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GOG GALAXY 2.0, the free application to bring together all your games and friends in one place is now available for everyone to test. Visit our GOG GALAXY page and join other gamers.

Let’s put an end to resource-heavy clients running all the time and us juggling between multiple apps to access our games and see what our friends are playing. GOG GALAXY 2.0 conveniently shows you all your games as one library and makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with your friends across PC and console platforms.

For the past few years, we’ve seen continuous fragmentation of our game collections and gaming friends lists, further proving the need for an application that unites them all,” says Piotr Karwowski, Managing Director at GOG. “And I’m sure there are even more clients and launchers on the way,” Karwowski adds. “We’re amazed and thankful for the reaction from the community to the app and taking it even further by creating integrations with 20 gaming platforms – allowing everyone to see all their games and friends in GOG GALAXY 2.0.

The closed beta brought numerous big updates like seeing friends’ online status from different platforms in GOG GALAXY 2.0 or adding Global Search. The latter allows multiple options – finding games and friends, launching games with a single press of a key and giving the ability to manually add any game to the library.

We’re waiting for your feedback!

We can’t wait to see what you have to say about GOG GALAXY 2.0! Let us know what you think and want to see improved – share feedback via the in-app option, GOG GALAXY social media, and the official forum.

Learn about what you can do in GOG GALAXY 2.0

Download the app and connect GOG GALAXY 2.0 with your other preferred platforms through 20 official and community-created integrations. Import and organize all your PC and console games in one library, install and launch PC titles, keep track of your progress and see your friends’ status, achievements and game time across all gaming platforms. The app is also the best way to run and update your DRM-free GOG.COM games library. Everything is designed with your privacy in mind – no spying, no sharing with third parties, and all your data belongs to you.

You can join the GOG GALAXY 2.0 Open Beta now by downloading the app for Windows or Mac.
What I'm a little smurfed about is the lack of an OPEN extras folders option for each games extras!
Carradice: Is there a published list of the platform integrations already available?
You can search them in the options menu.
Ipe: Works great! Really like the UI too. Only client that I still have without GOG galaxy is bnet, but maybe in the future even those games will be available. All in all great work gog team.
Both and have plugins for Galaxy 2.
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I think that having an app/client to facilitate game downloads and user interactions would be great.

However, I am wary of the legal issues others have pointed out here- You can't just say "Don't be Evil" and then put it in your legal text that "Oh by the way, we can do whatever we want." A company needs to abide by what it says, especially in their legal text. So this does give me pause. I care about the DRM thing. I care about freedom. But I bet you this- That most gamers don't! They just care about having easy access to their games. DRM makes that difficult. But when it doesn't most don't care. Witness Steam. And when GOG gets big enough they can change the DRM policy and simply shake off those of us care and were here before. We'll be an insignificant minority, so it won't matter to them. We will huff and puff and cross our arms and say we'll never buy from GOG again because they betrayed it and it will change nothing. This happens all the time with companies and all kinds of organizations. All I can say, is that we need to watch carefully, complain about stuff like this now and remove our content when and where relevant. Oh- and back up your games and media!

So yeah, unlike some people, I think Galaxy would be great- especially the community features. But I am wary about the legal mumbo jumbo they put in there. Also- Where's the Linux version?? I'm a Linux user, so I've heard a lot about Galaxy, but have never been able to run it myself, even though I would have. Come on, GOG...
Pues ponedlo en español, tampoco creo que cueste tanto y es literalmente el cuarto idioma más importante y que cada día tiene más gente aprendiéndolo.

No sé, igual ya va siendo hora de llegar a más publico ya que pretendéis que la gente sincronice su cuenta de Steam.
Klumpen0815: Que?
translator :

Well, put it in Spanish, I don't think it costs that much either and it's literally the fourth most important language and that every day there are more people learning it.

I don't know, maybe it's time to reach more people because you want people to synchronize their Steam account.
Reallly like the new Design and look of the launcher. What I am missing is the sort option "last bought". I used always this kind of sorting and missing it now :-(

For the rest....thumbs up!
Darvond: Have you considered that if it has an Apple Logo, it literally isn't a gaming platform?
Maighstir: On what non-Apple platform should I run Macintosh-exclusive games, then?
I mean, sure, EV Nova was ported to Windows, and had plugins built to run the scenarios of the two previous games, or I could run those under emulation, but it still feels more right to run Escape Velocity and EV Override on my Performa or Power Mac, under the OS for which they were released.

Then again, they're apparently working on a remake of Override for modern systems (not only macOS, but also Linux and Windows), and likely the first and third game, and are about to get a Kickstarter project going in January, so that's something to look forward to.
I suggest SheepShaver, Basilisk II, or Mini Vmac.
Finding out you had games on the epic client you forgot about.... priceless. All in one place... all on one screen... Christmas came early.
More questions for those who are already tinkering with Galaxy 2.0:

1. In order to download and manage games from sites that are not GOG, do you need to have installed the clients from those other platforms in your computer? or Galaxy 2.0 is enough?

2. Does Galaxy 2.0 pass information from your accounts in multiple sites to...?

a) To each its own (data from Epic to Epic, data from Steam to Steam, etcetera).
b) The information can be sent to any of the platform owners (that is, to Steam about your use of GOG games or games, etcetera).
c) From other platforms to GOG.
d) Only to GOG about your use of GOG games.
e) Some guy in github can tap from your data using the extension that he made for XXX platform.
f) No information on your gaming is passed to anyone, and never will be.

Note that some of the options are not mutually exclusive.

In short: When using Galaxy 2.0, do you know who is getting data on your game ownership and playing habits?
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firstpastthepost: So in the thread full of people complaining that there is no Linux client you are claiming that a client is required or will be required for Linux support?
Klumpen0815: To clear things up a bit:
Multiple developers have stated the lack of Galaxy for Linux as the reason why their Linux ports on Steam don't arrive on GOG and those games are Windows only here, since they don't want to release anything without client specific functions available, usually daily challenges and multi-player support since not many seem to bother integrate the option for direct IP anymore.

So regardless whether they would use a client or not or whether they'd use dayli challenges and multi-player or not, it directly affects which Linux ports we don't get here.
Maybe, but that's on the developers and not gog. It also means those developers would never have released the linux ports here with or without Galaxy, which doesn't make galaxy mandatory so much as an incentive for developers to release other games, just not for Linux yet.
I'm just getting around to trying this newer version out, and it seems to be working fine.

I am definitely liking the feature to close the third-party clients after the game is finished.

However, Steam keeps losing its connection after using my login information. I have linked Origin & Uplay so I know that it can work, but the Steam integration seems to be a bit finicky at the moment (for me at least).

I will still use Playnite for my game library management (it just has a lot more out the box features at the moment), but this new update seems to going in the right direction. I hope to see it improved further as time goes on.
Carradice: 1. In order to download and manage games from sites that are not GOG, do you need to have installed the clients from those other platforms in your computer? or Galaxy 2.0 is enough?
That's the thing with DRM - GOG can't patch it out for you. So yes, the other clients are needed.

What you can do if the game is ie. from Steam but is actually DRM-free:
- Download and install the game using the Steam client (if you need to do extra stuff to make it DRM-free, do it)
- Use the "Add game" function to add another (independent) entry of the game and "link the executable". Now you have to entries of the game, the Steam-one and the "independent" one with Galaxy conveniently merged into one.
- You can now start the game without Steam running
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Carradice: 1. In order to download and manage games from sites that are not GOG, do you need to have installed the clients from those other platforms in your computer? or Galaxy 2.0 is enough?
I don't use Galaxy myself, but it's virtually guaranteed that you still need all the 3rd party clients (Steam, etc) due to DRM. All Galaxy 2.0 does is "launch the other launchers", it doesn't (and can't) replace them.
GOG Galaxy 2.0 crash if i split tunnel it on ExpressVPN.