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As a new fan of Tex Murphy after playing the wonderful Tesla Effect, I was wondering if anyone has a Tex Murphy key lying around. Can't wait for a bundle sale!

Can't believe I passed on this series as a kid because it was first-person.
BeatriceElysia: May I get Megamagic: Wizards of Neon Age? It sounds like something I will enjoy. It's currently 3.59 euros.
Lone_Scout: Sure. Check chat (in about an hour)
Thank you!
Anyone has a gog Full Throttle Remastered key? I missed that giveaway.
I know, I know. I ask things too much.
May I get Pharaonic?
I would return a favor when I get on my feet.
BeatriceElysia: I know, I know. I ask things too much.
May I get Pharaonic?
I would return a favor when I get on my feet.
Okeeey... Just don't get used to this :P
I'll give you the key in a few hours. At work right now.
If anyone feels generous, I'd like to request these games from the current sales:

Deponia 4
Shadowrun Hong Kong - Extended Edition

Thank you .
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Anyone have a key to Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist? Would appreciate it immensely!
low rated
If someone has a spare key for one of the following games or is feeling extra generous, it would be great! Low on funds this month and these are four games from my Wishlist:

It would be appreciated greatly!
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Hey, long-time user (though I very rarely post on the discussion boards because most of the time I have nothing to say), I have a birthday coming up, and I figured I should try and see if anyone would be kind enough to send codes for one or more of these games below, so I could use them on various Android and Vita ports of open-source engines: (I would like this the most)

Any consideration is appreciated!
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Could I ask for Wizardry 8 or Quake 1?
For some reason I really like the graphics, maybe it's nostalgia, but I didn't play PC games until a couple of years ago.
I'd really like to try out Gothic so I can decide if it's worth picking up the rest of the series, if anyone is feeling generous.
Updated my previous post .
i_hope_you_rot: Tormentum: Dark Sorrow
Hey, thanks for Warsow!
deliasq: Hey, thanks for Warsow!
Thank you for Tormentum: Dark Sorrow .
Hey guys I need a bit of assistance, I am a few days away from salary so I'm in a bit of a pinch with the sales and I also need help deciding:

I have exactly 37.19 euros to work with

I can buy:
Witcher Thornbreaker 19.49 euros

Pathfinder Explored edition 30.09 euros and no DLCs :/ so I would need help here to buy Wildcard and Varnhold Lot(7.19 + 11.99 = 19.18)

Kingdom Come Deliverance 24.99 euros and I can buy a few DLCs either the combos being Treasures of the Past 2.49 + From the Ashes 5.99 or Bold Sir Hans 6.99 or Band of Bastards 7.19. So I would need help to buy the other 2 DLCs that I can't buy atm. If someone would help me for sure I would definately buy the Band of Bastards + Treasures of the past since its the most expensive

IMPORTANT NOTE: I would look to repay the person who did me a favor within a few days by buying them something of equal or slightly greater value since they helped me out in a pinch :)

Thank you in advance to whoever chooses to help <3