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Hey guys, i would love Arcanum or maybe Alpha Centauri.

Thanks anyway :)
If any kind soul wants to gift me one of these games:

Beyond Good & Evil
System Shock 2
Painkiller Black Edition

Because they are on sale now, and i have no money on PayPal now :(
And adding money from dutch bank to paypal takes like a week or so...

In return you can pick as many as you want from these games, got some leftover codes! :D

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Steam)
Lord of the Rings: War in the North (Steam)
Awesomenauts (Steam)
Little Inferno (Steam)
Psychonauts (Steam)
Dead Space (Origin)
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (Origin)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising (Origin)
Awesomenauts (Steam)
I'd really appreciate any Wing Commander Title that is currently on the front page as a daily bundle. If I owned a couple titles it would make it just within reach of my budget to buy the rest.

Thanks to all the gifters out there. I'll be sure to +1 any of you guys I see.
I would like to have "Don`t starve" if anyone feels genereous. Thanks in advance.
I would like banished please.
Thanks in Advance!
If someone would like to gift me Lucius (it's on sale right now for 2.99), I would be eternally grateful!
And we would become best friends :)
Is there anybody here who happens to have Xenonauts keycode while it cost 19.99?

If you would be willing to swap, send me a PM.
low rated
Memoria if someone feels generous, Eye of Satinav was a nice game, with a really good ending, but it Memoria is the sequel, I want to know the story. Thanks anyway :)
low rated
Let me just bump this post, since some of those games are parading the front page right now.
I wouldn't mind playing Riddick again since it is on sale for very cheap
please and thank you
Hello, I would be extremely grateful if has found to have any human being (although I am not picky can also be non-human) who gift me Icewind Dale 2.
I would Love Street Fighter Alpha 2 so if anyone wants to gift a game that one would make me super happy.
does any1 have Omerta: City of Gangsters, this game was on free like few hours ago and i missed it :(

Edit, nevermind, it's like hidden in with other games lol
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It's still on. go to the front page : )
If someone could gift me one of the following, I'd really appreciate it.

Gabriel Knight. Sins of the fathers
Gemini Rue
Tex Murphy 1+2