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johnki: If anyone has a 99 Spirits key for Steam (preferably) or Desura, I'd greatly appreciate it!
Venhiem: For games not on GOG, go here. :)
Right. Apologies! Apparently I've completely forgotten how things work around here. :)
If anyone's feeling in a good mood, I'd appreciate Earth 2140 that's on sale right now

As always, I will play through the game and it's not just going to sit on my virtual shelf without use

Someone have extra keys for Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Omerta: City of Gangsters? I missed when they were free, please help me get them.
Do anyone happen too have some codes for Baldur's gate or planescape tornment? I've really felt like playing those games this last week.
Even if no one responds, Thanks anyway! :)
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zaine-h: I have a Torchlight key in need of a good home! Let me know if you want it.

Edit: Still up for grabs
You'll never get rid of it...I have one too!

Edit: I had one.
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if anyone is feeling generous Knights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion world be great
If anyone is feeling generous i'd like both games from the Sensible Soccer Series promo .

Thank you .
I would like Sensible World of Soccer 96/97, please :)
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Since Ninja Giveaway is closed.


2 V D 9
G 8 F 6
9 P D 3
M 4 6 2

I already have it. But i thank you i name of the one who take it and surely won´t even bother to do it.
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ne_zavarj: If anyone is feeling generous i'd like both games from the Sensible Soccer Series promo .

Thank you .
Please check PM; has been awhile :-)
Dischord: Please check PM; has been awhile :-)
Thank you .
Never mind. I decided not to ask for anything.
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Please keep the above people in priority, but I would love to
add some Baldur's Gate II Complete from GOG to my collection!

If anyone has one left over from a bundle or something that would be awesomeee!
I've been dying to play a good RPG and this will definitely fill that void.

Thanks so much and God Bless to all,

- Tim :)
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LesterKnight99: It's free! check your games list.
pimpmonkey2382: I just can't afford it.
Bahaha, this whole thread cracked me up. Thanks 'monkey.