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nvm I messed up and you got them already
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Update v1.5.2g (20 October 2019)

- Tweaked staff speed algorithm to make increase between fitness levels more linear. Speed now increases by 8% for each level of fitness. These values are exposed for modding in
- Added staff salary to staff window.
- Fixed bug where game would not load when a mod had a corrupted file
- Added Italian localisation.
- Smoothed out 'freeze' on new day in large aquariums.
- Removed freeze during autosave when entering the menu.
- Improved animal swimming animations.
- Tweaked fixing animation so that toolkit sits on the floor next to staff.
- Fixed bug where an object could be not "in game world" but still occupying the floor.
- Reduced cap for zoom level.
- Fixed darkening of rounded corners of tanks when viewed from behind.
- Improved visual look of animals with transparent meshes like the Volitans Lionfish.
- Added minimum work animation speed for staff.
- Fixed purple plume fan and leopard clam icons.
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Pathologic 2

Update 1.5.29823 (14 October 2019)

Optimization improved in many respects, most noticeably:
- lowered the amount of RAM used;
- lowered freeze frequency;
- improved average FPS;
- lowered CPU usage.
Headshots added!
Gamepad support added.
Game logic polished, fixed a number of smaller bugs.
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Astrox Imperium
BUILD 0.0081 (21 October 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the dev here.
Standalone installer updated: b 0.080 ⇒ b 0.081


Update 646 (19 October 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by user FlockeSchnee.
Standalone installers updated (639 ⇒ 647): 21 October 2019 (don't know if there's a typo somewhere between the update and the installers version).


Production Line
Update 1.80 (03 October 2019)

1) [BUG] Fixed bug where graphics on RHS of screen corrupted when viewing maintenance overlay on a screen wider than 4096 pixels.
2) [Feature] Search bars on R&D and task picker now create a drop down of items to click on as well as zooming to the first item.
3) [GUI] There is a new button on the showroom screen that allows you to toggle between the normal and (new) summary view.
4) [Bug] Fixed wrong display of points-per-minute on the R&D screen for designs. (purely a visual problem).
5) [GUI] Battery indicator now shows supply values over 100%.
6) [Bug] Fixed bug where if you changed a floor tile using the factory decoration several times, then removed a slot, only the first change is remembered.
7) [Feature] Mods can now include scenarios in the \modname\data\scenarios folder and they will be recognized. (still only 1 per map for now).
8) [Bug] Fixed some bugs relating to manufacture of powertrains (upgrades were not mutually exclusive) and stop start engine upgrade not requiring the correct components.
9) [Bug] Fixed rare bug that gave an error about being unable to highlight a tutorial window.
10) [GUI] Improved and expanded initial tutorial
11) [Bug] Aluminium is now available as a resource everywhere once you research alloy wheels OR aluminium bodies.
12) [Bug] Fixed error in the way imported components were being calculated on the components efficiency screen, meaning they were sometimes assumed to be imported when stockpiles were being run-down instead.
13) [Bug] Fixed UI anomaly on the lines showing incoming resources to a slot on huge maps when partially zoomed in.
14) [Performance] major speed-up of the processing of customers for late-game with many customers and cars in showroom for a long time.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Update 1.81 (20 October 2019)

1) [Bug] Fixed rare case where some cars would have missing components at specific zoom levels (only painted components drawn) also affected cars drawn in conveyor-placement mode.
2) [Bug] Fixed bug where you could get the demolish tool 'stuck' because it didnt cancel when right clicking.
3) [Bug] Fixed bug where backspace key removed 2 characters instead of 1.
4) [Feature] Added new 'import flow analysis' feature to slots. New arrows on the import tab for the slot window lets you toggle a feature to show the import source for any selected resource. you toggle a feature to show the import source for any selected resource.
5) [Feature] New hotkey: 'P' (remappable) moves the currently selected slot (instead of having to click the move icon at the top right).

Hope you like these changes. TBH 95% of players will not notice, but if you are playing large late-game maps, those bugs may have affected you and you might find the import flow analysis thing helpful for working out why some resources are causing a bottleneck. Feedback on this is welcome.
Standalone installer, and Doors that go like this [DLC] updated (1.80b ⇒ 1.81): 21 October 2019.
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Sin Slayers
Updates (added 21 October 2019):

- A new NPC Goblin Merchant has been added, he can buy or sell items. Important: The Goblin - Merchant appears in the second story Act, so newcomers will need to unlock him first. All others will automatically see him when they visit the Church for the first time.
- Fixed a critical bug in the loot system: epic items dropped too often at all stages of the game, which broke the game's balance and made craft system useless.
- The system of strengths and weaknesses of enemies was redesigned. Important: Now you need to carefully study the strengths and weaknesses of enemies in each game location to choose the effective heroes according to the weaknesses of the monsters.
- The interface for displaying strengths and weaknesses has been redesigned. Important: now the player will see all information on all weaknesses both in Bestiary and battle tooltips.
- Changed attributes for all monsters from level 2 to level 5
-New items have been added: Huge Healing Potion, Rage Potion and Apple.
- The amount of experience required to level a character to lvl. 4 and lvl. 5 was increased
- Added a new monster "Mystical Weapon" to the Ruins of Lust location.
- Added a new passive Anger of Warrior skill to Tier 3 of the Warrior's skill tree.
-Active Braveheart skill transferred from Tier 3 to Tier 2 of the Warrior’s skill tree
- Some elements of the interface have been changed.
- Parallax effect on the combat background "Library in the Castle" was fixed.
-Fixed bug with icons of completed quests in the Church.
- Fixed minor bugs.

First Weekend update
- Increased the chance of the Powerful Prick skill triggering from 20% to 33%
- Added the "Continue" button when interacting with random encounters and books, now everyone can read the text of the random encounter or book in complete peace and quiet
- Reduced the number of kills required in Monster Hunter quests
- Fixed names of some variable parameters in the item descriptions (instead of HP now MAX HP, instead of RAGE now MAX RAGE)
- Added setting for displaying pop-up confirmation windows (always show, only important, only critical), change this setting at your own risk
- Added additional modifiers to increase the movement speed up to x4 in settings
- Added support for 1920x1200 resolution
- When the battle results window is opened, all other secondary windows will now be automatically closed
- Trap image in the Cemetery location has been changed
- Fixed some bugs

First Day Patch
- Interface elements now change their color depending on the current target when selecting the difficulty of the location
- Librarian battle in the quest "The Lost Blacksmith" in the Gluttony Forest was changed:
- One of the fallen warriors is now a Blue Crystal caster
- When a player escapes from this battle, he is placed back on the location map and gets into a previous cell -Changed the "Global curse" in Caves of Greed and Village of Envy

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- Three new monsters: Blue Crystal, Dark Crystal and Golden Crystal have been added to the third act locations.
- One of the Pigman Shaman's weaknesses was changed.
- Added support for strengths and weaknesses of Poison and On Fire effects.
- Corrected placements of weakness icons in the character's battle tooltips.
- Localization of weaknesses in the Bestiary window was fixed.
- Added an ability to increase the number of selected items when you buy or sell to Goblin Merchant by holding the left mouse button.
- Fixed an error when the % sign was not displayed in the pop-up notification during the battle

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- Added a new monster "Giant Bat" that can be found in all locations.
- Fixed a bug with impossibility to continue the fight sometimes if the enemy character was killed by Poison or On Fire effects
- The effects of Poison and On Fire no longer affect Sinlord Wrath's anger stacks
- Fixed an error when the fight did not end automatically if the last remaining enemy character died from passive skills of Warlock or Sorceress
- Difficulty curve in Act II and III has been changed (all monsters in these acts have higher levels now)
- Chance of finding weapons, armor and accessories in the chests is reduced from 20% to 12%

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- A bug has been fixed in which the fight couldn’t end after two or more deadly blows were dealt to the enemy.
- An error was corrected in which two identical equipment items were awarded for winning the battle.
- Reduced armor and weapons drop rate.
- Some bugfixes.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- New Tower of Trials location has been added to the World Map. It contains:
1. Ladder mode: three tournaments, after which the player will receive valuable rewards
2. Training mode: allows you to fight random enemies
- Graphics of the "Village of Envy" location have been updated.
- Added NPC tags in the "Old Church" (if they are not visible)
- Changed some interface elements in combat mode
- New sounds have been added for some of the Sinlords

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- The "Location map" UI-window has been completely redesigned (called through the "Map" button or "M" key).
- Every boss and Sinlord now has a Demonic Protection buff that protects them from some effects. Don't be afraid, previous versions also had this buff, but it wasn't displayed visually.
- There is a restriction on escape from combat. Now you can escape from the battle only starting from the 3rd round of the battle.
- Added an ability to change audio settings in the "Settings" UI-window: mono, stereo, quadro, 5.1, 7.1 and prologic.
- Added French translation from the community (special thanks to Targus for translation and Killpower (webmaster of www.rpgjeuxvidé for proofread).
- Slight interface changes.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- added German language localization;
- fixed a bug where the trade icon did not appear above the head of the Goblin-Merchant NPC;
- added the minimap window zooming ability;
- fixed minor "hot keys" mechanics errors.
Standalone installers updated (1.0.90 ⇒ 1.0.99): 21 October 2019.
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Updates (20 October 2019)

- Improvements for endboss (its default color is less saturated to avoid confusion; the color pipe is lower so you cannot reach the ring from it)
- Repositioned last golden barrel slightly so it won't fall through the ground sometimes
- Fixed hole in farm cave

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- Fixed bug when pulling objects to each other with the beam; objects were flying in the wrong direction.
- Small puzzle improvements in several places for easier handling and added a few subtle hints
- Fixed out of bounds situations in many places. My recent optimisation removed a lot of slippery angles from rocks and cliffs, so you could climb out of the world. That should all be fixed now.
- Fixed blue steel bars at endboss blocking translocator ball (also unintended side effect of my optimisation)
- Fixed being able to walk on air at the lift-block puzzle before the chapel
- Fixed several meshes being inverted (side effect of optimisation)
- Fixed quest text not changing after getting first MacGuffin
- Improved Serbian translation
- Small improvements

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- Changed the way the beam works (now you eliminate it with both fire buttons at once instead of clicking the first, and it starts instantly scanning when you hold the first fire button)
- Updated blaster sounds (thanks Gianluca Romano), sounds a lot cooler now
- Improved sword animation
- Made enemy-smacking sound much louder so it feels more satisfying to beat them up
- Changed the look of volcano signs
- Link to new crowdfunding page in main menu
- Fixed "go to the blue king" quest triggering after loading the game no matter what the actual quest was
- Added fallback solution for getting stuck in the blue ville front yard after loading the game
- Improvements to the red town sewers (plus an additional door that cannot be used yet)
- Fixed 3 places you cannot escape from
- Fixed many NPCs failing to point a certain direction (due to prior optimisation work) (does not fix old savegames)
- Misc. small improvements

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- Fixed getting stuck in UE4 loading screen (we should have fixed it, pls let us know! We figured out why it would happen but could not properly test it ourselves)
- NPCs are now doing idle animations sometimes

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- Fixed NPCs sometimes floating
- Fixed small stuff in several places
Standalone installers updated (1.7.8 ⇒ 1.8.2): 21 October 2019.


Standalone installers updated 21 October 2019 with no changelog:

- Disco Elysium: 0f3dee37 ⇒ 59c2fcb3.
- Kingdoms and Castles - Windows: 115r12 ⇒ 116b6.
- Noita: 20191011-1840 ⇒ 20191021-1240.
- Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands: 1.01 ⇒ 1.02.
- Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War, and all its DLC: ⇒

Also, from updates/changelogs posted earlier:

- Megaquarium: v1.4.6g ⇒ v1.5.2g.
- Pathologic 2: 1.4.25127-rel-dev-st ⇒ 1.5.29823-rel-dev-st.
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Lure of the Temptress

Mac installers got updated to 1.0 (ScummVM 2.1). No changelog.
high rated

Patch 1.5.1 (23 October 2019)

New "selection modes" in Twitch streamer mode.
First! Mode: the first user to type "!join" will be the hero.
Random Mode: picks a hero at random amongst those who typed "!join".
Bits Mode: next hero will be picked based on how many bits are given to the streamer. It will fallback to random if no more donations are available.
Improved Twitch integration & verification.
Many minor typos & bugfixes.
high rated
Crying Suns

Patch 1.1.0 (23 October 2019)

Greetings Crying Suns fans,

Crying Suns was launched almost a month ago and thanks to your valuable feedbacks since the release, we were able to define our next priorities to improve our game.

Following your comments and reviews, we mainly worked on 3 big subjects :

Make the game replayable

Lower the repetitiveness of some events

Refine some gameplay parameters to provide a better experience


We developed a new “chapter selection” feature. After completing the story, you are now able to replay any of the 6 story chapters (with or without the story events, as you can reset the story on each chapter) and of course, with any of the battleships and officers you unlocked until then.
Thanks to this new feature, you will be able to finally unlock story achievements you may have missed in your first runs! In addition, new Achievements have been added for completing all chapters with every battleship, although only your future runs will count for these achievements (unfortunately, save files from previous versions don’t contain the information about which chapter was achieved with which battleship).

Events repetitiveness corrected:

Following multiple players reports that a small group of events appeared very frequently, we conducted a complete audit of the event procedural generation. We found several blocking issues that were provoking statistical aberrations. We also found that we had too much constraints on events generations (related to graphical environments, gamedesign constraints or POI types) which made 20 to 30 events to be mostly picked against the few hundreds of them (!) We conducted a complete redesign of our approach and the repetitions of events should occur a lot less often now. A lot of events that were almost never picked before should now reappear and most of the time there shouldn't be much repetition between two consecutive full runs.

Gameplay adjustments:

We reworked some game parameters to improve the global game experience, including a rebalancing of Neo-N distribution (making it fairer mostly), adjustments on some weapons effects and some squadrons abilities. We also heard your feedbacks about the lack of difference between the unlockable battleships so we started to adjust their characteristics to foster diversity among them and encourage various game strategies. We will continue these improvements in the next versions of course.

As planned in the roadmap, we also started to integrate the cloud save feature although this one will only be available from the next version as we need players to update first their data files with this version.

At the end of this post, you will find the whole detailed list of corrections we made thanks to your feedbacks.

Don't hesitate to use the GOG forum or our Discord channel ( to report any problem you might encounter in the game. Your feedbacks are crucial for us to improve the game experience.


The Crying Suns development team


New achievements for completing all chapters with each battleship. Earning those Achievements in Hard difficulty will automatically grant easy or normal version of the same achievement. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, those data were not available in the save file, so all progression on those achievements will start from scratch.


[NEW FEATURE] Chapter selection is now available after completing the story. New achievements have been added for completing all chapters with a battleship. It's also now possible (after completing the story) to reset a single chapter story, allowing to try again to unlock a missed achievement.
The space bender weapons were improved. All MK versions have now the same teleport long distance, 7 cells, instead of 2, 5 and 7 (for MK I, II and III respectively). Their cooldown and area of effect have been rebalanced too.
Neo-N refueling random generation has been slightly rebalanced to avoid extreme situations and provide a fairer experience.
Fixed an exploit allowing Flak weapons to reset their current pattern by undocking/redeploying them during tactical pause
Rebalanced some battleships maximum upgrade levels
Kaos class battleship has been improved (4 more hangar slots for squadrons)
Boomer squadrons ability (Exploding) has been rebalanced (from 6/12/18 damage per MK level to 10/14/18)
Jericho Class Battleship has been nerfed a bit, losing 1 level of hull bar upgrade at start (all difficulties)

Story, events and texts

[MAJOR] Complete redesign and correction of our events distribution approach.
[RU] Fixed a mistranslation for the Instant loader description.
[EN] Multiple typos fixes and improvements on interface and dialogs

Interface, Graphics and Sounds

The remaining quantity of repair available in shops was misleading, it has been improved to be more obvious.
Improved the reinforcement feedback to make it more visible.
Changed the display order of the mission dashboard summary during the expedition to match the order of the item in the dashboard pre-expedition

BugFix Major

Fixed an issue where there was a weird visual "jump" appearing sometime when returning from an expedition to the command center.
Fixed an issue where the visual displaying a weapon target was not cleaned after shooting
Fixed an issue where a lot of people were skipping dialog by mistake, the delay before being able to skip the next dialog has been extended to avoid this.
Fixed an issue where sometimes some objects on the battlefield were not teleported as planned
Fixed an issue where in the battleship selection menu, the battleships starting hull bars and health points were not displayed properly according to the difficulty (in easy mode starting battleships have more level in hull upgrades).
Fixed an issue where the "lose 1 hull bar" condition appearing in some events was marked as "not available" if you had only 2 available hull bars.
Fixed an issue where in some cases, just after selecting a new battleship in the run customization screen and clicking on “start”, nothing happened and the players were stuck with no interface.
Fixed an issue where the expedition dashboard was displaying wrong information (by 1) in some case

BugFix Minor

Fixed an issue where an expedition sound was not stopped and stayed in the background when the officer died.
Fixed an issue where hovering skills in the "resolution" part of the expedition was returning a "missing translation message"
Fixed an issue where final boss (chapter 6) officers were not displayed "properly".
high rated
Chernobylite [InDev]
Rev 20811 Patch (21 October 2019)

- Russian, Dutch and Hungarian language localization for dialogues and interface added.
- Pripyat Port Hospital lighting and arrangements re-worked - it should look much better now
- When starting New Game you’re prompted about confirmation. This prevents you from losing game progress by mistake
- Polish language localization for dialogues and interface added. May contain some bugs and it’s not too poetic - fans of Mickiewicz and Słowacki, please be patient until we rework them (we not rework Mickiewicz and Słowacki, but the bugs).
- Prototype feature: Day based saving system added. It does not look beautiful and may have errors, but you asked us to implement it as soon as possible.

- Many smaller and bigger optimization fixes. Please keep reporting any remaining ones.
- French keyboard remapping issues fixed. Should work properly now.
- Underground player start bug fixed (it was related to the speed of hard drives on some computer) - needs to check and confirm by people who experience it: let us know if it’s working good now, we don’t have such fast hard drives.
- Base building tutorial should be much clearer now and work more efficiently.
- Rain should stop from falling under the ground anymore.
- The investigation board caused you many problems. We hope that we have solved all of them. Shooting with your fingers will no longer be possible :(
- We've solved dozens of smaller bugs you keep reporting to us. A ton of flying trees and grass was planted again.
- Further improvements in optimization. We hope that the game will work better and better for you.
Standalone installer updated (20729 ⇒ 20811): 23 October 2019.


The Guild 3 [InDev]
Update EA 0.9.4 - Build: 588778 (23 October 2019)

Patchnotes posted in the game forum by the publisher here.
Standalone installer updated: EA ⇒ EA 0.9.4.


Heave Ho
Patch 1.06 (23 October 2019)

Hi everyone,

Here's a little patch to fix a bug that appeared in the previous version :

- Fix couldn't grab the egg properly on levels with where the coin was already collected
- Fix coin state and position when returning from a mini-game
- Polish controls when grabbing an item
Standalone installers updated:
- Windows: Patch1.05 ⇒ Patch1.06.
- Mac: PatchMacOS.1.05 ⇒ PatchMacOS.1.06.


In the Shadows
Patch (19 October 2019)

- It's been two years already! For In The Shadows anniversary I am happy to release an update that will bring some polish, fix a lot of bug and make the game now playable in 5 new languages!
- You can now play In The Shadows in Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Russian! The game is also available in English and French.
- I Hope you enjoy this update, lots of little tweaks have been made here and there, new animations, new sound fx, almost every level have been revised in some way!
- Here is a list of the important things in the change log for those interested:

- Fixed falling through platform while climbing ladder and moving left or right at the top
- Fixed some levels name missing
- Fixed gamepad buttons work for axies now
- Fixed menu 'jump' from soundfx to occlusion (invisible menu option)
- Fixed now remember custom gamepad selection if gamepad detected on game start
- Fixed custom keyboard/gamepad mapping save properly and apply right away, no restart needed
- Fixed sometimes getting stuck outside of the level in gravity flip levels
- Fixed back button showing wrong button icon in menus
- Fixed the player normalmap flip issue, light hits the player properly when facing left
- Fixed Fade in/out from black/white, much smoother now
- Fixed gravity flip level, crate getting stuck on ceilling
- Fixed 16:10 ratio screen, tiles missing vertically in some levels (outside level boundary)

Tweaks & New Features
- Added achievements to the GOG version
- Added localization in Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese
- Changed better highlight on drawing in world map (now with contour highlight + light)
- Added hud for current status of stars collected and secrets found, info in hubs
- Better macOS Gamepad support
- Better death animation (small pause then fade out)
- Player death now flickers, pulse, when respawned with temporary invincibility
- Falling in holes and touching vapor still kills you tho, even when in temprary invincibility
- Added 2560x1440 screen resolution support
- Added some visual clues (wires) in a bunch of levels to help players a little
- Added some clues in first house. Too many players missed secrets
- Made kickstarter secret room more interesting to find, new secret
- Intro music on title screen start properly
- Added some sound effects here and there
- Tweaked painted cube fade out visual
- Added lots of little visual tweaks to environement, animations, to make it feel more alive
- Music fades out when leaving level, on loading screen, instead of abrupt stop
- Sound effects fade out as well now
- Tweaked some dialogs slightly.
- The build is now 64bit on all platform, dropping support for 32bit
- Better Load game menu, shows an image of the level in background when selecting save slot
- If you have any issues, feel free to comment on the community forum or contact me at:

Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 22 October 2019.
high rated
Little Big Workshop
v. 1.0.11358 and v. 1.0.11365 (20 October 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by user FlockeSchnee.
Standalone installers updated (1.0.11314 ⇒ 1.0.11365): 22 October 2019.


Version 1.1.2 (21 October 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the dev here.
Standalone installers updated 22 & 23 October 2019:
- Windows and Mac: 1.1.1 ⇒ 1.1.2 ⇒ 1.1.2a

Linux not updated yet.


Patch 3 - version 264e60db (17 October 2019)

Patchnotes posted in the game forum by the devs here.

Known Issues here.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Patch 4 - version 078c4045 (23 October 2019)

Patchnotes posted in the game forum by the devs here.

Known Issues here.
Standalone installer updated 22 & 23 October 2019:
- Windows: 25aa6c04 ⇒ 264e60db ⇒ 078c4045.
- Mac: 25aa6c04 ⇒ 078c4045.

Linux not updated yet.


Patch 1.0.5 - Gamepad Update (21 October 2019)

- Increased compatibility with control pads.
- Fixed stuttering sound / frame rate issue.
- A few minor bug fixes.
Standalone installer updated (1.0.3 ⇒ 1.0.5): 23 October 2019.


Standalone installers updated 22-23 October 2019 with no changelog:

- 140 - Windows: 171409-r400 ⇒ 10.10.2019.
- Beat Hazard 2: 1.2 ⇒ 1.3.
- Book of Demons - Windows: 1.03.19343 ⇒ 1.03.19483.
- Cooking Simulator: ⇒
- Disco Elysium: 59c2fcb3 ⇒ 4cc6dad5.
- Jenny LeClue - Detectivu: 1.0.10 (1) ⇒ 1.0.13.
- Jupiter Hell [InDev]: 0.8.4a ⇒ 0.8.4b.
- Noita [InDev]: 20191021-1240 ⇒ 20191023-1833.
- Production Line, and Doors that go like this [DLC]: 1.81 ⇒ 1.81a ⇒ 1.81c.
- Shortest Trip to Earth: 1.0.16 ⇒ 1.1.5.

Also, Ghost 1.0 - Support Mission Mode Skin [DLC]: 1.1.7 ⇒ 1.1.7 update.
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No changelog and no update flag but the dev just confirmed to me that

Ghost 1.0 has been updated to ver. 1.1.7 update.

Inofficial Changelog:
The German localisation has been improved and missing translated text/items have been fixed.
(I know about this because I did it myself and was only waiting until GOG would finally implement it.)
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The classic offline installer for Nightmare Reaper has been updated totday (Galaxy was 2 days ago). The changelog can be found here:
high rated

Update (24 October 2019)

The Pop Growth Reduction for Bio-Trophies now actually reduces their growth rate. Driven Assimilators now apply their organic growth penalty as a multiplier the same way as Rogue Servitors do, and is now also 50%
Defensive Platforms placed on Outposts now provide 2 points of Piracy Suppression for their system. The Great Game tradition from the Supremacy tree now also reduces the cost to build Defensive Platforms by 33%


Shift+clicking on ship count in the Fleet Manager now adds ships up to the nearest unit of ten, using ctrl fills up to the template max size (for realzies this time)
The Shared Burdens civic will no longer appear by itself in the civics list when you select Gestalt Consciousness ethics but have not yet selected Machine Intelligence or Hive Minded authority
Added a notification when one empire guarantees the independence of another


Automated building now checks that upkeep cost is covered by income


Fixed wrong save file being loaded from the resume button in the launcher, caused by a conflict between local and cloud saves
Fixed the game complaining about mods not being in UTF8-BOM3 for no good reason
Fixed a potential crash in AI when evaluating market values
Fixed cases where planetary events could fire multiple notifications
Odd Factories no longer sometimes block pops from getting purged, because you monsters should be free to purge whatever you want
Mods are now properly added to the load order in the order they are enabled rather than the order they are sorted in the launcher
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Both Metro games have update flags, but there is no changelog.

*edit*: They added achievements according to this news message:
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