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rawmilk905: I edited the original post, but in case you aren't rereading it, I ended up getting additional copies of the games because of an overwhelming rapid response. There is still a code for Giants if anyone wants it, but no reply to your PM means someone got it already.
You're an awesome dude :) +1
Due to the wonderful, awesome and amazing rawmilk905, I'm updating my list:

Well, money issues forced me to pass on the PWYW Interplay promo. So, it's quite nice this promo has came up.

With the giveaways I'm doing right now plus other unavoidable commitments, I really can't afford to buy any of the following games. Rest assured though, I really, really want them.

Freespace + Expansion
Redneck Rampage Collection

If any of my awesome fellow GOGers could gift me any of these I would be extremely grateful. I also always pay forward any gifts I get with giveaways etc. when I'm able. :)
N0x0ss: Does it mean we can host a multi-player Giant event :D ?
rawmilk905: If you know how to do it go ahead. Does this mean you want me to PM the code to you?
No no, I already have the game but thanks anyway :-)
I would really appreciate Castles + Castles 2 if anyone has it and doesn't play it, please help me out :)

Also, if you don't already own it and just wanna help a guy out, feel free to gift :)
If anyone has a yearning to help out a financially challenged GOGer, I would be eternally grateful for UFO:Aftershock.

Thank you for reading....
If any kind soul wanted to gift Battle Chess to me, I would be honored. Thanks :)
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I'll take any of these: MDK 1 + 2, Giants, and Sacrifice :)
I still really wish I had S2:Silent Storm Gold again I miss that amazing game I wish to play it and relive the good old times ah the memories I had with that game.

So if anyone is feeling generous I would be very grateful thank you very much
I'd appreciate Fallout Tatctics from one of the current sales. Thanks in advance.
Hello there :3

The current promo looks really nice!
Should anyone feel generous, here's my wishlist from this promo:


Thank you in advance :3
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I really enjoyed the previous two Sam and Max games (3 if you count Hit the Road), and would really like to play The Devil's Playhouse. Please and thank you in advance.
My wishlist for the Interplay sale:

Redneck Rampage

If you have a spare key I'd me most grateful! Thanks as always.
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I'm very interested in Kingpin: Life of Crime. Thank you! :-)
Still hoping for

Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader
Freespace 1
Freespace 2

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