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Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure has been updated to ver. 1.4.

No Changelog yet but the devs posted the following on Steam:

"Hi! We've updated Italian and Spanish subtitles, fixed an issue with subs being off by default for people who bought the game prior to the very first patch, and by popular request we've added a bonus track in the soundtrack."

Bonus track has not yet arrived on GOG even though the offline installer has been updated. Will investigate this

Edit: Bonus track in Gibbous OST has now arrived on GOG as well.
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This War of Mine: Soundtrack Edition

Update 6.0 (14 August 2019)

- a possibility to skip intro and flashback moments
- if Anja was extremely starved during the last day, the game couldn't be finished and that has been fixed
- Ruben no longer will appear in the Farewell if he earlier leaves after giving away the Sefer Ha Zohar
- no more save loop in the case of fail ending
- fixed Ruben stuck in bed while standing
- fixed translation mistakes
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Overload updated again from 1.0.1882 to 1.0.1882t. No changelog. The Anniversary Level Pack DLC is also now available on GOG. I guess the update has something to do with that.
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: (Offline installers also updated)

No Changelog as yet
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No Man's Sky
Beyond Patch 2.06b (16 August 2019)

Thank you again to everyone playing Beyond, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter via Zendesk or console crash reporting.
Bug fixes

Improved localisation.
Fixes for more rare crashes in Nexus.
Fixes for performance issues within the Nexus and Trading Posts.
Fixes buffer in flight memory issues during loading.
Reduced maximum base node count to allow very large bases to load better.
Reduce render memory usage to improve stability in high watermark situations.
Fix crash for older chipsets without SSE support.
Fix cockpit screens and render targets from not rendering after precise Alt-Tab issue.
Increase safety around alt-tab and windowing.
Fix for crash during some factory interactions.
Improve stability around freighters in multiplayer.

We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report:

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game

Update 1.108 (15 August 2019)

Added first version of controller support;
Fixed random encounters in Dead City;
Fixed a visual bug on the character screen;
Fixed Maxim Kalosha quest;
Fixed throwing knives not appearing in the hand properly;
Fixed logic error in Artemyev's room;
Fixed three bug packs in locations: Factory, Waterfall, Container yard;
Dzhulbars' perk bug fixed;
Follower AI fixed, as was the bug that added evasion to them without reason;
Sveta Earwig dialogue bug fixed;
Blinding effect's bug fixed;
Sequence breaking if turn is ended by taking off clothes fixed;
Follower's bodies are now highlighted even when wearing Kikimora suits;
Various minor bugs fixed;

+Update 1.1081

Reworked most minimaps and added new ones;
Turn ends on button hold when playing with a gamepad, to lessen risk of doing it by accident;
Fixed player freezing over on entrance to location;
Fixed the RPK model;
Reworked new interface sounds;

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
Hot Fix (16 August 2019)
Bug Fixes

Fix for “characters falling from the second floor makes them land below ground rendering affected enemies untargetable”.
Minor localization fixes.
Stability fixes.


Update (14 August 2019)

Fixed cursor bug that happened to some players

Improved overall performance

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Update v1.005 (Velociraptor 2) (16 August 2019)
New Features

Add an option to set the max number of autosaves stored on your machine. Can be set between 1-100, with the default remaining the same at 25 autosaves. You’ll need to restart the game for this change to be applied.


Fixed a crash on winning the game while transferring or absorbing a sector.
Fixed issue where the game would crash when a unit gets spawned - e.g. creating a unit with an operation - on a full unit army.
Fixed an issue where clicking “Continue” on the main menu would fail to load a campaign cloud save.
Fixed a bug where quest reward would be lost if the turn timer elapses before accepting the reward. The reward dialog will now appear again at the start of the new round.
Disabling doomsday victories will now remove the doomsday skill from the research tree, instead of it being unselectable for research. This to make clear that the doomsday operation can’t be used, before the player researched its prerequisites.
Fixed an issue where colony militia could be dragged into a three-way battle while being allied to both the attackers and defenders.
Fixed combat replay not playing for map locations where you lost vision.
Prevented AI from automatically declaring war when several armies trespassed in their domain.
Lowered the trespassing casus belli cap from 6 to 4.
Fixed bug where Advanced World settings 'None' not working correctly for 'Landmark (Low Value)' and 'Settlements'.
Picking red as your primary army color will now make your units move faster in combat ; )>
Fixed a bug where the Tier IV item One Eyed Hawk wasn’t able to shoot Commanders and Heroes.
Fixed issue where the research not set notification was not still showing when the player researched all items in the research tree.


The DVAR Foreman now speeds the healing of units in its stack on the world map.
Monitoring stations should now be much easier to spot on the world map.
The healing drone in the empire APC (the one you get from the support vehicle loadout) can now only be summoned once per battle.
Voidtech Hazard no longer affects Voidtech Modded Units
Celestian T4: Compelling Presence - Now correctly converts mind controlled units into colonists.
Wraith Tank now needs to select an empty hex in order to use its Wraith Drive ability.
Made the penguin eyes glow more, to make them look more evil ; )>


Fixed an issue in campaign where the kill quest would no longer have valid units
Fixed an issue in campaign where destroy spawner base quests would not have any defenders spawned.
Fixed crash in Campaign when certain hero items couldn’t be transferred from the previous map into the next.
Fixed an issue in the first Kir’Ko mission (Arcadia Caeleste) that sometimes kept the “Shadows of the Past” quest from completing. Players affected by the bug will need to go back to a save from before killing the quest stack with the mirror image for the fix to apply. Sorry!
Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck on the map when defeating L0G3N-1 on Khansu’s Pyre - i.e. the second Assembly mission - despite having won the mission. Players affected by the problem will need to go back to a save game from before before completing either the “Defeat L0G3N-1” or “Recover Neural Plexus” quest to resolve it.
Fixed an issue for Dvar02 where selecting the Kleptomaniac perk would not give your commander a mod as advertised. This mod, like the loadout from the perks, is now stored in your arsenal. While your current equipment will be the equipment you had in Dvar01
Fixed a crash in Dvar02 that would occur during the opponent's first turn. After having previously defeated Mephilas the Redeemer in Dvar01.
Fixed crash in the final Campaign mission if a colony was destroyed that had a doomsday structure in one of its sectors.


Fixed a bug where it was not possible to host/join multiplayer games when there were non-ansi - e.g. Asian, Cyrillic, the German ß - characters in your Windows username.
Fixed a bug where it was not possible to continue multiplayer games when there were some - 1 in 20 characters - non-ansi - e.g. Asian, Cyrillic, the German ß - characters in the Multiplayer username, or planet description.
Multiplayer user names now default to GOG name or Paradox social name if available.
Open sessions in the lobby are now sorted above password protected sessions.


The text fixes we made in the previous patch in English have now been translated into the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Polish and Russian. Japanese translations will follow in a future patch.
Fixed an issue where the explanation for Vanguard Assault Vehicle was not visible in Japanese.
Added extra info to the Casus Belli tooltip seen in the Diplomacy screen when the player is under the effect of the “Futility of War” operation.
Renamed world threat levels to "Low, Moderate and Extreme", since the middle threat level reflects what we feel experienced players should use.
The Monitoring Station description now properly lists that it only lasts for 10 turns.
Xenoplague Hero Skill 'Regenerative Spore Cloud' now shows the correct amount of regen, which should 15% (was shown as 20% before).


Added ‘Mark Deleted’ & ‘Undo Delete’ options on right click in Resource Editor.
When clicking 'Publish' a thumbnail.png is automatically created
Fixed bug where the language would reset to English when having selected a language that originates from a mod.
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Age of Wonders: Planetfall (previous update)
Update 1.004 (9 August 2019)

- Significantly reduced waiting times between turns late game
- Added edge scrolling; disabled by default (setting can be found in the Controls options)
- Added a button to randomize the commander names in commander customization
- Added an option to ‘Force Fast Combat Animations’ in the Options > Combat UI menu.
- Changing the language of the launcher now automatically updates the language setting for the game.
- Fixed startup hang when the installation folder contains non-ansi characters; this affected some of our Chinese, Japanese and Russian players.
- Other general stability improvements; including some of the most commonly reported crashes.
- Various text fixes in multiple languages
- Improved various Imperial Archives entries to provide additional and clearer information.
- Renamed the invert combat camera rotation/zoom settings to X/Y axis. These 2 settings now support the mouse rotation in combat.

- Fixed a problem that under rare circumstances the “Find the Propovus Lab” quest in the second Kir’Ko mission (Xa’Kir’Ko) could not be completed. Players that ran into the problem will need to re-enter the “Propovus” Xenoplague Labs sector with one of their armies to complete the quest.
- Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in looping story messages after meeting the Psi-Fish in the first Kir’Ko mission (Arcadia Caeleste).
- Fixed an issue where the player could not complete a quest to ally Chin Til’Trz in the second Vanguard mission, if he already allied Chin Til’Trz before receiving the quest. Affected players need to wait for a new turn for the quest to complete.

- Added icons to operations on the Research screen to clearly show whether they are tactical, strategic or doctrine operations.
- Fixed an issue where the AI would sometimes offer peace and make war at the same time with players who are in the run for multiple victory conditions at the same time.
- Removed a line of text from the message that appears when a call to war is declined; to make the message clearer.
- Fixed a crash when the AI tried to denounce a player without having any Casus Belli to denounce with.
- Fixed that locating a sector that is being demanded by an NPC faction would close the demand screen.
- Fixed that the player could not declare war on an NPC faction while being in an Integrated (Highest) relation state with them.
- Fixed that the Hasher SMG hero weapon was missing particles and sounds when being fired.
- Sectors are no longer tradeable if they are annexed to a colony that is occupied.
- Trade analysis text has been changed to the following format “Trade analysis: good deal for you” to help clarify that this analysis is targeted at the player and is not something the (AI) player on screen is saying.
- Fixed crash in tactical combat when switching to nearby units while another unit is destroying an obstacle.
- Now you no longer receive race relation penalties at the start of a Fixed Teams session due to starting wars, to prevent negative relations from the start. Note: This only applies to newly created scenarios.
- Completing the last item in a city production queue now keeps the remaining production, rather than wasting it.
Standalone installer updated: 13 August 2019.


Apsulov: End of Gods
Update 1.0.13 (13 August 2019) and Update 1.0.14 (15 August 2019)

Patchnotes posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installer updated: 16 August 2019.


House Flipper
Update 1.19224 (14 August 2019)

- New order in which you can unlock the lawn mower: "Lawn and pool".
- Inground pools are now available in the store.
- Seasonal items are back! You can find them in the "Occasional" category in the tablet. Thank you for tuning in to our stream!
- Frequently requested bathroom furniture to assemble: bathtubs, showers and toilets.
- New universal wooden kitchen furniture variants.
- New kitchen countertop variants including marble and granite.
- New wall and floor ceramic tile sets: Scarlet and Grey 3D.
- Eight new hedges are now available in the store. You should find one that looks nice and is not too expensive.
- New items in the new "Tropical" category including palms and cactuses.
- New plants: fern, lettuce, marigold and two kinds of rhododendron.
- Manual quick save shortcut - bound to F5 by default.
- Autosave interval options.
Standalone installer, as well as Garden Flipper [DLC] updated: 16 August 2019.


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
Patch #1 (14 August 2019)

- Ring Menu:ON setting will get a QoL update. If you liked the current functionality, nothing changes for you. Additionally it will be possible to hold the key, choose the transformation/magic with the L-Stick and confirm by just releasing the key. This way the ring menu will be faster to use.
- Better stability in sound module when the sound device is removed or unplugged. (we received crashlogs which showed issues here).
- Fixed a camera glitch in Lost Temples region.
- Fixed menu navigation issue when a specific amount of items was stocked.
- Jukebox songs play to the end properly (2 songs have been buggy)
- Low performance mode: If you run below 30fps the game will now execute render updates to avoid physics issues with jump height and water currents.
- Fixed graphical bug in background with a specific level.
- Once you entered volcano area, small savespots will revive you with 5 hearts refilled instead of 3 in case of failing.
- Fixed spawn position of a crate in the forest that was buggy when playing with unlocked framerate above 120fps.
- Improved fullscreen video setting to hopefully prevent low resolution startup bug that was reported by some players.
Standalone installer updated 1.0 rc4 ⇒ 1.0.1rc6.


My Time At Portia
Update 2.0.137299 (08 August 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the publisher here.
Standalone installer updated to 2.1.137299: 13 August 2019.


Nowhere Prophet
Patch 1.00.023 Arudha (13 August 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by user FlockeSchnee here.
Standalone installers updated: 14 August 2019.
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Planet Nomads
Updates and (16 August 2019)

Hello Nomads,

Our new Keybinding and Motorized Joints update is considered stable now, so we've released it into the public branch.

Here is the list of changes to repeat:

- added Custom Keybinding to most blocks (available in Terminal and Radial Menu)
- added optional Motor to Joints (Hinge & Rotor)
- fixed issues after teleporting back from the ship to planet in story end-game

- fixed random freeze of Key Binding window
- rearranged Key Binding UI - renamed buttons, added hints
- added possibility to bind modifier+key combinations (CTRL+W, etc.)
- Linux: build with older libc for compatibility with older Linux distributions
- fixed rename function on Rotor
- fixed printers do not resume production after "no space" error and freeing its container

Standalone installers updated 15-16 August 2019 with no changelog:

- Book of Demons: 1.03.18759 ⇒ 1.03.18865.
- Godhood - Windows and Mac OS: 0.13.19 ⇒ 0.13.20.
- Night Call: 1.0.1 ⇒ 1.0.7.
- Production Line, and Doors that go like this [DLC] : 1.78c ⇒ 1.781.
- Project Hospital - Windows and Mac OS: 1.1.16587.3 ⇒ 1.1.16587.4g
- UBOAT: B124 ⇒ B124 (Preview 4).

Also, all This War of Mine: Soundtrack Edition DLC updated to 6.0.0.s3798.a10751.
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AMID EVIL has been updated from Build 2008 to Build 2012.

Changelog can be found here:

EDIT: Looks like offline installers won't be here before Monday. The update is only available on GOG Galaxy right now.
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Caves of Qud
Patch (17 August 2019)

Patchnotes posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installers not updated yet.
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Jupiter Hell

Patch 0.8.1a (16 August 2019)

Hello marines! It's time for the first content/feature update! 0.8.1 is now deployed and you should be able to download it.

Please note there's no save compatibility - your previous run will be silently deleted. Your progress and statistics should stay unaffected.

We've implemented a lot of changes and features, many of them suggested by the community - you might find one you suggested in this list :).

As far as new stuff goes, you'll mostly notice the damage types - EMP, Toxic, Fire, etc. Barrels now behave differently based on color, old enemies might have new attacks, and cyroreavers and toxic reavers will introduce you gently to the new damage effects. And to turn the tables you have access to new grenades - EMP and Gas (note that the old grenades have changed colors). There's a lot new exotic (magenta) weapons too!

Speaking of weapons the cell-weapon tier has been added - rifle, pistol and shotgun (bye bye armor :P). They all do plasma damage, which mostly behaves like pierce damage.

Early game benefits from slightly different gear between classes and a new Level 1 generator that eases into a given run by providing a more balanced first level clear. We also balanced armor and health drops a bit.

We're slowly working on improving Io too - you'll find the new Blacksite special level to be something a bit different from the old ones :).

AI has been more agressive. We'll be working more on the AI later, but you should definitely be able to kite demons now.

Angel of Shotgunnery has been moved to a higher rank requirement, and Angel of Carnage (which is subjectively more fun) has been unlocked in its place instead. AoSh should be easier now though, as we allow the use of grenades (and the plasma shotgun eats armored enemies).

Tough as Nails has been reworked to reduce the accuracy penalty instead of pain, and do it on a 50%/100% level.

UI wise, we've added a item description modifier (SHIFT or LTrigger on pads), which allows you to see the stats of a weapon on the ground (and compare them to the held weapon - nicer UI improvements comming to this later!), but also allows you to use the pickup key while held to use the item immedately from the ground.

Finally some visual improvements were done - to the particle and sprite effects and icons and to the visual rendering equations.

Full changelog below!

Content updates

NEW #682 - several new exotics added! (magenta weapons)
NEW #524 - energy cells and plasma weaponry!
NEW #686 - Blacksite special level!
NEW #688 - starting gear - small med for Marine, .44 revolver
for Scout and accuracy mod for Tech
NEW #716 - cryoreavers and toxic reavers added
NEW #524 - former CRI may carry plasma weapons
NEW #715 - fire fiend sets you on fire
NEW #540 - Barrels are now different - red ones have a larger
explosion, blue are cryo and green are toxic
NEW #726 - two new types of grenades - gas and EMP
NEW #685 - Callisto 1 is now a small level with it's own generator
CHANGE #682 - exotics have same mod restrictions as advanced weapons
CHANGE #643 - Tough as Nails now reduces pain effect on accuracy
instead of pain (by 50/100%)
CHANGE #643 - Hunker Down now requires a level of Tough as Nails
CHANGE #676 - fixed lootbox bug- much more consistent counts on HARD+
CHANGE #676 - buffed armor health a bit and repair kit rarity - added
guaranteed armor boxes
CHANGE #716 - Containment Area has now different reavers
CHANGE #692 - AoShotgunnery now on moved to rank 3, AoCarnage rank 1
CHANGE #692 - AoShotgunnery now allows grenade usage
CHANGE #682 - slight nerf to CRI SMG, buff to JAC SMG
CHANGE #702 - slightly buffed grenades - more armor stripping to krak
and more damage to frag
CHANGE #675 - demons no longer ignore the player if out of sight
CHANGE #675 - AI properly retalitates if fired from beyond sight
CHANGE #705 - minor changed to the boss fight
CHANGE #711 - A-mods decrese fire-time by 20%, B-mods decrease reload
time by %20 (instead of 30%)
CHANGE #710 - minimun spawn distance from player increased by 1
CHANGE #685 - .44 ammo is more common on Valhalla Terminal
CHANGE #734 - SMG swap time reduced to 0.5
CHANGE #680 - AI groups keep patroling given area instead of walking
around the whole map
FIX #640 - "Mag size" instead of "Clip size"
FIX #675 - chargers wont charge through doors anymore
FIX #675 - AI wont get stuck behind boxes anymore
FIX #688 - AoLT scout now properly starts with 3 slots
FIX #710 - europa_03 sometimes missing elevators fixed

UI/Game/Visual updates

NEW #706 - chance to restore game progress on game crash

NEW #693 - you can now abandon a game instead of Save and Quit

NEW #677 - hold SHIFT/LTrigger to view/compare item on floor

NEW #678 - SHIFT/LTrigger + G/A use item from floor

NEW #679 - option to reduce or turn-off the text typing animation

NEW #689 - option to separately configure CRT geometric effect

NEW #673 - What's new/Changelog screen

CHANGE #677 - grenade info is shown in SHIFT mode and inventory

CHANGE #726 - frag is now yellow, krak is red

CHANGE #695 - Enemies left on level info on character screen

CHANGE #472 - animation and move speed now dependent on ingame speed

CHANGE #471 - smoke fx upgraded

CHANGE #728 - Improved Vulkan and OpenGL init and error reporting

CHANGE #674 - added GoG Galaxy integration and achievements

CHANGE #684 - integrated MacOS version for GoG

CHANGE #737 - improved linear space color calculations for particles

and sprites and ambient light calculation which now

finally uses correct linear color space

FIX #735 - fixed ui icon blending issues

FIX #725 - improved decal rendering on curved surfaces

FIX #724 - rendering of ammo shells on ground

FIX #720 - potential fix for loading non existing material

FIX #675 - potential crash when saving game on Io fixed

FIX #472 - fixed animated particles - now starting from index 0

FIX #472 - proper loading of status effects on player

FIX #471 - animation fix for particles

FIX #724 - fixed ammo shell decals on floor

FIX #707 - minimap no longer renders over the UI

Apart from a potential bugfix release, the next update (0.8.2) probably will appear in two weeks, however it will be slightly lighter on content, as we'll be half or this period attending Gamescom. You can expect further gameplay improvements by that time though!

Thank you, and good luck!

EDIT: Hotfix 0.8.1a

We had two serious bugs that we needed to fix (fire fiend burn crash and Angel equipment issues) - and took that opportunity to do a small balance patch, changes below:

CHANGE #740 - moved Military Barracks to level 4 as intended

CHANGE #744 - you can now compare armors on ground

CHANGE #743 - allow numbers, underscores and apostrophes in names

CHANGE #741 - plasma rifle minimum range reduced

CHANGE #741 - plasma shotgun shot cost reduced to 4

CHANGE #741 - more formerCRI spawn (increase plasma weapon drop rate)

CHANGE #741 - cold status buffed slightly

CHANGE #741 - slight buff to mod drop rate

FIX #--- - fixed crash related to dying from fire

FIX #742 - pathfinder check on Anomaly, no longer unreachable exit

FIX #740 - fixed Military Barracks issues

FIX #739 - fixed challenge equipment (AoSh, AoC and AoOC)

FIX #--- - particle brightness not dependant on active light count

FIX #--- - particles are now visible on shader quality 0

No Man's Sky

We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report:

Thank you,

Hello Games
Beyond Patch 2.06e
Bug fixes

Fixed a networking issue that could cause bad data to be synced between ambient players.
Fixed a compatibility issue with a specific revision of nVidia drivers.
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Dry Drowning has been updated.

Changelog for Update 1.0.2 (18 August 2019)

Dear citizens of Nova Polemos!

Based on the feedback we collected from all of you, we implemented the following improvements and fixes in the current patch (Build 1.0.2):

Added text related “Advancement mode” in Settings menu, featuring three dialogue modes:

NORMAL: The text appears on the screen gradually. The player needs to click to advance to the next dialogue.

FAST: The text appears on the screen all at once. The player needs to click to advance to the next dialogue.

AUTO: The text appears on the screen gradually and automatically. The player doesn't need to click advance to the next dialogue.

Changes to investigation mode: It’s no longer possible to interact with the same area/object more than once.

Modified the mouse cursor: The mouse pointer is less invasive during the non-investigative phases.

Improved English localization of Chapter 1.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the animations of Mordred and Hera’s portraits during the investigation in the “Darkroom” - Chapter 3.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the animation of Abigail’s portrait in the following locations: “Foley Investigations”, “David Casey’s Office”, “Talon Square”.

[Bug Fix] Minor fixes to text formatting.

[Bug Fix] Several timing adjustments during dialogues and cut scenes. That's all for now, we hope you'll enjoy the changes we made!

Meanwhile our dev team is already working on further improvements.

Stay tuned and Be a Good Citizen!

Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure has been updated to ver. 1.05 (no changelog)
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I know that some of you use gogdb to track game updates. I just thought I'd let you know about some games that gogdb is unable to detect changes in. This is because the url for these games yields --- for reasons unknown --- a 404. MaGog suffers from the same handicap (which is how I came to learn about it).

The affected games I know of are:
- EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic
- Gremlins Inc.
- Gremlins vs Automatons
- Ion Fury
- Startup Company
- The Bard's Tale IV
- The Journey Down: Chapter One

Just FYI.
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Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Update v1.. (19 August 2019)

Fixed a bug where hero item/exp were not carried over to the next campaign mission anymore
Improvements to general stability of the game
Added crash reporting
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Patch 1.1 (20 August 2019)

The shiny new update for Collapsed is out now! It brings improvement to the character movement, melee combat, controls and more. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Character movement:
- General movement improvements.
- Increased movement speed.
- No more stun when hit.
- Wall auto-stick is turned off by default.
- Wall quick jumps added.
- Improved character interaction on platforms’ edges.
- Now you can control the character’s jump distance.
- Improved movement when mid-air.
- Now you can walk through enemies.

Melee combat:
- General melee combat improvements.
- Now dashing interrupts melee attacks and other character’s actions.
- Increased melee attacks speed.
- Increased melee attacks range.

- Improved gamepad controls.
- Now there is only one item grade.
- Reworked difficulty balance.
- A lot of bug-fixes.

And we’ve already started working on the next update – it will bring a rebalanced item grade system. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience and feedback!

Gato Roboto

Patch 1.0.4 (20 August 2019)

- Ease of Life feature update including keyboard remapping, dialogue fast-forward (via holding Eject and Jump), completion rates on the gear screen, and of course a dedicated meow button while playing outside the mech!

Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition

Patch 0.9 - Summer Update (19 August 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by user CrazyMax here.
Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition - Purple Oil Pack [free DLC] and Mutant Football League - LA Power Pack [DLC] also updated.


Nowhere Prophet

Patch 1.01.001 Bhakta (20 August 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by user FlockeSchnee here.

Production Line

Update 1.79 (16 August 2019)

Hi all! Here is a relatively big update to the game with lots of cool stuff...
[version 1.79]

1) [BUG] Fixed timing bug that affected the speed that some slots operated in certain combinations of upgrade.
2) [GUI] You can now scroll on the marketing screen using the mouse wheel.
3) [Bug] Fixed crash bug on certain fixed hour boundaries if a debugger was detected.
4) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when placing supply stockpiles rapidly after one another when frame rate was low or number of slots really high.
5) [GUI] Sort order and direction now remembered for the vehicle design screen, the expenses list and the component (efficiency) list.
6) [GUI] Income screen now has sortable columns.
7) [GUI] The bottom-right screen event messages now have delete buttons so they can be closed immediately.
8) [Bug] Fixed some weird incorrect characters in certain areas of Italian language text.
9) [Bug] Fixed hyper rare crash bug relating to advisors and multithreading.
10) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when moving visual inspection slot with all upgrades.
11) [Balance] Reduced market value of a hybrid powertrain to $7,500. Increased cost of Hybrid Powertrain to $1,950.
12) [GUI] An extremely long list of minor changes and tweaks to colors / positions, fonts etc for various parts of the UI.
13) [GUI] Search bar added at the top of the slot picker!
14) [Bug] Fixed missing resource options for the import priorities tab for non-standard powertrains (hybrid etc).
15) [GUI] Both direction drag now works in map editor create new zone.
16) [Balance] Hybrid powertrain never becomes common now.
17) [GUI] Improvements to UI for placing resource conveyors.
18) [Bug] Fixed GUI bug where the AI-research icons on a research-facility popup did not drag with the parent window.
19) [GUI] Hovering the mouse over the sales/showroom button now expands that white bubble to show a detailed showroom breakdown.
20) [Content] 5 new researchable marketing options: Social media,Sponsorship,Product Placement,Billboards and Banner ads.
21) [Content] Better car light graphics.

Hope ya like all these changes. I think the new lights look cool, and I'm glad I finally got around to expanding on the marketing options. let me know what you think :D
Standalone installer, and Doors that go like this [DLC] updated: 19 August 2019.


SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Patch 2.1 (15 August 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by user FlockeSchnee here.
Linux standalone installer not updated yet.
Windows and Mac OS standalone installers updated: 19 August 2019.

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Patch 1.023 (added 20 August 2019) - Part I:

- added shadow mapping
- fixed a possible crash when loading if build a level and then free the level before the end of the game setup
- hopefully fixed a crash in generateBlendedTileGeometry
- fixed a possible multiplayer crash if have lots of entity deletes since last message (only developer testing modes?)
- fixed an infinite loop related to explosion traps and cave ins (Mandark)
- fixed a crash in ResourceSystem::freeNextResource (I triggered it in the editor, but it might be random crash in many other places)
- fixed a crash in Quest::switchCombatants when a purge happens during switch (probably rare in real games)
- fixed a crash when a player leaves a multiplayer game and then a monster damaged by that player tries to reference the player's clan
- fixed a crash if X the entire window while in multiplayer game
- fixed a way multiplayer game maps could be out of sync in multiplayer (hella)
- fixed never dropping legendary rings, jewelry, or necklaces (Destro*)
- now if load game and the main monster of a quest is in a secret level shift to it somewhere more reasonable - this can happen if I change the layout of the worlds and what used to be a normal level ends up being a secret level after the layout shift (Wayne)
- now on load if monster level and quest level doesn't match for some reason (most likely because world layout changed) fix quest level (Varkon)
- now if an actor clan loads and is based in an area that no longer exists it will be moved to a valid location
- now if load game and the main monster of a quest is in an invalid location shift to it somewhere more reasonable - this can happen if I change the layout of the worlds and what used to be a normal level ends up being a secret level after the layout shift (Mandark)
- now non-player critical hits are 1.5X instead of 2X
- difficulty damage mult now applies to projectile, radius projectile, direct damage, and status effects
- added a few more safeguards to prevent corrupting character
- safe guarded another place in save code to prevent corruption
- now postpone building collision grid until models are loaded (should prevent a bunch of hitches)
- removed lightIndexes being a local array in renderSurface (test went from 54.3 to 56.7 fps, 4.4%)
- made getTileObject caching work better (test went from 57.8 to 58.9 fps, 1.9%)
- no longer cull each surface separately (now per entity) (test went from 48.3 to 49.0 fps, 1.5%)
- now cull minimap blips better (test went from 57.7 to 65.4 fps, 13.3%)
- culled some more minimap blips better (test went from 69.2 to 71.5 fps, 3.3%)
- cull tiles a little better now (test went from 71.4 to 71.9 fps, 0.7% - also simplifies code a bit)
- cache model matrix instead of just angle (test went from 78.4 to 79.8 fps, 1.8%)
- now some ResourceHandles marked as temporary and they don't go through add/remove user (test went from 78.4 to 79.4 fps, 1.3%)
- no longer add lights from models (old feature) (test went from 78.9 to 79.4 fps, 0.6%)
- optimized bindTexture slightly (test went from 79.4 to 80.0 fps, 0.8%)
- sped up a bunch of getDatabaseEntry calls in CovenantBase (didn't test speed, too erratic)
- changed a couple dynamic_cast to static_cast (test went from 79.0 to 80.3 fps, 1.6%)
- sped up getting instigatorQuestDatabaseEntry (test went from 55.4 to 55.8 fps, 0.7%)
- sped up creating world map a little bit
- made status effect texture precache a little smarter
- entire clan is no longer active if some of them are raiding another clan (Destro*)
- fixed not being able to move guard locations (Zomb)
- now enemies attacking a monster that gets demonic control cast on them stop attacking (BlastProcessing)
- fixed clan door armor values
- NPCs that have Savage Strike will now use it way less (teleport too powerful) (Varkon)
- doubled MonsterSpawnChanceMult on several quests
- now when immovable entities (torches, etc) spawn they will push any other entity out of the way (fixes some collision issues) (Varkon/Excellion)
- now if a monster kills your nemesis that monster will become your new nemesis
- fixed secrets being easy to see on maps
- now when right clicking to attack and happen to be highlighting a non-attackable object it will try to target the next nearest attackable thing
- now NPCs in clans that are hurt will not sleep so that they regenerate/heal (fixes several issues)
- decreased Thaden lightning blessing DamageMultPhysical from 0.5 to 0.2
- now hurt NPCs more likely to roam around during activities (also more likely to heal at healthstone) (rainbow)
- fixed system control not saving/loading correctly sometimes
- now MonsterCausedTrouble taunts are time limited like MonsterRandomTaunt taunts (Castruccio)
- no longer add level modifiers if the monsters they would add can't be added
- now on a new world, expedition points are brought up to 0 if below (Bluddy)
- increased BaseTornadoChance from 0.03 to 0.05
- increased ModifiedNumberMultChests from 4.0 to 8.0 for mining level modifier (Orc Schism)
- added cursed resistance item modifiers
- can now buy an entire stack of items by pressing ctrl when buying (Doesn't Learn From Mistakes)
- fixed a targeting issue with skills like heal not being able to target player if previously has another valid target (Fulano)
- Earthquake, Darkness, and Fog machines can now start uprisings (Bluddy)
- now allow MoraleChangeWhenHurtNoEnemy to go below 0 (NPCs should run away from things like fires better) (rainbow)
- NPCs now start with random XP within their current level
- fixed a bunch of status effects getting applied as permanent monster enhancements but then disappearing quickly (Destro*)
- now demon gates are limited to spawning demons
- now zombie gates are limited to spawning zombies
- decreased monster Fleet of Foot bonuses by 20% (Bluddy)
- decreased monster Power Burn enhancement by 20% (Bluddy)
- Torva Shaman fire aura now only buffs friends (Bluddy)
- fixed a problem on some gates/dungeon entrances not showing correct quest info (Varkon)
- fixed gates to unknown destinations showing the destination name
- fixed xp listed in quest text not taking into account world modifiers that change it (usually pacing modifiers) (Nyithra)
- fixed beam attack not passing along which skill was doing damage (was probably causing several beam related problems) (Varkon)
- fixed Strength calculation on status effects
- fixed wisps being able to buff themselves (probably fixes other monsters doing similar things)
- now clan will always be destroyed if drop to 0 members for whatever reason (Dungeon Explorer Lan)
- fixed particles not using combined surfaces like they were supposed to
- fixed liquids not triggering multiple times correctly
- triggers now more consistently do something (Dragonface)
- now quest items that aren't needed but are picked up are removed instead of dropping back to ground
- now skills like Whirlwind can't hit enemies that you can't see (Dragonface)
- flying entities no longer trigger ground traps
- mutated NPCs can no longer be infected (Bluddy)
- now projectiles show explosions even if hitting a neutral or allied entity (even if they won't do any damage)
- now monster resistance/imbue enhancements get some resistance added (instead of just a multiplier)
- fixed several faction reputation issues
- decreased cast time debuff on monster taunts from 0.25 to 0.2 (Fulano)
- now areas can have desired monster types (was only archetypes)
- now can cast most projectiles at enemies that character can't technically see (it will still likely hit the sight blocking obstacle though)
- some monsters can now open doors
- now doors will automatically close after a few seconds if a monster/NPC opens them
- fire thrower fire can now hit objects
- now ambushers get an attack/defense bonus for 10 seconds
- now renegades get a 10% reduction in attribute requirements for items
- now monsters get a 25% reduction in attribute requirements for items
- now keep monsters away from gates a little better (Boink)
- shifted reaver unholy strike passive from cold damage to weapon damage (eliotno3)
- now monsters have to be able to see victim to do a melee attack (Destro*)
- made god retaliation more extreme
- NPCs are more likely to join in a fight if someone they dislike is fighting (join fight against them)
- now if a monster is purged (too many entities), put original position instead of current position on respawn list
- flying/hovering monsters can now fly over barrels and chests
- can now switch bags where one is inside the other (Fulano)
- item skills no longer affects stand still stuff
- boosted Herbology resistances, mana regen, and health regen (ricmadeira)
- now initial monster hate is the faction reputation (Fulano)
- now starting hate scales with level better (so similar at low and high levels)
- decreased MaxDamagePercentTakenAtOnce from 0.75 to 0.7 for Lucky mutation
- decreased ParasiteGroundAcid chances from 0.25 to 0.2
- decreased SpawnChance of liches from 2.0 to 1.5
- fixed collision size of large dungeon stone block with brazier on top
- doubled amount of money dropped from Pirate treasure map chest
- now damaging a gargoyle statue causes noise like damaging a door
- increased StatueHitDurabilityMult from 7.0 to 10.0
- increased gargoyle/statue armor bonus from 10 to 25
- decreased spawn chance of zombie dark elves by 50%
- monster wars now cause more problems
- player NPCs and summons are now less likely to break dangerous objects (hella)
- fixed bounty hunters not changing levels correctly (Giri)
- made battles get constant flow of reinforcements so much more interesting
- improved wander pathfinding quite a bit