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Patch 1.5.0 (21 January 2020)
The Last Autumn Expansion is out now!

The Last Autumn is a riveting prequel story taking place before the endless winter that the Frostpunk universe is known for most. Experience the events that lead to an icy cataclysm and the construction of Frostpunk’s iconic Generator. Working conditions will be harsh and not everyone will be happy with the situation at hand. Some of your people -- albeit they shouldn't know it -- could even pay the ultimate price as they strive together to give humankind its last and only hope. It’s up to you to weigh the stakes and decide how much you’re willing to sacrifice for the greater good of humanity.

Watch The Last Autumn launch trailer:

“Everyone associates Frostpunk with snow and winter, so our goal was to provide them with something totally new and change the tone of the game a bit. It was a challenge, but the result is the biggest and the most tone-nuanced scenario in the whole Frostpunk universe” - says Kuba Stokalski, Frostpunk Lead Designer.
Frostpunk: The Last Autumn new features:

A prequel story set in a new environment not yet covered by snow that allows players to construct the Generator from the ground up to prepare their society for the upcoming winter.
A new Endless Mode variant -- Builders -- that redefines the challenges players will face by providing different setups and solutions.
Two new Books of Laws allowing players to shape their society in previously unknown ways.
New threats and issues to deal with such as toxic gases and workers going on strike.
Influence society in creative new ways from establishing labour unions to outright manipulation.
New technology tree, inventions to discover, and resources to obtain.
25 new buildings to construct such as docks, a telegraph station, a labour union building and more.
New social classes including Convicts -- a cheap and obedient workforce.

Additional fixes introduced with this update:

Fix for tier icons in technology tree changing alongside set language
Fix for the inconsistent inheritance of employment in buildings
Performance optimization
Many minor fixes and improvements

We encourage you to discover even more new mechanics and tweaks to gameplay yourself!

Stay safe and warm, 11 bit studios
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Tangledeep has been updated to 1.31d. No changelog on GOG unfortunately, but I'm hoping I can now do Wanderer's Journeys without worrying about losing that Expert's Wrap+++ I built up.

Edit: Unfortunately, I still lost the wrap when I ran through Hall of Champions. (Also, I noticed that my stats were far higher than they ought to be, with 255 strength and 310 Stamina/Energy. Note that I have played through Temple of the Elements a few times on this file.)
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Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

2019-07-15 (Monday)

Several Italian translation improvements. Thanks to @LetsPlayNintendoITA for reporting the typos.
Add two new environmental sound tracks to the Soundtrack DLC:
(56) Nomad Outpost: The iconic Bedouin Outpost tune.
(57) Trading Outpost: Diegetic music from the Heliopolis Point shops.
Thanks to @AshhawkBurning for tabulating the tracks for the wiki[] and the reminder.

2019-08-28 (Wednesday)

Add a preliminary version of sRGB-aware linear color blending, for correctness. This means that now textures and colors should display more vividly, as the artists intended.
The final image should have more contrast and mix in the right proportions for a more pleasing result.
It is not yet perfect in the sense that water and some other transparent surfaces look fainter, and will require some tweaking via future updates that are being worked on.
Add more high-resolution HQ texture overrides.
Mainly covering Uruk Temple Trials, Mummy RotoHub, Heliopolis Exterior, Uruk Canyon, Mummy Hang Train and several particle effects.
Add more level portraits to the Discord Rich Presence integration.
Fix an ugly stack overflow issue during enemy AI avoidance recursion.
Particle orientation fixes, previously some particles faced the wrong direction.
Fix gameplay logic defects for the wall sneak mechanics and ceiling collision checks. Fix other various original logic issues.
Mouse cursor handling has been rewritten and optimized to be more responsive in preparation for remapping.
Get rid of the Sword of Osiris blade gap; the light-blade ended a bit short of the handle, with nothing in between. Now both components are joined together.
Reduce the Sword of Osiris guard/hand/finger clipping by making the sword grip more natural without changing its orientation; doing so would have affected gameplay, cutscenes and attacks.
The Abydos/Heliopolis ferry boat nets now appear on both sides. Fixed other flipped geometry elements and correct the bad UV mapping at the top of most of the nets so that they appear solid black instead of like small transparent holes. It looks better now, this one took a few years to fix.
Re-enable the wheel platform trigger (TR_WheelPlatform). While most of the physics code existed, the rest had to be partially guessed and reconstructed from existing documentation and hints left by Eurocom, so it may not exactly match the original functionality, but it seems to work fine. Please report any issues if you use this fun beta device in your custom levels.
Add fade-in and out support to the wheel platform trigger, its spindle and various platforms.
Add fade-in and out support to the boids of flock triggers, mainly for schools of fish and many other "flocking" creatures.
Fix possible black screen buffers under very specific circumstances.
Switch the gamepad subsystem to always use all the available gamepads and fuse all their analog and digital inputs together.
By doing this we can do multiple actions from various devices at the same time without any artificial switching.
This should improve the Steam Controller support, as well as third-party remappers that mix and match inputs.
Cut off any remaining rumbling before switching to a new active gamepad. Only the controller that is actually in the player hands will actually vibrate.
Add some hysteresis to the keyboard/mouse and gamepad switching modes.
Now it only marks a controller as active after after giving it some leeway to avoid spurious analog movement.
Fix a logic bug in the CAMERATOPLAYER gamescript operation. This may change some angles and behavior that depended on it.
Enable the Euroland, EDB FileInfo, OBJ FileInfo, Watcher, Resources, Stats and Draw Mode elements in the 'Viewer mode'.
Also enable the Collision Info data dumping section in the EDB Info window. These are all useful menus, some of them exist in normal mode.
Let the game open EuroLand files directly from Viewer mode via pipe messaging.
Re-enable the Output Items, Output Solid, Output Contour, Output Usage, R2 ScreenDump and List Trig Files entries in the Watcher. These dump text reports via stdout every time they are ticked.
Most EDB and soundbank loading errors should now be user-facing instead of failing silently.
Fix the high-resolution timers in the Item Update window. Now the more costly items (the ones that take more game cycles to process) should be visible.

Implement a [InitialLevel] PCReplaceFrontEnd=1 configuration key, so that PCLevel actually makes something.
Also implement a -level <hashcode> command-line parameter that overrides it and does the same thing.
If set to 1 it will load the PCLevel value, if not it will interpret it as a hash code. It only works in -dev mode.
See this wiki page[] for more information.
Implement a [Debug] KeyboardOptions=1 Sphinx.ini configuration entry. That will enable a series of keyboard shortcuts while in -dev mode.
Ctrl + M: Reloads the current level.
Ctrl + N: Toggles trigger markers, same as in the Watcher.
Ctrl + D: Toggles viewing trigger radiuses, same as in the Watcher.
Ctrl + G: Toggles god mode, same as in the Watcher.
Ctrl + I: Toggles the 'Always has item' cheat, same as in the Watcher.

Ctrl + {1,5}: Quickly loads the level stored in [InitialLevel] QuickLevelJump1=hashcode.
Ctrl + Shift + {1,5}: Assigns the currently loaded level to that jump combo key.

General performance improvements and optimizations.
Minor cleanups.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA

Update 9 (18 January 2020)


Graphics Quality Improvements - Arbitrary main rendering resolution, better anti-aliasing, higher-quality post-processing effects, and a high-end super-sampling option
Better Framerates - Greater gameplay smoothness with more accurate timing and animation sync at all framerates, improved frame-pacing, and high refresh rate support
High-Quality Shadows - Complete shadowing revamp featuring improved standard shadow filtering without performance loss; new, higher quality filter options; resolution options; and even additional shadow casters
More Depth in Environments - Implemented HBAO+ ambient occlusion as an alternative higher-quality SSAO option, providing more depth and plasticity to all scenes
Improved Draw Distance - Added a draw distance setting which applies to grass/clutter, monsters, and NPCs, completely eliminating pop-in on the highest settings
High-Quality Textures - Added high-quality texture pack (generated from original sources, partially with AI upsampling, and full mipmaps)


Mouse Control Redone - Improved camera mouse controls, replacing joystick emulation with direct 1:1 control
Individual Key Bindings - Movement keys are now individually bindable, and added a keybinding for walking (slow movement) with keyboard/mouse controls
Natural Control - Changed default bindings to fit common usage by PC gamers


Now 64-bit - Switched to 64-bit build to address space fragmentation issues in long sessions
Save VRAM - Fixed multiple video memory leaks
Crash Fix - Fixed potential crash when switching between languages
More Crash Fix - Improved render thread synchronization to prevent specific types of race condition crashes
Faster I/O - Removed superfluous asset encryption
Optimized Shadows - Improved shadow rendering performance by preventing unnecessary memory traffic


100% Achievement on KB/M Control - Fixed the unlocking of some achievements when playing with keyboard/mouse controls
Typo Fixes - Fixed several typos and dialogue/text issues throughout the game
Cloud Save Data - Fixed slightly-too-low cloud save limit when using a very large number of saves
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Tower of Time

Update (21 Jan 2020)

Italian language added + Quality of life patch

We are very happy to announce that as of now we also support Italian language. We also introduced few quality of life improvements requested by you.

We hope Italian players can now enjoy the game fully.

BIG THANKS to Marcello 'Darth Vader' Brancaccio, Davide 'Metallo' Speca and Alfonso 'alfx' De Luca that helped us to localize the game to Italian. It was not a small effort, as the game has close to 200k words. They have done an excellent job!

Quality of Life improvements

With the recent surge of new players, we have also added few quality of life features that had been requested + few small fixes to some newly discovered bugs:
- Added Italian language
- Added option to highlight interactive items ( "H" key by default)
- Map marker visibility is now better
- Fixed icon in Crafting Panel that sometimes remained inactive (grey) when new type of item has been chosen
- Optimized few battlegrounds where enemy summons were especially frequent and which could cause crashes on PCs with low memory
- Movement paths in few places are now
- Fixed one dialogue where incorrect champion was speaking with a Mech
- Fixed one place where translation was missing on floor 3 in few languages

Event Horizon Team
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Patch 1.6 (21 January 2020)

This is a substantial update adding new sharing and standalone Garden Mode features. Garden Mode allows the player to access a stand-alone magical musical garden (on top of the gardens grown in story mode) adding features such as:
- Seed sharing - send and receive rare and unusual seeds with your friends
- 7 new seeds not available in story mode
- Time control - leave the gardens on in the background to slowly evolve and change
- The exclusive ‘Cloud Garden’ - only glimpsed during Story Mode, now fully playable
- Hundreds of new musical clips - a deeper, more complex musical landscape to explore
- The update also adds 6 new languages to Story Mode: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Turkish. The final language, Arabic, will be added in a later update.
Standalone installers updated (1.4 ⇒ 1.6): 22 January 2020.


Updates 1.9.1, 1.12.5 & 1.13.2 (18 January 2020)

Changelogs posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installers updated (1.8.2 ⇒ 1.13.2): 21 January 2020.


(a good chunk of changelogs for builds 1.30e - 1.30n, just recently made public, can be found in the changelog thread)
Build 1.31c (12 January 2020)

- The “Steadfast” shield magic mod now reduces basic attack damage from the shield’s direction by 50% (up from 33%), while damage from other angles is only increased by 10% (down from 15%).
- The “Arrow-Dampening” armor magic mod now decreases ranged attack damage taken by 30% (up from 25%)
- The “Phalanx” armor magic mod now decreases melee damage taken by 20% (up from 15%), while the extra damage from ranged attacks is now 5% (down from 15%)
- Weapon and quiver mods that deal extra damage to certain monster families (Frog Slaying, Bandit Slaying, etc) now all deal +30% (up from +20%), with the exception of Rust-Biting, as it has an upgraded version (Chrome-Shredding)
- The “Emergency” shield magic mod now reduces damage from basic attacks by 50% while under 33% health (up from 25%)
- The “Toxicity” magic mod now has a 6% chance to drop acid pools, up from 5%, per step
- The ice shot ability used by “Icedaggers” champions now deals less damage (110% of normal dmg, down from 135%) and has a slightly longer cooldown.
- Adjusted how Resist-Piercing champions work. Rather than constantly piercing 50% of all resistances, they now add a stacking debuff when they damage their target, which lowers its resists by 10%. This can stack 4 times.
- Buffed the stats of the following monsters: Mottled Sandjaw, Heated Sandjaw, Electric Jelly, Cave Lion, Guardian Corsair
- Decreased the cooldown (20 -> 16t) and increased the damage (25% -> 35% attack dmg) of the toxic cloud used by Toxic champions
- Increased the cooldown of Conjurer / Frogmaster summons from 13 to 16 turns
- Unstable Magic (Spellshaper ability) now costs 5 Energy (down from 15) and has a cooldown of 6 turns (down from 8)
- In Savage World, monster resistance to status effects now halves the duration rounded up instead of down.
- (Legend of Shara/Dawn of Dragons) The monster ability Black Hole now lasts 5 turns, down from 7
- (Legend of Shara/Dawn of Dragons) The monster ability Energy Shield now has a 16 turn cooldown (up from 14)
- (Legend of Shara) In Tower of Ordeals, chance to find shopkeepers per floor is now 25% (up from 20%)
- (Legend of Shara) In Wanderer’s Journeys, champion monsters now give +15% rewards per champion mod, which should make them feel more worthwhile to fight
- (Legend of Shara) Adjusted difficulty curve of Tower of Ordeals. The first 20 floors now become harder more quickly (more monster power/level gained per floor), however the following 30 floors grow harder more slowly, particularly the final 20 floors. The overall end point of the dungeon is the same. This should make for a more even playthrough.
- (Legend of Shara) In all Wanderer’s Journeys, there are now guaranteed Scroll of Job Change scroll spawns every 10 floors (e.g. floor 10, 20, 30…) in chests, somewhere. Gotta explore to find them!
- (Dawn of Dragons) During the Ancient Jungle dungeon monster waves, monsters will no longer only focus on the vines. Instead, they add Vine aggro every turn, which can potentially be overridden by other sources of aggro.
- (Dawn of Dragons) Ancient Jungle now has at least 2 more friendly monster crystals/eggs per map

- Fixed bug where monsters with the “Hundred Fists” abilities were dealing about twice as much damage as intended.
- Fixed bug where abilities could sometimes lose their Energy or Stamina cost if a monster had the same ability
- Fixed bug where Brigand’s Silver Job Emblem affecting Smoke Cloud was not affecting cooldown
- Poison Evocation and Unstable Magic should now be properly processed by Spellshaping mods (including costs)
- The searchbar now correctly filters by favorited items if you use “favorite” as a search term.
- Monsters Letters should correctly stack more often now (they will not stack unless all the underlying info is the same, though - who caught the monster, who released it, and the skill transferred)
- Sword Dancer’s gold emblem that allows you to parry skills (with 1/3 of normal chance) no longer reduces your regular chance to parry to 1/3 normal. Oops!
- Fixed bug with Gambler’s Skill Orb version of Double Down inconsistently triggering its effects. Also, fixed Double Down not always hitting all targets
- Fixed bug where toggling monster health bars via keyboard binding (“M” by default) would briefly flash them on the screen, even in fog of war
- Fixed bug where monsters with the “Monster Pull / Haul” ability (e.g. Puller/Hauler champs) could use this ability on themselves to do instant damage. This was not intended. It should only be usable on other allied monsters.
- Fixed bug that could bork pet duels. Also, added more safeguards to ensure that helpless corral pets wandering outside their pen won’t get caught in the crossfire and injured.
- Fixed visual bug when Sword Dancers parry and create Flame Serpents from their Advanced innate job trait
- If you try to equip an item in the dungeon, and you cannot equip it for whatever reason, you should no longer lose a turn
- (Dawn of Dragons) The Frog Dragon Break ability now pans the camera while using it
- (Dawn of Dragons) The final dragon dungeon event will now trigger as long as you’ve ever cleared the final boss on the current save slot (meta progress)
- (Dawn of Dragons) Fixed Orb of Reverie + Scroll of Job Change recipe working incorrectly
- (Dawn of Dragons) The “Arcane” Quiver mod now triggers 25% of the time as intended (instead of 100%...)
- (Dawn of Dragons) Fixed Spectral Crab / Enemy Jelly Trooper not showing up in the Monsterpedia (note: you will have to defeat more of them starting with this patch for them to show up)
- (Legend of Shara) Fixed various bugs with Glide resetting (or not resetting) its cooldown when it was not supposed to.
- (Legend of Shara) Fixed bugs where, in dream versions of certain maps, you could unintentionally trigger certain events

- Further save file size optimizations, trimmed out some garbage data

- (Legend of Shara) In longer Wanderer’s Journeys, the special music tracks now play for more floors in the middle and towards the end
- (Legend of Shara) Mini Dreamcasters now have a “Swap Places” option

- Minor writing adjustments in the final battle dialogue
Standalone installers, and those of all its DLC, updated (1.30h ⇒ 1.31d): 21 January 2020.
(typo in the update or installers versioning, or installers just ahead of the changelog?)


Standalone installers updated 21-22 January 2020 with no changelog:
- Beat Hazard Ultra: 1.2 ⇒ 1.3.
- BrightMemory [InDev]: ⇒
- Cooking Simulator, and its DLC: 2.5.0 ⇒ 2.5.1.
- Forager: 4.0.0 ⇒ 4.0.3.
- Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, and all its DLC: 1.051 ⇒ 1.052.
- Star Control: Origins, and all its DLC: 1.40.5 ⇒ 1.41.

Also, from updates/changelogs posted earlier:
- Frostpunk, and all its DLC: (2019-11-05 18:25) ⇒ (2020-01-21 15:45).
- Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, and its DLC - Windows: 2019.03.26 ⇒ 2019.08.28.
- Tower of Time - Windows: ⇒
- Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, and all its DLC: Update 8 ⇒ PH3 Update.
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Dying Light was just updated to version 1.24. So far no changelog.
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Astrox Imperium

BUILD 0.0090

Changelog posted by the dev in the game's forum.
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My version of Garou - Mark of the Wolves has been updated. However, no update flag or changelog. Also the achievement list has changed, all the "old ones" are now marked as [DotEmu Version], while the ones that appearde some time ago and were not unlockable do not have that addition. So I assume, we have a completely new version, but I cannot try it out before I get home.
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Fenimore Fillmore: 3 Skulls of the Toltecs

Update 1.7.0

No Changelog


Prison Architect & DLC

The Sneezer 1.02 Patch

Hello Wardens!

The delivery truck just arrived with a new patch addressing some of the issues that were discovered! We appreciate your continued support and feedback.

- Criminally Insane inmates or associated prisoner traits will no longer spawn if the “Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition” Expansion is not installed.
- Female prisoners with babies should no longer become criminally insane. This is also fixed in existing savegames.
- Players can cancel cloned rooms and get a refund for the item(s) canceled depending on the progress.
- Fixed prisoners’ hands and some carried items being displayed incorrectly when crossing bridges.
- Fixed some crashing issues.
- Fixed localization errors.
- Fixed benches incorrectly attaching to walls and breaking alignment with tables.
- Fixed an issue with some rotations of Guard Pavilion (Corner).
- Fixed the prisoner count being displayed incorrectly in Reports.
- Fixed room quality stating some prisoners deserve higher Cell quality than 10.
- Fixed prisoners not always being assigned a cell in sectors other than shared ones.
- Fixed issues with the game being forced into a windowed state after loading a savegame on Mac OSX.
- Fixed the “Prison Danger” statistic calculation including dead prisoners.
- Fixed an issue where Criminally Insane Inmates were being unintentionally blocked from Chapel and Canteen rooms, even when said areas were flagged as "Insane Only" zones in Deployment.
- Fixed an issue where the planning aspects of the "Conviction" campaign story were not compatible with the new Planning Mode features.
- Added ability for Modders: You can now turn off shadows using “SpecialRestriction NoShadow”.

Known Issues:
- MAC/Linux: Changing the language during gameplay can lead to all objects turning into black squares. Restarting your game will fix this issue.
- MAC: There is a chance that the plot options “Snowbound Plot”, “Jungle Plot”, “Desert Plot” and “Lunar Plot” will not get applied when starting a new game.
Mattis._.: My version of Garou - Mark of the Wolves has been updated. However, no update flag or changelog. Also the achievement list has changed, all the "old ones" are now marked as [DotEmu Version], while the ones that appearde some time ago and were not unlockable do not have that addition. So I assume, we have a completely new version, but I cannot try it out before I get home.
This is the new version created by Code Mystics, with new achievements. Curious that they have decided to keep the old achievements, including the broken one. I hope they remove it because it's useless right now.
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Craft The World has been updated to 1.7.001.

No Changelog provided

But, the GoG version number matches that that's on Steam...

Whether the updates to the GoG version match that of Steams, I have no idea.

The changelog is linked below, but have pasted the full changelog below that, for those that don't wish to visit steam...

Steam - Update 1.7.001

Update 1.7.001

Attention! To view all changes and improvements you may need to restart the game world.


The device prohibition sign is now available in the base game. It can be used for example in a multiplayer game so that the dwarves do not go to work on other people's devises remote from the stockpile.
Fixed objects falling as loot through a block of a narrow wall.
Fixed some crashes of the game including MacOS.

DLC Lonely Mountain

Improved pictures of many (!) objects such as blocks of mountains and walls, furniture and other structures.
Added alternative variants to different mountain rooms for a greater level variety.
New animated versions of stationary machines were added - a stone workshop and a laboratory instead of standard ones.
Monsters are made stronger and waves are more complex and frequent. Increased number of orc colonies.
Changed the durability settings of various blocks.
Changed the recipes for some items and drop-out loot for a more balanced game.
Decorative designs were added - a central statue with a giant crystal and a large drilling machine.
Sounds added for some events.
Improved mob animations.
Fixed invisible enemies.


In the secret room editor you can select the type of block if it has several pictures.
DLC Lonely Mountain. Added the ability to drop rats when destroying items.
DLC Bosses & Monsters. Fixed - skill did not increase above 100% with the books regardless of the level of particular endless technology.
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Chernobylite (In Development)

Updated to 23213

Major Update - AI improvements, balance and fixes (20 January 2020)


- AI: Opponents should squat more often and use covers
- AI: Opponents fight a lot better in close range combat
- AI: Opponent's feet should adapt better to the ground
- Combat: Parameters of all weapons, enemies and upgrades have been balanced
- Psyche: Killing a lot of soldiers will have a negative impact on our psyche
- Psyche: A low level of psyche will put us in a state of psychosis. This element will be further developed.
- Feeding system: System is almost finished and should work much better than the previous one.


- Putting on a mask during rain should no longer cause crash
- We've repaired almost 120 smaller bugs. Thanks for reporting them!

AMD has told us that drivers released at the beginning of the year should noticeably speed up the game. You can expect at least a few percent increase in performance. Remember to update your drivers!
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There's an update for Flower, no changelog.
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Syberia 3 has been updated to Version: 1.5.07. No changelog.

Could it be that they finally fixed the game? *wishful thinking*