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leon30: Dear GOG Summer Santa,
can you please gift me <span class="bold">Space Rangers HD: A War Apart</span> ?

Thank you ;)

P.S.: I think I had been good this year, although a little slacky-er compared to some, but this should give me a boost that should last till Christmas...
DampSquib: Yeah, why not, check PM-Chat.
Thank you for your generosity sir!

I wish all the best to The best Santa in town!!! :)
low rated
The Heroes of Might and Magic or the Ys bundle if someone's feeling generous.
I would really love to get my hands on Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. It is 80% off right now.

I'd be more than happy to repay the favour in the form of one of the Steam games I do not need.

Cheers all!
Race driver: GRID?

It has been on my list for quiet some time.
I'm only asking and so please nobody take offense.
I'm here to ask for either Legend of Grimrock 2 or Wasteland 2 if anyone is feeling generous and inclined to gift. I know there is a price difference on the sale for these two but hope it doesn't hurt anyone for me to ask about either of them.
I promise to play, immediately and often (but can only do so when the kids are asleep and don't require entertaining/attention), and it won't sit idly in my collection so no worries about that.

Thank you.
EDIT: Grabbed a game here, request retracted!
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Asking (humbly) for the Shadowrun games or Banished? I would buy them myself but I have no vehicle to get to my bank :(

I'll probably find some way to get them later tonight. Hopefully...

Hope I don't get a bazillion negative reps for this lol
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TimTom92: Hey there, y'all!

Gonna take a shot in the dark and request some Crusader Kings Complete ($3.99 at present) if anyone has that lying around and it needs some love. Looks like a game right up my alley and would be enjoyed for hours on end.

If you're feeling generous, please grant the wishes of others before mine, thank you!

God Bless,

- Tim :)
Crusader Kings 2 is miles better in every aspect. Just sayin'
KneeTheCap: Crusader Kings 2 is miles better in every aspect. Just sayin'
Ohh, I see. Well, I didn't know there was a second, I'll see if it's in store.
What about Hearts of Iron 2 Complete?

Also apologies, Crusader Kings Complete was actually $1.99 at the moment, not $3.99.
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Any chance some would could gift me sacred 2 while its on sale?

Thank you to who ever gifts me it
Stalker: Clear Sky

BuzzLightyear2: Stalker: Clear Sky

I grabbed this one, thank you. :)
First shooter I've ever got here, it should be interesting.

Thanks again and God Bless!

- Tim
It's been a while since I posted in this thread, so I hope a short summer sale wishlist wouldn't trouble anyone :)

Sam and Max Hit the Road
Tales of Maj'eyal + DLC
Elminage Gothic

I'd like gifters to please consider others first. And just a thank you, both for the consideration and on the behalf of others.
Looking to swap over from the App Store to GOG. If anyone has unused keys for:

The Banner Saga
This War Of Mine
Trine 2: Complete Story