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The Against the Storm Demo updated to Pre-Alpha v0.18.13. Does anyone know if there is a changelog for this?
I noticed that there often are no changelogs for the updates.

Are the changelogs still maintained for the offline installers by GOG?
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art of rally

Updated to 1.0.3b (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.



Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.



Updated to 1.1.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Timelie - Hell Loop - Free DLC available now.

No changelog.


Iron Harvest

Updated to rev. 39406 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)
Change Log 04 (8 October 2020)

Greetings Harvesters,

Welcome to this, the fourth regular post-release update. With these we see the game and community going from strength to strength and we’re also especially happy to see a lot of you enjoying the new 1v1 night map “Urban Paradise”. All those buildings make for some interesting gameplay. . . at least until the mega mechs come smashing into town.

Today’s update will help you better aid your friends and dazzle your foes with style on the battlefield.

New Cosmetics Collection

As well as being a thirsty bunch of mech commanders, the pirates among you will have noticed that you have being earning coins while playing and unlocking certain achievements. Well, we have now released the Cosmetic Collection for you to spend those spoils of war. Here’s how it’ll work:

- For the first time players can see all the rewards we have in our game. Shiny!
- For each cosmetic item and skin, you can now see precisely how they are obtained, be it a specific achievement, season-tree node, specific level up etc.
- Players will be able to see all obtainable rewards, but some very special rewards will not be for available by using coins. For example, legendary rewards from the pre-season and past seasons will stay unavailable for the foreseeable future.
- Players will not be able to buy any items that are locked by achievements, season-tree, or level ups. To start with there are roughly 15 rewards buyable within the categories of faceplates, frames, avatars, and banners.
- As time progresses, we will likely add more rewards that can be purchased by coins.
- Currently there are no unit skins buyable for coins, but we may add them in the future.
- From Season 1, Episode 4, onwards (starting October 13th) completing season tree episodes will also award coins.

New Healing Allied Units

We’ve received a lot of feedback telling us how great it is to play with a buddy at your back. So now you can now heal and repair allied units using medics and engineers. This is a awesome example of when the community comes together over a feature they’d love to see in the game and so we boosted it up the priority list. So, thanks everyone!

For those who love to play in support roles, healing and repairing also applies to your teammates when playing multiplayer games. Note, that this feature does not apply for reinforcing/repairing at base/aid station.

Good communication, team awareness and cooperation are now more important for victory than ever! Your cries for “MEDIC!” might be answered now :P

General changes:

- Fixed a navigation and building entering issues on the new 1v1 night map “Urban Paradise”.
- Fixed a bug whereby Michal Sikorski’s (Cavalry hero) sticky bombs fly to middle of map if targeting an unusual surface.
- Resources gained from harvesting wrecks are now also granted to allies, to make this more consistent with the rest of the normal resource gains throughout the game.
- Time challenge fix for Rusviets 3rd mission, “Peace and prosperity”, is now correct and in sync with match time.
- Fixed dialogue lines not being spoken in some cinematics.
- Fixed an issue whereby enemy structures sometimes were not visible when uncovering the fog of war.
- The Season Tree will now have "pins" in the board once you claimed a reward to make your progress more visually distinct.
- Olga fixed so she can now reinforce at medic buildings and barracks while riding Changa.
- Olga fixed so that when she is riding Changa it now costs the same for medics to heal her as when she wasn’t riding Changa.
- The Ranked Overview Screen now shows correct total hours played.

Balance changes:

Ranked Mode: We are closely monitoring the ranked game mode and will be adjusting where necessary throughout the coming months. As a first step, we’ve:

- Decreased the maximum amount of SR (Skill Rating) that can be lost when you are defeated.
- Decreased the rate at which players hit the maximum possible SR loss or gain at the end of a match.

Mega Mechs: We’ve removed the advanced barracks requirement for mega mech production in Campaign and Challenge missions. This change does not affect multiplayer/skirmish games, but we will keep an eye on how the added prerequisites for building the Tur, Gulyay-Gorod, and Kaiser influences the multiplayer experience.

Hero Veterancy: To better align the power scaling of infantry hero veterancy (i.e. Anna, Olga, Gunter) with the overall match progression, we reduced the health and damage bonuses a hero gains across the board. These changes only affect Multiplayer and Skirmish.

- Damage bonus for veterancy rank I decreased from 1.2 to 1.15.
- Damage bonus for veterancy rank II decreased from 1.5 to 1.3.
- Damage bonus for veterancy rank III decreased from 1.7 to 1.6.
- Health bonus for veterancy rank I from decreased 1.5 to 1.3.
- Health bonus for veterancy rank II from decreased 2 to 1.6.
- Health bonus for veterancy rank III from decreased 2.5 to 1.9.
- Health bonus for veterancy rank IV from decreased 3 to 2.2.

Hero’s Base Healing: To align them closer to other units, healing infantry heroes (i.e. Anna, Olga, and Gunter) within the base now costs resources. These changes only affect Multiplayer and Skirmish.

Destroyer Cannon: It fulfils its role as a very powerful weapon, but it should not dominate the battlefield completely on its own. To make this weapon system less daunting, the following adjustments have been made for Multiplayer and Skirmish:

- Damage vs. Unarmored decreased from 300 to 200.
- Damage vs. Light Armor decreased from 600 to 200.
- Damage vs. Medium Armor decreased from 500 to 200.
- Damage vs. Heavy Armor decreased from 350 to 100.
- Splash damage vs. Unarmored decreased from 100 to 60.


Michał Sikorski (Cavalry Hero): Due to the changes for healing infantry heroes within base, reinforcing Michał’s cavalrymen will be a bit cheaper to compensate.

- Reinforce oil cost per cavalryman decreased from 10 to 7.


Gunter von Duisburg:

- Splash damage vs. Light Armor increased from 30 to 50.
- Splash damage vs. Medium Armor increased from 30 to 50.
- Splash damage vs. Heavy Armor increased from 30 to 50.
- Damage vs Heavy Armor decreased from 65 to 50.

Prince Wilhelm: To increase Wilhelm’s viability as a tier 2 reserve hero, we made some adjustments to his base weapon.

- Damage vs. Unarmored increased from 40 to 50.
- Damage vs. Light Armor increased from 50 to 60.
- Damage vs. Medium Armor increased from 40 to 45.
- Damage vs. Heavy Armor increased from 30 to 35.
- Damage vs. Structures increased from 10 to 15.

Eisenhans: To more accurately represent the intended impact of the Eisenhans’ melee weapon against unarmored targets we made one key adjustment:

- Melee damage vs. Unarmored increased from 50 to 100.



- Damage per bullet vs. Light Armor decreased from 0.7 to 0.5.


- Melee damage vs Light Armor increased from 20 to 30.
- Ranged damage vs. Light Armor decreased from 10 to 5.


- Damage vs. Unarmored decreased from 100 to 80.
- Damage vs. Light Armor decreased from 20 to 10.
- Damage vs. Medium Armor decreased from 15 to 5.
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Wasteland 3

Patch J2616 - (8 October 2020)

Patch 1.1.2 "Save Scummers Delight" Now Live Our continued thanks to those playing and enjoying Wasteland 3, and for those of you who have continued to report issues, and bring our attention to solutions and reproduction steps. It's been heartening to see so many of you looking to help us continue to improve the experience, and we're dedicated to doing just that for the foreseeable future.

This update has some big changes, including the oft-requested improvements to load times, as well as fixes for some progression blockers, and more. Reducing the load times was a big undertaking to essentially rewrite how our level load procedure works, but we think you'll appreciate the result—especially if love to save and reload to get that perfect outcome (we won't tell).

Patch 1.1.2 is now live on Steam and GOG with Microsoft Store, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions going live early next week following their certification release process. Please note that for cross-platform co-op on PC, both the Host and Client will need to have matching versions.

Do you hate long load times? We hate long load times. Our engineers changed how the game loads levels, reducing load times by up to 60% on PC and 25% on console.
As one example, on our PC test hardware a 38 second load time was reduced to 13 seconds.
Fixed an issue where combat could become unresponsive with use of the Chain Ambush Perk for sniper rifles.
Resolved several progression blocking issues in Yuma County Speedway.
Enemies are now much less invisible after use of Precision Strike.

Performance & Stability

Significantly changed how levels load, resulting in up to 60% faster load speeds across the game on PC, and on average 25% faster for consoles.
Note: your hardware, save data, and which level you’re loading into can all impact load times. Your mileage may of course vary.
As part of this change, auto-saves will no longer occur as a part of the level load, and instead happen concurrently. This can lead to situations where you’ve loaded into the next scene but an auto-save is still in-progress. Don’t close the game while the Ranger star is spinning.
Major Prasad will no longer crash your game if you exit while she’s still talking.
Additional stability and performance improvements for consoles that were too technical for the person writing these patch notes to understand and explain easily. It’s good stuff though. All good stuff.
We’ll be continuing to target and resolve specific stability issues as necessary.


Players can no longer attack companions that are in the process of being recruited by the other player, in case your partner likes to troll.
Fixed an issue where the Guest client could become unresponsive when talking with Hope Emerson and choosing to side with Del Hackett and her people.
Improved stability while in the Hire Companion screen.
Players can now use the keyboard in the lobby screen to choose game type, options, invite player, and ready up.
Enabled UI Narration in the Direct Connection interface and for multiplayer game messages sent through chat.
Fixed an issue with voice chat text-to-speech and speech-to-text.

Quests & Gameplay

Resolved an issue where quirks could become unselectable during character creation.
Fixed a potential blocker with Medical Marvel not allowing revival without use of a Nitro Spike.
Resolved a rare issue that would block you from speaking to a companion.
The door in Yuma County Speedway leading to Liberty is now unbreakable as intended.


Fixed minor graphical issue with the radio.
Some cinematic characters have been given microdermabrasion treatments and now have better looking skin.
Skill levels for recruitable characters now display properly in all cases.
Mission status should no longer display incorrectly after quest completion or updates.
Resolved issue where the spinning Ranger Star would permanently stay on screen after saving the game.

Hustlefan: Unfortunately this isn't working for Galaxy, you can only download the DLC from your library on the website.
It's fixed now.
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Edward_Carnby: It's fixed now.
Thank you. :)
Arundir: I noticed that there often are no changelogs for the updates.

Are the changelogs still maintained for the offline installers by GOG?
Usually only if the updates/fixes are mady by the GOG staff, it seems. Since the updates are usually supplied by the devs, GOG apparently only makes a text if the devs themselves provide it.
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-Fixed deleting saves from new save location
-Fixed bar squads not spawning in Heng due to multiple towns in one zone
-Fixed issue with initial player health if race was changed during character creation
Changelog taken from the game's launcher.

The new save location is mentioned further down in the NOTES section:
-Save games can now be found in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\kenshi
Stellar Tactics

This question got "edited in" to a reply when I tried a new post directly after replying to another. Apologies if anyone thinks I am making a fuss by asking twice on the same day...

...Is anyone else waiting for the Stellar Tactics update and hotfix (offline, don't know if Galaxy has them or not)?

The current is 0.502 and the devs have a post on the Stellar Tactics forum saying it was out a week ago. I know GOG like to do QA and maybe tweak it for offline but a week?

If the devs have sent it to GOG what could be the holdup?

I mailed the dev a short time ago, and he replied almost instantly. Apologetic, but no problems at his end. Also another hotfix due very shortly. He is supprting his game very well and deserves all credit.
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bonzer: The current is 0.502
Stellar Tactics

Offline installers is updated to 0.553.
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bonzer: The current is 0.502
Edward_Carnby: :)
Stellar Tactics

Offline installers is updated to 0.553.
Thank you fir posting. Downloading now. Full reinstall as a patch is missing (0.502 - 0.552).

Changelog is in Stellar Tactics forum.
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Starpoint Gemini 3

Updated to version 0.840.1

Changelog posted by the devs in the game's forum.


Ultimate Fishing Simulator

New DLCs released:
Ultimate Fishing Simulator - New Fish Species DLC
Ultimate Fishing Simulator - Thailand DLC

Updated to version 2.20.9:500

Changelog from Steam:

Build 2.20.6:494 [2020.06.09]

VR: important fixes in casting with WMR controller
Added option to disable head bob
Reduced ingame price for entering fisheries from DLCs
Fixed big fps drop when entering leaderboards at the first time
Fixed line breaking in some Japanese and China texts
Fixed missing Japanese translations
Fixed bug causing flying of the kayaks in Moraine Lake and Japan

Build 2.20.7:495 [2020.07.17]

New Fish Species DLC !
Added dropdown with fish categories in Encyclopedia
Fixed important bug which may cause freezes and crashes in different situations during game
Fixed bug which changes equipment between sets when using rod stands
Fixed bug with fish circling around hook
Fixed missing fish bug, after taking it out from water
Fixed bug with fish from other fisheries on Leaderboards
Fixed disappearing grass on Uvac Lake and Kariba Dam
Fixed missing lures animation while trolling
Fixed some problems with float fishing (eg going below terrain, wrong "Bait hit obstacle" msg)
Fixed boat rod pods in fishery editor
Small reduction of baits price
VR: fixed bug when resetting cast too quickly
VR: fixed crash when teleporting in Arizona
VR: fixed WMR analog deadzone which may cause auto scrolling in menu
VR: fixed moving over ice hole while fishing when teleport is turned on

Build 2.20.8:496 [2020.08.01]

A few important fixes in save system
Fixed bugs in Trophy Room
Fixed some missing walking sounds
VR: Fixed wrong rod bend after catching big fish
Added log messages which might help us in bugfixing in the future

Build 2.20.9:497 [2020.09.04]

New Thailand DLC !!!
Some minor fixes

Build 2.20.9:498 [2020.09.04]

A few fixes in Thailand (eg boat and trolling bugs)

Build 2.20.9:499 [2020.09.18]

Thailand DLC: improved fish amount and performance
Japan DLC: fixed picking rod from kayak rod pod
Fixed bug with multiple flashlights turned on when using rod pods
Fixed wrong messages about feeder bait when fish escapes
Fixed fish pointing down after releasing
Fixed bug which causes fish appearing outside camera view after catch
Fixed some bugs with netting
Fixed bug which cause equiping lures to float sets after changing fishery from ice fishing to normal
Fixed problem with pulling out some fish in ice fishing
Fixed insane underwater camera rotations

Build 2.20.9:500 [2020.09.24]

Fixed wrong lure position after using map or exiting boat
Fixed problem with stucked fish when using hunter vision
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Stellar Tactics

Updated to 0.553b.
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Edward_Carnby: Stellar Tactics

Updated to 0.553b.
This solved a problem with boarding ships. The game wasn't recognising clearing the enemy crew, so a "for sale" beacon couldn't be activated.

Huge thanks to the dev who responded instantly and got the hotfix out in a matter of hours. GOG even made it patch for the offline version.

Outstanding work for a saturday.
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Baldur's Gate 3

Hotfix #3 - (10 October 2020)

Fix for crash related to showing a move preview with an AoO when in combat.
Fix for crash related to surfaces requiring concentration. (GUS-149201)
Fix for crash related to drag and drop of items in the trade inventory.
Gale's Scroll of Resurrection is now correctly added to player's inventory.
Looks like the Mac and Linux versions of Northguard offline installers were updated to, and a Patch (1.5.2 to 1.5.3) was added for Imperator: Rome.