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Hey, i managed to be sleeping when the Omerta: City of gangsters freebie came up. So if anyone would be kind enough to gift it to me i would greatly appreciate it :)
If anyone would feeling generous, I would be grateful for the Leisure Suit Larry Compliation. Thank you! I have a key for Torchlight.
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If someone has an extra Eador: Masters of the Broken World from HB Weekly, as it's the only game I'm interested in from it, I would give it a good home.
TekZero: Hey,

Looks like it worked..

Glad to hear it .
Can someone help me get The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition, please? It´s on sale.
If someone has a spare Witcher 1 copy burning your pocket then I'll be happy to take it.
Pls can anyone gift me The witcher 2.
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I know it's Steam sale, but for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY! Please someone gift me Space Hulk!
I've been waiting for all eternity to get it on Steam. I had to buy food when there was nothing on sale and BAM, it goes -90% off.
Blood for the blood god! >__<
I'd looove to play SIN!
Many of my friends from Rise of The Triad Community tell me it's a must-play for a fan of first person shooters, a cult classic! Some people even remade maps and it made me wanna check out that game so much! :)
(it is on FLASH SALE right now)
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If someone already owns the complete Bullfrog bundle and could gift Syndicate Plus at the higher discount, it is the only one I am interested in that I don't already have from the bundle. Thanks for any and all considerations.
If someone has spare key of Omerta, I'd be appreciated to get it as gift.
23rd: If someone has spare key of Omerta, I'd be appreciated to get it as gift.
23rd: If someone has spare key of Omerta, I'd be appreciated to get it as gift.
Could any gentle soul get me Assassins Creed 1? It's on sale right now, I always wanted to play it :(
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Did anyone stash a key away for Knock, Knock or UFO Aftershock? It's getting close to the end of the sale, I passed buying them once together and now I'm getting worried I'll miss them coming around again (plus getting a bit sick of stalking them). I prefer (I know, I know) Aftershock as I suspect Knock, Knock is going to make it around some time tonight before I call it an evening.

If you don't want to gift I also have a classified!

*edit One down! After a week of no shows Knock, Knock has been up TWICE in the last 6 hours! ;) Still waiting on UFO but now confident I'll be able to grab it so do focus on other gifting besides me!

*edit And UFO came up again too! Thanks for looking!
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