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New Piñatas • New Deals • Last Chances

The final 72 hours of Piñata Madness are here, and the mystery-sale bonanza grows bigger – today brings exciting new Piñatas and hot new offers!

If you haven't tried your luck yet, now's the time with new additions to the pool. These include: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition 1 & 2, SWAT 4, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, NEO Scavenger, Wasteland 2, This War of Mine.
Plus all things Homeworld with Homeworld 1 & 2 Remastered, Deserts of Kharak, as well as the long-gone expansion – Homeworld: Emergence.

If you're not the type to smash Piñatas, there are new great games on sale right now so make sure to give it a browse – and while you're here, check out the Carmageddon 20th Anniversary Sale at 75% off!

--Original announcement--
Piñata Madness is back – meaning excitement, mystery, and exceptional deals on some of our favorite hand-picked titles.

What is Piñata Madness?
For $3, you can buy and smash your own digital Piñata, each holding one of 100+ mystery games worth anywhere from $5.99 all the way up to $44.99.
Visit your <span class="bold">Pinata hub</span>, where can buy, open, and see everything Piñata Madness!
Just like real-life Piñatas, they'll bring you joy, surprise, and reward. Unlike real-life Piñatas, ours drop really good games instead of candy – games like Pillars of Eternity, Shadow Warrior 2, Heroes of Might and Magic, Victor Vran, and more!
It's a great way to broaden your horizons and try out games you otherwise wouldn't, knowing you're always getting a deal that's worth it. And if you already own every game included in our Piñatas, each game you drop will be a giftable code so you share the joy with your friends.

Weekly Megasale
If you'd rather know exactly you're getting, check out the Weekly Megasale featuring great deals up to -90% on some of our favorite titles including Darkest Dungeon, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, Heroes of Might and Magic III, and more!

The Piñata Madness and Weekly Megasale last until August 21, 2017, 9:59 PM UTC.
high rated
Two things: 1. I don't like these PRNG sales. IMO they would be OK if you could select a genre and the operation system.
2. The games determined by the PRNG should not be on sale at the same time. Otherwise the PRNG method should be a lot cheaper than buying the game at the normal sale.

TL;DR: Okayish idea - (very) poor implementation.
I can't see the Pinanta I just bought.
bdavid92: Love the guys that come here complaining that they didnt receive the game/genre they wanted haha, are they aware the whole idea is that you receive a random game??
Oh, we are aware, but thanks anyway, Captain Obvious. :)

The point is not that I might get a game I don't like that much or from a genre I am not that into, although when you never get something you actually like or at least want to try out, this does kind of suck. The point is that it is more than annoying when I get two games that cost as much as the pinada, which makes the whole thing kind of pointless and that one of the games I've got is a broken mess.

I am terribly bored right now, so I've thought, weil, at least give Armikrog a chance and I can't even get the damn game running... Instant delete, thank you very much.

But yes, I should have know better, so this is my own fault. But please don't lecture me, when you've got lucky. Let's talk again after the next two or three mystery sales you took part in and felt ripped off, shall we?
Post edited August 14, 2017 by AngryAlien
AngryAlien: (…) I am terribly bored right now, so I've thought, weil, at least give Armikrog a chance and I can't even get the damn game running... Instant delete, thank you very much.
Are you bored enough to watch Rostock vs. Hertha? ;-)
If people don't want to risk gambling at getting a random game they might not like in a piñata, do remember there's a pretty nice sale going on, as well, with no "random" games -- you buy what you want. I'll probably get Stories Untold, which is going for 50% off, and I've had my eyes on it for a while.

I might still buy a single piñata, though, but I'm pretty sure I'll get a game I couldn't care less about, since I already own most of what I want, and the odds are definitely against getting the few games I don't own and am interested in.

Again: if you don't want to take a chance at RNG by buying a piñata and getting a game you don't care about or is mediocre at best, you don't have to. There's also a very decent sale happening, with quite a few good deals, covering pretty much all the genres sold here on GOG.
It's fun to see a Pinata sale again, yet being able to trade games you got that you didn't like was half the fun of the previous Pinata sale. Looking for someone that was looking for something that you had, hoping that she/he had something you wanted or else trying to construct a triangle-trade. Those were the days, my friend.
I'm so stupid: Spent 48 euros on this and got 18 games I don't care about, most of them crap and not even significantly cheaper than in the sale. It works for GOG, they got my money, at least short-term. I knew it is gambling, but it still feels like a ripoff: Advertising the pinata with games like Shadow Warrior 2 or Saints Row 4, and giving me cheap or uninteresting games.
Internet Explorer 11 ... bought 5 pinatas didn't get any.
Bugs are not fixed yet I guess :/
So far:

1. Her Story
2. Republique
3. Warlords Battlecry 3
4. Trine

Not sure what to think of now, but at least 3 out of 4 feels ok to try :) Not sure about number 3 if I ever try that...
Any thoughts regarding those games guys? Are those good games?

P.S.: I wish we could share between everyone to swap games I try for sure instead of the one I think I will not.
Post edited August 14, 2017 by Polaris.849
I'm not complaining about the "randomness" of it, even though I've never been lucky - what of it I gor both metros and shadow warrior, if I'll never ever launch those, simply because I'm not even slightly interested?

What I have problem with is the distribution of the games in pinata - the games are "set" in the moment of pinata purchase, not in the moment of opening one, as they should be. Why is that a problem? Because you can buy, say, 10 pinatas at once, but you have to open them one after another.
This way, I can get 10 times Metro Last Light, for example. What of it, that I didn't have it, if now I have 9 copies surplus?
If they were generated on opening of a pinata, then the problem would be gone, first would give me metro, another armikrod, other yet Kyn, and so on....
KalShenRa: Now we have gambling on GOG. This is the last place I would've expected this to happen.

I bought two pinatas and got two games that I already had, either on disc or Steam: Spellforce Platinum edition and Trine 2 Complete Story. And right now, both of them are cheaper to buy directly on GOG, Spellforce is 2,99 (not much, but still cheaper) and Trine 2 CS is 2,69.

So... yeah, gambling.

Good job GOG.
i_ni: I remember the same event from the last year?
I just searched for GOG sales in 2016 and couldn't find anything other that the Summer Sale and there were no "pinatas" then. Please, let me know if I'm mistaken on this.

The only other place I've seen something like these pinatas was Greenman Gaming. During the last few sales they had, they also sold Mistery packs, containing 1 or more games with increasing prices of course.

I don't care I didn't get a more expensive game in these 3 euro pinatas. I still got easier access to a couple of games. So it's not a total loss.

I care that GOG has been infected by this gambling mechanic that has no place outside gambling parlors or casinos. I see it infecting more and more the gaming industry. Locked chests with random loot that you have to pay to open in STO, Overwatch and Shadow of War (just to name a few).

More importantly, with no oversight. Gambling is heavily regulated and forbidden to kids. Did anyone from GOG consult the parents of all the users with ages between 13 and 18 before adding this gambling pinatas to this sale? That is, if we take the ideal case in which these kids actually asked permission when creating the account. Or the parents/legal guardians care or are informed enough to participate in the process in a meaningful way.

Well, that's my opinion on these pinatas. And for me gambling, in any shape, is a waste of money.
Thought I'd give it a go (kinda fun idea), although for my 2.69€ I got "Heroes of Might and Magic® 4: Complete" which is currently on sale for a little over 3€ AND I already own it on uplay :(

Will try again, hopefully this time I'll get lucky and get Republique (a game I Kickstartered for iOS, curious to try the desktop version) or Shadow Warrior 2; probably not though :)
You guys are lucky;I have not even gotten my Pinanta yet.
AngryAlien: (…) I am terribly bored right now, so I've thought, weil, at least give Armikrog a chance and I can't even get the damn game running... Instant delete, thank you very much.
mk47at: Are you bored enough to watch Rostock vs. Hertha? ;-)
Oh god, no. I should have mentioned that I am bored, because I am grounded due to both upper and lower sideband in my foot being ruptured. So I am actually bored and in pain and I already feel punished enough. :D

tarasis: Thought I'd give it a go (kinda fun idea), although for my 2.69€
I've got The Guild 2, which at the moment costs exactly 2.69€... xD
Post edited August 14, 2017 by AngryAlien
I'd be annoyed to get a game that currently costs less than the Pinata price like Armikrog which is £2.09 when a pinata costs £2.39.