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ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game & DLC

Halloween Event 2020

Hey, guys!

Some of you missed it last time… But this year it came back with a vengeance from the beyond. Our spooky Halloween event is out for blood yet again! And this time no platform, mobile or otherwise will be spared from waves of grotesque horrors.

Will you risk having thy flesh consumed by the fangs of the unruly evil with perfect hatred and no remorse? Those who survive will surely be rewarded. You'll just have to find a special random encounter on the global map… if you dare.

If you do not dare, or find such festive events silly, which is totally understandable, the optional content can be easily turned off in the main menu.

Apart from the optional content, this version also contains some delightfully devilish new features that will make slow machines run the game better.

There is also some amazing news from our Italian translation team which launched the final stage of the translation mod.

See it here:

Now tremble, before the full infernal glory of this update’s horrific changelog:

- Added the spooky Halloween event (till November 3rd);
- Improved loading times on video cards with capacity of 2 gb+;
- Fixed minor issues reported to us on Steam and other forums;
- Fixed minor sound glitches.

Fangs for reading, and let there be ATOM!

Standalone installer updated: 1.1.72GOG => 1.172 Event GOG.
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Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog but should be a fix for the achievements.


The Signifier

Updated to The Signifier - macOS - v1.03 (Galaxy & Offline Installer) and The Signifier - Windows - v1.03 (Galaxy)

Changelog from Steam:
New Patch!

Hi! A new patch is incoming.

- Lots of work to reduce motion sickness. Camera is stable, better responsiveness when moving, option to disable motion blur in high quality settings (forced off in low quality). This required lots of work as it affected the player and all objects.
- Fixed short stutter when initiating and finishing interaction with objects.
- Fixed compatibility issue that made some players have a black screen after the first logo. (this one was hard to find!!)
- Fixed some compatibility issues with controllers / mouse detection that could break load/save and general UI selection on a very reduced number of setups. This was really hard to reproduce and we fixed it on the setups we could reproduce it, but it might still happen in some that we can't reproduce unfortunately. Will require more testing if it keeps happening to some.
- Fixed missing impression that blocked "collector" achievement.
- Added master volume control and improved mixing in general.
- Improved memory management to avoid potential crashes. These were reported by a few users on specific setups and were reported back fixed (Thanks Borys for the crash dumps and test on testing branch!)
-Fix probable bug that if you skipped a dialogue with Laura at the laboratory you couldn't click on items later.
- Lots of minor gameplay/UX fixes that could contribute to unintended confusion (example: using timewarp from the wrong angle in dog/avatar sequence, hitbox too small or distance too short, creature kickback on unintended moment even if not looking at it, changed password "guess 3 missing digits" to "choose 3 missing digits" as it was interpreted as a random guess for some, mask Raw Data collider too small, and a big etc)
- Tweaked some variable conditions that made too hard to get some of the different dialogue branches at the end of the game.
- Made Laura's ending dialogue a bit more consistent with choices, as in some cases she would swap emotional discourse when leaving the door if some corner case conditions where met.
- Small optimizations done and clipping issues fixed
- Lots of other minor fixes!

Also, sorry for the big download! As we had to do some memory management between scenes we had to upload a lot again.

Let's keep this thread open, we'll keep our eyes open, specially in case of those compatibility issues we haven't been able to reproduce!

Thanks for your patience and we hope you're enjoying the game!

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Graveyard Keeper has been updated to 1.302. No changelog.

Game Of Crone DLC has been released.
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Monster Train updated to v1.3.1 (10939)


This is a small bug fix patch that addresses some issues from the Herzal's Workshop update.

● BUG FIX - fixed emoji reactions not working in multiplayer.
● BUG FIX - Hell Rush - fixed timer UI getting stuck permanently saying "out of time" if you ran out of time during a round.
● BUG FIX - the card mastery screen in the Logbook now shows the crossed swords attack icon as intended.
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The Original Strife: Veteran Edition offline installers are still at version 1.0.0b and did not get the update to 1.1.0.
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There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

A NO ther Update, Galaxy+Offline Installers: v1.0.17 -> v1.0.18

So far No Changelog (Gog+Steam)

At least this patch adresses the problem for getting achievement "Wrong Dimension", this was confirmed by devs in an Steam Community Hub Discussion.
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Against the Moon: Prologue

Update to V1.29.

No changelog.

Edit: for Mac OSX. The update for Windows was already about a week ago.
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Death and Taxes

Galaxy: 1.2.0, 2020-10-29 Windows+Mac
Galaxy: 1.2.3, 2020-10-30 Windows+Mac

Offline installers: 1.1.7 to 1.2.3, 2020-10-30 Windows+Mac+Linux

ERISS posted the changelog for the Halloween Update (1.2.0) in the game's forum.
What you can expect in the update:
• Unlocked the Cerberus' Den Bar area in Fately Towers! (Open on weekends after work hours)
• 7 new characters to meet in Cerberus' Den
• A whopping 16 spirits to imbibe (including milk for calcium)
• Over 50 new character profiles to discover
• 2 brand new visages, one spookier than the other
• 6 new articles of clothing to reap with in style
• Spooky new desk friends to discover!
• New music to chill to when hanging out with fellow Grims and others
• 10 new achievements to hunt down!
Changelog for 1.2.3 hotfix:
• Fixed one of Mortimer's lines not activating
• Fixed Ra head not appearing.
• Changed the Bar to work so that patrons don't disappear but rather disable when their dialogue ends
• Fixed Herbert's (Plant Reaper) dialogue from cutting off suddenly
• Fixed Bar Quiz duplicate questions
• Fixed Bartender appearing in a very strange location at the end of the game
• Fixed bar patrons not being interactable in NG+
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The Uncertain: Light At The End

Update 1.0.0.release_27-10 (30 October 2020)
(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
- Fixed many localization mistakes in all languages.
- Fixed several issues with lip sync in the English version of the game.
- Fixed several UI and visibility issues in various puzzles (with more fixes to come).
- Fixed different issues with the camera (with more fixes to come).
- Fixed the face animations of different characters.
- Fixed the issues with corrupted or broken savefiles.
- Added TAA antialiasing.
- You can now skip puzzles by pressing the “P” button.
- Fixed sensitivity issues in puzzles when you use a gamepad.


Updated to 1.1.38199.110 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Windbound's First DLC - Out Now (and Free)

Hi everyone,

We’ve been working hard on improving Windbound for you and we can’t thank you enough for your continuing support with reporting crashes and other issues you’ve experienced.

We’re very happy to announce that our latest patch has now gone live and there’s a lot to unpack with it!

This patch focuses primarily on:

- The Eternal Voyage
- Photo Mode
- Witch Skin Outfit and Weapon
- Additional Blessing slots
- Adjustments to Land and Ocean combat actions, creature combat AI pathing and physics, resourcing and Blessing Shrines
- Changes made to New Game+, Tutorials, fall damage, camera movement, and boat damage calculations.

We've also included our DLC Roadmap to give you an idea of some of the new content, QOL enhancement, Skins, and functionality coming to Windbound

Build Number

Steam: 1.1.38199.301
GOG: 1.1.38199.110

Read on for the full DLC contents!

New Features

The Eternal Voyage

The Eternal Voyage offers players an Endless Play mode.

- Players can select this mode when they begin a new game.
- The game does not finish with Chapter 5.
- Death resets the player to the beginning of Chapter 1, retaining only their Blessings.

Photo Mode

A Creative mode for keen video game photographers offering full control over camera position & orientation, field of view, exposure, time of day, and position of the sun.

- 20 different poses & expressions for Kara.
- 20 hats and accessories for Kara.
- A variety of filters, from black & white, to CRT, to Pastel.
- Accessible from the Pause Menu.
- Ideal for social media sharing.

Witch Skin items

These items will be available to players when they find a Pumpkin in the world. Finding a Pumpkin will reward players with one of the following Blessings as a reward for exploring.

- Witch Hat makes the effects of potions last longer.
- Witch Outfit allows players to respawn nearby after death (single use).
- Witch Staff – This staff is unbreakable and fires target seeking magic orbs.
- For existing save games, Pumpkins will appear in the next chapter the player reaches, for new save games Pumpkins will appear from Chapter 1.

Blessing Slots

Players can now buy additional Blessing Slots if they have enough Sea Shard currency, allowing you to get more out of the Blessings system quicker, rather than having to rely on randomly being offered a new Blessing slot to equip more than one item.

Additional Bug Fixes and Improvements


- New Game+ now resets to Chapter 1 but keep all player progress.
- Tutorials will now appear in the Tutorials Menu to review as they unlock, regardless of whether the player has them set to off so as not to show whilst playing.
- Reduced fall damage at low fall distances.

Crafting and Resourcing

- Resolved a bug where food degraded during The Crossing.
- Fixed a bug where you could craft items in the Meta Hub.
- Corrected an issue where pots and other destructibles would not smash when attacking them.
- Fixed an issue where “Gortl's Descent” blessing was not giving any Shards as a reward.
- Increased rewards from Blessing Shrines.
- Fixed an issue where fish and other items were immediately sinking to the bottom of the ocean making them impossible to collect.
- Fixed a timing issue with wood-cutting sounds, broadened the spread of mining sounds and corrected the harvesting sound on Green mineral outcrops.
-. Fixed a bug where dismantling fires and cooking stations wasn’t giving players the items that were cooking/curing.

Ocean Combat, Sailing and Boat

- Boat impact damage calculations have been adjusted.
- Fixed an issue where boats sounded like they were taking damage when gently beaching, when they were not.
- Added a small grace period after Hookmouth attacks before applying further damage from subsequent attacks.
- Resolved an error where Kara could lose her weapon when a Hookmouth impacts her boat and throws her into the water.
- Fixed issue where Hookmouths could attack in shallow water.
- There was an issue where the Quick Select was visible when rowing/sailing (it’s not usable whilst rowing/sailing).

Combat and Weapons

- Resolved an issue with jittering combat camera.
- The combat camera will no longer travel through the floor.
- Fixed a bug where players could dodge while gliding.
- Fixed an issue with combat lock while gliding and falling.
- Allowed early dodge out of attacks, reduced time to regain movement control after attacking. Slight increase in backup stamina regen, slight reduction in stamina cost for Kara’s abilities.
- Resolved an issue where the Bastion Bow Field didn’t stop poison damage
- Poison now drains Kara’s stamina
- Fixed a bug where when a sling or bow broke it used up the ammo the player had without actually firing it. The sling/bow will now fire the projectile and then break.
- Locking on to a creature now correctly shows their name and health.
- Added further fixes to address creatures launching into space.
- Fixed issues where Plainstalkers would give up attacking after doing a dash attack.
- Resolved concerns with combat where Plainstalkers could get stuck in jump up or jump down states.
- Fixed an issue where Pondwhompers would abandon an attack part way through combat.
- Fixed instances where players were not being able to lock onto Tremorlurks properly.
- Resolved issues where Tremorlurks were not knowing that Kara is near.
- Slightly increased the anticipation time before a Tremorlurk bursts from the ground.
- Changed the minimum time from leaving the danger state to the danger music turning off from 3 seconds to 0.6 seconds, to help tighten-up the end of combat.

Thanks for your continued feedback and bug reports. There are other issues that we’re still investigating:

Sail sometimes spins for no reason.
Continuing to follow up on bug reports, etc.

If you do experience any issues after this DLC update, please send us your log and crash dump files. Send them through to or

Thanks again for all your feedback. We’re working hard on Windbound to improve your experience!

5 Lives Studios
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Offline installers for The Original Strife: Veteran Edition (v.1.1.0) and Ghostrunner (v.0.30660.408a) are now available.
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Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town

Updated to v.1.1_RC6c_Release Build (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Willy Morgan - Patch 1.1 is now available!

As we previously announced, we have some news related to Willy Morgan. Patch 1.1 is now available, introducing the following new features:

- Minor bug fixes.
- Corrections on translations/dubbing
- Added autosave functionality
- Added the "Text background" functionality in the "Options" menu
- Added partial controller support
- Credits added to the game's main menu

Thanks for the support. Stay tuned for other news!

Medieval Dynasty (In Development)

Update (29 October 2020)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)

- Pouches and backpacks for vendors (seamsters).
- New flail sounds.


- Tax multipliers from events and/or game settings are not included in building's tax info.
- Clicking on assigning recipe in building's assignments results in selecting another item than desired.
- Items from the miscellaneous category that are on the bottom in inventory (below coins) are not selected properly, so the player can sell coins or the one item above the last selected.
- The game mode customization parameter for animal health points did not work.
- The game mode customization parameter for damage from animals is not working.
- NPC production assignments that use buckets of water removed the whole item instead of its content.
- Bow is not drawing with infinite stamina enabled in customization.


- Russian language.
- Ukrainian language.
- Czech language.
- "Tab" button on keyboard and gamepad special left button now opens last opened tab (inventory, skills, map, etc.).
- The speed of lowering the mood now depends on the number of negative factors. - Example: the mood of a villager without a house lowers faster than the mood of a villager with a house (the "top speed" value was not change from previous versions of the game).
- UI Input fixes.
- Player does not need houses to recruit NPCs.
Update (28 October 2020)

- New hoe sounds.


- Pressing left CTRL triggers event pop up that makes the player unable to move or use the UI.
- Information about additional weight gained from backpacks and pouches stays after changing selected item in inventory/selected scheme.
Update (28 October 2020)

- New game feature - Events.
- Customizable gameplay settings.
- New furniture - two Stools, Bench and Table.
- New facilities to illuminate the village - Standing Torch and Lantern.
- New types of items to increase character's inventory capacity - Backpacks and Pouches.
- New village Management Notifications on HUD.
- Inhabitants provide Fur in Hunting Lodge.
- New Sounds of filling the bucket with water.
- New Sounds of pouring water from the bucket.
- Removing NPCs from the house via the building details menu or the NPC details menu.
- Hungarian language.
- Various wicker and wooden decorative items for crafting.
- The player's NPCs can patrol the village at night.
- House for Sambor.
- New Clay digging sounds for the Shovel.
- New Milking sounds.
- Blur and darkening in Save and Load Menus.
- Sorting in production assignments.
- Holding UI input for faster scrolling/increasing values in slider menus.
- New Scythe sounds.
- New grain grinding sounds for Quern.
- Technology schemes descriptions now have item statistics and/or resources required to craft.
- Right gamepad thumb stick now moves map in Map tab.


- Opening the modification menu for a building if there is one object to choose from.
- Some building modules have the wrong model when they are ghosts.
- Some of the furniture are impossible to destroy.
- Recurve bow disappearing when moving.
- The animation when an arrow has just been shot from a bow is not playing.
- After shooting, the animation must end before the player can reload the bow or crossbow.
- Crossbow's position in the player character's hands.
- The Infant is sometimes in the hands of the mother when it should not be.
- Calves not growing up.
- The mood of the inhabitants sometimes declines even though all their needs are met.
- One of the Barn modules cannot be repaired.
- Rabbit trap gives leather instead of fur.
- Unfinished building modules are in full condition.
- Furniture sometimes disappears from the building after loading the game.
- Unreadable checkboxes in settings.
- Sometimes game crashes when loading from a file.
- Missing cooking schemes in Crafting Technology for Tavern I level.
- Some of the furniture are duplicated when loading the game.
- The big house lacks stone versions of the walls under the roof.
- Sometimes fields are displaying the wrong name in interaction.
- Shearing Scissors are missing in production in Smithy.
- Missing recipe for Oat Rolls and Fur Capelet.
- In some situations, Quest markers are still present after completing quest.
- Can't pay taxes in the season in which Uniegost is not present on map.
- If game is saved in first 5 seconds, the starting quest never launches.
- Death menu and transition to heir menu can pop up at the same time.
- No blackout if player dies during constant damage receiving.
- Quick save and load are not blocked in the main menu.
- Daub is used to upgrade stone walls instead of Limestone.
- Can't pay taxes to the new castellan.
- Issue that the first child in the next generations of the player was a girl.
- Issue where the player could move the NPC to NPC's brother's / sister's house, and they could get married.
- Heir keeps coming back to his parents' house.
- Arrows, bolts and spears impaled in animals affect their leg placement.
- Issue where NPC stands in the field and do not work.
- Sound of a wisent attack is heard from long distances.
- Sound Effects in Sound Settings don't affect the sound of building modules.
- Workplace slot becomes house slot after assigning house/workplace in NPC details menu.
- Case in which technology needed to unlock building is enough, but it unlocks only if it is greater than needed value.
- Changing quickslot of currently held item doesn't destroy it which results in unbreakable item.
- Arrow and Bolt crafting recipes.
- When the day or season changes, the NPCs are teleporting to the attic or roof.
- Pulling out a stolen object changes its status to not stolen.
- The counting slider sometimes doesn't show the correct amount of coins a player will receive from a trade.
- Assigning villagers to a workplace that has not yet been built.
- An NPC can push a player's character during crafting at the workstation, which makes him stuck.


- Detection of whether a furniture can be placed has been improved.
- Fence placement has been improved.
- The professions performed by the NPCs now affect their mood level.
- Projectile behavior depending on its type - heavier projectiles fall faster.
- Increased range of bows, spears and crossbow.
- Improved behavior of each projectile in the air.
- FoV change when aiming - the change in FoV is now % of current players FoV instead of static target value.
- If the player is holding the left mouse button down after shooting an arrow from the bow, the character will automatically start preparing the next shot after reloading.
- Adjusted HP of small animals.
- Wild animals will no longer attack the player's character during dialogues.
- Wild animals will now stop attacking the character when he starts dialogue while being attacked. This is a temporary update.
- Improved movement animations blending for Cows, Pigs, Bears, Goats and Sheep.
- Recurve Bow damage increased from 45 to 55.
- Polish translation.
- Russian translation.
- Ukrainian translation.
- French translation.
- Italian translation.
- Turkish translation.
- Czech translation.
- German translation.
- NPCs go to the Barn after working in the field.
- The player's NPCs may sit on the player's stools or benches.
- Gizela has new hunter clothes.
- Player can recruit NPC only if the player has an empty house in the village.
- Dynasty Reputation limits per new inhabitant have been lowered.
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Westmark Manor

Updated to 1.032 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
The new FREE Halloween Trick or Treat mode is active!

- Candy can be collected (60 in total).
- You can add candy to the bowl and see its effect and once it hits bottom, the gate opens.
unlockable pumpkin head lantern in the full game
- A spooky mood/atmosphere
- More puzzles
- A special Halloween achievement added for limited time only, be quick because just like a spook, the possibility to get it will disappear soon!

Other news

- Walking speed has been tweaked.
- Wood is now an infinite amount.
- Rectified the small coffer in Father's bedroom does not ask for the correct key if you do not have it already in your inventory.

Please update the game to receive these changes.
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Iratus Lord of the Dead updated.

From 180.09.00 to 180.10.00
Offline updated 3mb patch.
No changelog
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Disc Room

Galaxy (2020-10-29, Windows+Mac): 1.02
Offline installers (2020-10-30, Windows+Mac+Linux): 1.0 to 1.02
Update 1.02 (30 October)
• You'll no longer get stuck in the wall using Slow.
• You'll be able to use Mirror when next to a wall.
• Fix for one of the ???????? rooms not unlocking.
• Fix for absorb not unlocking for some people.
• Fix for hard mode not unlocking for some people.
• Fix for the ???????? room.
• Fix for splitter and clone disc exploits.
• UI sound for leaderboard page toggle.
• Improved blast collision.
• Small tweak to timeless.
• You'll no longer start hard mode with a best of 30 on the first room.
• Tweaked sound volumes for the first and final gatekeeper.
• Gatekeeper phase 1 visual fix.
• Dash trail visual fix at higher game speeds.
• Final area performance improvements.
• Clone performance improvements.
• Door lock sound fix.
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