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Another Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition uodate appeared in GOG Galaxy bringing the game to version 1.33.0. There's no info about what's new in this patch yet. The devs said the info will be available in ~ 2 hours.

EDIT: Offline installers are also updated now.
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Berzerk2002: Another Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition uodate appeared in GOG Galaxy bringing the game to version 1.33.0. There's no info about what's new in this patch yet. The devs said the info will be available in ~ 2 hours.
Offline installers are now also available.
Edward_Carnby: Baldur's Gate 3

Patch 2 - (27 October 2020)


Optimized overall sound settings to improve performance on lower spec machines
Added polish to several in-game cinematics
Attack of Opportunity indicator is now correctly hidden for invisible enemies
Improved timing of some tutorial messages
Improved usability of skill selection in character creation
Added new tutorial messages related to combat
Listening to other players’ dialogs now correctly shows the other players’ dice rolls
The reason for a waypoint being unavailable is now displayed on the map
Party members now correctly cancel their spell prepare state when switching to another character


Fixed a crash on startup for specific driver and hardware combinations
Fixed a crash related to trading with Zevlor after the raid on the grove
Fixed a crash in dialogs related to dynamically adding items
Fixed a crash in combat AI
Fixed a potential crash with moving platforms
Fixed a crash related to loading savegames while in a dialogue
Fixed a crash when destroying multiple familiars with a single spell
Fixed a crash related to unloading resources (when loading a save or returning to main menu)
Fixed a blocking issue when someone would join during level transition
Fixed a blocking issue when starting a dialog just as someone leaves the game
Fixed not being able to save anymore on the host when another player is stuck in “in dialog” state
Fixed players getting stuck in the same dialog inside the camp after choosing to fight Minthara
Fixed characters being stuck in animation if downed during precast spell
Fixed characters not being at the correct position after loading
Fixed not being able to talk to party members after talking with gale and summoning the weave
Fixed not being able to use some spell scrolls when out of spell slots
Fixed a rare issue for players that don’t have a profile on startup, requiring selection or a profile or creation of a new one
Fixed quest markers not showing up correctly when multiple markers point at the same object or location
Fixed the tieflings’ celebrations not proceeding correctly if the player had already done a long rest right before
Fixed the physics of the door on the Nautiloid reappearing after saving and loading
Fixed Ethel not triggering her ambush if she leaves her home during combat
Fixed several minor bugs related to in-game cinematics
Fixed zone spells not targeting invisible characters
Fixed summons from items not having an owner, causing them not to join combat
Fixed the goblins not using the war drum correctly
Fixed issues with lockpick progress going out of sync
Fixed savegame screenshots being too dark
Fixed spell sounds not playing correctly in multiplayer
Fixed a long black screen being displayed if a dialog was started just as another player was joining
Fixed Zevlor initiating dialog during combat
Fixed audio settings not resetting when switching profile
Fixed not being able to correctly switch character in trade window
Fixed not being able to click through scenery you can see through, improving navigation
Fixed the Gith becoming hostile incorrectly if Lae’zel was never recruited
Fixed additional reroll when using an inspiration point
Fixed inspiration points not being able to go up after using an inspiration point or gaining another one
Fixed an issue with the hidden vault entrance closing again after the puzzles are already solved
Fixed marking an item as a ware not getting set correctly
Fixed being able to select summons in the trade window
Fixed Zariel Tiefling clerics not being able to level up to level 4
Fixed character creation color tooltips
Fixed characters sometimes falling off moving platforms
Fixed several animation issues with torches
Fixed being able to select invalid targets for Misty Step skill
Fixed not being able to see other players’ hidden summons at all
Fixed party members being rearranged when detaching and reattaching characters to the group
Fixed certain equipment still generating sound after unequipping
Fixed several texture and skinning issues
Fixed several minor localization issues
Fixed minor issues with the action log

Mac specific:

Automatic crash reporter is now enabled for mac
Heh, yesterday there still wasn't an offline installer for patch 1. :/
Still the same...sigh...
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Order of Battle: World War II + DLCs was updated to version 8.6.1

no changelog available
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Here's the info about what the new Dying Light update is about.
Get ready for zombie madness, as we’re bringing the Left 4 Dead 2 crossover event back.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the new free DLC, show Virals who’s boss during the special Viral Rush event, and check out the new type of ammo, which will help you survive the bloodbath.

Meet Bill and Gnome Chompski. You already know them? That’s great because now they’re coming to Dying Light as a new playable model and a two-handed weapon. Download the new DLC to enjoy these iconic Left 4 Dead characters in Harran, and have the best of both worlds.

That’s not all! We’re bringing the amazing Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay experience to Dying Light in the Viral Rush event. Face hordes of enraged zombies in this extremely challenging game mode, and try to survive. To make it a bit easier, and a lot more fun, you’ll be able to use a new type of shotgun ammo that gives the infected a taste of fire and brimstone. And remember – whenever you get tired of fighting off endless zombie hordes, you can turn the Viral Rush event off in the options menu.

Personal Goal

• Objective: Kill 50x Virals
- Reward: Gold Gnome Gear

Complete Quarantine Zones

These Bounties will automatically be taken on when the event starts.

• Complete Stuffed Turtle Quarantine Zone (The Slums) and collect all Drops in the zone.
- Reward: Gold Golf Club
• Complete Bright Mountain Tunnel Quarantine Zone (The Slums) and collect all Drops in the zone.
- Reward: Gold Frying Pan
• Complete Striped Dragon Hotel Quarantine Zone (Old Town) and collect all Drops in the zone.
- Reward: Gold Electric Guitar

Global Event Goal

The community needs to kill 10 000 000 Virals Globally

• Docket for Gold Golf Club Blueprint
• Docket for Gold Frying Pan Blueprint
• Docket for Gold Electric Guitar Blueprint
• Docket for Gold Gnome Blueprint
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Updated to 0.30660.408 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)
Initial Version was 0.30655.407

No changelog.
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Mac and Linux builds of Chasm are now up-to-date.
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Cultist Simulator
Mac and Linux offline installers have now also been updated to 2020.10.e.2
No GOG changelog (and I couldn't find any changelog anywhere).
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Graybeard Games [developer] 18 hours ago

Patch notes for v1.01.35
- When using a controller, you can now go left in the inventory using the dpad while at the bank from the equipment slots
- I have changed Abel so that he will not charge you again if your items are within 8 blocks of him. This will prevent people from accidentally using him twice in a row while picking up their items.
- You can now extract coffee beans from coffee berries
- You can now roast coffee beans and make coffee. You must take the Barista talent in the survival tree. If you already have this talent, it will unlock the recipes when you load your character.

- There was a bug which prevented you from seeing the character you were creating, but it is fixed.
- I fixed a crash bug associated with placing a building high in the sky and intersecting with the clouds
- There were several bugs associated with placing a building near the clouds and not drawing and placing correctly, but they are fixed.
- If the achievement title was too long to fit in the banner it overflowed the edges, but it is fixed and now scales properly.
- You could extract seeds from crops that you couldn't harvest yet (like greenhouse), but it is fixed.
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Another update (262 MB) for Ghostrunner is available through GOG Galaxy now (offline installers later as usual). No changelog available at the moment.

version 0.30660.408 >> 0.30660.408a
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Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition

New 3.0.1 Patch

Hi all!

We all know that beginnings are the hardest. When it comes to Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition we aim to lessen the burden. Firstly due to huge changes in Performance, UI, and Pathfinding but the most important factor is your feedback! Thanks to you we are able to deliver the first patch with fixes when not even 24h have passed since the release and we are still on track to provide you with more minor improvements! As a Community, your voice is the most important and your feedback is invaluable! Those changes are already available on the PC Steam version! For, Mac OS & Linux those fixes will be implemented on Monday the 26th of October. Without further ado, here are Patch Notes 3.0.1:

● Added a possibility of turning off old DLC content in Options
● Added a possibility of reverting a change in AE that caused furniture to be assigned to specific rooms - players will be able to freely place the furniture in the rooms, one can find this in the options and it's called "Allow all objects in all Rooms"
● Horse Wagons will no longer stray off the road
● Removed gray, square background from banners and pelts

Standalone installer updated: 2.34 ⇒ 2.35.
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Iratus Lord of the Dead updated.
177.22.00 to 180.09.00
Offline included. This has a 1mb installer and a 1gb bin file.
No changelog.

Fort Triumph updated. now 1.1.0 (I thought the previous was 1.3 ).
No patch, no changelog.
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Assault Spy

Updated to 1.3 Test3 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Dying Light has been updated to version 1.33.1. No changelog as of yet.™
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Cyber Hook

Updated to 1.0.07 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Discord: (Login required)
- Tweaked achievement unlock (most glitchy achievements should behave now ;)