealth should be more difficult, but also more honest.
How the fractal timeline works was not entirely clear to you, especially when you came across it before completing any story mission. Now you can see not only events that have already happened, but also those that may happen.
You don't really like the possibility of building covers while exploring the zone. So we replaced it with the possibility of building machines that have a global impact on the zone.
Following your request, we've added the ability to toggle aim and crouch, as well as an alternative way to use the Dodge.


The problem with Xinput1_4.dll should no longer occur on Windows 7
We've toned down the amount of radiation that appears on levels over time
Music should now turn down properly in the game options.
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Many GOG game updates have no official update flag.
I started to record it since Nov 2017. Only games I have are listed here. [1]

Report for Oct 2020:
Total updates: 77
Games updates: 38 (Some games have multiple updates, daily basis)
Flags I got: 73

95% updates have an official flag. 5% are missing.

List of games that flags are missing:

[1] Oct 2020 updates:
[2] Sep 2020 record:
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Tales of Maj'Eyal

Mac and Linux offline installers updated to version 1.7.0 (Win installer likely to be updated soon)

There is a GOG changelog, but since the forum will not allow me to post the full text, it can also be found here:
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Update 0.30714.410 (30 October 2020)
(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
- RTX settings fix
- fullscreen mode available
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Danger Scavenger (In Development)

Updated to 1.9.666 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update Notes 1.9.666 - Trick or treat?

Trick or treat? Why not both?

With Halloween just around the corner, instead of candy, we've prepared a massive update for our players with two new characters, weapons, items, and many other improvements.

At the same time, the Scavengers decorated their base taking care of the right mood, and there are rumors that bats have invaded here and there.

You'll see it all for yourself in a moment so that we won't extend it any further, and let's move on to the content of Halloween Update 1.9.666.

New Content:

Have you ever wondered who will join our team? Thanks to Halloween, we found out which new heroes have visited the Scavengers. Please, welcome to Echo and Professor!

Professor - The most experienced Scavenger. Uses knowledge and technology to fight evil. Can fly in the air for short durations and has a Utility Drone that accompanies him on his quest.

Echo - Very agile and smart Scavenger. She can hack enemies to fight on her side. She can throw a teleporter, which lets her move over huge distances quickly.

The new scavengers took a lot of scrap with them, but they also have interesting gifts. You will find new weapons and super items in them. What they look like:

4 new weapons (Octogun, Inferno Launcher, Stick Bomb Launcher, Messmaker)

5 new items (Utility Drone, Hacking Device, Magnet, Gas Mask, Sonic Boots)

Thanks to the new heroes, we also have new achievements:

- Congrats, Captain!
Beat the game with Captain J.

- HUN-73R: mission completed!
Beat the game with HUN-73R

- You did it, Keiko!
Beat the game with Keiko

- Nice job, Rhino!
Beat the game with Rhino

- Hacking completed, Echo!
Beat the game with Echo

- You've outsmarted them, Professor!
Beat the game with Professor

Halloween isn't the only trick or treat! It's also a lot of pumpkins and an atmosphere of horror that has come into our hub.

New features:

- 4 Scavengers (Captain J, HUN-73R, Rhino, Professor) are available from the start of the game,
- added an option to enable the coop mode during the tutorial and from the menu,
- before the start of the new game, each Scavenger has a choice of all weapons unlocked for himself (max 6)
- added information on the conditions for unlocked the Scavengers

Other Features

- Reflected bullets give less DMG, and their direction of reflection depends on Scavenger's position
- melee attack (space) uses the best melee weapon the player has,
- balanced weapons and items,
- improved the HUD scaling,
- improved information about level and stacks items on Workshop,
- You can add stacks to items of any level,
- You can level items while adding their stacks,
- added information about the possibility to craft items in Workshop (8 different texts),
- improved Steam Cloud saves,
- improved bullets particles.

If you find any bug or have ideas for new game features or improvements, be sure to let us know on Discord!

We are listening, we are here for you, and we want to make a great game!

be a rebel!
Star Drifters team
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The Windows build of Chasm has been updated to version 1.077e. Changelog is still MIA.
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Dry Drowning has been updated to ver. 2.04 - No changelog.

Edit: On discord the devs said that it was just " a minor minor bug fix".
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Professional Farmer: Cattle and Crops

Galaxy and offline installer updated 2020-11-02: to

From dev forum:
Bug Fix Release v1.0.2.7 (02 November 2020)

Hi everyone! We’ve just released version This version includes three fixes to Friday’s v1.0.2.6 release. Especially the duplicate light in the Hammer TransferKing that also lead to a loss of performance has been removed.


• Light has been removed from the Hammer TransferKing, fixing duplicate lighting and halved performance
• Lemken Juwel 4+1 N does no longer stop and wait at the start of a field work task
• Lemken Zirkon 12/600K positioning in relation to the tractor fixed