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Can I ask someone for UnderRail: Heavy Duty DLC ?
It don't cost much but it will make one old grumpy CRPG fan really happy.
Hurricane0440: Does anyone have a spare key for Fallout 3: GOTY from Amazon Prime Gaming? BenKii is currently giving away a few of those keys in the Community Giveaway but I am currently in cooldown, so I'd appreciate it if there is anyone who has a key they can give me. Thanks.
TheBigCore: has a whole bunch of Fallout 3 keys.
Yes, I know. That's the "Community Giveaway" I was talking about in my last post.
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Hello, I am currently new to GOG as a whole and I only came here because fallout 3 goty was being given away from prime gaming and I won a giveaway (although it wont show up in my library for some reason). I appreciate that games here are given away DRM-free, and I especially like that there's an option to use the offline installer so I don't have to be connected to the internet.

Needless to say I played and loved the hell out of it,.

Now here's the issue. I was hoping that a big platform would be giving away Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition because the games were being given away in order due to the popularity of the fallout show, and that was the game I was most excited for almost the entire month in hopes it'd be given away with the rest of the fallout games. Plus, the fallout fandom says it's one of the best fallout games. I even avoided spoilers so I could go in spoiler-free.

Unfortunately, it looks like neither prime nor epic will be giving away the game which kind of left me devastated. If anyone wants to gift me the game, I would REALLY appreciate it. It's on sale for 6.66 euros currently and the deal expires in a few days I think. This is the only game I will ever ask for. If someone actually gifts me, I will never ask for anything ever again.
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