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wishing for: A New Beginning - Final Cut
hm =(
Post edited September 17, 2013 by Daniel Ruf
Here's the games on the promo that are on my wishlist:
The Cat Lady
The Penumbra Collection
Amnesia:The Dark Descent
Sword Of the Stars:The Pit

Contact me by PM
high rated
We all like random games (3QAF)
with random pretty names. (4P8M)
Who cares what they play, (MTM6)
when they don't have to pay? (SM8J)
YnK: *snip*
Got this. Thanks YnK!
Thanks YnK. It was locked and I guess I locked it again w/o redeeming any. Good luck to the next person and +1 to you, nicely done :).
Would love System Shock 2. Thank you.
System Shock 2, but feel free to gift others first who want it.
There is still only one game on my wishlist:
Rogue Legacy

and maybe from the current promo
Shattered Haven
Miasmata, Omerta or Slender: The Arrival if anyone feels super generous :D
With the current deal and no cash, I am only actually looking for 2 titles out of the new bundle (have the rest of the stuff I am interested in - Torchlight, Alan Wake, Waking Mars) if anyone has either of these 2 going spare would be grateful :


Thanks :)
Hello. If someone would gift me System Shock 2 I would be really really really grateful because I really love this game( I would buy it myself but my parents don't let me :(().

Torchlight incoming. Check Pm
blotunga: Torchlight incoming. Check Pm
Sorry, the games I already own that I would have done a bundle with are the ones in the brackets, the only 2 games I am after from this bundle are :


I have a few spare copies of Torchlight already

Thanks anyways for the thought :)
Ah, I wasn't reading carefully.:)