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Age of Wonders: Planetfall

V1.104 - Stegosaurus Patch 2 (5 December 2019)
Feature: Auto-Explore

Armies can now be set to 'auto-explore', this means that they will scout around the planet on their own; picking up resources along the way. These armies will no longer appear in your to-do events; allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Feature: Tactical Operations Toggle

When engaging in combat, commanders can now decide whether Tactical Operations will be used during Auto Combat.


• When a unit is brought back from the dead, all of its Once Per Battle and Ability Cooldowns are triggered. This does not affect Escape Module or similar abilities. • Fixed issue where AI player vs AI Player and AI player vs Marauders would no longer generate combat events. • Fixed that unit icons in the army panel would flicker on army movement. • Fixed issue where razing a Forward Relay Base would not cancel its Energy and Cosmite upkeep. • Fixed a visualization error on the Livestock Spawner Tactical Map that caused biodomes to spawn in the incorrect color. • Fixed issue where the doomsday level could go beyond 3 causing a crash.

• Fixed issue in Hotseat where the game could hang after manual combat when an AI player attacked the player. • Fixed issue in Hotseat where the game could crash upon using combat retry and then closing the combat results.

• Fixed issue where players could pause the turn timer while another player was in combat or viewing the combat results. • Fixed issue where leaders would not load correctly in the lobby and loading screen if a player used a DLC leader but the host of the multiplayer session did not own the required DLC.
Units, Mods & Operations

• Sinister Chorus now correctly decreases Entropy Resistance • PsiTec Vox Amp now correctly receives damage channel changes from Focus mods. • Fixed Hopperhound Mantises not having a defense mode. • Purchased Faction Units now correctly gain extra ranks from the player's HQ as well as other Upgrades.

• Fixed 'Kir'ko Independence' in Xa'Kir'Ko (Kirko 02) not progressing in some cases after completing all three 'Collect Data from Xenolabs' quests. Note: Affected players will still have to end their turn for the quest line to progress. Anomalous Sites • Replaced the constructs in Phase 3 of House of Emperors with Scavengers.

• Edge scrolling no longer moves the camera when input is blocked. • Controller: Cycle Cities now correctly ignores Absorbing/Migrating cities

• Doomsday structures are now being removed when a sector changes owner.

• Changing teams is now locked while the player has opted as ready to play.
Units, Mods & Operations

• Heritor Siphoner 'Es'Teq Siphon' - Reduced damage from 11 to 9

• Added a Secret Tech Filter to the Commander Selection screen. • Skipping to the next to-do event will now focus the camera on the event. • Cycling through cities is now done alphabetically. • Where possible sector invasion event will now highlight the invading stack instead of the cell the invasion took place.

Queen's Wish: The Conqueror

Patch 1.0.3 (05 December 2019)

There will be fewer delays between turns in combat.
Pauses in combat are shorter.
Radiance no longer helps your enemies.
A few exploits have been fixed. Sorry!
A number of other minor tweaks.
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stardew valley offline installer

Mac 1.4 hotfix (2 versions old)

Linux 1.4.1 (1 version old)

Windows 1.4.2 (latest)

Changelogs have already been posted
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timmy010: stardew valley offline installer

Mac 1.4 hotfix (2 versions old)

Linux 1.4.1 (1 version old)

Windows 1.4.2 (latest)

Changelogs have already been posted
Just noticed that myself, at least the mac users can use galaxy to get the more up to date version. I wish GOG would just enable galaxy depots for linux we don't even need them to release galaxy for Linux you can just use lgogdownloader.

Mac is now up to date just Linux trailing
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Update 1.5c (5 December 2019)

- added Spanish translation
- added option for inverting vertical camera axis
- updated all translations
- fixed not being able to build river rapids blueprints if the ride has any bumpers
- fixed no tracked ride blueprints goal sometimes not getting completed
- fixed not being able to select 3D text for blueprints/with the bulldozer tool
- fixed wrong train spawn orientation when spawning on a turntable
- fixed an error in some custom train mods that made it impossible to select objects
- fixed doors not working when placed on an attraction exit
- fixed tall diagonal helixes could go off-grid
- fixed guests being able to see through flat ride platforms
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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Standalone installer, and those of its DLCs, updated 05 December 2019 with no changelog: 1.031 ⇒ 1.032

Patch 1.04 (05 Devember 2019)
Standalone installer, and those of its DLCs, updated 06 December 2019: 1.032 ⇒ 1.04
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A new patch for Project Warlock has appeared on GOG Galaxy. Offline installers should follow after the weekend I guess. Here's the changelog FOV Patch

• Added level progress view to the pause menu
• Added Field of view adjustment setting

• Switches Resume and Restart button positions to avoid confusion in pause menu
• Readjusted current track window
• Increased overall difficulty in Medieval Episode
• Changed default run button to "Left shift" from "h"
• Balanced The Tank in Industrial episode further
• Increased Final Boss's health in final stage

Spells Balance:
• Reduced Storm Rage price to 5
• Reduced Freezing Blast cost to 5
• Reduced Executor cost to 5
• Reduced Curse cost to 6
• Reduced 1st improvement level of Storm Rage to 3rd instead of 5th Spirit level
• Reduced 2nd improvement level of Storm Rage to 8rd instead of 10th Spirit level
• Reduced base mana cost of Storm Rage
• Increased base damage of Storm Rage
• Increased base damage absorption of Holy Guard
• Reduced Freezing Blast base mana cost
• Increased Freeezing Blast base freeze time
• Increased Freezing Blast base range
• Reduced Freezing Blast improvement level to 3rd instead of 5th Spirit Level
• Reduced Bomberman base mana cost
• Increased Sammoner base mana cost slightly
• Reduced Executor base mana cost slightly
• Increased Curse base duration time
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I noticed that Trails in the sky FC and SC got an update with no changelog, so i do think 3rd chapter also got updated.
Fonzer: I noticed that Trails in the sky FC and SC got an update with no changelog, so i do think 3rd chapter also got updated.
Yup. All three were updated.
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Astrox Imperium [InDev]
BUILDs 0.0085 and 0.0085a (05 December 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the dev here.
Standalone installer updated (b 0.084 ⇒ b 0.085 ⇒ b 0.085a): 05 & 06 December 2019.


Patch 1.072 (04 December 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installers updated 05 December 2019:
- Windows: 1.071p ⇒ 1.072;
- Linux: 1.071b ⇒ 1.072;
- Mac: 1.071c ⇒ 1.072.


Cooking Simulator
Leaderboards Update (04 December 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated (2.2.8 ⇒ 2.3.0): 06 December 2019.


Devil's Hunt
Update 1.0.5 (4 December 2019)

- Debug string on skill fixed
- Infinite loading screen fixed
- Doom grenade skill fixed
- Lock on fixed
- M2_Cemetery enemies spawn on user’s sight fixed
- Gallery fixed
- Watchable fixed
- Low HP indicator displayed during the cutscenes fixed
- Cutscene on a bridge fixed
- Sawyer’s movement fixed
- Desmond’s hair fixed
- Embry’s cutscene fixed
- Damage done by Sawyer during the reload of checkpoint fixed
- Several achievements fixed
- Several minor gameplay issues fixed
Standalone installer updated (1.0.3 ⇒ 1.5.0): 05 December 2019.


Field of Glory: Empires
Update 1.0.6 (04 December 2019)

- Kolchis setup revised, with 8 Missions to perform.
- Armenia gets 3 missions, 3 new custom buildings and an extra unit.
- Government Aging and Progress UI (access it by clicking on the government button, nation panel)

GAMEPLAY and SETUP (improvements and fixes)
- Smarter dynamic objectives
- Fixed issues with Builder Guild and late wonders
- Added exclusivity to well and irrigation canal
- Fix to tools factory
- Fixed hospital chain of buildings
- Fixed Babel Tower modifier not properly given
- Capital region food need for growth increased
- Brigantes now have Tin resource, not lead.
- Caucasian ethnicities don't have access to phalanxes
- Tweaked pop growth formula - harder to get really big population
- Fixed issue with Hunting Grounds & Master Hunter
- Military buildings have greater importance in max metal and manpower stockpiles
- Deficit spending and modifiers – the bigger the deficit you run, the higher the penalties!
- Fixed Sagittarii not provided to Rome in some cases
- Improved how the game determines who is defending (outside of assaults)

- AI will have less animosity against the legacy leader.
- Slightly less AI ship building
- AI doesn't snatch a siege from player

- Government Aging and Progress UI
- New reports tab for ongoing mission(s)
- next region shortcut: ENTER, next idle region shortcut: SPACE
- Changed colors of a few provinces
- Make T hotkey behave exactly like the trade tab button
- Show leader portrait with red skull overlay at end of battle if they died.
- Update ledger when cancelling construction
- Fix stockpiles not initially showing current expenses in recruitment

- Various engine optimizations and speed up
- Display error when failing to save game
Standalone installer updated (1.0.5 ⇒ 1.0.6): 05 December 2019.


Iratus: Lord of the Dead [InDev]
Update (5 December 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installer updated: 160.03.07 ⇒ 161.03.01.


Update 694 (27 November 2019)

- Built a new rendering system for some of the full-screen weather fx
- Fixed some bugs in the new inventory management system
- Adjusted triggers for trading camp dialog
- Various performance improvements
- Fixed a couple of rare crashes
- Level generator fixes
- Audio fixes
Standalone installers updated (692 ⇒ 694):
- Windows and Mac; 28 November 2019;
- Linux: 06 December 2019.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Windows and Mac standalone installers updated (694 ⇒ 697): 05 December 2019.


Standalone installers updated 05-06 December 2019 with no changelog:
- AI War 2: 1.010 ⇒ 1.012.
- Book of Demons - Windows: 1.03.19749 ⇒ 1.03.19874; Mac: 1.03.19748 ⇒ 1.03.19874.
- Crossroads Inn: 2.7 ⇒ 2.8.
- The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky: 2019.03.24 ⇒ 2019.12.05.
- The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC: 2019.03.24 ⇒ 2019.12.05.
- The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd: 2019.03.24 ⇒ 2019.12.05.
- Project Hospital, and its DLC - Linux: 1.1.17642 ⇒ 1.1.17661.
- Strategic Command: World War I: 1.01.00 ⇒ 1.01.01.
- Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War, and all its DLC: ⇒

Also, from updates/changelogs posted earlier:
- Parkitect, and its DLC: 1.5bp1 ⇒ 1.5c.
- Queen's Wish: The Conqueror: 1.0.2 ⇒ 1.0.3.
HypersomniacLive: - Book of Demons - Windows: 1.03.19749 ⇒ 1.03.19874; Mac: 1.03.19748 ⇒ 1.03.19874.
Thanks for all your work.

The standalone patch installer for Book of Demons seems to be corrupt. I've tried downloading it three times.
I've sent a support request.
Meanwhile, anyone who desperately wants this update (whatever it is) will have to download the full installer.
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Update 1.1 - Full Metal Mode (07 December 2019)

So you completed Valfaris and are feeling pretty smug about yourself. Well, don't get too cocky because the challenge isn't over yet! I'm happy to confirm that the free Full Metal Mode update is now live and it can't wait to kick your ass.

Here's what Full Metal Mode has got in store for you:
- All weapons, upgrades, and upgrade items carry over between runs
- Enemies have increased health, attack, and aggression
- Bosses receive the same buffs - with additional attack patterns
- Therion takes more damage
- New Destroyer Class Weapon
- New Achievement for defeating Full Metal Mode

Full Metal Mode unlocks after completing the game, so if you've already got a 'Game Clear' save file, you'll be able to jump into the – even deadlier – action as soon as the update has installed.

See the new weapon in action, as well as catching a glimpse of a couple of the new boss attacks, in the Full Metal Mode trailer.
Standalone installer updated: 1.0.5 ⇒ 1.1.
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Galaxy just updated Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition to version 1.23. No changelog.
Just noticed Tangledeep has been updated to 1.30h (at least for Linux), but there's no changelog, and I'm not going to update in the middle of a playthrough.

(Does it at least make it so that the Wolf effect works properly instead of negating all damage done by enemies?)
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Stardew Valley for Linux is now up to date with 1.4.2
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The Dig and Beneath a Steel Sky were updated with no changelog.