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stika: I don't suppose there's a kind soul who would gift me the Age of Wonders games in the current promo? >.>
genkicolleen: Does it have to be GOG? I have a Steam copy I'd be happy to give you ^__^
wweeell... ideally yes xD
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If anyone could gift me rogue legacy (3.74) That'd be awesome. thanks
I can't believe that people actually gift games when they can to other gamers, makes me wish I had money to do so too. Kudos for the gifters! I'm a big D&D fan and have always wanted a copy of these games, maybe someone has an extra? Even if not, im loving GoG's community more and more, it surprises me every day.

Icewind Dale 1*
NWN 2*
Assassin's Creed 1*
Zeus Lord of Olympus
King’s Bounty: Crossworlds GOTY
The Witcher 2
Commandos 1/2/3

* Most Wanted
If anyone could gift me inquisitor i would be really grateful.
I have always wanted to give the Eschalon games a try as they get much praise and I love RPG's so if anyone happens to have any to spare I would appreciate them
Hello, I would be extremely grateful if has found to have any human being (although I am not picky can also be non-human) who gift me Icewind Dale 2.
If anybody happens to feel generous then Total Anihilation: Commander Pack would be nice.

Thank you
My thanks to foxworks for Windforge .
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holy hell xenonauts looks like the most awesome tbs in years.. been a fan of the original x-com for decades (wow it really has been decades now) and this really itches my strategy-panties. will someone be my knight in strategizing armor and gift it to me? pretty please with sugar on top.

i have a giftable copy of the enormously fun strategy game frozen synapse on steam if anyone is interested (unfortunately it's not available on gog for some reason. seems like an ideal match)
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Edit: Thanks to BuzzLightyear2, this is no longer valid. :)

I've burned my budget so I'd like to go for treasure and glory in The Bard's Tale if someone is feeling gifty.
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zaine-h: I've burned my budget so I'd like to go for treasure and glory in The Bard's Tale if someone is feeling gifty. :)
No, for coin and cleavage! Check your PM.
zaine-h: snip~
BuzzLightyear2: No, for coin and cleavage! Check your PM.
Awesome! Thank you!
zaine-h: Awesome! Thank you!
You are most welcome!
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just saw the trailer for brutal legend, and it looks awesome. would love to shred some metal with this thing, if any one wants to. alternatively, i would also like consortium, as it looks very interesting.
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ne_zavarj: I'm sorry for the off topic , but

Why can't ( some ) people

- register on GOGWiki link
- install Barefoot Essentials 2.0 link
- sync their game collection and wishlist to GOGWiki

then just post a link [url=]like this one[/url] ?
Check PM...knocked a few off for you :)