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I missed the Wizardry 8 promo... in case anyone happened to pick up an extra copy, I'd truly appreciate a chance to play it. Please consider requests before mine, thanks! :)
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I'll be grateful, if someone gifts me Don't Starve.
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I too would be very happy if someone were to gift me a copy of Don't Starve, now that it's half-off.

I've loved wilderness survival stories, fictional and real, ever since I was a kid. I read the classics, of course - Robinson Crusoe, The Swiss Family Robinson (that one was an especial childhood favorite), and also Julie of the Wolves, My Side of the Mountain, The Cay, Gary Paulsen's Hatchet and all its sequels, Will Hobbs's Far North, and more that I can't remember now - I've read and loved them all. My friends and I played "lost in the woods" and "stranded on a deserted island" for hours on end. I think Don't Starve might take me back to that, as it looks like wilderness survival fiction in an interactive form.
Most wanted: Thunderscape The Lords of Midnight Arx Fatalis Wizardry 8 Wizardry 6 + 7
Anvil of Dawn ...

Age of Wonders
Witcher: Enhanced Edition, The
Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings, The
Expeditions: Conquistador

Thank you for reading.
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I would very much like a copy of Thunderscape.

I'd be willing to reciprocate within a week or two. Just a bit tight on cash, but I'm dying to play this game.
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I would appreciate a copy of Guacamelee
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If anyone's feeling in a good mood, I'd love Realms of the Haunting

That game looks really cool, would love to play it
I am interested in Realms of the haunting as well. :-)
Realms of the hauntinh and Thanks!!
From the current weekend promo, Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising. Reminds me of an old game I used to play on the original PlayStation, which I don't recall the name...
I would love to try Soulbringer if any1 feel gifty ^^
I guess I'll join the line for Realms of the Haunting. Or I'll just ask nicely for Normality. Either would make me happy, so pretty please? (But of course don't give me RotH unless the ones before me have been taken care of.)
From the current promo :

-Hostile Waters : Antaeus Rising
I want only one game from current promo: Praetorians. I would be veeery much appreciated and extremely grateful if someone feels generously.