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eiii: Any news about Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord running with Wine?
Doesn't run for me as it crashes with a "Cannot initialize Direct3D graphics" error.
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JudasIscariot: Game: Immortal Planet
WineHQ AppDB link: None
Alm888: Maybe it is a good idea to make one? It will be more beneficial to everyone if the title is in the DB. I believe most people are going to AppDB to check before purchising (I myself do not buy games with less than "Platinum" or, in rare ocasions, "Gold" ratings).
I would love to make AppDB entries but there are 2 issues with that, for me at least:

1. Submitting a new AppDB entry takes a while

2. The fastest way to submit an AppDB entry would be to set yourself up as a maintainer and I don't wish to maintain a whole herd of titles :)

So you see my predicament :)
Alm888: Does anyone know if it is OK to report on AppDB for a game that will not launch without a crack but works well with it? And if it is OK then what rating should it get? "Garbage"?
I am not sure about this question as I've seen Wine devs crack down on people in Bugzilla if they suspected the person using a pirated copy. Not saying a cracked copy = a pirated copy, of course.

If I were you I would ask in the WineHQ forums about this sort of thing...
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Alm888: And about other stuff: I'm currently rehashing my collection from (not so good) Windows days. Alas, most games I own are DRM-protected (StarForce copy protection) thus are not working per se (without NoCD crack).

Does anyone know if it is OK to report on AppDB for a game that will not launch without a crack but works well with it? And if it is OK then what rating should it get? "Garbage"?
immi101: stating in your report that a NoCD patch is required to get past the copy protection is fine.
Just don't include any links or further details how to acquire the crack.

If the game works fine otherwise, I'd rate it as Silver.
Though the rating standards do vary a lot ....

Personally i am always more interested in the details of the report than the exact rating :)
BTW, the AppDB just introduced a Workarounds section to the test reports :)
rampancy: Anyone tried retesting Revenant or Gangsters:Organized Crime?
Considering that this bug isn't fixed yet, I doubt there's a point in retesting the game as of right now :)
eiii: Has anyone tried Aarklash: Legacy with Wine? On WineHQ the GOG version is rated Bronze only because of the not working sound.

Same question for Lichdom: Battlemage. It has no WineHQ entry and requires DX10. As Wine has made a lot of progress with DX11 support lately, does that mean that the DX10 support also has improved? Or are these two completely different implementations?
For Lichdom, these two bugs are still current:


In regular Wine, in my experience, you can now see the main menu and attempt to load the game but then it crashes while loading.

Way back when, the game wouldn't even show you anything other than a green screen...
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Kayx291: If Wine ever goes kaput and it will show the Internal Error. Make sure if you are using FreeType 2.8.1 version, if you do. Immediately downgrade it!. Wanted to check how Pandemonium 2 is in Wine Staging 2.17 and Wine won't set up the prefix for it.
shmerl: Is there a Wine bug about it? Downgrading isn't really a long term solution.
A patch is in the works: :)
Random_Coffee: Has anyone here gotten Tropico 5 working? It launches into the main menu just fine, but it crashes as soon as I start a campaign, and sound doesn't work.

wine-staging-nine 2.21-1
RX 470 4GB (open-source drivers)
Manjaro Linux
Cinnamon 3.6.6
You might want to give Wine 3.2 a try since a) most CSMT functions are in there and you can turn CSMT on or off with the latest version of winetricks and b) I believe Wine 3.2 has had some sound-related patches added so that *could* help with your sound problems.