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karnak1: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Offline installers got an update flag, but I admit I don't know what was updated.
I hope it's the patch, which I'm waiting for - fixing the mouse issue. Blues said they are working on it ;)
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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos

Updated to 1.0 497 34673 (Windows) & 1.0 192 34674 (Mac)
(Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog (translated from French with Google) from Discord (Login required)
- General: Fixed a save bug that prevented the game from launching
- General: Using the controller, added the possibility of making choices in the dialogues
- General: Using the controller, added the possibility to change the active consumable in the end of fight screen
- General: Textual corrections
- Combat: Fixed a blocking bug on a Priestess critical failure
- Combat: Fixed a blocking bug when throwing the Dwarf in vigilance
- Combat: Fixed a bug blocking the end of the fight with traps
- Combat: Fixed the invisibility bug when you have a charmed character during the last fight of chapter 4
- Combat: Fixed a blocking bug in the throne room combat in Chapter 7
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The soundtrack for Spinch has been added to the store.
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art of rally

Updated to 1.0.2 (Offline Installer, Linux only)

No changelog, but should be a fix for a white screen issue on Linux as mentioned by a developer in the game's forum.
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I just noticed that A Kiss For The Petals - Maidens of Michael had an update, but there is no changelog, So wonder what it was
Actually the previous installer that i had was this setup_a_kiss_for_the_petals_-_maidens_of_michael_2.0_(23434)
The new installer is 2.3
Edit: also a problem that the adult patch is not compatible with this version, hope they post a new one someday or i will have to go back to my older version.

Contacted mangagamer support lets wait and see what they say about the adult patch.

Edit: they responded, the new adult patch is up. But then again i don't know if i was using the old version of adult patch from my hdd or theirs since i am kinda uncertain i downloaded that one.
Anyway said the update was today.
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

- “I see you” achievement is now working properly in Conquest co-op
- “Race to Yggdrasil” battle: description has been fixed
- AI on “Befriend the Jötnar” Conquest battle has been improved.
- AI will no longer be obliterated in “The cursed” Conquest battle.
- Dragon clan will now benefit from his thralls even if he begins in the center of a map in Conquest.
- “Demolishing” a bait in Conquest was not working well. It has been corrected.
- If Valdemar The Cursed dies from the damage inflicted by Torfin, the kill now counts for victory.


- Trading post has been fixed. It is no longer possible to trade infinitely.
- Invisible buildings in some modded maps and old saves have been fixed.
- If they were too many warriors, some could not find their place and could not fight. It has been fixed.
- Fixed crashing issue when using a math function from script.


- Hunting Board progress is now shown in statistics at the end game.
Additionally the Linux installer for "Northgard - Brundr & Kaelinn, Clan of the Lynx" DLC has finally been added.
Thanks @GOG! :)
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Control Ultimate Edition

Update (25 Sep 2020)
(Galaxy & Offline Installer)

- On PC, NVIDIA DLSS now has the Ultra-Performance mode option, enabling upto 9X AI super resolution (for example 1440p -> 8K).
- Fixed instances when the Hedron Chamber door would not open in the main story mission Polaris.


- Fixed PlayStation button prompts not displaying on PC.
- Fixed input icons appearing corrupted on the input binding menu on PC.


- Fixed various save game issues, like saving appearing "stuck", crashes on player death and the game rolling back to old saves on death.
- Fixed various progress-based achievements which appeared to reset when the game was closed.
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Cultist Simulator
All offline installers updated to version 2020.9.n.5
No GOG changelog.
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Dying Light updated in GOG Galaxy to version 1.31.0. This one brings new stuff for the Hellraid DLC.
Dear Hellraid adventurers,

the first update to our latest Dying Light DLC is coming out on PC on September 30. A month later, it will be available on consoles. As you know, releasing updates on consoles takes much more time, though we’re working on delivering the content to all platforms simultaneously in the future.

According to our original vision, we’re going to continue adding new content to Hellraid regularly. We want you to know that we always listen to your feedback, and we hope this first patch will prove it. It starts with new weapons, bounties, and some tweaks, fixes, and improvements, but quality needs time. They cannot be done in a rush, and we want Hellraid to become a unique experience, which will bring new challenges to Dying Light.

As your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we promise to keep introducing unique features that will fill Hellraid with more adventures and fun. Stay tuned!

Our first free update includes:

• New Hellraid ranks: Shieldbearer and Thunder Lord
• Bounties
• 3 new weapons: Lightning Swan, Thunder Eagle and Shock Bearer
• 3 new, collectable notes
• The Minotaur boss has a new attack – stomp.
• While fighting the Minotaur, enemies keep spawning as long as he’s alive.
• Improved hard and nightmare mode
• Hellraid weapons have legendary levels now.
• Fixed bugs in the achievements “Well-read” and “Throw me a bone”.
• General fixes
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Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition & DLC

Update 1.31.0 (1 October 2020)

[Offline installers are ready now.]



Internal Update (02 October 2020)

● added a fix for a potential crash after skipping a cutscene;


STAR WARS™ Battlefront (Classic, 2004)

Online Multiplayer Hotfix2 (2 October 2020)

● [MULTIPLAYER] Fixed game server crash if some client type something in team chat [100% reproducing];
● [MULTIPLAYER] Fixed incorrect behavior in chat (if user types an admin command on the server then other user will not see chat echo) [100% reproducing];
● [MULTIPLAYER] Fixed freeze on server list screen in some case (rare to reproduce);
● [MULTIPLAYER] Added checking for the multiplayer version and added displaying the correct game version for the server;
high rated

Updated to version (Windows & Linux).

No changelog provided.

Recent patch notes ( to posted by user Lone_Scout in the game's forum.
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Update 3.2 (29 September 2020)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
- Improved Tove’s ponytail physics
- Fixed an issue that could occur with V-Sync
- Fixed an issue that could occur with the logo starting sequence during game launch
- Fixed a visual glitch that could occur during the Stag Trial in Act 2
- Fixed an issue that could occur during the Rampart puzzle in Act 3

Endzone - A World Apart (In Development)

Leadership Update 0.7.7577.27646 (30 September 2020)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)

- Buildings: Added the “Forum” to Community Buildings. The player can enact decrees that have an effect on all settlers but always come with a drawback. Additionally the Forum allows settlers to post tasks to a Bulletin Board. The player can choose from a collection of tasks to decide which rewards he wants to follow.
- Decoration Buildings: Added new decoration buildings: Hedge, flower bed and a pioneer statue. The Pioneer Statue unlock by completing a specific task from the Bulletin Board in the Forum.
- Technologies: Added decrees to the technology tree.
- Field Seeds: Added 3 new types of seeds for fields: Carrots, Zucchini and Tomatoes.
- Scenarios: “Garden Eden” was added as a new scenario.
- Side Missions: Added a collection of new side missions to the game.
- Tutorial: The tutorial has been enhanced to cover latest features.
- User Interface: Added an option to change the size of the default cursor.
- Sound: Added one new music track


- Electricity: Buildings now consider the distance to their connection point when connecting to a power grid instead of the building’s center.
- User Interface: The technology window no longer highlights a technology that was previously in research when the research station is demolished and build up again.
- Performance: Removed different performance leaks that occurred in the User Interface.
- Electricity Analytic View: The highlighting for power lines that are in construction no longer highlights the whole grid as “In construction”.
- User Interface: A damaged building that is being demolished now says “Demolish next” instead of “Repair next” on its prioritization button.
- User Interface: The inspector of buildings now updates correctly when being open while upgrading buildings.
- Loading Screen: The progress bar of the loading screen on startup now has its fill origin on top.
- Electricity: The Wind Turbine now displays its effect on surrounding buildings while being build.


- Production Limits: Production limits have been raised by factor 10.
- User Interface: Improved all cursors and added new cursors to different situations in the game.
- User Interface: Construction sites now allow to change the Builder Mode in their inspector User Interface.
- User Interface: Added a warning to “Build Next”, “Repair Next” and “Demolish Next” buttons that shows up if the currently set builder mode prevents the construction or repair task from bein finished.
- User Interface: Added a hotkey and a visual indicator to switch through builder modes (Default: “G” on the keyboard).
- User Interface: Added a hotkey and a visual indicator to enable highlighting of buildings of the same type while in build mode (Default: “H” on the keyboard).
- User Interface: Slightly rearranged the top HUD of the game and added the current amount of knowledge points.
- User Interface: The UI for Production recipes now shows the progress of the resource that will finish its production next.
- Irrigation Plant: The irrigation plant now allows it to choose from which water sources it should receive water.
- Environment: The environment is now animated while in the expedition window or while leading an expedition through a ruin, even if the game is paused.
- Refinery: Production recipes can now be activated/deactivated.
- Ruins: Tweaked the maximal spawn amount of several ruins to provide more variety on the map.
- Sound: Added or improved sounds for different buildings.
- Sound: Normalized the volume of most sounds.
- Research Station: The Research Station now only generates Knowledge up to a production limit that is set by the player. The maximum production limit for knowledge generation is 10 Knowledge, however the player can store more Knowledge if it is collected from side missions or expeditions.

Endzone - A World Apart (In Development)

Updated to 0.7.7580.23351 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
--- Fixed ---

Scenario: “Garden of Eden” no longer shows the wrong character in the intro dialog.
Scenario: “Garden of Eden” now counts completed side missions correctly.
Forum: Fixed a bug related to the Forum that could result in missions being triggered multiple times, or preventing success/fail states to trigger correctly.
Savegames: New technologies are now correctly unlocked when loading an older savegame.
Savegames: Fixed buildings that were locked in sessions and savegames that started as the Tutorial and later turned into a free game.
Localization: Fixed some localization inconsistencies and typos for all localizations.
Missions: Fixed some goals not displaying correctly despite being finished/ solved, after loading a savegame.
Settlers: Fixed several settler names.
User Interface: Fixed an error when displaying a random, fictional settler in the settler dialog.
User Interface: Fixed an error when the game is over but player decides to continue playing/viewing the game.
Decrees: Banishing the last settler now correctly triggers the game over screen.

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

Changelog Version 0.7.7580.23351

Tropico 6

Update v11 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)
A free new update for Tropico 6 is now available.

Packed with improvements, the ‘La Misteriosa Palmera‘ Update brings with it 4 new sandbox maps as well as balancing changes and various bug fixes!

You can find the full list of tweaks and improvements below:


- Added new sandbox maps:
- La Palmera, Colinas Misteriosas, El Monstruo, Seis Reyes De Cabeza
- [Origin] Added Brazilian Portuguese language support
- Game no longer overwrites all autosaves while in pause mode
- Docks and Airports can now be relocated, as long as the arrival time for the next vessel is longer than 2 months away

Community feedback

- [Lobbyistico] Balancing changes -- The impact of corruption has been reduced by approx. 1/3
- DLC soundtracks have a higher probability of playing
- It is now possible to complete objectives such as “place a building near embassy” by relocating buildings

Bug fixes

- [Lobbyistico] Normal parks from the DLC are no longer unique
- Fixed an issue where guard towers did not attack rebels
- Fixed an issue where defence priority cannot be set during rebel attacks
- Fixed an issue where tourists did not leave the island after undergoing “the way of the blue pill” treatment in the asylum
- Fixed an unfulfillable objective to construct a landing in chapter IV of the tutorial
- [Multiplayer] Fixed erratic rebel behaviour
- Fixed an issue where Tropicans can get stuck in docks
- Fixed an issue where kids would not take their parents’ names if they were originally immigrants
- Fixed an issue where area affects did not properly apply after relocating a building
- Fixed an issue where the efficiency of Ranches would not update after relocating
- Fixed an issue where billboards where not properly shown after relocating
- Fixed further cases of issue where duplicate buildings would not properly align to grid
- Plantations now correctly show resource selection screen after duplicating
- Fixed an issue where duplication and relocation of media buildings resulted in wrong work mode
- Fixed an issue where Newspaper effect was still active in pause mode
- Removed pause option from bus stops and garbage dump due to unwanted side effects
- Fixed an issue where docks without road connections still received goods
- Fixed an issue where the Research Lab's "Invest Knowledge" work mode did not improve the efficiency of offices
- Fixed road placement issue around the Palace and Conventillo
- Fixed an issue where no overlay was shown during placement of Space Memorial and El Prez sign
- Fixed several crashes
- Fixed several translation and text issues
- Fixed a few graphical glitches
high rated

Internal Hotfix (02 October 2020)

added D-Pad support (for real this time)


Internal Update (02 October 2020)

added a fix for a potential crash after skipping a cutscene;
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Got an update flag for Ancestors Legacy and Saladin's Conquest DLC, from version 64721 (41432) to version 64724 (41504). No changelog posted.
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Danger Scavenger (In Development)

Updated to 1.8.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update Notes 1.8.0 - Faster, Better, Stronger

Dear Scavengers,

Previously we gave you super-fast TURBO update. We went one step further and boosted Danger Scavenger, even more, giving you a high dose of fun and thrilling experience.

Faster, Better, Stronger Update will also bring changes in AI and optimize many aspects of the game to make the gameplay smoother.

Update Notes 1.8.0 - Faster, Better, Stronger

Faster Optimizations

- We've improved the optimization of collisions between robots and the city in the background
- You can find more efficient compression of sounds
- We've improved many of the textures used in Visual effects

Better Features

- You will find tooltip with information on the number of unlocked items
- You will hear new sounds
- Daemons are easier, making the game smoother
- Every Scavenger have one more HP
- The game on the first three skyscrapers has been shortened, making it more intense

Stronger AI

- Robots will choose better paths to get you
- Robots are faster and have better response times
- Robots looking for a better shot position

Bug Fixes

- The robots received new animations of the movement
- In secret on the Oriental level, we have improved FPS
- You will find more diverse items in the shop
- Daemons on the biotech appear in the right place