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Last chance to browse 500+ deals up to 90% off and explore our handmade Collections!

UPDATE: There's still time to join in our early spring celebrations! You need to hurry, though, because our fully blossomed Spring Sale will be going away after Sunday. It would be a real shame to miss these deals - they're just so neatly stacked and packed inside our hand-made collections. Oh, and if you're having trouble finding the one for you, feel free to take our perfectly reliable <span class="bold">Quiz</span> first.

--Original announcement follows--

Hey look, spring is coming! We can tell by the birds, and the bees, and all these games on sale: all tidy and organized in handmade collections by your friendly crew at – the digital game store with a spring in its step.

Indeed, The Spring Sale has come with 500+ deals and handmade collections up to 90% off!

The spirit of vernal discovery and neatness shines through our spring collections: get straight to Our Favorite RPGs or Our Favorite First Person Shooters; see a breakdown of 10 Games With Wacky Gadgets; take a timid glance at our Games You Should Play At Night – there's bound to be a collection for you, there's one for every kind of gamer!

This week over half a thousand deals spring up at once, including our favorites like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (-75%), Darkest Dungeon (-50%), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – GOTY (-40%), Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (-10%), and way more in the 6-day Spring Sale.

Time to make your collections blossom!

The Spring Sale ends on March 12, 11:00 PM UTC, 3:00 PM PST, 6:00 PM EST.
Some good discount on INSIDE would be much appreciated ;)
Do i see the same deals that we had during the weekly ( and special ) sales since 1st of January ?
Post edited March 06, 2017 by Painted_Doll
Painted_Doll: Do i see the same deals that we had during the weekly ( and special ) sales since 1st of January ?
Some deals are actually worse (e.g. Witcher 3 GOTY).
gamesfreak64: Unfortunately the classic c&c , red alert, dune, will never arrive cause thats EA, i own 2 retail copies of each game but thats serial based, and a drm free would be better.
Some time ago EA released Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun for free.
I just checked all COLLECTIONS, and found that they are just waste my time.
A LOT OF duplicated games, with no better discount.

Those COLLECTIONS are just stupid.
gamesfreak64: external wishlist of old games:

Nightlong Union City Conspiracy (team 17)

Lost Chronicles of Zerzura (drm free)

Secret Files: Tunguska (drm free)
Secret Files 2 Puritas Cordis (steam/tages)
Secret Files 3 (steam/tages)
Secret Files: Sam Peters (steam/tages)
Lost Horizon (drm)

Art of Murder - Cards of Destiny (drm free)
Art of Murder - FBI Confidential (drm free)
Art of Murder - Hunt for the Puppeteer (drm free)
Last Half of Darkness - Society of the Serpent Moon (drm free)
Reversion Double Pack - Reversion (drm free)
Tony Tough and the Night of the Roasted Moths (drm free)
Since I strongly believe that you won'tt wish for a games with steam/tages I'd guess that you own those games either on steam/drm-free or on steam with drm?

Just received a mail because of the sale but I am a bit confused here, too. In the mail it shows me i.e. that Hyperdimension Neptunia 1 would cost me 6,99 Euro. However when I enter the page it shows 7,09 Euro. I know it's not much but could somebody explain this to me?
Spring. Yeah right. It's currently -15C here. We got 20cm of snow last night, and it's still snowing. We haven't had this much winter, well, all winter.
hummer010: Spring. Yeah right. It's currently -15C here. We got 20cm of snow last night, and it's still snowing. We haven't had this much winter, well, all winter.
But penguins love snow. Don't they?
Spore 75% off? Yay!!!!!
Does this mean there will be no Insomnia sale this year? If so booo
Maxvorstadt: Spore 75% off? Yay!!!!!
Well it's €4.99 on the EA store ( 50% off ) while €6.79 on Gog ( 75% off ) .
OraEtLabora: @gamesfreak64: how many games do you have in your backlog? :)
This. Sorry, I just had to :D.

Anyway, nothing from my wishlist has a high enough discount to interest me. I got the same low discounts we've had a gazillion times before (up to the last weekly), and even some games not discounted at all despite having being 75% or higher before. So yeah, big "meh" from me. I have no opinion on the "collections" since I haven't even checked them. What's the use if I already know no games from my wishlist are there and I don't get better value for buying the bundle? Unless they throw in some surprise mid-sale, it's gonna be a very boring one. Still good news for those who'd rather buy single games and/or don't have hundreds of games in their backlogs, I guess. As long as they don't mind the overall worse discounts. So yeah.
Nowt of interest, shame..
musteriuz: I had 9 to start with, but ended up picking 6. Not as good as you, though.
Breja: The fact that I barely started Shadowrun Hong Kong helped me give up on Dex and Invisible Inc- after all, I only need so much cyberpunk at once. But I'm still very tempted by MoH: Pacific Assault. It's likely going to keep gnawing at me untill either the sale ends or I give in again :D
MOH: PA is one I picked up this time. This was so that I have an easier to access digital copy - I already have it on CD. Should perhaps have left it out too, rather.
amrit9037: But penguins love snow. Don't they?
Absolutely! The wind can fuck right off though.

Is this it for the sale? No new bundles. No new deals. If this is it, there's likely nothing for me this time around.