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Shadow Man if anyone is feeling generous ^_^
The Witcher series would be nice
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hengran: The Witcher series would be nice
Check your PM.
The biggest games on my list right now are Wing Commander 4, Privateer and Academy.
Wing Commander 1-2 Thanks!
hengran: The Witcher series would be nice
Ejoty: Check your PM.
Thank you very much, Ejoty
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My wishlist: SimCity 2000 from the current EA promo...

Witcher 1
Games I have always wanted to play more than I actually have from the promo:

-Lands of Lore 1+2
-Ultima Underworld 1+2
-Lands of Lore 3

And games I am interested in but don't know much about as not very much playtime with them:

-Magic Carpet Plus
-Magic Carpet 2: the Netherworlds

If anyone is feeling generous to grant my humble request I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you for your time.

Edit: Ultima 7 was granted by a kind soul!
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I'm broke but someone give Elvin Ultima 7. Never having played that is like never having seen Star Wars!

Oh and my previous posts stand. :D
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Unwanted Witcher code - JTAJ-L4PJ-KEFR-6ASR
Alien_Space_Bat: Unwanted Witcher code - JTAJ-L4PJ-KEFR-6ASR
Redeemed code.Thank u very much.