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After the recent success of the new coloured cases and keycaps for the C64 such as blue, black and red, it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that new case molds are also being created for the Amiga. Although this was mentioned a few days ago, we decided to wait and see if this project was actually coming and not just a rumour. Sure enough through our Commodore Amiga Facebook group of over 10,000 members, Philippe Lang has announced new Amiga case molds and also the possibility of different colours!

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^ i like this a lot good old days ;)
We have a go people! :D BACKING THIS
When I was growing up one of the computers that really sticks close to my retro gaming heart was the 90's Amiga, from the A500 to the A1200 both of them such incredible computers that it pretty much made me the gamer I am today. So it would come as no surprise to you I also have many original games plus an original A1200 system ready to be played. But this is where our attention is drawn, to the latest New A1200 Computer Housing Project Kickstarter by Philippe Lang, which is set to take the retro gaming scene by storm!