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^ Both; Cloud is plenty slender with short fur, but her colors of white and dark grey resemble a mix of storm clouds and white fluffy clouds.
< Her brother Cole is subtly striped with all light grey fur; Tux (our biggest dog as of this week) is all black save for white paws and a white stripe that begins between his eyes and goes all the way down the belly.
v Mom names all black cats "Spooky" and covets them over the others; this was unfortunate when the last time we took in a litter of kittens, she insisted on keeping the angry black kitten over his sweet and friendly grey sister.
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^ My fave black cat names are: Jinx, Shadow, Zorro, Truffle, Raven, Cattiva (f), Cattivo (m) << Italian for "naughty" ;)
< From that same kitten litter, I too would have chosen The Dark One. "Keep friends close, keep Demons closer"?
v Anyone here has (or once had) a pet other than a cat or dog?
^ I've had 2 lizards, (first Lenny the baby iguana and Sandy the salamander much later) but lacked the skills to keep either alive.
< Actually, it seems we were scammed at Pet Smart for Sandy's cage and food, because the bugs kept escaping through the air-holes and the first cage was way too small for Sandy's adult size.
v Does anyone else remember Lenny Loosejocks or
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^ No.
< likes things with cinnamon in 'em
v favorite dessert?
^ Definitely sfogliatella ("lobster tales").
^ No, wait! I really love cannoncini ("custard horns").
^ And also pistachio cannoli. One fave, you say?
< With an espresso on the side. ;)
v It's Halloween. A "monster" from your childhood has rung your doorbell. Who or what is at the door?
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^ Real-life versions of my Lego trick-or-treat-ers!
< Little Ms. Fashionista has a Chitauri mask, Heavy Metal sports-bra, and devil wings; her apathetic brother wears a werewolf mask and plays tug-of-war with the candy-basket all night long; their cos-player dad is an Argonian with a foam sword in one hand and ice-cream in the other.
v Are there any Elder Scrolls mods that add a whole new species to play as?
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^ Is "Let me nexus this for you" a thing? For Skyrim SE, I found a Half Dragon Race, the Predator(!) and Aasimar on the first page of the 'Races...' category. If you mean TES Online, I doubt it.
< I'd like to see a Skyrim/Fallout 4 total conversion, where you play a synth with a severe amount of bugs.You see Skyrim and act accordingly and on a second screen you see what really happens in the Fallout 4 world. I'd love to fight Supermutants looking like (talking) Trolls, or vertibirds and the Prydwen disguised as dragons...
v Which computer game hero would you like to see in another franchise as the main character, or maybe even the villain?
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^ I'd love for Ratchet & Clank to at least make a cameo in Jak & Daxter via crashed ship; And to make it official, the J&D planet can be an actual level in an R&C game with the same event told from a different perspective.
< It's already a better version of Jak 4 than New Frontier.
v What franchise progress broke your heart the most?
^ Sacred, when it arrived at Sacred 4
< still plays and has made mods for Sacred 2
v If you add up all of the mods that you have used and divide by the number of games that you have played in the last years, what is the average number of mods you used?
^ You need to specify the timescale for that equation to be answerable.
< Either way, I'm still new to seriously playing PC games and your question leaves me open to consider all the PS3 and 3DS games I've played just in the past 3 months.
v I'm playing Pokemon X right now, in fact; partly because I'm stuck on the boss fight at the volcano in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.
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^ It would appear that you are at an impasse.
< relaxing this weekend
v If you add up all of the mods that you have used and divide by the number of games that you have played since January 1, 2010, what is the average number of mods you used?
^ Let's see, roughly 20 GOG games, 40 or so Steam games, over 100 PS3 games easy, 40-ish Wii games, at least 50 3DS games, and maybe 70 PS2 games, all vs. about 30 mods.
< Really need to limit the question to just PC games, to make it fair. So, .5 is the estimation.
v You get to chose a single mutation for all of humanity, one that is biologically realistic but probably not going to ever happen; what do you chose?
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