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New Piñatas • New Deals • Last Chances

The final 72 hours of Piñata Madness are here, and the mystery-sale bonanza grows bigger – today brings exciting new Piñatas and hot new offers!

If you haven't tried your luck yet, now's the time with new additions to the pool. These include: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition 1 & 2, SWAT 4, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, NEO Scavenger, Wasteland 2, This War of Mine.
Plus all things Homeworld with Homeworld 1 & 2 Remastered, Deserts of Kharak, as well as the long-gone expansion – Homeworld: Emergence.

If you're not the type to smash Piñatas, there are new great games on sale right now so make sure to give it a browse – and while you're here, check out the Carmageddon 20th Anniversary Sale at 75% off!

--Original announcement--
Piñata Madness is back – meaning excitement, mystery, and exceptional deals on some of our favorite hand-picked titles.

What is Piñata Madness?
For $3, you can buy and smash your own digital Piñata, each holding one of 100+ mystery games worth anywhere from $5.99 all the way up to $44.99.
Visit your <span class="bold">Pinata hub</span>, where can buy, open, and see everything Piñata Madness!
Just like real-life Piñatas, they'll bring you joy, surprise, and reward. Unlike real-life Piñatas, ours drop really good games instead of candy – games like Pillars of Eternity, Shadow Warrior 2, Heroes of Might and Magic, Victor Vran, and more!
It's a great way to broaden your horizons and try out games you otherwise wouldn't, knowing you're always getting a deal that's worth it. And if you already own every game included in our Piñatas, each game you drop will be a giftable code so you share the joy with your friends.

Weekly Megasale
If you'd rather know exactly you're getting, check out the Weekly Megasale featuring great deals up to -90% on some of our favorite titles including Darkest Dungeon, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, Heroes of Might and Magic III, and more!

The Piñata Madness and Weekly Megasale last until August 21, 2017, 9:59 PM UTC.
To all who can't see their Piñatas - we're currently experiencing issues with showing bought Piñatas on selected browsers - Safari, Opera and in GOG Galaxy. We're working on a fix, until then please use other browsers to open your Piñatas.
Sorry for all the trouble!
Ok got the pinata, client didn't load pinata but firefox worked. Anno 1404 gold, I'll take it despite the sale price being more or less same as pinata price.
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Free stuff is always welcome. But...

If I get it right, game won in Pinata are in "clear" version, so no DLCs nor other additional stuff is included?
Thanks GOG!

Think I'll get a Piñata later...
ErnestLemingway: Free stuff is always welcome. But...

If I get it right, game won in Pinata are in "clear" version, so no DLCs nor other additional stuff is included?
Whatever is included with the base version - depends on the game, most of them only have a base release, so...
I got a rock.

Seriously though, has anyone tried using their wallet cash to buy one of these or do you have to buy them directly?

I don;t see it mentioned in the FAQ.

I;m not a big fan of loot boxes either. It would be nice though if some portion went to like a non profit.
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I have more games than I care to admit to here so the chance of getting something I want from a pinata is low enough that I'm not gonna even try. Thank you for Deadlight though!
btw: Feel free to add Android (Galaxy S7 Edge), Windows 10 IE 11, Windows 10 Edge to that list...

I tried to reply to a blue several times, but it never ever appears, another forum bug...?
high rated
I know this is a happy occasion and all, but we really need to take the time to address the elephant in the room with the pinata glitch. One of the browsers was mentioned to be GOG Galaxy? Wait, so, when you were testing it preparing for release, you didn't even consider testing it on your own product? Does that not mean that you also do not use the product you're trying to push on everyone? Why is inclusive installers selected by default with accounts? What if the whole point of using gog is not being forced to download DRM clients like that? We really need to have this discussion to ask why in the world it's being forced down our throats.
I've got "Imperium Galactica" and on another try : "Everything" (the game not everything everything ^^ )
Nice freebie, thanks GOG.

No Pinãta for me, I prefer tacos and burritos ; )
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truhlik: How long I have to wait for pinatas to arrive?
obi4ammama: Obviously, there is a bug on the portable devices, which causes the pinatas not to show. If you use a portable device ( smart phone or tablet). Just check the pinata hub through your notebook browser.
it I was on mobile phone. Thanks for info :)
Thank you for the free game .
"Just like real-life Piñatas, they'll bring you joy, surprise, and reward."

In some cases they may also bring you indifference, disappointment or even anger. They're just full of surprises!
Thanks for the free game.