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Hi guys, If anybody wants to I'd really like this

Thank you

I currently have -6 kn on my bank account, which is about -1€, so if by some magic someone can buy me: Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition I would be very full of grate :D

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Nox would be great, in case anyone is feeling generous. Thanks in advance!
hi,if anyone can gift me anything from todays sale,id be grateful,thanks in advance.
SM Colonization would be great. Thanks in advance.

edit: Thank you very much HDMK for Fallout 2.
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Last day wish, got most of what I wanted within budget and reason but there's always more isn't there? So, if anyone is in a gifty mood and are able to get the bundle price for any of the following, I'd be in your debt and will +1 you till the ends of time! Yes, I don't know how but it will be done.

Sword of the Stars: The Pit
Children of the Nile
Zafehouse Diaries
To the Moon

Thanks for the consideration!
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Can anyone spare a Soul Reaver 2 por favor?
My first gaming memories were sitting on my dads lap while we played as King Graham in Kings Quest, however the snob I was at the time never played Kings Quest 8, I have played Kings Quest 1-7 (and the remakes, that were great btw of 1,2,3) but never 8. I heard nothing but bad things about it, however!

If anyone feels like gifting my Kings Quest 7-8 (unless 8 can come by itself) you would be helping me complete my Kings Quest chapter of life.
Shortlist :

-Eador: Masters of a Broken World
-Spellforce 2 : Dragon Storm
-The Cat Lady
-Great Battles: Collector's Edition
-Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
-Omikron: Nomad Soul
-Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
Would love System Shock or FTL while they are cheap please and thank you.
NWN Diamond if someone has a spare from D&D bundle and can buy it for 2 bucks. Thanks in any case!;)
Would love to have any 1 of these bundles
Indie RPG Invasion
WIde A.Wake Bundle
RPG Rarities Bundle
Platformer Reborn Pack
Superb Sierra Selection
Indie Adventure Awesomeness
Definitive Dungeons and Dragons
Indie Puzzlebox
Complete Ultima Chest
RPG Rarities Bundle
Platformers Reborn Pack

If I can only chose one bundle it would be the Platformers Reborn Pack
My second Definitive Dungeons and Dragons
Last but not least third Superb Sierra Selection
Fez, please and thank you? I want this game so badly... I'm short on cash at the moment but plan to repay the GOG community back when things look up. I heard good things about this game.
My last wishes before the sale ends

-Clive Baker Undying
-Space Quest 1+2+3
-King's Quest 1+2+3
-Carmageddon Max Pack

Thank you
I would really appreciate Don't Starve before the sale ends.