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The Signifier

Updated to The Signifier - Windows - Patch1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Developer's message from Twitter:
Hi guys! Small (big) patch just out on steam, fixing an issue with raw data never leaving your inventory after solved and some slot selection issues. Update on GoG in a day or two, which adds also more graphic/controller options. Thanks!
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karnak1: Hitman: Blood Money also got an update flag. But I can't see any changes.
Something looks wrong with this one.

There was an update for this game earlier in the month (7th/8th October I think). The GOG installer filename was:

Looking at it today, the current installer is called:

This makes it look as if the offline installers have been rolled back to before the recent hotfix.

The patch file, however, is still named:

I'd say it would be best to wait on this one and see what happens with the files.
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There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension
(So far) Galaxy only update from v1.0.16_(41912) -> v1.0.17

Edit 21.10.20: Offline Installers are now avaiable as well: v1.0.17_(42111)

...There Is No Changelog (pun intended) on Gog - but on Steam:

Patch Notes - 20th October
Buongiorno !

Today, we're excited to announce that the non-game now supports italian subtitles!

Added Italian language.

Chapter 1: When we use the large key on the locked folder, reduce the key and use it quickly on the padlock, we can have a soft lock.
Chapter 6: Some events related to videos could not be triggered in the right order in case of big system lag.
Chapter 5: If we reload the checkpoint that follows the unscrewing of the double arrow, it is possible to see the end screen of the Atomic Cucumber minigame while the My Cat plate is not attached to the GameDesign slot.
Chapter 2: The text of the Miss Voodoo ad on the side of the screen overflows in the German language.
Hint system. The text "Next tips in" was not correctly localized if the language was changed via the options menu.

Good non game everyone!
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karnak1: Hitman: Blood Money also got an update flag. But I can't see any changes.
1.2 hotfix was reverted back to 1.2.

According to the Hitman forum the version 1.2 hotfix had a pretty nasty crash bug and several people asked for the original 1.2.
karnak1: Hitman: Blood Money also got an update flag. But I can't see any changes.
Geralt_of_Rivia: 1.2 hotfix was reverted back to 1.2.

According to the Hitman forum the version 1.2 hotfix had a pretty nasty crash bug and several people asked for the original 1.2.
So there were changes, after all.
Thanks for the update info, Geralt_of_Rivia and Korell
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Well, the offline installer has finally been updated...

POSTAL 4: No Regerts

GOG build Number:

“Tread lightly”

We are full steam ahead on Humpday and making some great progress! It will be a while before it’s fully ready - so we are going to make sure you guys still get regular updates in the meantime to introduce cool new features, quality of life improvements and various bug fixes.

The headline feature here are the footprints. When NPCs, The Dude or an animal walks through any type of fluid, they will leave a trail of footprints behind. You can even light the ones left by gasoline on fire!

Regarding the new randomized codes in the prison introduced in the last update - we heard you, they suck. We have now implemented a post-it note to the map screen that will record each code as it's assigned. No more backtracking to the previous cell because you forgot the code!

This update adds a new quality of life feature when rebinding controls. The game will now warn you if you’re trying to rebind the same key to multiple actions.

And a few other odds and ends listed below!


Footprints! NPCs, Dude and even animals will leave a trail of footprints when they walk through any fluid
Sticky note for Prison override codes (It will display on the map screen)
Interact tap-to-hold setting
Implemented basic damage fall off
More pickups in the Commercial tile


- General level design improvements in Commercial, Retail and Border Land tiles
- Improved general kick reactions for Grenades
- Lighting performance improvements in Suburbs tile
- Reduced chance of masks appearing on NPCs on Monday
- Updated the Meet Associate cinematic
- Control binding menu improvements:

Smart confirmation on multiple bindings, it will warn you if you try and rebind multiple keys

Added a timeout when binding an action to prevent player from getting stuck and having to force close the game


- Deleted broken pickups from Sport’s store
- Broken shading on certain meshes
- Ingram’s Catnip reload not working properly while under Catnip
- Pigeona Virus announcement playing on Monday
- Floating loudspeakers
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Battle Brothers
Offline installer updated to
No GOG changelog.

From steam changelog:
[i]"Changelog for
Fixed potential freeze on AI turns of Gunners under specific circumstances.
Fixed rare issue of UI becoming unresponsive as the enemy flees a battle while a new round starts.
Fixed 'Sling Stone' skill being usable even if disarmed.
Fixed incorrect hit chance shown in tooltip for 'Fire Handgonne' under certain conditions.
Fixed number of crafted items not being counted correctly.
Fixed issue with Watermill location being inaccessible under certain conditions.
Fixed men losing mood because they had to sit in reserve while the player lost a battle even with a Drill Sergeant in the retinue.
Fixed some other minor issues."[/i]
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Crying Suns Updates to 2.1.1
No changelog

Iratus Lord of the Dead updated to (this has an installer file AND a bin file)
No changelog

This includes offline installers.
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Updated to v2.1.2g (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

Changelog from Steam:
v2.1.2 patch


- Fixed bug where you couldn't delete miscarriage reports.
- Fixed bug where some items would not appear in build menu at ultrawide resolutions.
- Fixed typo in 4. Valberg. "less" -> "fewer".
- Removed unused eater tags from midas cichlid.
- Reduced width of cashflow window so it can appear in very narrow resolutions.
- Staff with all level 10 skills will not create a level up message. Existing messages created before this patch will stay around.
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Iron Harvest

Updated to rev. 39983 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from the developer's website:

Greetings Harvesters,

This is the sixth of our regular post-release updates. This week sees the implementation of two features much requested by the community. Thanks everyone for your feedback, it’s great to improve this game in concert with you. Now you have these, enjoy, and let us know how you get on.

New Ping System

Gaming 101: communication will always be over-powered. Now, regardless of whether you’re in voice chat, you can alert your brother in arms to whatever’s unfolding on the battlefield. There are 5 types of Pings:

- Attack
- Defend
- Retreat
- On My Way
- General

Pings can be deployed directly on the map, the mini-map and the tactical map. Use hotkey “X” and then hold down the left mouse button to reveal a radial menu from which you can select the type of Ping you’d like to deploy.

If your ally deploys a Ping, you’ll see it on the maps and can press spacebar to jump the camera immediately to it.

Please Ping responsibly, there is a cool down and you can only have 4 pings on the map simultaneously. We’ll assess, based on your feedback, if the cool down needs to be increased due to spamming. Should you need to, the option to disable Pings is available in the settings menu.

New Multiplayer XP

Players will now earn XP while playing “Quick Matches” and “Ranked Matches”, but not for custom matches. XP will be accumulated based on match time, wins and even more if you’re on a winning streak.

The current limit on player level and faction level will not be increased because, out of the tens of thousands of active players, only 300 players have reached this limit. We will review this again at the start of the next season and may increase it at that time.

General changes:

- Fixed a bug that prevented the Rusviet and Polania artillery mechs from receiving extra rear armor damage.
- Dragging with the middle mouse button now works correctly when holding the shift key.
- Minor U.I. Improvements.
- Previous saved games on the 1v1 Oil spill map are now invalidated due to a slight rework. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Balance changes:


To make Medics a more appealing alternative to reinforcing at base, we are tweaking their ability so healing heroes, exosuits, and infantry is more affordable. Decreased costs for Heal ability on:

- Heroes: Iron from 150 to 100, Oil from 25 to 10.
- Exosuits: Iron from 150 to 100, Oil from 25 to 10 per soldier reinforced.
- Infantry: Iron from 75 to 25 per soldier reinforced.


Mocny (siege artillery)

To further emphasize the different strengths of the Mocny’s mobile and deployed mode, we made the following change:

- Weapon range while mobile decreased from 50 to 40.


Olga and Changa

Olga currently has the ability to engage in any fight with minimal risk. With these changes we want to emphasize her role as an assassin who must pick her targets more carefully.

- Olga’s HP decreased from 500 to 400.
- Changa‘s HP decreased from 750 to 500.
- Olga’s HP while riding Changa increased from 500 to 600.

Gulyay-Gorod (mega mech)

Rusviet’s mightiest defender has struggled to compete with its contemporaries in the Rusviet arsenal, as well as other mega mechs. These changes should bring this behemoth more in line with its Polanian and Saxonian counterparts.

- HP increased from 1500 to 1750.
- Damage to light armor increased from 50 to 65.
- Damage to medium armor increased from 40 to 55.
- Damage to heavy armor increased from 40 to 55.

Nakovalnya (rocket artillery)

The Nakovalnya’s Sentry Mode veteran ability is very potent, particularly when used to quickly react to incoming threats. With this change, players will have to think more carefully about where and when to engage Sentry Mode.

- Cooldown after exiting Sentry Mode increased from 10s to 25s.

Groza (exosuits)

The Groza saw several changes during open beta, particularly a reduction of its movement speed. With this change, we want to return some of the mobility the Groza’s had lost.

- Cooldown for Rocket Jump decreased from 60s to 45s.

Our gears are greased and our mechs keep stomping!

Next week: new challenge map.
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Originally posted by Schrödinger's psycho via steam forums:

It Lurks Below

Oct 20 @ 3:20pm <=Via steam

New patch is out! :dsfight:

Patch notes for v1.01.30

[ Patch 1 of 3 today ]

Halloween has arrived in It Lurks Below!

Halloween Event:
- The Halloween event will run for several weeks. Collect pumpkins from monsters that are in your level range and trade the pumpkins in for all sorts of items (pets, hats and many other things) at the Hag of Halloween.
- To travel to the Hag of Halloween, complete the quest from the Jack-O-Lantern next to the Wizard of Space and Time.

- In preparation for Local Multiplayer, the save files have been split up between player and world. This is a huge change. Please contact me on Discord with any problems. There are backup files.
- As part of the file migration, all the way buffs and debuffs save, load and draw has been changed, but you should not notice any difference.
- There are a few new ancient item icons
- I have redone some rendering code in preparation for Local Multiplayer. You should not notice any difference.

- There was a bug in the framerate count, but it is fixed.
- The Wizard was selling town transfer while you are in a shared town. It was checking incorrectly but is fixed.
- Fixed a problem with mouse-over on buffs that had to do with UI scaling.

Patch notes for v1.01.31

[ Patch 2 of 3 today ]

- Fixed a bug with removing or placing the Wizard tower would not re-spawn the Jack-o-Lantern

Patch notes for v1.01.32

[ Patch 3 of 3 today ]

- Fixed items dropping that are not ready for release yet
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Cultist Simulator
Windows offline installers updated to 2020.10.e.1
No GOG changelog.

Mac and Linux installers have now been updated as well.
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Panzer Dragoon: Remake

Updated to 1.4.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
New leaderboards added!

A new patch for Panzer Dragoon: Remake is now live!

Make sure your game is up to date and enjoy the leaderboards and a pack of convenient minor bug fixes!
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Soundtrack of Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice is not downloadable.
GOG Support ticket #763166
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Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest

Marked as updated.
No changelog.