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Requesting There is No Game, please!
Thank you so much Lone_Scout and Doc0075 for the Project Warlock II :)
Ok, now it's easier to see which games have not been requested... I think
May I have Phantom Doctrine Deluxe Edition + Phantom Doctrine - Halloween Scare Tactics?
Thank you Lone_Scout and Doc0075 for the gift!
Could I get Another World?
Thank you very much Doc0075 for Ion Fury, and thanks also to Lone_Scout for managing the giveaway!
I cordially thank Lone_Scout for maintaining the giveaway and Doc0075 for the gift to it.
P.S. Lone_Scout right before putting the list out:
I got lost in the mountains and arrived back home just in time to recover my sanity and see the giveaway take off. Maybe this is a joke of the universe, or a spice of poetry, but being gifted 'Death's Door' made me chuckle and also my day.

Million thanks once again to Doc, and thanks for running the GA Lone_Scout!
Thank you, Doc, for your insane generosity!
Thank you, Lone_Scout, for sacrificing your evening to distributing keys!
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Thank you Lone_Scout and Doc0075 for The Wheel Of Time.
May I have Disco Elysium?

As my request I would be very interested in chilling out to the music and play of Dorfromantik
May I ask for Pillars of Eternity 2?
Thank you very much, Doc, for the beautiful game Cult of the Lamb... looking forward to it! This Wolf will provide a good home for the Lamb (anti-)hero \^^/

Lone_Scout, thanks once again for your work in maintaining this thread for all of us!

Have a fun weekend with all the wonderful games, everyone!