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Merry Christmas to all GOGers :)

I'm back and hosting another edition of The Thank the Fellows Giveaway!

It's the usual format. Instead of entering for yourself, you nominate one or more forum users to win the prize. The winners will receive the following prizes:

The winner will receive a 9.99$ GOG game of their choice.
A runner-ups will each receive a 5.99$ GOG game of their choice. will be used to select the winners.


(Read and follow very carefully! Nominations that don't clearly meet these requirements will be invalid.)

No entering for yourself ;) Thank the others.

In order to nominate someone, you must have a join date of at least September 2016, and a forum presence outside of giveaway threads.

Nominate one or more forum members, whom you personally appreciate, and would like to thank. You may edit your posts to nominate more people later.

Nominate as many users as you like. Yes, even walls of text are welcome.

Please try and not nominate people just because they host lots of giveaways. Nominate people who have helped you, people whom you have had pleasant interactions with, and of course people who have been generous towards you.... overall, try to nominate people who have made your time on the GOG forums enjoyable.

You must give at least a brief reason for everyone you nominate. (Please don't just say "Because he's awesome!" or like I said above, "Because he hosts giveaways, and that's awesome!")

I reserve the right to ignore nominations if no reasons are given. (Or if the person being nominated generally comes off as a troll/unpleasant person around here)

If the winner refuses the prize, I will go to the next one in line. If the winner does not respond in the next few days, I will do the same thing.

The winner is free to re-gift or trade the prize.

The host of this giveaway would like to remain anonymous. Please respect this. I'd ask you that should you somehow manage to find out my identity to please keep it private.
I nominate muntdefems, who maintains the "what did just update?" thread every day. Great work.
Hi! I want to nominate the following Great Overlord Genius: zeogold because of his legendary dedication to the community, great game-threads and titanic caring for most of us!


Only 2 entries? :(

REDVWIN: Hi! I want to nominate the following Great Overlord Genius: zeogold because of his legendary dedication to the community, great game-threads and titanic caring for most of us!

I'll Second Zeogold
Nice GA +1. I will nominate someone later, but you forget to mention a closure date : /

I nominate :

- Mrkgnao: creator of MaGog, a tool so useful and easy to use that GOG shouls implement it and give him an income !
- Moonshineshadow : Former host of the Community GA and also a nice lady.
- IAmSinistar : Former host of the Community GA and always a positive guy.
- Foxworks : Another positive person who loves cheese. A cheese lover should be awarded.
- MarkoH01 : Always present to help other people. A nice guy.
- Zeogold : Host of the Community GA Steam Edition. Very active and puzzle maniac.
- TinyE : Just because he doesn't give a f*ck about what people think about him.
- HypersomniacLive : Always in the shadow but very active for the community.
- Trentonlf : Always spread the spirit of Christmas every year.
- Adamhm : Linux missionary, for the good of all.
- Maighstir : Generous person.

And many, many others...
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Nice to see this return. Will definitely nominate some people later.
Thanks Mr. Anonymous.
I'd like to nominate Foxworks!
Why? Because he likes cheese! Oh, and he still wanders the forum posting interesting things.
I would like to nominate Barefoot_Monkey for his work on the Barefoot Essentials userscript, which greatly improves my experience with the forums and the main site.
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I'd like to nominate mrkgnao because even if he is not visiting the forum a lot anymore his magog still provides us with all the important info about game changes and price changes. And I'd like to nominate muntdefems who took over posting these info in the respective threads.
And I would also like to nominate adaliabooks and Barefoot_Monkey for their scripts which make this website and forum way better ;-)

I could add tons of more people but the work those four do is the most important for me. So thanks!
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Well hello Mouse, is good to see you and that you are doing this lovely GA :)

I'd like to nominate:

Trentonlf: uh, if i have to give a reason for this guy, I'll be mad
Foxworks: because of his fondness for cheese
Fairfox: blue hair and grammatically correct and coherent posts ;) <3
tinyE: he owns donkeys and bunnies, yay!
Huntchbuntley: for always making me laugh and having the "non sequitur" thread amongst many, many other things.
Yezemin: for having fun with me in the now defunct Hermit Cave and keeping me in check
Pimpmonkey: for hugs and having me watch The Big Labowski
Soccorro: for always being there; he is a constant friend
Hypersomniaclive: for quoting Neruda, which always warms my heart
Sunshinecorp: Nudged me to play portal
Fishbaits: his hate for Denuvo is unparalleled
Blakstar: his humor typically goes over my head until i read it a third or fourth time ;)
Flubbucket: for unsuccessfully trying to get me to join the Mafia Games many, many times.
Emachine: recipe thread. enough said.
ddickinson: aside from being my girl, she made me my avatar, which will be my avatar until i die. always :) <3

There are many more people I would nominate, buy many, many, many of them have left the forum. I will add more as they come to me.

<3 <3 <3
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I'd like to nominate adamhm for being in general a pleasant guy to talk to as well as a good resource on Linux related knowledge, and the same goes for Lin545. Despite of the rules stated above, I really want to nominate moonshineshadow for trying her best to keep the community giveaway up, as well as being a pleasant person to talk to outside of giveaways.

I'd also love to nominate JMich for his extensive language and helpful demeanor and mrkgnao for the ever helpful MaGOG search engine and Barefoot_Monkey for the very script in which I'm writing this through.

For the aforementioned and everyone else, thank you all for my time here. Within the nearly-rotten core of the forums and its general brokenness, you stand to shine from it and make the forum worth everyone's time.
l will nominate:

HypersomniacLive (for always being helpful posting a lot of changelogs in the game fora)
Grargar (this cat knows the answer to everything)
JMich (the master of statistics)
mrkgnao (for creating MaGog)
RenKalan (he created a lot of awesome DVD covers for the GOG Library)
adaliabooks (for Adalia Fundamentals)
Foxworks (he's a cheese loving fox, what more reason do you need?)
Barefoot_Monkey (for Barefoot Essentials)
muntdefems (for his never-ending work in the "What did just update" and the "Price updates" threads)
IAmSinistar (I don't need a real reason, he's just one of the nicest guys around here)
moonshineshadow (always extremely helpful and friendly and the way she kept the Community Giveaway alive for almost a year was amazing)
trentonlf (for organizing Secret Santa this year and for being a graet guy)
zeogold (for the countless forum games he created)
I'd like to nominate:

- mrkgnao: creator of MaGog, a tool that has maked everyone's life here much easier (GoG really should hire him, or at least pay the due respect)
- adaliabooks: Creator of Adalia Fundamentalis, which fixes a lot of issues GoG never bothered to even adress
- Barefoot_Monkey: Similar reason as for adaliabooks, both their scripts really improve and fix stuff on the site.
- JMich for always being helpful and posting interesting statistics, helping people often better understand certain decisions made by GoG / CDPR.
- adamhm: For his extensive effort in introducing new people to Linux, and doing so in a polite and helpful fashion (shudders at the mere memory of some actual Linux Forums and their treatment of Newbies)
- trentonlf: Really nice guy who also organizes the Secret Santa this year.
- moonshineshadow: Former host of the Community GA, which put in a lot of effort to keep things running smoothly and also a very nice and friendly person.
- AmSinistar: Same reasons as for moonshineshadow
- Zeogold: Both for hosting and organizing the Steam GA, and also a myriad (ok, slight exageration) of forum games like the Puzzlemaster's Court, which are always fun. + he's a good friend.
- Fronzelneekburm: For maintaining the "Games that treat GOG customers as second class citizens"-GoGMix and thus having helped me, and many others, avoid buying games from shitty devs / publishers that can't be arsed to treat their customers with the minimum due respect.
- tinyE: He's literally our forum mascot... can't go without nominating him.
- PaterAlf: Very generous and nice person. He definitively deserves some cookies.
- Foxworks: Ditto, but instead of cookies make it cheese.
- SnowKatt: Always having fun arguing and talking with her.
- Fairfox: While I hardly ever understand half she says, she is always fun to hang around.
- Crewdroog: Another very friendly person who often helps making the forum a nicer place with just her presence.
- All the peeps from the various Puzzlemaster's Court games, which were always fun and quite hilarious (gonna have to look up all the names later ;) )
- And probably quite a few more (as this are just those off the top of my head)
I'd like to nominate:
yogsloth, because he deserves a bit of extra appreciation after his latest mafia game didn't work out the way it should've, which was an utter shame.
adamhm, who yes, does amazing giveaways, but this nomination is for his reason for them: promoting Linux, in a friendly and accessible and utterly relentless manner.

There's dozens of other deserving names (at the very least every single mafia moderator, and really every single player as well - and I pretty much agree with most other names named so far in this thread), but still, at the moment, it's these two which really stand out for me as deserving to be at the top of the list.