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This should proove to be an entertaining forum game. First you post an interaction with the member who posted just above (before) you. Then, post something regarding yourself and end your post with by connecting in some way with the one who will have posted after you.

Here are a few of examples:

^ Why did you start this silly thread?
< I just made fresh coffee
v You prefer tea, don't you?

^ Yes, I do. *Gives you a cheeseburger*
< I am eating mine with mustard and dill pickles
v Sorry, but I don't have another one for you, sorry. You may have this large order of french fries if you want it.

^ Thanks, may I have ketchup with that?
< now I want a cheeseburger too
v Hey, aren't you supposed to post something now?
^ No I'm not supposed to I don't think. However, I want to post though, so I will.
< I'm sitting here drinking coffee, wondering where common sense has gone with coworkers. Ugh!
v Hooyaah comes up with some interesting forum games, does he not?
^ I can neither confirm nor deny that statement.
< currently drinking lots of hot coffee
v What are you doing presently?
^ I am thinking of something clever to write to carry on Hooyaah's latest forum game
< ...what am I doing with my life??
v hey you, please write something funny to relieve me of this sadness
^ I don't know what to write but watch an episode of South Park and sadness will disappear in a moment
< i'm tired... time to go to sleep
v what are you thinking right now?
^ Please don't pull on this thread... it could completely unravel.
< I wish that I had tomorrow off from work.
v If it's tomorrow where you are, could you give me the winning lottery numbers, please?
^ Unfortunately I live in the past...
< I had to go to sleep 15 minutes ago
v What time is it?
^ Time is relative. However where I am, it is 21:30
< Now that this week will be quiet, I just realized I haven't really had a day off since before Halloween.
v Hopefully you have tomorrow off! Have a couple of drinks for me tonight, willl ya?
low rated
^--Stop trying to get me drunk and possibly have your way with me o.0
<--I am contemplating what to do now, but i'll likely just putter online as I do more often than not
v--Who do you think you are? Mr/Mrs BigStuff? ;)
(Also nice to see another fun game, OP....but be careful not to overextend yourself with too many games...all play and no work makes boy a dull jack...o.0)
^ Yes. At least when it comes to being the one to go to for answers. Otherwise, I'm a forgotten nobody.
< You know, sometimes it is fun for the girl to have her way ;)
v Why are so many people invested in sports? Seriously, for the most part it's a bunch of guys playing with a ball.
^ “There are only three sports, bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering and all the rest are merely games.” - Ernest Hemingway
< Formula 1 racing is my sport.
v What did you eat for breakfast?
^ Makes a confusing thread.
< My keyboard is that worn down that I couldn't find the down arrow so I will use a v.
v R U as confused as I am with these bloody arrows?.
^ No, I use the upside down caret for a down arrow
< Wait... do I use a v or upside down caret?
v Okay. Do you use a v as well?
^Yes, I do.
<Drinking lots of coffee too. It's 9:30 here, so basically early morning.
v when does your day start?
^ when I wake up
< uses a lowercase "V" as a downward arrow, also
v Tell a good joke, please.