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Astrox Imperium
BUILD 0.0076 (12 September 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the dev here.
Standalone installer updated (b 0.075a ⇒ b 0.076a): 12 September 2019.


No Man's Sky

Beyond Patch 2.11 (September 5, 2019)

Changelog here. Also posted in the game forum by user Ulf2016.
Standalone installer updated (2.09.4.hotfix_BEYOND_ 52147 ⇒ 2.11_BEYOND_52149): 13 September 2019.


Shortest Trip to Earth

Patch 1.0.14 (13 September 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by user FlockeSchnee here.

Standalone installers updated 13 September 2019 with no changelog:

- Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Sir Lora [DLC]:
--> Winsows: ⇒
- Reventure: V1.3.2 ⇒ V1.4.0
- Sheltered - Windows: Stasis Mode update ⇒ 1.9, and Mac OS: Stasis Mode update ⇒ 1.9.1.

EDIT: tech issues resolved, post updated.
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Caves of Qud
Patch (14 September 2019)

- Added a Sixth Great Sultan to the history of Qud: Resheph. His history is depicted via shrines like the other sultans but remains the same from game to game.
- Converted the dates that appear in sultan and village histories to the new Reshephian calendar.
- Added a new faction: Cult of the Coiled Lamb.
- Added a secluded shrine to Resheph in the Stiltgrounds.
- Added a new NPC to the Stiltgrounds: Tszappur, disciple of the Coiled Lamb. Tszappur will muse with you over the significance of the events in Resheph's life.
- Altered the entry point tile of the Six Day Stilt.
- Revamped the post-quest dialog for 'What's Eating the Watervine?'.
- Life drain now properly ceases if the drainer dies.
- Fixed a bug that caused the attacker to be treated as the defender during some critical hit effects.
- Fixed a typo in maghammer's description.
- Fixed some other typos.
- [modding] Mods can now include a Commands.xml file that adds mod-specific keybinds. The command IDs are fired as events on the player body.
- [modding] Mods can now include an Options.xml file that adds mod-specific options.
- [modding] The NameMaker and Tinkering classes are now public.
- [*][modding] Added a new attribute and interface: PlayerMutator and IPlayerMutator. You can use them to modify the player object before the game begins. Any class tagged with the PlayerMutator attribute is instantiated after the player object is created and assigned, and the "mutate" method is called with the player as the parameter. For example:
public class MyPlayerMutator : IPlayerMutator
public void mutate(GameObject player)
// modify the player object before the game starts
Standalone installers:
- Windows and Linux updated ( ⇒ 16 September 2019.
- Mac OS not updated yet.


Children of Morta
Patch 1.0.6 (11 September 2019)

Full list of fixes:
- Fixed crash after killing ziggurat boss
- Fixed Ancient Mastery achievement not being achievable
- Handling very old save files as corrupted
- Pathfinding fix for the Child escort quest in the Cave dungeon. NPC should not get stuck anymore.
- Fix for Mark falling out of the level boundaries while attacking enemies. This is a complex issue that may be caused by a series of different events. We believe we fixed them all but please keep us posted.
- Analog gamepad deadzone has been tripled to quickfix the issues you've reported. Full control of this through Options Menu will be delivered with one of the upcoming patches.
- Fixed game stuck at save warning screen with Alt+Tab
- Fixed bug of game getting stuck after load if the last watched cutscene was a nightmare
- Fixed bug of game getting stuck in character tutorial in home if player returns home during start room narration
- Fixing Narration of dungeon resolutions (Freeing Aspects Home Cutscenes)
- Took some measures to prevent escort kid being stuck in walls
- Fixed I Won't Let You Die achievement being obtainable through means that weren’t intended
- Fixed the issue with some Divine Relics being stopped without fade.
- Fixed Anai-Sarava Projection cut-scene music.
- Joey’s footsteps added.
- Fixed escort kid enemy patterns being too hard sometimes
- Fixed stucking in Teralava puzzle room in co-op mode
- Fixed King of Thieves miniboss vanished in Teralava challenge room
- Fixed locking out second player in co-op in Fatigue intro event room
- Fixed Chinese Language missing some characters
- Fixed Spider king Boss when using any item or skill to become invisible
- Fixed Spider king Boss issue when reviving with divine relic
- Updated some Turkish translations for items
- Fixed Effect of totems remains on player when going to the next floor
- The range that players can be revived in coop increased to avoid problems when reviving near hazards.
- Fixed forest dynamic music after first arena fight and 2nd arena
- Fixed end credits music cuts out after finishing the game
- Fixed mini boss fight music not playing when fighting 2nd time after defeating them
- Fixed mini boss fights music not playing if skipping the intro cutscene
- Fixed Kevin vanish sfx remaining after exiting vanish
- Fixed unsync sfx of cutscenes after defeating mini boss
- Co-Op: Fixed fatigue intro locking 2nd player out of the fight room
- Fixed King of the Thieves boss attacks count as melee attacks
- Spider Queen's spawning enemies interval time polished

If you still encounter any issues - please do let us know on Steam Discussions or by sending us an email to: We want you to have an awesome, flawless experience playing Children of Morta!
Standalone installers:
- Windows updated (1.0.2 ⇒ 1.0.6): 16 September 2019.
- Mac OS not updated yet.


Patch 1.4 (16 September 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.

Standalone installers updated 16 September 2019 with no changelog:

- CrossCode - Windows: 1.2.0 ⇒ 1.2.0-1.
- Dead Cells - Windows: 1.4.0 ⇒ 1.4.9.
- Tooth and Tail: ⇒
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Prison Architect

The Slammer Update (17 September 2019)

- Keyboard hot-keys added for cycling through options in in-game item menus ([Z] and [X]), and for closing menus ([C]).
- Rotations for more of the existing objects and furniture that didn't have them (Workshop Saw, Press, Roadgate, Ironing Board, Altar, Bench).
- New Moving/Relocating Objects feature. Just double-click an object, re-position, and a Worker will do the rest.
- Staff and Dog names added.
- New Bureaucracy researched option. When starting a new game, you can begin with everything researched.
- Additional x10 game speed button.
- Filters and sort-by options added to the Objects menu.
- Metal detector searches now search both the inmate and the box they’re carrying.
- New context-sensitive quick “Add Doors” function, to any wall. Just double-click on a solid wall.
- Prison cleanliness mutator option "Reduce Dirt Build Up".
- Security Camera artwork now indicate the direction they're pointing.
- New Walls & Doors: Yutani Wall (Sci Fi), Visitor's Door, Secure Door (with a flap to deliver food trays to prisoners inside a cell), coloured Fence Gates.
- New Floors: Mud, Grate, and Solaco (Sci Fi - goes great with the Yutani Wall).
- New Objects: Table (Small) Bench (Small), Bleachers, Bush, Trees (Snowy Conifer, Palm), Lights (Flood Light, Street Light, Wall Light), Shower Pillar, Ironing Board (Small), Office Chair, Door Mat.
- New quick menu links from the top HUD bar. Clicking on 'Danger', 'Days', 'Balance', Guards, etc. all launch various UIs.
- Deployment Overhaul: o Deployment context presentation and visuals improved. Now you can see your prison! o You can now assign Armed Guards and Dog Handlers to patrols and zones. o You can now have 2 different intersecting patrol routes. o Patrol routes and zones can now be prioritized, to ensure your most important areas are manned first."
- Clone tool region increased in size.
- Added code that will allow modders to specify menu sprites for any of their objects, enabling modders to attach any image to an object.
- The Mutators (menu) can now be accessed and adjusted mid-game. This is handy for players who wish to turn off/on Mutators in other player's prisons.
- Added Hedge rounded end pieces, and improved all hedges to look better with shadows and when doors are built on them.
- Ability to search for Objects via a specific room, in the Objects menu text box. E.g. type "Yard" to filter and show all Yard objects.
- "New!" yellow star icons now display for any newly added features.
- Prisoners & Staff can now be seen by CCTV cameras in Warden Mode.
- Logistics context presentation and visuals improved. Now you can see your prison.
- Fixed an issue where the Water Boiler was not connecting to water pipes (due it being damaged or moved).
- If you fire staff while the game is paused, only the first staff member that was clicked on will now be fired.
- Guards/Snipers in Guard Towers are now protected from the weather/rain (as if they were indoors).
- At shower time prisoners will now correctly prioritize communal shower rooms, before cuing to use another prisoner’s cell shower.
- The tooltip instruction for the Room Clearing functioning has been added to the Rooms Tooltip.
- When building Quick Rooms, Cell doors are now kept open until the room is completed, to allow workers to enter and finish the room.
- Doors are moved from the Objects menu and into the "Walls & Doors" menu.
- Fix: Moving electrical utility items will now spawn new wires.
- Fix: The correct Warden sprite shows in the staff reports screen.
- Fix: Certain advanced items are now counted in a Grant's requirements (e.g. Visitor booths instead of Tables).
- New furniture such as new chairs, short benches, short tables will fulfill room requirements.
- New Jungle plot and Snowbound plot options added, to start a new prison on.
- Snipers now carry Jail Keys, enabling them to get around the prison and into the Armory easier.
- The Bookshelf now caters to the prisoner's "Literacy" Need a bit. A green zone displays its area-of-effect.
- Guards operating certain stations will not participate (leave their station) in prison searches or Shakedowns.
- Guards will now open doors for separated dogs. If for example the dog's handler is killed.
- New Guard Pavillion towers are unlocked for players who sign up for a Paradox account.
- Added support for PDX Launcher on startup
- Added a Borderless Fullscreen Mode option, which is also changeable via the PDX Launcher.
- The Main Menu now included a page system for our dev updates. Allowing us to keep previous/older updates, and tell you all about the latest additions and improvements.
- Added a Screen Display option for players with multiple monitors, which is also hooked into the PDX Launcher.
- New screenshot mode available as a game option, in the Options Menu. Toggle On/Off by holding [H] and pressing [Enter].
- Fixed an issue where sprinklers were showing healing animation when triggered.
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CrossCode has been updated to version 1.2.0-3 (17 September 2019), only galaxy for now.
Offline installers for Windows are updated to 1.2.0-2, previous hotfix, and 1.2.0-1 (32bit version), Linux 1.2.0-1 and Mac 1.2.0.

Information extracted from the ingame changelog

Version: 1.2.0-3

HOTFIX(2): 4x Enemy Damage didn't work. Now it does.
HOTFIX(2): Potentially fix crash in statistics menu (hopefully)
HOTFIX(3): Fixed damage number display with enemy damage x1.5 scaling.
HOTFIX(3): Self inflicted damage with Sergey-Hax won't immediately kill you.
HOTFIX(3): Regen items work outside of combat when \"Classic Heals\" is enabled.
HOTFIX(3): EXP scaling slightly modified to scale after level scaling.
HOTFIX(3): Fixed music playback issues in the arena.
HOTFIX(3): Fixed softlock when skipping intro and solving a still unsolved puzzle later in the cargo-hold.
HOTFIX(3): Shredder detection will ignore wave duplicates because otherwise you can easily break\/softlock things.
HOTFIX(3): Fixed a few more crash issues in the arena.
HOTFIX(3): Element Load is now active again when you skipped the intro in NG+
HOTFIX(3): Boosters work properly now together with \"Get on my Level\".
HOTFIX(3): Several smaller dialog fixes, especially when \"Get on my level\" is activated.

~ HOTFIX(3): Apollo's level won't be scaled despite \"Get on my level\" because he's a honorable Spheromancer that doesn't cheat!
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Depth of Extinction

Update 51.4.1 (16 September 2019)

Build 51 is here and is focused around bug fixes and small improvements. I had planned a few major changes to the game but ultimately decided there wasn't time to test and balance them so I decided to de-scope them for now.

There were just too many bug fixes that needed to get in for me to want to take more time to finish a more significant update before releasing this one. There was some progress made on those improvements, so they may still be added in the future.

Please let me know about bugs you run into while playing as I plan to push out 1-2 more bug fix builds this week to resolve any lingering problems.
Build 51 release notes

Performance boost to battle scenes
Can open menu and pause during cinematics
One button "defer to next character" shortcut and UI element
Saving icon when data is saved
Small improvements to menus
Mini Map on HUD opens larger
Redid loading screen and added missing difficulty
Added current music name/artist to menu

Controller Updates

Added Rumble
Shoulder buttons immediately defer to next character (if possible)
Changed the DPAD left/right to moving through the in game interactions
Changed the DPAD up to mini map
Changed the DPAD down to follow mode toggle
On Objective loadout, "next character" auto selected
When something is "selected" holding the left stick for a short time will deselect and start the path drawing again

Bug fixes

Enemy and loot spotted getting cut off
Out of fuel encounters would sometimes want you to buy fuel when you didn't have enough credits
Crashes when fighting mechs
Can now replace a character in the sub on the Objective Loadout
When using the medical sub, you didn't get items found on mission
Numerous small fixes

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War
Update 1.3.7 (16 September 2019)

Carnifex's Spine Banks no longer require an upgrade to unlock.
Moved Bone Mace upgrade from tier 5 to 4.
Moved Bio Plasma upgrade from tier 6 to 5.
Moved Ripper Dispersion upgrade from tier 5 to 4.
Moved Megafauna Sac upgrade from tier 4 to 5.
Moved Aggressive Expansion upgrade from tier 5 to 6.
Increased Bio-plasmic Cannon armour penetration from 2 to 4.
Changed Slave Mastaba from +2 influence, +2 loyalty to +2 energy, +2 influence, +1 loyalty.
Changed Nameless Causeway from +2 energy, +1 research, +1 influence, +1 loyalty to +2 energy, +2 influence, +1 loyalty.
Changed Summoning Core from +2 research, +2 influence to +2 research, +1 loyalty.
Changed Hypostyle Temple from +2 loyalty to +2 energy, +1 loyalty.
Changed Bloody Crusade from +10%...+30% damage to +10%...+30% attacks.
Increased Destruction Protocols damage taken from +5%...+15% to +10%...+30%.
Triarch Stalker's Targeting Relay no longer requires an upgrade to unlock.
Reduced Canoptek Scarab cost by 33%.
Increased Necron tomb density by 50%.
Fixed Cluster Mines accuracy from 8 to 12.
Cluster Mines are now permanent.
Increased Maulerfiend cost by 33%.
Chaos Rhino's Destroyer Blades no longer requires an upgrade to unlock.
Moved Crystalline Body upgrade from tier 4 to 3.
Moved Warpborne Bolts upgrade from tier 3 to 4.
Bolster Defences now has range 2 and applies ranged damage reduction to a tile instead of invulnerability damage reduction to a unit.
Increased Jink ranged damage reduction from +17% to +33%.
Changed Possession from +1...3 armor penetration to +0 armor penetration and 1...3 Chaos Spawn level.
Reduced Soul Blaze damage.
Baneblade, Doomsday Ark, Monolith, Lord of Skulls and Gargantuan Squiggoth now have split weapons again.
Chaos Space Marines now start with 2x Chaos Cultists and 1x Chaos Space Marines instead of 4x Chaos Cultists.


Spectators now show with a spectator instead of a defeated icon on top of the screen.
Tweaked Triarch Stalker description.
Added Show Barks setting.
Made Doomsday Cannon muzzle flashes more pronounced.
Slightly tweaked particle beam effect.
Tweaked and fixed several descriptions.

Bug Fixes

Fixed Lightning Gauntlet going on cooldown when defending.
Fixed Quantum Shielding going on cooldown when attacking.
Fixed item shop refresh bug in multiplayer.
Fixed cluster mines not showing up.
Fixed vegetation, rocks and imperial ruins not getting culled by buildings.
Fixed cycle weapons actions requiring skipping the unit.
Fixed cycle weapons not working in multiplayer for non-host players.
Fixed selection going to the next unit even when the current unit has available use weapon actions.
Fixed trait duration not showing for traits coming from features.


Unit response sounds are no longer cut off when a different unit is selected.
Unit response sounds no longer play for units you cannot control.
Added support for playing custom sounds when a quest report appears with <quest endingReportSound=""> and <stage reportSound="">.
Added support for playing custom sounds when a research report appears with <upgrade reportSound="">.
Added support for playing a report sound when a faction is discovered (Data/Audio/Sounds/Cached/Factions/<faction1>Discovered<faction2>.wav).
Added support for playing sounds when a city is selected through Cities/ <responses> tag.
Added support for playing building response sounds through Buildings/ <responses> tag.
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Geralt_of_Rivia: I see, that does look strange indeed. I haven't seen a bug like this before.
MarkoH01: Was probably just one of the usual GOG mistakes when updating the game (because for whatever reason they don't seem to test those things). After I noticed it (the day the update was released) I also created a support ticket (#467304) immediately so it should be fixed real soon.
Three weeks passed and GOG still fix nothing.
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Strategic Command WWII: World at War

Update 1.05.00 (17 September 2019)

Hi everybody,

Strategic Command WWII: World at War has received a tremendous update. Five Mods have been integrated within the base game, for free. These mods change the look of the counters, add new historical scenarios and special mechanics. Kudos to all the creators for this fantastic job!
IRONX Graphics Mod, by Andrew Glenn

Iron Cross is a major graphic overhaul of the game’s 2-D counters and map tiles and also incorporates some interface changes. The mod replaces many of the standard NATO symbols with custom silhouettes of weapon platforms accurate to the era that change as research advances. Similarly, the map has been completely reworked to produce a more classic board wargame look. Various interface changes have also been made, some of which are designed to help players better understand some of the game’s rules in relation to headquarters, air units and the costs of certain moves. Iron Cross gives the game a completely new look and feel while at the same time leaving the original gameplay unchanged.
High Res Counter Mod, by Christophe SIPRES

Alternative 2D Counters with upgrades display for all Majors and Minors
Historical colorized silhouettes for Vehicles, Aircrafts, Navies, Artillery's
historical colorized portraits for Infantry's units
Counters shaped system for better map identification
All ground units are squared shaped (HQ round corners shaped)
All air units are circle shaped
All naval units are hexagon shaped

1944 Triumph and Tragedy, by Robert Carver

This mod covers the global war from June 1944 onwards. The Allies are on the offensive in almost every theater. In the Philippine Sea the US Navy is facing the remnants of the Japanese fleet attempting to intervene in the American invasion of the Marianas. Elsewhere in the Pacific General MacArthur and the Allies are clearing New Guinea; and in Burma the Japanese attack on Kohima is falling apart, with the Indian Army poised for a decisive counter-attack. It is only in China that the Japanese are in a position to make some advances, but a Decision Event can reinforce the Japanese in China or alter this so more forces are sent to face the Americans in the Pacific. In Europe the second front has arrived.
1941 Rostov, by Robert Carver

This mod covers the German attack across the Dnieper and Donets rivers towards Rostov in the fall of 1941. The attack on Rostov is ordered by Berlin despite Army Group South’s depleted resources. In fact, additional German forces are diverted south into the Crimea. The Germans managed to occupy Rostov for a short while before a determined Russian counter-attack forced them to withdraw. In the mod you will notice the Russians start with a single defensive line the length of the map. The Russian units are many, but their quality is much lower than the Germans, however the Russians are reinforcing continually throughout the course of the game. The Germans are limited in numbers, receive few reinforcements, but are superior in experience and technology. The objective is Rostov, so while the map is large with many tempting targets, it is this one city that will determine victory.
Naval War Mod, by Harry Kellog

This is a Modification of the Strategic Command Three World at War naval combat system. It attempts to enhance the naval combat portion of this fine simulation. The biggest changes are “Naval Zones of Control”, “Task Force” centered operations and “Naval Defensive Evasion”. The intent is to reduce the number of "hit and run" attacks, give a greater role for Screening Forces and deliver an enhanced historical experience.
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MarkoH01: Was probably just one of the usual GOG mistakes when updating the game (because for whatever reason they don't seem to test those things). After I noticed it (the day the update was released) I also created a support ticket (#467304) immediately so it should be fixed real soon.
kbnrylaec: Three weeks passed and GOG still fix nothing.
Yes, I already reminded them again. I even made screenshots which should have been forwarded. I have no idea why it is taking so long to fix a broken installer and there's no excuse this time.
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Cooking Simulator
Mid-Autumn Festival Update (12 September 2019)

- A new kitchen utensil - Automatic Cutter (Makes all the cooking just a tiny bit easier :))
- New festival kitchen decoration (Night time, lanterns and a DRAGON!)
- 4 new dishes (8 recipes)
- Sweet and Sour Pork and Marinated Sweet and Sour Pork
- Kung Pao Chicken and Marinated Kung Pao Chicken
- Easy Chinese Egg Drop Soup and Chinese Egg Drop Soup
- Orange Pork Stir Fry and Orange Pork Stir Fry with Brussels Sprouts
- 11 new products (Mooncakes, Starch, Rice Wine, Sesame Oil, Sichuan Pepper, Peanut Oil, Hoisin Sauce, Chicken Breast, Scallion (whole, bulbs and leaves))
A somewhat cut-down changelog was posted in the game forum by the devs here.

Standalone installer updated ( ⇒ 18 September 2019.


Deep Diving Simulator and its DLC
Adventure Pack Patch 1.20 (16 sEPTEMBER 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installers updated (1.19 ⇒ 1.20): 18 September 2019.


Heave Ho
Patch 1.04 (16 September 2019)

Hello everyone!

Here's a little patch to fix/improve a few things we noticed:

- Improvement: less distance between objects and hand when grabbing something
- Fix: the bug with the token stuck after a few resets still appeared sometimes
Standalone installers updated: 17 September 2019:
- Windows: Patch1.03 ⇒ Patch1.04.
- Mac OS: PatchMacOS.1.03 ⇒ PatchMacOS.1.04.


Jupiter Hell
Updated 0.8.3 (18 September 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Windows an Mac OS standalone installers not updated yet.


Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Explorer Edition
Update 2.0.7 (September 18, 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
All its DLC were also updated (2.0.6 ⇒ 2.0.7b).


Standalone installers updated 17-18 September 2019 with no changelog:

- Archeo: Shinar: 1.0 ⇒ 1.01a.
- Astrox Imperium: b 0.076a ⇒ b 0.077.
- Automachef: 1.0 ⇒ 3.fb01b3993bc0f3b9ebf1f8c5802a7790b7d8f4e9.
- Caves of Qud - Mac OS: ⇒
- The Colonists - Windows and Mac OS: V1.3.3.2 ⇒ V1.3.4.2.
- Disney's Hercules: RC1 ⇒ 1.0 hotfix.
- Shortest Trip to Earth: 1.0.14 ⇒ 1.0.15.
- Sigma Theory: Global Cold War- Windows: ⇒
- Starpoint Gemini 3: Supporter Pack: 0.503.0 ⇒ 0.504.0.
- Void Bastards: 1.1.2 ⇒ 2.0.15.

Also, all Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War DLC: 1.03.06 ⇒ 1.03.07.
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The Universim - Part I
Patch V0.0.36 (14 September 2019)

- Nuggets will no longer endure great hardships in silence, especially if it has something to do with your management skills. If global Happiness drops too low, you’ll certainly hear about it. If crime shoots up, you’d better be ready to see some riots. There may be fires and some damage to local businesses. Riots can be quelled by either allowing them to run their course (which can lead to a lot of damage), arresting rioters, or, quite literally, squashing the uprising with a few powers. Exile Orators can now rile up your citizens by dramatically decreasing their Happiness, making them a bigger threat.

Stone Age Town Hall
- We’ve heard you! You don’t always want to hold your Nuggets’ hands, even when they’re still young and dumb. Maybe you just want to sit back and watch the world evolve on its own. In this update, we have added the Stone Age Town Hall to allow Elders to fulfill the essential needs (food and water) of Nuggets. They will also handle auto-assignment of workers in buildings, giving you more time to perform your other godly duties.

Temple 2.0
- Temples now work a bit differently, plus look a lot cooler. Every Temple (beginning in the Stone Age) comes equipped with an unsentimental grinder. Ever found yourself lacking sufficient Creator Points when a Tornado or Meteor Shower is hurtling towards your civilization? Eviscerate all of those worries, along with your least-favorite Nugget. It not only generates a chunk of Creator Points, it can also help feed your other citizens! The reviews have been excellent so far. Everyone who benefits from it has given it a 5-star rating, and there haven’t been any complaints from those who were sacrificed.
However, if that sort of thing doesn’t tickle your fancy, you could always take the benevolent path. By creating a peaceful civilization and avoiding sacrifices, Temples will start passively generating increasingly higher amounts of Creators Points. Now you can choose to be good or evil, and your civilization will change to reflect your alignment. Being evil will make buildings look a lot creepier, and Nugget Happiness may be affected. You’ll get more believers, though, whether they like it or not.

Advanced Air Defense System
- Upgraded Defense Towers! This system is linked with a Satellite network to allow your civilization to monitor the local air space and defend it from extraterrestrial threats, be it meteors, debris, or uninvited guests. It also looks really, really cool.

Twitch Integration
- Many of you have been wanting new ways to share your awesome gameplay moments with others and engage with viewers. The Universim now has some awesome Twitch Integration features, allowing viewers to spawn their own Nuggets (avatars) in the world by typing #CreateNugget in the chat panel.

Action Points
- We have also introduced Nugget “Action Points”, which a chat member’s Nugget passively acquires over time. These points allow them to start a few different events in-game. Chat Nuggets will have special icons and the viewer’s name above their heads. Streamers can also configure the system to reward those who cheer with extra action points.

- By typing #CheckBalance into the chat, you’ll be able to see how many Action Points your Avatar has.

- Typing #Commands in the chat will show you all the active and available commands for viewers to use. There’s a cooldown between each use of a command. Certain actions were designed to challenge Streamers and some to help them.

- Avatar Nuggets will be able to form their own families. Typing #StartFamily in the chat will instruct your Avatar Nugget to find a partner, form a family with them, and mate.

- An Avatar Nugget will try to start a fire in the streamer’s city. Streamers can deal with these misbehaving Nuggets by sending police to arrest them (they can be released later). Alternatively, this could be the perfect opportunity for streamers to test those fancy new grinder systems on Temples.

- If you no longer have the desire to be a part of the mess unfolding within the streamer’s city, you can quit the game peacefully.

- Your Nugget will try to steal from the streamer’s resource stockpile. Avatar Nuggets will receive additional Action Points after bold actions like this.

Public Events Voting
- Instead of the system automatically deciding which disaster to unleash on an unsuspecting city, viewers will be able to vote. Periodically, a voting panel will appear that everyone in chat can participate in. This panel contains 3 random items, and the most-voted option will be activated. These can be useful for streamers (bonus Creator Points) or… unhelpful, like summoning an evil UFO.

The Universim’s Twitch Integration system is highly configurable, and streamers can enable, disable, rename, and modify the Action Point cost of any command. The streamer can also control the items that appear in the voting panel, as well as how frequently the voting panel appears.

This is the initial release of the system, so expect more awesome stuff to come (and maybe a few bugs). Help us spread the word! Contact your favorite streamers to test it out. Let them know they can reach out to us via Twitter ( if they would like to request a free review copy of The Universim.
You can help us make this feature even better by reporting bugs or sharing your ideas with our dev team on our Official Discord channel here:

If the system becomes popular enough, we’re planning to extend it, giving you the tools to track your Avatar’s actions. You’ll be able to form your own Exile Villages, with the option to declare war on or form a coalition with streamers. Avatars can also potentially participate in democratic societies formed by other Avatar Nuggets, choose leaders, and much more. We think it’s a great feature, but we’d like to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments!
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The Universim - Part II

Patch V0.0.36 (14 September 2019) (continued)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where you couldn’t drag the research screen while clicking on a perk
- Fixed a bug when dropping Nuggets onto Cemeteries would break the game
- Fixed a bug where buildings could be built on top of meteors
- Fixed a bug where sometimes Creator Powers would cast twice for each click
- Fixed a bug where load button in the escape menu would glow during the transition between game and escape menu
- Fixed a bug where houses were not being upgraded
- Fixed an issue with modern scaffolding
- Fixed a bug that prevented the airport perk from unlocking
- Fixed a bug when the object would be dropped if it was held while the player was dragging the planet
- Fixed a bug where tabs beyond 100 in the Nugget panel wouldn’t render correctly
- Fixed a bug where refinery building progress bars displayed work progress incorrectly
- Fixed a bug where you could drag the planet while in the escape menu.
- Fixed a bug where colliding with an object would trigger Camera break effect but if you continued to drag it would cause your camera to weirdly flicker
- Fixed Rejuvenate creator power that in some cases it would not restore the building health
- Fixed an issue with the nugget clothing textures. Certain clothes were not appearing correctly on the nuggets
- Fixed a bug where starting a fire on top of a construction site could cause the game to crash
- Fixed the issue where ground snow color would not match the snow color on the buildings
- Fixed an issue where assigned icon to the nugget would stay after nugget is exiled
- Fixed an issue where Medieval hunters would not utilize guns after the researched perk
- Fixed a bug where some sounds wouldn’t be affected by audio settings

General balance changes / Improvements
- The planet can now be dragged from anywhere on the screen
- Pause menu animations sped up
- Exile Orators now greatly reduce Happiness
- Nuggets now put on criminal clothing before committing a crime. This allows for vigilant creators to intervene and prevent criminal actions before they occur.
- Creator points per sacrifice were increased based on the Evil / Love Level.

Evil Side
- Low Evil Level previously awarded player with 25 creator points per nugget sacrifice and now it awards with 50 creator points.
- Moderate Evil Level previously awarded player with 35 points per nugget sacrifice and now it awards with 75 points.
- High Evil Level previously awarded player with 50 points per nugget sacrifice and now it awards with 100 points.

Love Side
- Low Love Level previously awarded player with 25 creator points per nugget sacrifice and now it awards with 50 creator points.
- Moderate Love Level Previously awarded player with 20 creator points per nugget sacrifice and now it awards with 35 creatore points
- High Love Level Previously awarded player with 15 creator points per nugget sacrifice and now it awards with 30 creatore points.
- High Love Level Previously previously generated 0.15 creator points per second. Now it generates 0.25 creator points per second.
- Medieval Forecast tower health was increased from 1000 -> 5000.
- Medieval Forecast tower water consumption was increased from 5 -> 10
- Defense tower received two additional parameters: Hit chance and reloading speed.
- Certain perks in research graph got rearranged in order to accommodate new perk additions.

- Big Ben model.
- Stone Age Temple, light and dark
- Modern Age Temple, light and dark
- Stone Age Town Hall
- 3D models for resources, fiber and carbon
- Modular Satellites along with Defense, Discovery, and Communication features
- Modular rocket
- Rocket Hangar building
- Rocket Launcher
- Nugget Riot animations
- Nugget Rioters clothing and accessories

UI Design
- Rocket Launcher Building Panel
- Rockets editor screen
- Voting panel implementation
- Temple UI updated to contain 8 Nuggets
- UI resources - fiber and carbon
- Construction menu renders for all new buildings
- Nugget panel now supports over 100 tabs
Standalone installer updated ( ⇒ 17 September 2019.
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Prison Architect

The Slammer Hotfix 1.01 (18 September 2019)

- ESC & C keys will now close Graphs & Grading window
- Made graphical changes to the Guard Pavilion, so NPCs can't clip through parts of it
- Guards now look in the direction they're walking while in the Guard Pavilion
- Fixed an issue that could cause EOL Errors, when using certain mods
- Fixed a Protective Custody issue affecting the Snitch Sorter mod
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Jupiter Hell

Patch 0.8.3 (17 September 2019)

Queen's Wish: The Conqueror

Patch 1.0.1 (19 September 2019)

Changes in graphics engine to improve stability.
Teleport now costs a full 6 action points.
(Windows) Now can switch screen resolutions on startup.
The game buttons have been shifted inward to not interfere with screen shifting.
Tower of Might now correctly helps with magical evasion.
The world map will now show what workshops have been built in your forts.
An assortment of minor tweaks, typo fixes, etc.

The Bard's Tale Trilogy

Update 4.29 (19 September 2019)

There is now an option to override the selected language.

If you launch the game with the "-lang=" commandline (without quotes) you can select English, French, German, Spanish, Polish or Russian language by adding the 2 letter code, ie -lang=en -lang=fr -lang=de -lang=es -lang=pl -lang=ru

Additionally - once this new build has been run for the first time, there will be a new file called "lang.txt" created on your PC, in the "%appdata%/../locallow/InXile Entertainment/The Bard's Tale Trilogy" folder on your PC. If you edit this file, you will be able to then override which language the game is displayed in; following the directions found within the file.

Performance improvements throughout the game.
Stability improvements throughout the game.
Fix for performance issues when transferring characters from BT1 to BT2.
Identifying an item at Roscoe's now counts as "using" the service, for a variety of achievements.
Enable tooltips for legacy mode options on the main menu; even if you had disabled tooltips in-game.
Fix for some commands being able to be activated and inappropriate times, eg “view inventory” while in combat.
Lighting fixes for when inside Casinos.
Fix for some taverns using the incorrect animation on their window, in BT3.
A variety of language translation fixes.
The entrances to dungeons in BT2 now fade as you enter/exit, to make the transition nicer.
Removed ability to select equip/unequip when in battle, if there are no items in the inventory.
Fixed PartyAttack so that it can target non-controllable characters.
Fixed for cameos being able to get stuck at slightly wrong scale, when combat effects play.
Fixed gate opening issue in BT1 on reloading a save game.
Fixed issue where the treasure screen can get skipped by when pressing keys at the end of combat.
Fixed for bug where player map would be switched off if you exited to main menu while in the AG, and then loaded straight into a map, instead of back into the AG.
Added new purple textures for mountain walls to match the text description, for various levels in BT3.
Fix for town gates rendering incorrectly from various angles.
Fixed death snare timers from being able to be activated multiple times.
Fixes for some minor clipping issues in the various Wilderness terrains.
Fixes issues where AntiApar to other dungeon levels was working but shouldn't be.
Using the joystick/keyboard to select next/prev character while viewing character profiles will now wrap top <-> bottom.
Added carpet spell effect to “Major Levitation”
Fixed the teleport not fully fading out to black.
Fixed items getting lost when changing class in individual inventory Legacy mode.


Harmonic Staff effects are now persistent when in Legacy mode.
Changed Alliria's last ghost so that it only accepts the rainbow rose now. It was accepting white rose also before which allows you to skip a large part of the puzzle.
Added support for “something odd” tiles. These reduce detection of traps/special/secret doors to 1 square instead of 3 and has its own automap icon and journal legend.
Health and spell drain ticks faster and takes 5% of the players health/magic per tick (rather than fixed amount dependent on difficulty). Taking a percentage means it will balance across BT1 -> BT3 properly.
BT2 - swapped path clues 1 & 7 in destiny stone so 7 is by the exit, and added a warning message before entering the snare, as per feedback from users so as to make things a bit more clear
Removed the bottom center door from Oscon's fort lv3 that leads the player to the portals that they should never be able to access. We believe this was a bug in the c64 and all versions of the original game as the design clearly is trying to just tease the player with those portals, but their positioning suggests they are never meant to be used.
Moved Alliria tomb entrance from N6,E0 to N0,E0; to match to the original hint book notes
Moved Werra battle to the south east room, where it was clearly intended, judging by the text pretty much saying its there, and the room is the only anti-apar area on the map. Constructed a small room for the shield, since the text also says that it is in the next room.
Status effects created by item magic now A) cannot be persistent -- automatically downgraded to 148 min timed; B) only has half-duration to normal spells - this makes items much less powerful and much more rewarding to find one.
Invisible walls now use a normal wall icon since they are not passable and knowing they are invisible is not useful when examining the map. Railings - which are visible but can be passed through - use the same icon as crumbling walls, since they function the same. Invisible walls and railings can only be discovered by walking into/through them. Crumbling walls now appear solid until you walk through them.
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Ion Fury updated in GOG Galaxy to v.102. No offline installers ready yet but soon™.

Update 1.02 (18 September 2019)

• Added borderless windowed mode options
• Reworked the implementation of crouch toggle to behave in a more logical way
• Boosted visibility of enemies in dark environments
• Reworked both Clusterpuck fire modes
• Increased max Clusterpuck carry amount
• Decreased Bowling Bomb homing mode delay
• Added flight sound for homing missiles fired from enemies
• Added extra sound effects for flying skull drones
• Decreased max medkit carry amount
• Large medkit now only gives +20 HP on Maximum Fury skill
• Garbage cans and trash bags now sometimes spawn health syringes
• Health syringe can now boost health past 100
• Moved zone 3 boss fight ammo crates to more obvious locations and reworked their pickup mechanics
• Moved a few unfavorably positioned save checkpoints
• Improved pacing of final boss battle
• Increased radar duration
• Increased radar range
• Decreased radar refresh delay
• Decreased max radar carry amount
• Beefed up Disperser and Penetrator firing sound effects
• Tweaked Penetrator reload sound effect


• Performance, timing, and frame pacing improvements
• Fixed mouse buttons 4 and 5 not working on Linux
• Fixed setting windowed mode at the same resolution as the desktop just giving you regular fullscreen mode instead
• Fixed game sometimes fullscreening to the wrong monitor in multi-monitor setups
• Fixed possible crash or degraded performance after shooting mirrors repeatedly
• Fixed degraded performance after firing thousands of shots in a single map
• Fixed counting enemy deaths from the environment that could prevent reaching 100% kills
• Fixed Bowling Bombs sometimes failing to properly indicate that they were in homing mode
• Fixed being able to activate radar on the stats screen at the end of a zone
• Fixed the weapon display sometimes getting "stuck" when opening grates with the use key
• Fixed internal effect sprites sometimes showing up in map mode
• Fixed the player's portrait on the difficulty select screen sometimes only displaying static
• Fixed fall damage being applied even after a fan pushed the player upward
• Fixed the wrong weapon sometimes being shown on screen
• Fixed Ion Bow projectile not respecting the player's autoaim setting
• Fixed grenadier enemies being invulnerable to burning damage
• Fixed player sometimes dying after the end credits
• Fixed various possible progression blockers and unintended environmental deaths throughout the game
• Fixed a few secret areas that either didn't trigger properly or could trigger more than once
• Fixed maps sometimes getting their states reset when backtracking in zones 5 and 6
• Fixed end screen transition after final boss
• Fixed far away explosion sounds sometimes being too quiet
• Fixed weapon reload animation canceling
• Fixed linked up "HeskelCast" screens sometimes going out of sync from one another
• Fixed Bowling Bomb pickup always switching away from the Electrifryer, even if automatic switching was disabled
• Fixed audio clipping when killing many sections of a centipede enemy at once
• Fixed other misc map issues: texture misalignments, effect glitches, etc
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GOG sort of fixed the installer package in Dying Light. They removed those two 32 bit parts and only left the 64 bit installer package. This makes me wonder if there ever was a working 32 bit version of the game in the first place.