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The most haunted night of the year draws near, and we’re getting ready for it at GOG. Beware – you’re in for some scary fun! We’re taking you on a weird adventure full of creepy creatures lurking in the dark, but don’t worry, as we’re also treating you to more than 1200 deals, new releases, and recommendations from the team!

First, let’s take a look at the new releases on GOG:

· Dagon: by H.P. Lovecraft (FREE)
· The Shore (-40%)
· Just Cause 1 (-75%)
· Just Cause 2 - Complete Edition (-75%)
· Tormented Souls (-10%)
· Agony

The above list of spooky stories is just a fraction of the Halloween theme on GOG. Expect more eerie and frightening games coming this week!

Of course, what would be a Halloween Sale without gaming deals, and we have tons of them, including:

· Elvira’s Horror Bundle (-10%)
· Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (-50%)
· Mundaun (-30%)
· Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace (-50%)
· Gamedec (-10%)
· The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY (-80%)
· Diablo + Hellfire (-15%)
· GRIME (-15%)
· Phantasmagoria (-35%)
· BloodRayne: Terminal Cut (-35%)

We know that going on such spooky and creepy adventures alone is not an easy feat. That’s why a few of the GOG team members have decided to join you on this trip by preparing their own game recommendations that you can find among the well-known Halloween collections:

· Check the collections from GOG Team members, where they share their favorite horror games
· In the Tricks collection, you’ll find all the scary titles
· The Treats collection offers you more cute and funny titles
· The Scariest Discounts collection features the Halloween Sale’s best deals.
· The Bestellers collection features GOG's all-time hits.

Join the creepy Halloween Sale adventure from GOG before the creatures scurry back into the dark on November 3rd, 2021, at 2 PM UTC, when the sale ends.
Tormented Souls looks quite interesting to me, but I need to read some reviews/impressions first.

Nice to see the first two Just Cause games here and Squeenix releasing more of their (Western) back-catalog on GOG. I'm curious though: Is there any reason to pick up the first game? As far as I can recall, the sequel is supposed to be a much superior game.

WinterSnowfall: What happens if I add The Smurfs and Agony in my cart at the same time? Will I somehow trigger the collapse of all morality on GOG? :P
This is what'll happen. (see pic) ;)
TheGrimLord: I'm gonna be honest with you, Agony sucks.
Lol, true. There are some games that I would re-buy on GOG, but that is not one of them.
low rated
Mr.Mumbles: This is what'll happen. (see pic) ;)
Great to see Square Enix releasing more of their catalog here.
Horey, Ukrainian language already in Gog store (at least in filters)!!! This some kind of celebration! (Image)
Gog Team - you can do something good - in this case - by Adding Ukrainian language, SO Thanks to ALL people that had take part in implementation of Ukrainian language to store filters!
Post edited October 27, 2021 by LifeLover
I'm surprised there's no Costume Quest discount. The entire game is all about Halloween...
I recently finished Just Cause 2 on PS3, and it's a fun game. Gotta pick up that Just Cause soon.
HertogJan: Great to see Square Enix releasing more of their catalog here.
Indeed. I'd love to see more of their missing titles here like The Turing Test and Quantum Conundrum.
AB2012: I'm surprised there's no Costume Quest discount. The entire game is all about Halloween...
And I'm sad that we can't buy Costume Quest 2 here. It was a freebie at the Epic Store a few weeks ago.
What a great offer, so many things in my wishlist just dropped the price, that I'm gonna have a hard time choosing what to get.

And Just Cause 2 is the icing on the cake. Thanks GOG! I am so happy I could scream.
Just Cause 2 is a GREAT game if you just want to run around generating mayhem.
I'm one of those who wanted to play Agony on GOG and I can't thank GOG Team and Madmind enough to bring the game here and not just the game but unrated

Yeah, it has its flaws (and it has pretty many of them, tbh) but how it looks and feels, oh my gosh, that's not what one can find in any other "Hell"
Congrats I unplugged my net to test Just cause 2 and it seems to truly be drm free with as far as I am aware seemingly no strings attached I admit haven't played the Just Cause games ever so I might be missing something so if I am wrong and there is something I am missing will welcome a correction but it seems this is not a repeat of the last fiasco.. I didn't think it would be but I felt better safe then sorry test it and inform others of what it atleast seems before many people start asking about it
Not really my kind of game, but it's good to see the Just Cause games here!
So is there any real reason at all to play the first Just Cause, or can I skip it and go to the second?